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  1. FYI re parking charges, if you pre book via YOUR PARKING SPACE you can get a discounted rate. It cost me £4.99 between 09.00-16.00 hours o'clock. And scour the internet for voucher codes to save the booking fee. I enjoyed what I saw for the 1/2 hour I was there before being carted off to LGI. Thanks to those first aiders who looked after me until the ambulance arrived.
  2. Doing some shopping and eBay says this fits a vehicle. I'm not so sure? Answers on a postcard.
  3. Glad to see that you arrived at a solution in the end. Missing finger ends = proper model making 🤣
  4. To save a lot of work, not that you shy away from making parts from scratch, a metal telescopic pointer would be an alternative for the ram tube. Also saves on chrome painting. And HNY2U.
  5. By Epoxy they mean adhesive e.g. Araldite it comes in 2 tubes, resin + hardener, which you mix together. The 'putty' you refer to is for gap filling not bonding parts.
  6. It must be take your Chevy to work today in Yorkshireland. A brand new Chevy Corvette in satin blue with two white stripes down the centreline stuck in traffic in Pontefract, then a bright red Comaro just south of this. As I was driving no photos.
  7. The middle bit of the chassis has been bypassed due to it needing too much thinking about Here is the front bumper with added blocky things, no idea what they are for, and the mesh covers over the lights. Oh and the cargo box now has a roof and is ready for priming if ever a weather window opens up in the near future.
  8. Someone's got too much time on their hands. What about getting down to some model making Keith? 😂
  9. The additional cable ties and U shackles and bolts are on. Having looked at a photo of the rear suspension I thought it could do with a bit of detailing too with the addition of the air lines and unions. Hopefully a raid on the 1/12 bike spares box should throw up some vinyl tube. oops upside down! In the beginning of going down this desert road I bought some rear hubs from KFS to mount the super single wheels to, but another photo ref revealed the front plate detail to be different and the o/a length needed reducing too, and so four new ones fell off the printer yesterday. I think that's about all the extra detail for the rear end, now to attack the midships.
  10. I use the vivarium heater pad but attached it to the exterior of the cover, the temp sensor went inside with the thin cable under one edge of the cover, it only lifts one corner slightly. Also try heating the resin in a plastic cup submerged into hot water prior to adding to the tank, or stirring the resin with a silicone spatula whilst heating with a hair dryer on low setting. The print plate can also be put into a hot water bath, tin foil roasting trays are an ideal size. Over the printer I made a lift off cover from 50mm thick loft insulation board link HERE This does a great job of retaining the heat kicked out by the printer during a print and any heat from the pad. Yet to be tried is an extension to the insulated cover to house a mini ceramic heater made by ProBreeze, for when it gets really cold. VOGMAN has a couple of small heater unit how-to builds on his Youtube channel.
  11. A little more chassis work underway. As can be seen I've added a couple of rails with brackets on top of the chassis which support the body. Also I've made a start adding the first of four cable attachments to the leaf springs. The kit U bolts on the leaf springs have been removed due to some being misaligned.
  12. Excellent build. I don't envy your detective work with all the parts being loosely bagged. I have an Italeri DAF truck I'm progressing with and due to age and several house moves bits have fallen off the sprue and the instructions leave a lot to be desired in trying to identify and locate them.
  13. Thanks Peter. I understand from a source in the know, that there will be a couple of new options for the Classic Mini coming soon, with tyres and separate hubcaps where applicable, Cooper S Steel 10x4.5 [with the holes around the rim] and Reverse Rim Steel 10x4.5 which the internet of truth suggests were used in basic motorsport events. Both will be a limited run. Re the Clubman body, I have emailed Von Race recently to see if there is any progress but as yet have had no reply.
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