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  1. I present my first model completely made this year. Airfix Defiant straight OOB, I only exchanged the barrels for metal from the Polish company Master and the codes and serial number from the decal also from Polish manufacturer Model Maker. Both products are of very good quality, although the "roundel blue" from the decal seems too dark, I used the RAF signs from the Airfix kit. Unfortunately, I don't have a plastic sense, so my attempts to differentiate the black body of the plane are hardly visible, and certainly not very attractive. Markings shows a plane from 307th Night Fighter Squ
  2. Thank you, decals are custom print.
  3. Thank you. Rigging is from sprue frames stretched over the flame. Wing, engine cover (modified) and stabilizers from Arma Hobby.
  4. yes, sorry fot that, I replaced this three pictures.
  5. Thank you! I haven't found any pictures of "Pengie V" - his P-47M and only two of his P-47-28RE "Pengy IV" with out nose art, so I did it like I see it at the pictures. "Pengie IV" wasn't black that is fact.
  6. Thank you. No, for Razorback I stay with Tamiyas one, Squadron doesn't fit.
  7. Gladych and Lanowski were formally members of the Polish Air Force in Great Britain, they took leave for fly at the invitation of Francis Gabreski in his unit. Gabreski had been friends with them since his practice in Polish fighter squadrons. Gladych: I make a mistake using the Techmod decals for serial, the right one is 223600 Decals a mix from Techmod and Tamiya, resin propeller from Quickboost, resin wheels Pavla - will replace it later with Eduard resin wheels, dashboard from Yahu, seat belts from Eduard. Lanowski: Decals from Techmod, resin propeller
  8. Hi Cedric, thank you and nice to see you my Friend! Hope that we can meet us again soon, even in Krakow like in my last invitation.
  9. hadzi

    Hadzi's 2020

    Airfix Hobby Boss that my kids doesn't will made. What if, painting training AZ Model Revell old KP from 1980s, renovated and painted as a dedication to a loved one. IBG Zvesda 1/144 Monogram CMR Hobby Boss - what if
  10. hadzi

    Hadzi's 2020

    I did 44 this year.
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