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  1. Hi 3D Gurus, Currently I use Tinkercad to generate a 3D model then send this as an .stl file to Shapesways for printing in their Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic, also known as Frosted Detail Plastic, Resin-based Acrylic Plastic, Photopolymer, to create the master. During the file upload process there's some jiggery-pokery [note use of technical term ] that goes on to make sure the model will print. If I use a Tinkercad generated file is there an intermediate software process I need to use before loading to the Anycubic? Also, if needed, which software is compatible with a Mac? Thanks, Mark
  2. Back to the build... Can you spot the error on the instrument decals? Bench seat and aux. gauge pod installed. Owing to some oversight along the way the stance ended up all wrong. Upon installing the engine I found headers fouled the chassis and so much ripping out of parts sent me back to square one on the IFS. Here is V2, the standard deep engine sump has gone and a channel will require cutting to sit over the front beam axle. I've seen the professionals have to cut lumps out of the lower half of engines so I'm ok with that, and at this stage I pertty much just want to get it done. Anyway the stance is back to how it should have been and the front bodywork fits, despite the best efforts of Mongram to make dropping this over the interior sides a tight squeeze.
  3. Nigel, did you not spot the Wi-Fi on/off switch buried inside the motor housing and the touch screen control on the dash? The lance also doubles as a lightning condcutor, but don't tell H&S.
  4. Spiny, I think the colour is more orangy than copperish [note technical terminology]. Masking, sometimes it takes longer than the actual spraying, but worth it in the end and yet more masking to do for the window rubbers. I think I've solved the steering column issue in that the lower section from the dash bracket to firewall won't be going in. There must be steering by wire somewhere in the automotive world? I had steering by rope on my bogey as a kid Thanks for the ongoing comments.
  5. An interesting project Jeroen, looking forward to seeing what weathering/distressiing you do to the finish.
  6. Brilliant beginnings to this project, looking forward to seeing how many additions are possible to the chassis and beyond.
  7. Again some progress as the decals finally arrived, The body has had a coat of Tamiya LP-24 and the engine and exhausts have been added to the chassis, not without some fettling to align with the IRS. After applying the F100 decals to the door lower edges and tailgate and then clear coating I wasn't happy and stripped them. So it's back to the spray booth once more stock of clear arrives. Also there is a fit issue with the sterring column which drops the steering wheel directly onto the seat, this requires some head scratching to solve, not easy as the dash fits once the screen is installed and flaots above the stering column, I'm now calling the colour Exotic Ferrous Oxide
  8. Thanks for the generous comments. The idea came about from constantly dodging the 100mph pavement chariots. If you like this kind of thing then have a look at Beyond The Box SIG on Facebook. We all wear those jackets that fasten at the back This will now be devolped to fit in with the Wacky Races and Caravan & Camping themes for the group build for SMW 2021. It's good to get a break from the normal builds and decal artwork, try it you may like it.
  9. Some may recall me posting in the Discussion section a photo of a Gatsby Mobility Scooter, well as part of the Beyond The Box SIG it sparked anotherr mad idea and resulting fun build. Wallace is from the Airfix Motorbike & Sidecar kit, the wheels are off ebay for RC trucks with the remainder being scratch built. I hope you like it. No WIP I was laughing too much to take photos.
  10. You've got to love Halfords matt black rattle can, it gives a magic satin finish, who'd have thought? I wish masking took as long as spraying but the effort has been worthwhile to my eye. Now waiting for some wire to add the plug leads to the engine but I can assemble the wheels and fit those.
  11. With the good weather over Easter I managed to get a decent topcoat, Tamiya LP-44 Metallic Orange, sprayed and fitted the suspension.
  12. Front and rear suspension nearly complete. The rear has twin shocks either side and some tie rods to locate to the chassis, the front requires the steering arm to be fitted, if I can find it. Once the chassis has had another coat of paint these can be mounted.
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