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  1. Without some photos of the wheels and kit axles it's hard to give a definitive answer. Most probably they will need gluing and being resin you'll need to use [CA] Superglue. Does the kit have some plastic bushes that allow a push fit? I doubt you'll be able to run the car around on the floor once fixed in place though
  2. The bonnet pins have arrived, and after getting some missing decals re-printed the missing ones appeared from under a pile of papers, as they do! Great service direct from Mr. Model. At least it will keep me entertained far more than the dross and repeats on TV.
  3. Following on from my previous build of a standard Mk.1 Moke, see RFI post. I'm now progressing with the version as seen on TV. I've got ahead of myself on this build, hence no WIP photos of how the body goes together. As the photo shows it's mostly been painted, Halfords primer and Citroen Polar white [as I had a can handy] with some smaller parts remaining for detail painting or a coat of Molotow chrome. The tub is a one piece casting with separate grille and bonnet. Added to this is the differently raked windscreen, bumpers with mounts and the centre crossmember in the tub. I've used a full engine block from another kit as I had planned on detailing it and leaving the bonnet open, but plans have changed, a resin sump is supplied. The canopy is a longer version and the seats have solid backs to allow for easier application of the decals for the striped fabric covers, along with a disc for the spare wheel. There are some other minor differences over the standard Moke and I'm sure the keen eyed will spot those. Now the topcoat of paint and lacquer is dry next up is fitting the subrames, suspension and then some interior decals.
  4. Hi Will, for the chromme strip I used 0.4mm Aizu tape, lightly stuck a piece to a metal rule and went over it with a 1mm Molotow marker and left to dry overnight. It is slightly overscale but to manually cut a parallel line any thinner is too much for my eyesight. Some others use Bare Metal Foil. Thanks Mark
  5. Thanks for the kind comments, but, Marco, I don't consider my builds are any way near as deatailed as those of other members on the forum.
  6. Some more detail parts added. Chrome strips to the window rubbers + metal plates to the windscreen, washer pipes and rails to the wipers, spotlamp braces and wiring, lights, rear bumper, front bull bar and a few small decals. More detail parts to add yet but some are on the way from Japan. Someone was asking about upload issues using postimages. No problem adding the above.
  7. The front arches are out and here's a rough idea of the ride height.
  8. Always good to see a bike build on the bench. Great start and a nice scheme too.
  9. The hole just got a whole lot bigger. I figured it was easier to start from scratch, more or less, with new inner arches, floor, suspension and build it all around the new wheels. Now to make a big hole up front - there could be a need for a central diving position, a sort of McVeeDub F1
  10. I've decided to fit larger wheels and drop the ride height, a bit a cutting here and there will be needed. Part one of the surgery...
  11. Liking the detaling. You are lucky in having a handy reference source, keep the info coming.
  12. Nurse, screwdriver please! Well it was a disturbing case of deja vu as I attempted to install the chassis/interior into the bodyshell. Fearing all sorts of cracks appearing, the clear parts popping out and many a choice word mumbled under my breath the job was finaly completed with only the loss of one lamp bracket, but then I should have left those off. Those keen of eye will spot the high level brake lamps through the rear window, placed a little low but this was purely guesswork and it ain't coming apart now. The side windows have also been lopped off to be replaced with clear card, notwithstanding the fit issue on the C pillar due to adding the internal detail - I don't know why I bother some times. Some touching up of the window rubbers will be needed and now I can attack the bumpers, bull bar and a myriad of other small bits and bobs. Oh I nearly forgot the replacement exhaust tailpipe added since the last installment, this car had a rectangular one.
  13. You're brave putting it near a log burner with all that alcohol on board The subtle weathering, especially compared to the real thing which looks a complete rust bucket, does look rather impressive. Can't wait to see it finished.
  14. Here is a link to some photos kindly sent to me by Andrew Gogle taken at Wembly Stadium on the Saturday prior to the Sunday start of the 1970 London-Mexico World Cup Rally. [Please note all images are copyright A. Cogle] He's another rally car model builder doing the winning Escort Mk1 of Mikkola/Palm. https://postimg.cc/gallery/2lummpjgu/
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