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  1. thanks for those fantastic pictures Tony. More reasons to buy the new spitfire Vc from KPM.
  2. beppe

    spitfire V C wing

    thanks Things are clearer now, Joseph
  3. beppe

    co belligerent air force spitfire V

    Hi Giorgio, Any idea if the 1/48 sheet still available ? Joseph
  4. beppe

    spitfire V C wing

    Re spitfire C wing armament I found a picture of spitfire Vc JL 316, it looks as if she had only one gun and no stub for the second one. Cpuld the wing be reverted to "B" configuration. Cheers, Joseph
  5. beppe

    co belligerent air force spitfire V

    Well Giorgio, I browsed through the net and found a review, actually two reviews of MT 32-001 spitfire IX & V in Italian service. The color calls for the first spitfire, a clipped wings spit Vb serial 20-4 are RLM 76 and verde mimeticco. in the meantime, I noticed that those colors are for the touch-ups. As for the RLM 76, weren't the BF-109 G issued to the regia round '43, there must have been some paint stock somewhere.
  6. beppe

    co belligerent air force spitfire V

    I went to the MT site, They spoke about aircraft being repainted RLM 75 and verde mimeticco 2, that's gray and green.
  7. beppe

    co belligerent air force spitfire V

    thanks for those usefull info Giorgio
  8. beppe

    co belligerent air force spitfire V

    Hi Giorgio, type of spitfire and colors mainly. Also is threre any aftermarket decal sheet for ? Cheers, Joseph
  9. i am looking for info about the spitfire of the 51 stormo italian Co belligerent air force. Can you help me with this topic ? Cheers, Joseph
  10. Hi Tony for the 451 RAAF sqn, did you use the red roo decals, or did they come from your bank of spares ? Cheerio, Joseph
  11. Tony, your house must be buldging at the seams with all thses masterpieces.
  12. your hurricanes are great, still have a copy of MAM with your Malta's huricanes Cheers, Joseph
  13. beppe

    French Jaguars and Chaff/Flare dispensers

    Hi Dave French RP's are different from the RAF one's The heller french jaguar comes with only one tank, but to me the french drop tanks look like the mirage F-1 ones. Cheers, Joseph
  14. beppe

    Rafale B query

    if you want some heavily laden aircraft, you could build a rafale M nounou, with four tanks and a refueling pod. You have the tanks already, and the pod can be found in the etendard IV p heller. Joseph