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  1. I personally bought it for the canopy seals. To be honest, I feel this was sold separately more to not intimidate the non-AMS typical modeler with 300 stencil decals. Sure, it doesn't hurt if they make some extra money. But that extra decal sheet couldn't have added much to the kit to include it and I can't see the sales being all that high compared to the kit itself.
  2. I see that now from the product web page. I’ll admit I didn’t read that real closely having already read the “confidential” new product flyer.
  3. Assuming I'm reading this correct, the one thing the AMK would still have is open speedbrakes and spoilers. It sounds like this is only flaps/slats. I suspect it's getting to a relatively small number of people that really need the speedbrakes/spoilers of the AMK, but there will be some. EDIT: I'm also hoping for a kneeling nose gear. I think there's been a bit of an assumption it's in there, but I don't see it clearly stated. To me flaps/slats is primarily useful for a catapult diorama. It could be coming off the arresting wires too, but a true landing "in action" would need the speedbrakes and DLC inboard spoilers.
  4. This is Academy’s 1/144 B-1B built. It’s a great kit as has already been well covered. The lone addition were Wolfpack’s exhaust set. I am starting off my SAC builds with the modern trio (now Global Strike Command). I’ve completed the B-2A (shared here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235091885-amp-1144-b-2a-spirit-of-indiana/) and this Bone will join. I’m still figuring out if I want to use the Academy or GWH kit for the BUFF. The Bone seemed to get some pretty heavy use and had some fairly dirty examples. Since the B-2A wasn’t going to leave much room for realistic heavy weathering, I chose to make this a dirty bird. I was aiming for something in the range of this reference pic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rockwell_B-1_Lancer#/media/File:B-1B_air_refueling.jpg Weathering was a combination of airbrushing highly diluted paints free hand or with masks, and the use of oils. Any comments or criticism are welcome as always and thanks for looking. Eric
  5. This is the Kinetic/Skunkworks 1/48 MQ-9B. For a very simple aircraft overall, the kit is marginal. There is a fair bit of shimming and work needed to keep the assembly square once done. I had planned to build this one OOB, but almost all the pictures I found were of very clean aircraft. Without much weathering or surface detail, I found it hard to add much visual appeal. So I decided to go for the intake/exhaust covers and RBF tags for some visual appeal. Any comments or criticism are welcome as always and thanks for looking. Eric
  6. This was a quick build to match a collection of Star Wars airliner liveries I’ve collected in diecast. ANA had the “Millenium Falcon” jokingly listed as part of their Star Wars fleet, so I thought it’d be amusing to add one to my shelf. This is the Bandai “approximately 1/350” kit with an after market water slide decal set. It is actually a rather nice kit, although I rarely do sci-fi and can’t compare it to much in the field. This is the shelf of all the liveries. All 1/400 except for the United 737 in 1/144. Any comments or criticism are welcome as always and thanks for looking. Eric
  7. I think the instructions actually called out removing the pertubances on the slats. That stage of construction was a while ago, so I can't remember for sure. I don't think I can take credit for that though. At the moment, I think I'm planning on the ZM F-4J kit. I have one and decals in the stash. I'd sure love to know if Tamiya is going to expand their line to the -J's. Who knows though, and even if they do, it'll be at least 2-3 years.
  8. This is a small quick build of the Hobby Boss 1/700 Los Angeles SSN sub. The kit itself is nice EXCEPT they have the tail planes completely wrong. They seem to have been taken from a Sturgeon class sub. I reshaped these to something near accurate. Eventually this is going to be part of an “epoxy” diorama in the arctic. I already tried once with ok results, but didn’t have a way of degassing the epoxy before pouring and have way too many air bubbles to be happy with. Given it’s planned final result, I tried to weather it to realistically be deployed at sea. Any comments or criticism are welcome as always and thanks for looking. Eric
  9. I have an intent to slowly build all of the Blue Angels birds in 1/48 scale (except 1/72 for Fat Albert). This is the Hasegawa A-4F Blue Angles boxing. It’s OOB, but the box does include some of the additional Blue Angels bits in white metal and the super fox intakes. I’m still fighting a little with how glossy to make the finish. This is Tamiya X-22 and I think I like this result. The blue is Gunze FS15050. I'm going to be changing the blues some as I go through the builds and have a test grid of blues and glosses to try and help me select on future builds. I could go as far as 2k clear for even more gloss, or tone it down some with a semigloss of some sort. Thank you for looking an any comments or criticism are welcome. Eric
  10. Thank you everyone for the kind words! The B-2 has definitely gotten more love recently, but it was quite the dearth for a while with only the Testors and Revell kits. The AMP kit, for being so unknown, proved to create a pretty nice result.
  11. This is the first build I've shared on Britmodeller. This is AMP’s 1/144 B-2A Spirit with Metallic Details photoetch set and Begemot decals. This kit is a double edged sword. It is fantastically more detailed than the Revell option. The fit in most areas is rather good. But parts location is inline with short run kits and some areas need a fair bit of filler. This model will join an Academy B-1B and to-be-built GWH or Academy B-52H to make an SAC trio (sorry, Global Strike Command). The split ailerons and flaps were split and positioned in the normal ground/powered down positions. The base colors as a Tamiya mix for gunship gray, lightened for the RAM panels. Weathering was entirely with oils. Almost the entire photoetch set is in the gear, gear bays, and bomb bays. A mix of Alclad paints were used for the exhaust areas Thank you for looking and I welcome any comments or criticism! Eric
  12. I’d love to have a copy of those decals. I can live with my old Hasegawa kits from what I’ve seen of the new offerings so far. But I have one waiting, reserved for the first BA decals I can find.
  13. The open door is the fun access panel. I’m not sure if the rounds are loaded through there, but the arming switches are there and some control feeds. As mentioned, it looks like some diagnostic boxes are connected and the cable is ground power to avoid running the APU.
  14. I think that's all Liquid Gravity is. I got a bottle after I learned about it years ago and so far one bottle has lasted me this whole time. I'll likely replace it with steel shot when it runs out. It's not terribly expensive, but I presume shot will be cheaper still.
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