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  1. beppe

    Aermacchi M 346

    Hi Giorgio, thanks. I'll wait till some manufacturer makes one.
  2. beppe

    Aermacchi M 346

    HI, Is it possible to make an M-346 starting from a yak-130 a model in 1/72 scale ? Cheers, Joseph
  3. smashing kit Tony, Regarding the hataka paints, did you eventually thinned them ? Cheers, Joseph
  4. Well, for the 500 L configuration, the sky's the limit.
  5. not sure, but I think eduard or hobbyboss mirage IIIc has 625 l tanks.
  6. I guess the tanks in the KH kit are the 1100 liters (with slanted fin) instead ot the 625 l commonly seen on étendard IM et IV P Airfix and Heller étendard have two 625 L, the super étendard has one 1100 L. loads of reference to be found in www.ffaa.net
  7. beppe

    F-111 in Vietnam

    Don't think so, Who could lase for them at night or in bad weather ? Joseph
  8. Hi, For the tanks, use the 625 L CRM280 recce module was used by the SEM stage 4 As for the ECM/jamming pod, barracuda for sure, phimat don't know. Also you can use the lance-cartouche Alkan and the Lacroix flare dispenser instead of the drag chute in the tail cone Cheers, Joseph
  9. beppe

    GWH 1/72 Kifir

    very good question indeed
  10. Don't forget the esci F-16, at least the earlier releases.
  11. Napalm canisters, the small stub you see, are the magnesium ingniter I Think Loadout is the weapon load but also the standard weapon configuration
  12. Are those F-16 MLU ones ?
  13. beppe

    UH-1E Questions

    there are some good pictures on ARC forum Just type uh-1E hoist on googgle Joseph
  14. Hi, Is there any decals for the new afghan air force in 1/48 ? Cheers, Joseph
  15. Thanks, actually what I'm missing is the acronym afres. I think I should make it for individual letters.
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