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  1. Thanks, that is brilliant. I had tried many ads Google suggested but non had any indication of dimensions, if only all Ebay ads were that helpful.
  2. I'm after dimensions [wxhxd] for the attached rear light, apparently it is a D type used on trucks and others. Any info appreciated.
  3. I'd keep that handy if I were you, you never know if/when certain parts may come in handy
  4. Keith, it appears I’m not the only one relieving you of money you always complain you never have. At least you’re getting something to fill the loft with. I am not doing a Cortina. Bigger things in the pipeline
  5. Classic car Friday from the Sinola Hill Climb, Kynsna, South Afica here More videos available on Youtube. WARNING dire commentary team.
  6. There is a resin kit available, and rumours of more to come in the next few monthes. Decal schemes and resin detail sets are out there too.
  7. I have posted an update of my Escort build with the additional sponsor decals applied. Link
  8. UPDATE Don't you just love Facebook Following some feedback and further research it has come to light that the scheme I have done above is as the car appears in the Heritage collection. The car on the event had slightly different and addtional sponsor decals. Well now I've corrected that and done a further four iterations. Beginning with the car as it appeared on the start line, two verions with additional decals applied at different stages en-route and the car for the post race photo shoot when 'FINLAND' appeared across the bonnet.
  9. I found the brochure in one of the LR Forums https://www.lrukforums.com/threads/harvey-frost-crane-brochure.225888/
  10. Do a search for Harvey Frost 30cwt pickup crane. You should find an old brochure with measurements, during my search for the same that is the best I could find. Pity you don't want a 1/24 version as you can buy them here
  11. I have now resolved the issue. Thanks for the responses.
  12. Thanks, I'd already discounted that one. If anyone does come up with the definitive logo they will have to get their tipex and crayons out
  13. Thanks for the replies. No image I have come across, including many of the above, has had enough clarity to make out the text. I agree with most about the best guesses. A search for historic logos for Safetey Devices, along with other motorsport related companies, came up with nothing either. The best image prize goes to Dave, I'm hoping I can catch the printer before the presses roll.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I decided on Vallejo Model Air Light Sea Blue. Heller kit to be finished as the East African Safari Rally car #15, only the wheels should be the 6 spoke with off road tyres but I like the look of the chrome and orange Gotti's. I can always convince myself it fell off the boat fitted with those.
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