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  1. Definitely buying this kit. Thanks for the inspiration! If you haven't yet, read William Bridgeman's The Lonely Sky Tony
  2. So IFA do the nozzles, ResKit the wheels and Kits World the decals. We're getting there! Tony
  3. Love the Romanian one best, but agree about the Nile scheme. Very nice finishes. Those Eduard kits are really good and you've done them justice. Tony
  4. Like Colin I'm waiting for the new Revell Hurricane which has allegedly been designed by Radu Brinzan — with all due respect to Sir Sydney Camm. That plus some conversion sets will produce a very successful kit with great mileage. The only big Fly kit I've bought is the quite amazing 1/32 Wessex, but the Sea Hurricane does tempt. It might be fun one day to build the Fly and new Revell side-by-side. Tony
  5. I like it. Am assuming the blue wings on the decal represent the clear bits to go over red wings. A lot of clear film which would benefit from a trim. Tony
  6. Use the markings for 66-300 and Knights head insignia for that. Those were resized after the artist dwarfed much of the original work (with 12" instead of 15" serials and commensurately shrunk the insignia to F-16 size to seemingly fit the sheet). 66-300 is correct. Tony
  7. One with floats would be irresistible. Glad they're still out there being creative. Wonder what's happening with the 1/72 Dore Wings Fairey Delta FD.2 ? Tony
  8. Looks to be a great fun kit (but for the same money I can have the forthcoming 1/32 Revell Hurricane & ICM Yak-9T plus the 1/48 Airfix Buccaneer S.2C) (but I also want to support Trumpeter's 1/32 jet endeavours so that they keep releasing new kits) Tony
  9. Yes, definitely a Flagon. I wonder if recent events are fuelling an interest in Russian-built jets or turning people away. I bought the Kinetic Sea Flanker when it came out and am not in the market for another, unless they do the two-seater. As for F-16, nothing's going to beat the 1/32 Tamiya kits, although I eagerly await reviews of the Kinetic Gold F-16A MLU. Tony
  10. J-8s are still operational, albeit in diminishing numbers. About 100-125 remaining at last count. J-20's a bit big for 1/32, but having said that a new tool of the SAC J-15/J-15T "Mandarin Sea Flanker" would really float my Liaoning. Even in 1/48. The 1/48 J-10C will be very welcomed. Tony
  11. Nice. Would like them finally to do some of these modern Chinese jets in 1/32, especially the J-8 and J-10, but this project means the prospects remain alive. Tony
  12. I agree with your comments about the wing sweep and fuselage length, especially when comparing the Trumpeters to the rougher but more accurate A-Model kit, which might be good for a set of TM wings. However, that's Trumpeter, and the 1/72 trio does look the part despite the elongation and excessive sweep. The "CAD stretch" is much more noticeable and bothersome in Trumpeter's 1/48 Flagons. After a couple of years on the display shelf I won't be getting out the calipers — will simply continue hoping that ICM, Meng or GWH do an accurate Su-15 series in 1/48 to replace them. Now that would be wonderful. A real Cold War hot rod. Tony
  13. On preorder. Really looking forward to this: definitely something different. Tony
  14. Yes, found that pic. It's a late (Batch 11+) Su-15 sans suffixe with the cranked double delta wing but Flagon A type conical radome and single slightly bigger nosewheel (with single bulge on the NLG doors). Late Flagon As were built that way, and retrofitted with gunpod and Aphid missile capability later. If you want to build Bort 40 as per photo it requires the Trumpeter Flagon A kit fitted with Flagon F wings. If that was Bort 17 in its operational days it would explain the confusion between early and late Flagons. Nose wheels in mm in 1:1 scale: Su-15/-15UT had single 660x200 KT.51 wheel Su-15T/-15TM/-15UM had twin 620x180 KN.9 wheels Main wheels for all were KT.117 measuring 880x230 HTH Tony
  15. On balance, I guess we follow Begemot's instructions then and use the Flagon A kit rather than the TM. The ex-SAC intel guy who said Bort 17 was a TM was very insistent, saying he went through stacks of photos and all the jets at Sokol air base were TMs, but he is apt to get permanently welded to his theories. I believe it may have been just the balalaika winged, conical-radomed Su-15UTs that were retired by 1980, especially as all 1976-1980 production comprised operationally-capable Su-15UMs, TMs having been built between 1970 and 1976. Given the higher landing/takeoff speed of the batch 8 jets with the original wing, I also find it improbable that the pilots would be confused about sub-type. I suspect both versions of the story are actually half-truths and there likely was a mix of Flagon types on Sakhalin island. Tony
  16. There remains a bit of mystery regarding Osipovich's Su-15, one or more veterans from the Sokol-based squadrons claiming they flew balalaika-winged jets with the conical radome, updated with gunpods, but recently we've grown accustomed to the unreliability of Russian "information". Begemot were likely right the first time, saying Bort 17 was an Su-15TM. According to at least one individual in USAF intel., who pored over photos of the Su-15 jets from Sakhalin Island circa 1983, they were all Taifun Mod TM types: extended wings, ogival radome, twin nosewheels. So he says. I haven't recently sifted through the Gordon/Komisarov doorstop book on the Flagon, but my understanding is that the original Su-15 sans suffixe (A) and vanilla Su-15UT two-seaters were out of service by 1980. The last four years of production was exclusively making 119 operationally-capable Su-15UMs. Also note all the aircraft had 2⁰ main and tail plane anhedral. The Trumpy needs tweaking slightly, but the 1/72nd scale kits go together really well and there are replacement radomes available which give it the right length. HTH, Tony
  17. Fell the need? Probably the dissimilar adversarial Scooter then (but I prefer titchy jets in 1/32 so rather it was a Mirage F.1). Tony
  18. Still planning on getting one. After the dog-in-a-box Trumpeter MiG-21F-13, it should be straightforward. But that hail-peppered skin is going to be a bu**er to render smooth enough for a polyurethane aluminium finish. Might do with a coat of slip made from lightly watered Milliput. Will have to experiment with Revell's Supermarine Pockmark IXc. Tony
  19. They've done or are doing 2 out of 3 of those in 1/32, and a Ki-100. Kotare is doing a Spitfire. Lovely if you like 1/32 WW2 fighters but I am hoping ICM can keep trading and push out its Yak-9T. That does appeal. I do quite like the look of Z-M's 1/48 F-4G Weasel, even with the funny parallel canopy shape. Tony
  20. I have two sets for my Trumpys and they look excellent. The canopy framing has been rendered wider to correct the misangled and flimsy greenhouse framing in the kit parts, and there is interior detail and masks included. Gets ☆☆☆☆☆ from this modeller. Tony
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