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  1. A beautiful selection of builds, and a new modelling room as well, a great year all round, Sean
  2. An excellent selection of subjects TT, This is truly a thing of beauty , love the scheme and the paint is just beautiful. Sean
  3. Very nice models Dermo, I remember the Viper in that scheme really standing out at the model show.... Sean
  4. Happy New Year mate. It's nice to take one of the oldies out of the stash and find it'a good kit, trouble is, they seem to up in price when you look for another on E-bay! Sean
  5. It seems to have been a busy year Will, the quality of your painting is outstanding, (and colourful).. Sean
  6. A super trio of builds..., Sean
  7. I'm in awe, fantastic modelling skills, an excellent raconteur, wonderful choice of music, and a quite impressive ...err....rooster, ....you've surely been blessed by the gods, Sean
  8. Superb Hurricane Greg, and I'm also in the camp that likes that kit, sure I built two last year. I found it stood up very well against more modern kits. Nice paint job as well... Sean
  9. A superb collection of Spitfires and Hurricane Tony, it would probably take me ten years to do that many, and I love seeing the different schemes and variations, Sean
  10. Nice one Bernd, I love the Airfix Spitfire myself, and you've done a great job with yours... Sean
  11. Very nice indeed, the Tucano came out especially well, and the old Jag scrubbed up great... Sean
  12. An amazing output for the year Steve, and all wonderfully finished, with the Trench scene a particular favourite, Sean
  13. I have the Revell boxing of the Matchbox version, as I'm reliving my youth with these older kits, (when I get around to it,) Sean
  14. Very nice Stix, especially the cockpit, love the seatbelts, they look as good as some AM belts, Sean
  15. Looking good, shame about the paint, but well saved, and as for the tape problems, if we don't try things, how will we know what works and what doesn't? Off to see Rouge One tomorrow, I'm like a big kid, can't wait really, Sean
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