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  1. Hey Keith, really surprised to see you in this thread!! Try this link, https://plusalfaromeo-amebaownd-com.translate.goog/posts/34558373?_x_tr_sl=ja&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc Let me know if you get any further with your quest for the hioly grail.
  2. I heard at SMW that someone is planning a version with the flat front end that will be available in the new year. Supervan - I was chatting with Nick Belbin about the arches as I thougt the rears were those from the Mk1 works Escort, but he begged to difffer.
  3. Not sure at the moment. I may continue my beverage brand theme or perhaps a car parts delivery van.
  4. Just to clear up any confusion, I have it on very good authority this is not a 'Transkit' requiring a donor kit.
  5. Sadly time ran out for this kit build to make it fully finished for Telford. I may take the bits for drooling over but they will be under a cover, just in case. Here are some WIP images. As I’ll be down at the show it will be a few days before I am able pop my head up here again. All new suspension, drivetrain and other components. Tyres are supplied seperately from the rims and there are hubcaps to chrome yet. The springs have enough give that should a big load be added a good deal of sag can be achieved. Diesel nose version for a change. Internal rib details Rear door options, I plumped for the twin doors which will be open when mounted. On the Mk1 the bulkhead was an option, I've decided to leave it off for a change, All new cab internals, as you'd expect the differences over the MkII are many and quite marked. Much deatil painting to do on these parts. Thanks for dropping by
  6. Don't forget some nice sooty depostits on the tailpipe tips.
  7. I must make a note of things you don't want And wear a baseball cap backwards whilst thinking about 13" wheels on a mini I had Wolfrace slots on my mini. Will you be stalking the halls at Telford?
  8. Of course you could always search that well known UK supplier of bitz for various options for classic mini wheels and at a reasonable price And on the subject of BMW MINI’s, run flat tyres NO!
  9. Or you could try HERE a complete range of LR colours.
  10. Ha! As if I haven't got enough to do. Can you really imagine the size of the decals sheet for those? Then there will be the bright spark who must have a particular month on their tax disc. My suggestion, well the clean version, photocopy a beer mat and shrink to scale
  11. I've got the Heller vesion to build as an East African Safari car. Your build will make an interesting comparrison when I get around to it.
  12. Kieth, nothing gets past you, except perhaps a faster car? PhilX, thanks.
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