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  1. And so onto the ELWB Chassis. I nearly came over all Sir David Attenborough documentry when mating the resin chassis to the Italeri cab floor Then I couldn't find the kit instructions to add the front spring/steering assemby, fortunately I found a link to a downloadable copy which are a laugh. It's a pity the kit front shocks aren't long enough, [photo shows kit to the left, new to the right] maybe Italeri's idea of Air Ride , so a bit of scratchbuilding with some plastic tube resolved this. For anyone that has built the LWB version you will note use of the kit cab floor, this is part of a
  2. Back to this build, as if I wasn't doing too much already. The Beavertail is all but done. Paint needs applying before the etch and detail parts are added but the major construction has been completed. Now onto the ELWB Chassis conversion...
  3. The version I'm aiming for is to tie in with a certain Moke kit. I won't be doing every version known to man, life is too short and I've other things planned. As you point out there are plenty of other bits out there for the clued up modeller, exclude me from that category, to build their chosen version. The remaining test shot parts will hopefully be printed this week and as soon as I have them you'll all have to look 'somewhere' or wait for the phantom photo poster As to producing resin engines it starts wih being able to create a master... Marco F - Yes.
  4. You’re lucky, I wish I wasn’t but it is a necessary evil.
  5. You won’t as it the photo only shows test shot parts. Other items are being produced and once the set is completed all will be revealed.
  6. There is a post on someone’s Facebook page about a forthcoming Trans-kit for transforming the Tamiya Lotus.
  7. I use superglue as the parts are generally lightweight. For heavy, load bearing parts epoxy may be preferable. Some times there are support posts/sprues attached to parts as part of the build/print process. I'm sure you will find out if any bits require trimming when test fitted. Pitty the part didn't come with some instructions. I would assume it is the designer's responsibility to issue instructions rather than Shapeway's themselves when purchased via Shapeways Marketplace. It always helps to post a photo of the part when seeking guidance for modification.
  8. Plenty of reference photos in my post in the Vehicle Discussion area. There are many other cars besides the Metro featured for anyone who may be interested. Link here
  9. As Keith said, strange tyre issue with the difference between front face to rear, but there must be a reason? Cracking progress Gary, it's certailnly looking the part.
  10. I use Shapeways products printed in their Smoothest Detail Resin. It perhaps isn't as forgiving as styrene just be careful and if needed use a fine saw to cut parts rather than trying to press with a knife blade and don't try to bend or force it into place. It sands ok too but wear a mask and prime with an automotive plastic primer.
  11. As the title asks, anyone know if there was a standard ex-factory colour for the engines fitted to the 2800 series in the 1980's? Paint code if poss, otherwise just the colour. An internet search has turned up nothing and the kit instructions are useless. Thanks.
  12. I thought I'd make a start with the xmas coloured plastic Looking at more ref photos, but there's not a lot of period detail shots to be had, there looks to be some scratchbiulding ahead. A box between the seat which I guess is a cooler box, the nav instruments and the airconditioning unit. And the cab rear window needs panelling over. Also got around to fathoming out the tyre and rim sizes and hit the CAD software which has resulted in something I'm happy with. I may add some Michelin and sizing text, but it wasn't that big on the original rally se
  13. The chassis is now back together, you may spot the reinforcing plasticard plate, and most of the components have been added, there's a bit of warpage in the rails but I think once the engine is dropped in that will square up the front end. Some remedial work has been done to a few parts that were either broken or missing locating pins and the moulded-in towng pin has been replaced with some plastic rod.
  14. Well I've had the saw out again some modelling has been done starting with chopping a chunk out of the chassis rails and thy're now all trussed up for xmas . The rear axles are assembled too now awaiting the DAF Hub Reduction Drive Hubs from KFS and the sink holes in the springs have been filled.
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