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  1. It looks like an Aliexpress version of the KF-21 No, in seriousness. Realistically, all 5th generation fighters are going to use the principles of the F-22/F-35. It has shown itself to work well in terms of both flight dynamics and stealth. What is more interesting is what goes inside the planes of tehnology Sensors, radar and computers are going to set all of these planes apart and I think the various SU-57, KF-21, Happy Funky Dragon Chinese fighter are far behind the F-35.
  2. This is just about incredible! Fantastic work
  3. Thanks for the info Nick! How did you find the propeller if the kit compared to the real one? The chord seems massive (?)
  4. It is. Its certainly one of those kits where you have to keep your wits about you when building it. Both in terms of the construction but also references.... It's all buildable, but it's a challenge. Like policing the village in Hot Fuzz.
  5. Its even worse than that... One of the MC.72s, the one that did the first record (179), had an additional oil cooler on the bottom rear of the fuselage (as seen in this photo of a photo) This is not represented in the kit (plain fuselage) even though the painting instructions show that as optional... The painting instructions are also wrong for the final record plane (181) as that one was FULL red (no white square, aluminium engine cover and no fascist symbol or the info panel on the rudder.
  6. Oh! I just bought the same model on a whim the other day! It will be interesting to follow About your problem with the nose, sadly I don't know any other way, but to sand it down and redo the panel lines again
  7. Right, time to restart the engines and resume flight operations. Having taken a break to clear the shelf of doom that was collapsing from the models stacked on top of it, I am slowly getting back into the grove of this project. First things, is I have made progress on the Curtiss. The upper fuselage has the correct shape with the upper extension, the air intake and radiator(?) top Also, the floats have some surface details added to them, the fuel filler caps were made with simple steel balls. Next up will be some painting and then the struts, which not only are chunky, are also the wrong length. To keep the momentum, I have started the next in line. The Macchi MC.72 (from AMP) To be fair, it goes together quite well. I even forgot to take pictures of the initial assembly. I was so shocked that the parts actually fit!! What sorcery is this??? Mind you, it would not be a AMP model without a bit of silliness. One one side of the fuselage, the panels are scribled recessed, but on the opposite side, they are embossed outwards. Ah AMP, life without you would be so boring... If you are building this kit, remember to open up the air intake on the top of the fuselage (as I have done very crudely here and will have to rework..) I also have two new comers to the project: The Macchi M.39 from SBS model. The model looks like a real gem can wait to get started on it. PS: the rigging is available as a separate kit; remember to consider when ordering. The second new comer is the Supermarine S.6b of AMP. If the improvements from the first to their latest are something to go on, then this will be a decent kit. If you are building this kit, please remember to open up the air intake in the top fuselage (the wedge between the cylinder banks) AMP must have been looking at photos of the Supermarine S.6A in the museum, not knowing the cover is an addition to prevent dust and grime from falling into the engine and is NOT how the plane looked like when it flew. ...and finally... This is taking shape. The first test was a ...moderate success so it will be progressed.
  8. From reading the thread, it appears that Mr. Sulc thinks Arma is setting the price of their Hurricane too high and aims to beat them on the price. OK then. While I am sure that a bit of competition is healthy, I do not think this is the way forward. The industry has pretty much stabilised in that the European manufacturers produce single/twin engined fighters and other smallish planes and the Chinese manufacturers produce large bombers and large modern multi-role jets. (With Tamiya and others throwing the odd model into the mix once a year) I think this is the immediate future. The Chinese manufacturers need to have their logistics per-unit costs recovered and go for the large items which have a higher profit per-unit, while the European companies that have smaller development teams focus on the models that are cheaper to develop and manufacture, so that a single kit cannot bankrupt them and the incremental sales will keep their wheels turning. The oddball models will then be covered by the short-run crowds, as they always have been. So engaging in too much direct competition between the European model kit makers cannot be good. A little bit to keep everyone at their optimal is good, but not a cutthroat race with no prisoners taken will not help us, the modellers.
  9. I'd say the white powdery stuff is not something to put on your morning toast before designing kits...
  10. Sorry, but the photo is fake. It shows a Danish F-16 at Skydstrup. Probably, it is an Ukranian pilot and the F-16 is one of the ones that are going to be handed over to the UAF, but its too early to get excited yet. But the Sniper pod looks promising. With a sniper pod and HARM on the other shoulder, the craft will carry the full spectrum of weapons. Hopefully Ukraine will also get more Harms, Amraams and Paveway bombs.
  11. So... November has come and gone, but there is no kit?
  12. That looks very good. The engine bay detailing and plumbing is particularly well detailed.
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