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  1. Hi Tony, Is the neutral grey the same as the one of the underside of USAAF aircraft. Awesome kit by the way ! Cheers, Joseph
  2. hello tony the small cv are the 3 sqn RAAF code ? Was squadron zap a common occurence during the war ? Cheers, Joseph
  3. I see that all the surface controls are deflected, did they use some kind of controls lock, like a strap lincking the rudder pedals and the spade grip ?
  4. amazing kits. Tempted to order these greek decals, any word of advise Tony ? Cheerio, Joseph
  5. thanks for those fantastic pictures Tony. More reasons to buy the new spitfire Vc from KPM.
  6. beppe

    spitfire V C wing

    thanks Things are clearer now, Joseph
  7. beppe

    co belligerent air force spitfire V

    Hi Giorgio, Any idea if the 1/48 sheet still available ? Joseph
  8. beppe

    spitfire V C wing

    Re spitfire C wing armament I found a picture of spitfire Vc JL 316, it looks as if she had only one gun and no stub for the second one. Cpuld the wing be reverted to "B" configuration. Cheers, Joseph
  9. beppe

    co belligerent air force spitfire V

    Well Giorgio, I browsed through the net and found a review, actually two reviews of MT 32-001 spitfire IX & V in Italian service. The color calls for the first spitfire, a clipped wings spit Vb serial 20-4 are RLM 76 and verde mimeticco. in the meantime, I noticed that those colors are for the touch-ups. As for the RLM 76, weren't the BF-109 G issued to the regia round '43, there must have been some paint stock somewhere.