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  1. beppe

    A-10 artic scheme

    Thanks Denis.
  2. beppe

    A-10 artic scheme

    Yes indeed. However due to the great knowledge of this forum's members, I thought it was wiser to ask first
  3. beppe

    A-10 1/72 airfix/heller

    Hi, How good is the airfix A-10 1/72 ? Joseph
  4. beppe

    A-10 artic scheme

    Hello I'm looking for info and pictures if possible of the experimental artic scheme of the A-10 Cheers, Joseph
  5. beppe

    F-100 Stores/Armament Identification

    CBU-33 consisted in 30 BLU-45/B in an SUU-36/A. Shape wise, I think you can use the isradecal massive chaff dispensers. The problem is to find them. Joseph
  6. beppe

    F-100 Stores/Armament Identification

    the number of chaff cassettes equal the one of cluster adapters I Think is the same, only modified by the IAF to carry chaff instead of gravel CBU
  7. beppe

    teinted canopy

    Bleue, Aft canopy of a A-1E skyraider
  8. beppe

    F-100 Stores/Armament Identification

    Just a thought, maybe you could start from a QRC 490 massive chaff dispenser made by isradecal. Looks like the shape is roughly the same. Joseph
  9. beppe

    teinted canopy

    Hi, what is the best way to represent teinted canopies ? Cheers, Beppe
  10. Centerline pylon should be a PM-3, the same as the IIIE/5.
  11. beppe

    Belgian F-16A MRP questions

    Hi, Not sure that the terma pod was in use before the MLU. Before that my beloved Air Force used the orpheus one. Cheers, joseph
  12. Hi Simon, do you use wet and dry for the sanding or some other medium, Cheers, Joseph
  13. Evening everyone, If I remember right the heller P-39 includes the four blade prop. Cheers, Joseph
  14. Hi Tony, Is the neutral grey the same as the one of the underside of USAAF aircraft. Awesome kit by the way ! Cheers, Joseph