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  1. I'm catching up on the the latest finished builds and this is brilliant. I echo the comments regarding the superb finish.
  2. Well the parts gremlins have hidden another item, namely the etch seatbelt fret for the Escort. I'm sure it was still in the box and so I ordered some red ribbon as this car has red Sabelt belts. Come time to attack it and look no etch fret so I ordered a couple of Eduard sets from Hannants. I should have looked closer as these are 4 point not the 6 point I need, good job I can use some extra bits from the Eduard sets. Is it old age? [no need to answer that last one]
  3. Just found this may be of interest, a diecast though. https://www.carmodel.com/jada/31127/1-24/ford/anglia-1959-harry-potter-movie-with-figure-2016/126330
  4. Thanks for the info. The RED Transit scheme decals are already out there and waiting.
  5. Well I still have all my fingers, no thanks to the Dremel. In preparation for making the seatbelts I wondered how the navigator's were arranged. On closer inspection of a photo there is a cutout in the seat squab so out came the drills. When enlarging the pilot hole the drill bit took hold and spun the seat out of my grip, snapped it in two when it hit the wooden block I was using to protect the worktop and left the base spinning wildly on the drill bit. So a bit of working the cutout by hand tools salvaged the job and with a bit of glue and filler it should be back in one piece soon. Maybe I need some of those chain mail gloves butchers wear?
  6. I hope someone will do decals for the Auriol 6R4, it would be look good behind a Transit
  7. Hi Nick, yes thanks, I've nearly finished the Anniversary London-Mexico Rally Escort, it should be at Telford. I've found an even better video of the EA Safari Rally, or should it be a Sunday afternoon jaunt in Africa?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXGHetO_zS4 On the subject of the Peugeot looks like my client, after some searching, will be able to supply some images.
  8. Wrong car, the car in question in the topic is a Peugeot 504, no.67. motobitz has 2 1970 London-Mexico Rally Escort schemes and one London-Mexico Anniversary Rally Escort scheme [I should know]. Not sure how you'd rework a Transit into an Escort??? Unless you used a big hammer
  9. Thanks, I wish Modellers Resource would bring their front end conversion to the market.
  10. Fujimi do a set of 1/24 15" Borrani Wire Wheels and tyres, you may have to do a wide search for a stockist. Aren't the kit wheels @ 14mm a bit undersize?
  11. Just a thought if anyone has a copy of the Graham Robson book on the rally are there any photos of car No.67 'The Fusilier' driven by E.F. Moorat/John Shaw? UPDATE: I've had a reply via FB on the contents of the World Cup Rally book and there is only the briefest mention of Edward Moorat, it appears this car went under the radar. But if anyone has any photos they would be appreciated.
  12. Whilst doing a bit of research I came across this footage of the start of the 1970 London-Mexico World Cup Rally. Pity it's in black and white but as you can see everything back then was so much simpler, different times. http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/200d71cf56e14269aea22923435824a3 If anyone has photos of car #67 Peugeot 504 run by the British Army please add them to this post, thanks.
  13. I got myself one of these. I had the AMT Van kit years ago and sold it, regrettably, so I snapped this up and it's even in the better scale of 1/24. It will be getting the Motobitz Independent front & rear suspension sets along with the custom wheels too. I also bought some new Tamiya lacquer paint in Met Gold but as yet I'm undecided on the final colour scheme, but definitely not as the box art!
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