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  1. beppe

    Weapons Loadout Question - Vietnam Era A-6

    Napalm canisters, the small stub you see, are the magnesium ingniter I Think Loadout is the weapon load but also the standard weapon configuration
  2. beppe

    F-16 Romania... what colours

    Are those F-16 MLU ones ?
  3. beppe

    UH-1E Questions

    there are some good pictures on ARC forum Just type uh-1E hoist on googgle Joseph
  4. beppe

    modern afghan markings 1/48

    Hi, Is there any decals for the new afghan air force in 1/48 ? Cheers, Joseph
  5. beppe

    USAF tail code black post 1980's

    Thanks, actually what I'm missing is the acronym afres. I think I should make it for individual letters.
  6. Hi, is there a generic decals for USAF tail code in 1/48. I have the revell thunderstick in mind. Cheers, Joseph
  7. beppe

    SAAF gripen 1/72

    I know your site, you've made an awesome job on the mirage 5 coam
  8. beppe

    SAAF gripen 1/72

    ok two revell then.
  9. beppe

    SAAF gripen 1/72

    Hi Björn, Thanks for the tip off. For a swedish during the operation in lybia, is the italeri ok ? Have a nice week-end Joseph
  10. beppe

    IAF modified F-4 pylons

    Many Thanks everybody
  11. beppe

    IAF modified F-4 pylons

    Capital piece of information thanks. As I am modelling in 1/72nd, the airdoc pylons are quite useless. So Did anyone already done the conversion ?
  12. beppe

    IAF modified F-4 pylons

    Hi, I am looking for plan or sketches of the modified IAF F-4E wing pylons. I know that they were lengthened in order to carry PGM. Cheers, Joseph
  13. beppe

    Argentinian Dagger load question

    Hi Gareth, Do you have any Kfir AMK or Kinetic ? The aft pylons are the same I have the same Project, I will use a mirage italeri plus three 1300 L, the centerline coming from a old kfir. i'll use the aft pylons from a isracast kfir tanks and pylons set Cheers, Joseph
  14. beppe

    SAAF gripen 1/72

    hello Craig, I have the olimp resin accessories set and I'll probably make the SAAF bird, If you're interrested, I can ship you the Thaï. Joseph
  15. beppe

    Super Etendard Falklands "wot " it carried ?

    the buddy-buddy refuelling theory is wrong, they took fuel from a KC-130. i think the config was a exocet RH balanced by a 1100 L tank (the biggest one of the 2) LH and the centerline tank (same sprue as the exocet and the buddy refueling pod) Joseph