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  1. The roll cage has been adjusted slightly although I'm not convinced it is truly accurate, but due to lack of definitive photos for the part aft of the B pillar it will have to do. I've added some helmet hangers from thin wire and a bit of padding from masking tape as the heat shrink idea ended up in the bin. Most of the chassis components have been painted and await assembly. There are some drilled aluminium footrests to fab from plasticard as the next job.
  2. Depends on which lights you want to illuminate, e.g., light bar, headlamps, hazards etc. Therese links may be of help. I recall there is a fire engine build on the forum that had led's try a search https://www.tirydiummodels.co.uk https://www.smallscalelights.co.uk/category/dolls-house-lighting-1-48th-1-144th-scale
  3. A few updates, the roll cage has had some extra bars added, the joints require sanding once the sprue goop has set. A roof vent made from 0.25 plasticard 10x7mm with a bit of thin rod for the hinges. I shied away from doing an open version due to the kit roof thickness and lack of time. and the C pillar inner panels added, I just hope the glazing fits. Edit: You'd think on a model making forum 'Plasticard' would have been added to the approved words listing
  4. Just as I thought, after checking refs the roll cage needs more bracing and some extra details.
  5. Sorry for the delay in replying, great pictures thanks for posting Gary. It certainly looks genuine going off the Reg and with the fuel cap recesses in the rear wings. According to Graham Robson's book FTW 47H was hit by a truck in Yugoslavia on the 3rd night of the L-M event, returned to Boreham and re-shelled. Pity I missed the Harewood event as it's not that far from me, I'd have had a field day taking photos. As to build progress some priming of parts has been done and the roll cage build is in progress. I need to check photo refs as I have a sneaking feeling there are differences.
  6. Excellent work Jeroen, really like the finish you have achieved, and as others have said in such a short time.
  7. Here's a sneak preview of the model, see it in the flesh or resin, at Modelkraft Milton Keynes.
  8. Best of luck with all the work you are putting into the build. You will surely end up with an impressive and quite unique model.
  9. Lucas L792, also fitted to the Sunbeam Alpine. I doubt Ford went around nicking them off Imps during the night Makes me wonder why the car wasn't kept as original when it was 'refreshed' after it came back from Mexico.
  10. Another two things that I've spotted on the car in the 'shed' that have changed from the time of the rally, the front indicators should be the combined side light with indicator type and the spotlights were Cibie. I've plumped for a Recaro seat from Scale Productions for the driver's side and the passenger looks like a Ford RS2000 type Recaro but with a different lacing to the headrest.
  11. Glad it has inspired you to finish your kit. There is heaps more inspiration on the IPMS Beyond the Box SIG.
  12. Update on the Moke. A few of the first test shot parts cleaned up and ready for trial assembly of the hood frame. To join a queue go here on Monday 8th April.
  13. Excellent build, really good weathering. Any work in progress build photos?
  14. A little more modelling progress, vents added to the front and mudflap location holes partially filled.
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