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  1. I've applied some weathering to the chassis along with adding the exhaust and front shocks so the underside is done. I've also had a go at printing the decals using Mr Decal Paper [white] which at the 3rd attempt generated something that is acceptable for this 'bit of fun' build, there are more yet to be applied.
  2. A little more progress to update the build. Suspension is almost complete just the front shocks to add. Tamiya Camel Yellow applied to the body, not easy to spray as this only just fit within my small spray booth.
  3. Some provisions for the expedition added to the roof rack. The drum of pickle is under construction using an offset of waste pipe and plastic rod.
  4. Wallace and Gromit have been in the basement...
  5. Parts all primed and ready for the next stage of painting.
  6. Alan, the springs are plastic coated wire, I think from EMA Model Supplies, wound around a tube. Probably not true to scale even in 1/12. I've used ordinary brass wire suitably painted for other projects with success, the beauty of metal is that the ends can be ground flat to sit on the spring mounts. Hope you have some success if you give it a go.
  7. Good to see the puns are still coming . Rear axle almost done, I think it should have some tie bars?
  8. The front drivetrain and suspension are coming together from bits out of the spares box. A transfer box has been added too which the fore and aft driveshafts will connect to. And the front shocks too
  9. Thanks Marco, re the VW van I had issues with the paint so it has been put aside for a while. I may have new plans for the wheels on it though.
  10. Not sure of the van's accuracy but it may prove the ideal starting point with a good deal of scratch building to be added,especially to the suspension. There are a couple currently on eBay at reasonable prices.
  11. The Crash Test Bunny is just about done. It's a waiting a fiducial marker symbol decal [what I always called the quartered yellow and black circle] and a tonal wash. It's foot has been recycled as a "Lucky" Rabbits foot to hang from the van's rear view mirror.
  12. I had thought about the just primed look to the filled areas but I think it will be a new paint job allover.
  13. I decied on new door handles fashioned from a bit a stretched sprue rather than the moulded in kit versions. Also the rusty sections and wheel arch extensions have been filled and rubbed down.
  14. A little more progress over the last few days. A suitably oversize roof rack and an Anaerobic Digester which will be trailer mounted. This is because W&G have entered the alternative fuel category of the Camelbert Trophy, 'fuel' from the digester will be pumped through hoses to the engine. And yes I have now decided to fill the rusty areas. Stay tuned for more madness...
  15. mbdesignart

    Tyre size help

    Question now answered. I went directly to the wheel manufacturer and yes it the tyres are a strange US size.