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  1. I didn't find it too be too large. I felt the scale was apt and once painted represents the texture perfectly. Maybe try two test pieces using spare parts and spray them up too to help give you a visual comparison.
  2. So glad that its done you favours. Best of luck with the forthcoming builds!
  3. Ah nice. Is there part of it sticking out from the turret that goes into the hull?
  4. Unfortunately those pictures are the only ones I have come in contact with re TES, you can certainly find others on google images and with deeper digging, more images on certain forums etc. Fantastic, the RFM models are certainly the best. My Berlin Brigade Camo Challenger was made using the Trumpeter Kit. Thankfully that came with a dozer blade! I will argue however that the quality of the RFM is far superior to the trumpeter, and therefore getting a dozer blade for your RFM is going to create a very high quality model, it will be great! I somewhat documented my hand
  5. Looks really good now its all together. When will you put the interior back in?
  6. I found it great for application with a 'best of both world' drying time. Once painted, it does look great in replicating the anti slip texture at this 1/35 scale. Using tape (I used Tamiya 18mm, and cut down for various applications) you can make it neat pretty easily if the tape is stuck down well. Likewise with applying with a sponge, the consistency is easily made neat.
  7. Count me in for the pint! Went to Edinburgh late last year and the castle was shut off. Would love to see it again properly.
  8. Thanks Ivan and @vytautas, certainly looking forward to it. Yea got a long way to go before I can call it my career, but I'm about 80% done with RMAS selection. Thanks for the encouragement.
  9. Nothing feels quite as good in modelling, as seeing a fresh sharp sprue sheet from RFM: Starting with the hull as always, the centre rib -which will pick up the suspension beams- was particularly straight and true compared to my first RFM chally. Starting off well! Holes, holes, holes... Using a 1mm drill bit by hand and creating a very light countersink with a scalpel. Annoying how some holes exist and others we have to continue ourselves. Presumably it's so this piece can be used in both chally sets which have different mountings, without two s
  10. After following ERK's TES build this last week, and the extended Easter weekend.... I was tempted to continue the model 'train'. Started with fixing a few breaks on the first CR2 I built. Time to start the RFM TES! Antenna, wing mirror and decal fixed. (decal did shrivel a bit with using PE glue /superglue.
  11. Thank you so much Wayne, your help has been so useful. Still looking up to your builds as inspiration. May be some time before my next one but looking forward to doing it when I start it. See you then
  12. Happy to share with you what I’ve come across. Excited to follow this build when you do it!
  13. Thank you. I thought the same, but with some time and decent tape doing most of the work (18mm Tamiya), it came out pretty good for my first masking scheme. ID urge you give it a go as it was great fun. Very good question... Thank you so much John, pleased you like it. Aiming higher for the next.
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