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  1. Ah, so you are well set Well, you can glue the steering wheel in, I think it should be possible to apply the decal afterwards with a brush
  2. That is simply extraordinary. I have no idea how to even begin to analyze that as it is so far outside what I consider possible. Simply suberb!
  3. Oh shoot! Yes, you will have to buy a full set, but it can be gotten from here: https://www.indycals.net/decals/f1.html (Scroll down to you see Lotus 25) I have used these decals myself and they are decent. Shipping is relatively fast too.
  4. Yes, but if the criticism is valid, which I think it it, it must be made. Even if Kinetic does not frequent britmodeller.
  5. No, its not a fact by any means. I just did not see any announcement of it. The last time (that I know of) that Tamiya launched a model and paint to go with it, both happened at the same time (The Ferrari F60 F1 car) one can hope though, Christmas is still a bit out.
  6. One thing though; Its a shame that Tamiya did not also make a new spray can in the F-35 color to go with it. It would have been really handy.
  7. Tamiya had recently announced a new version of the 1/48 P-38 J Lightning (Sorry if it is not relevant..) https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/148-aircraft/lockheed-p-38-j-lightning/none/
  8. Yeah, those RAM panels are way to thick I do not understand why they had to do them like that. Sure, there is always sand paper, but they COULD have saved us the trouble and done it right in the first place.
  9. Thank you! That is good to know. So, no light blue on those aircraft
  10. Looks GOOOOOOD! I would not worry too much about the color. In those days color was not as accurate as it is now, and paint fades with time as well, so the exact color is more of an illusian than a reality (IMHO) Its more important to be happy with what you are building, and I think you should be happy with that lovely little car.
  11. Holy thread revival Batman! While we are here, what is the best option to paint a PZL-37? I understand that a Tamiya AS-22 color would be a good match for the upper surface, but the lower is supposed to be a grayish silver solor (?) A pure silver would be not be ok, I think, but a gray would not be metalic...?
  12. Yeah well, I can't see how the state of your health corresponds to the price of a model kit. All the best to you, but you really cannot put one against the other. As for the price of Arma kits. Its what you make of it. Yes, the Arma kits are expensive, and the Revell kits are cheap, but I know which one I will buy and build. While you (or others) might not want to buy their models, the fact that their models are very popular on scalemates shows that people are buying them, which means Arma has made a right decision in going for quality over quantity. I personally hope they will expand into 1/48 scale, but so far their one and only 1/48 scale kit (a PZL 11c) was thourougly blasted on various forums despite being leagues ahead of the previous offering. Something I never understood as I found it terrific.
  13. It looks very nice. Some of your older photos are not visible to me (I only see dead links..) I dont know if it is just this work PC that is doing it..? How do you display these? I too love architecture, and would like to build a few buildings (things like Fallingwater, Savoye residence, Farnsworth house etc.), but the problem is what to do with them when they are finished! They are bigger in volume than for instance planes or cars and dont really fit on shelves.
  14. Thank you, i got the Icare magazine in the post today. It was worth buying. There is only one useful photograph of the S.65, but the whole magazine is full of big, lovely photographs, including of the more rarer birds. Everyone has seen a photo of the Macchi CM72 or the Supermarine S6, but the smaller entries are rarer, and there are well represented.
  15. Its lovely! now it just needs to be put next to the Clapham omnibus... no? ..I'll get my coat.
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