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  1. mbdesignart

    Ford Transit Mk.2 LWB Van Conversion

    A minor hiccup on the build this morning as the van took a nosedive off the bench, resulting in some cracking along the roof joint so it will be back to the paintshop. Anyway to cool off I've decide to make a new one piece rear door with enhanced detail/corrections over the kit part. The CAD file is at Shapeways being laughed at. And I think a tidy up of my workroom is in order too.
  2. mbdesignart

    Ford Transit Mk.2 LWB Van Conversion

    Anyhow, here are a couple of post paint photos. Door cards and detail parts yet to be finished. and the components for the roof rack for the Rally Barge, the longitudinal bars have yet to be separated. As these link the triangulated frames their slight waviness should straighten out.
  3. mbdesignart

    Ford Transit Mk.2 LWB Van Conversion

    There appears to be a sub-thread here about engine options in the Transit and just about any other Ford Vehicle. I'm not complaining about a bit of added info or detail photos of the Transit but the engine discussion is overwhelming this thread. Perhaps a better place for the engine discussion would be in the 'Discussions' section. Thanks for your understanding Mark
  4. mbdesignart

    Ford Transit Mk.2 LWB Van Conversion

    The body shell has now been sprayed white taking full advantage of the spring heat, remember that a couple of days ago?! The Milton Keynes Model Show & Sauna got in the way of further progress, I will try to upload some more build photos soon. Another delivery from Shapeways containing the Lens and Rotating Lamp unit for the Dale Stem Light, as used on Emergency Vehicles, and the parts for the rally van roof rack arrived today. I may need to buy yet another Italeri Transit.
  5. mbdesignart

    Ford Transit Mk.2 LWB Van Conversion

    The V4 appears to have been in the Mk1, here are the engine options. The first Ford Transit was produced in 1953, he wore a name Ford Taunus Transit. It was only in 1965, after the production of the Taunus decided to mark the new generation Transit abbreviated as "MK" (ang. Mark). Ford Transit MK1 was produced continuously until 1978 in several body styles: - Van - Classic van; - Chassis Cabs; - Chassis Cabs with Windscreen - Chassis Cab, - Kombi, - Minibus - Bus. In the model MK1 SWB had a choice of two engines - one diesel (diesel) and the second petrol (V4). In the LWB version appeared while two-liter petrol. Type Petrol V4 OHV (SWB) Petrol V4 OHV (LWB) Diesel OHV (SWB) Capacity 1.7L (1663cc) 2.0L (1996cc) 1.6L (1621cc) Power (hp) 73 85.5 42.3 Max. Power (rpm) 4750 4750 3600 Fuel tank capacity depending on the model was 35 liters (SWB) and 68 liters (LWB). Transit models are equipped with 14-inch steel wheels on the 5 screws, as well as a four-speed manual gearbox.
  6. mbdesignart

    Revell VW Samba 1/16

    Your English is far better at any attempt at Dutch I may try. The IPA is IsoPropyl Alcohol not India Pale Ale, I wouldn't waste beer on stripping a kit! I'm attempting to strip a classic mini but the oven cleaner didn't work even after 24 hrs, it is now in a bath of IPA. I don't know what the paint is as the kit is second hand. Good luck with your attempts.
  7. mbdesignart

    Revell VW Samba 1/16

    I think the correct terminology for your "ridge" is a Swage line, but any term that gets the idea across is good with me. As to paint stripping, the IPA method may need several attempts to work thorough layers and yes a stiff bristled brush is best to work into the crevices. Also there's the 50/50 mix of Dettol and water or the spray on Oven Cleaner e.g. Mr. Muscle. Best to put these in an air tight container to avoid the fumes and the IPA from evaporating. Take care with these and wear gloves and goggles. I'm also doing a 2-tone scheme on my 1/24 Type 1 van and the masking is indeed a nightmare. You're doing a grand job.
  8. mbdesignart

    Ford Transit Mk.2 LWB Van Conversion

    Here is some engine info, I don't know about any connection with SAAB - I thought they were all powered by jet engines?! "Customers buying a new Ford Transit MK2 had a choice selection of petrol engines and diesel engines. In the Ford range includes three petrol units and one diesel (initially with a capacity of 2.4L, and 2.5L face-lift). The table below we present the comparison engines. 1.6 OHC 2.0 OHC 3.0 V6 2.4 Diesel 2.5 Diesel Engine (cc) 1593 1993 2992 2360 2496 Power (hp) 65 78 100 62 68 Max power in (rpm) 4750 4500 4650 3600 b.d. The new Ford Transit MK2 was sold in several body versions. They dominated mainly vans and minivans. However, the design of this model allowed for any development of the body. As a result, Ford Transit MK2 could serve as a tug, ambulances, as well as a military vehicle. However, the most popular were fire engines, which have survived to this day. Transit MK2 was offered on 14-inch wheels."
  9. mbdesignart

    Ford Transit Mk.2 LWB Van Conversion

    Something I've just noticed re the exterior rear view mirrors. The driver's side is mounted on the wing whereas the passenger side is door mounted, one more hole to fill, one more hole to drill. Hopefully the weather will improve over the weekend to allow some painting to be done.
  10. mbdesignart

    Ford Transit Mk.2 LWB Van Conversion

    There is a moulded in strip on the resin part to overlap the joint, like in those proper plastic kits. Plus the separate door jamb piece will go over the joint as extra reinforcement. Once the roof is on it all gets tied together.
  11. mbdesignart

    Ford Transit Mk.2 LWB Van Conversion

    Yes all new door handles both inside and out. Try that spraying technique I used on the Chassis cab build, spray through some fine mesh taped to the seat for a chequered pattern and cheaper than decals. I'm knee deep in sanding dust today after finding that opposite sides of the kit are made from differing thicknesses of plastic. Some more filling yet to do but the body shell is now together.
  12. mbdesignart

    Ford Transit Mk.2 LWB Van Conversion

    Finally got the inners to the cargo doors attached. I'll leave the separate jamb pieces off until the body shell is assembled which is the next big job.
  13. mbdesignart

    1/24 Revell VW Type 1 Van Customised

    Whilst visiting Cosford model show yesterday I picked up some resin bits. The l/h pic is as cast in resin from the master above, r/h pic shows this customised with a chamfer added to the holes and some enlarged.
  14. mbdesignart

    Ford Transit Mk.2 LWB Van Conversion

    Excellent video find. Now we know where there is loads of rusty treasure. But why just let that lot rot away?
  15. mbdesignart

    Transit Rally Service Barge photos wanted.

    Thanks for those, your input is appreciated. I think I will be sticking to the two schemes I have completed in full, too many other things to get completed where my time can be better employed.