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  1. Quick update after a long weekend of assessment at Westbury Had a quick little sit down with the models today. Firstly I rearranged and corrected the Aerial / Antenna on the finished RFM Chally. There are now only 2 on the turret and are much longer. This better matches the way CR2's are seen today. Additionally, I added on the missing one that comes from the can storage. Then as suggested by some of you, I built the pintle mount for the Trumpeter as if its going to be modern it better conform to todays standards. It was much like a brain transplant today moving
  2. Yea your certainly right . Which gap are you referring to? And yea okay, think I’ll build the pintle mount if it’s to be modern. Thanks !
  3. Okay I'll contact you privately and pass on your details. I think its your family tree to learn more of so I'll let you get on with Tom! Thanks for sharing this far. I know exactly what you mean, when your old enough to understand the enormity of your heritage its often too late.
  4. @Pig of the Week he also asked this: ‘Women’s service in the Great War don’t seem to be quite as well documented as the men’s but do you have any details of the women here? As I can probably find info out if you do :)’ Do you want me to put him in contact with you, for you to take this personal adventure? I suppose it’s very dear to you and I’d rather you make the interesting discoveries about her than some random (me) telling you second hand!
  5. Not sure if this helps, but I certainly found it interesting. Regarding the uniform of your amazing Nan @Pig of the Week, this is what the headgear hunter had to say:
  6. How are they still being used?! Hopefully with less spring loaded issues I hope.
  7. Noticed this image you sent to me also, which book/ magazine is it from?
  8. Yea it’s slightly frustrating but I’m not too upset with Trumpeter as the rest of the model has been a class for only £20. Excited to get back on the RFM kits for the Tes however. Yea I’m hoping that although the test paint looks very scruffy, after hours of enjoyable masking, it should look good. Should it not, there’s weathering
  9. A large update with some exciting things to talk about. I took a delivery today with lots of good bits. Before we get to that however, Progress on the model (trumpy) itself; Unfortunately the Trumpeter kit is a bit limiting in regards to the modelling of optics and fire & control sights. Most of them are covered up and not very well. In the case of the commanders TOGS there wasn't even a piece to imitate the doors closed let alone any clear pieces suggesting a camera. As a result, using a number panel from a left over sprue this is how I have solved the issue.
  10. Some exciting gossip for us RFM Rye Field fans! Have been speaking to the chap who runs their media avenue, and here's some of the conversation we've had. Looks like we might be able to expect a few more British vehicles! I really hope they are more modern but he wont say much more than what's below. However, knowing their current theme of tanks, a Mk IV or Chieftain etc would be extremely welcome!
  11. I'm by no means the right person to help here, however I have passed on this image to Thomas the 'head gear hunter' who has an eclectic mix of worldwide military headgear. His Instagram gallery is https://www.instagram.com/headgearhunter/. As I said I have passed on this image with the hope he can identify the relevant information. But feel free to go to him directly in order to send better quality images and more basic information if your keen to make the ID easier.
  12. Aren't the so formidable. Scary how fast it goes. I would assume the Titan is about 60T as it has no turret and knowing engineers well that foldable bridge will be light and strong. Yes I did notice that too and though about commenting about it, though it would be better left as an Easter egg for someone as attentive as you to find! Certainly a fun coincidence for this topic, but I would like to think the building is such to pay tribute to the Camo. Or things would be allot more spooky.
  13. Hope you have found the images you are looking for. If not, Id suggest posting the question in the armour stream to attract more attention, rather than in a topic like this. Hope this helps. Have you started your TES yet?
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