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  1. Finished today- COVID number 26. Decals from Kagero printed by Cartograf, very good quality. On the model are tail warning antennas from the AN/APS-13 missing, I will add them when I finished next P-51D with this system. Kit is OOB only antennas on fuselage and between undercarriage legs and resin gunsight are added.
  2. I used Gunze: Mr.Metal MC-218 Aluminium on Mr.Finishing black surfacer 1500 for the linen areas and on gloss dark blue for metal parts. Exhaust various paints.
  3. Estonian aviation from the thirties. I used a old edition of Airfix Bulldog, all parts looks near perfect not like in the second kit I build now from the 1995. I add seat belts from Eduard, instrument panel from Yahu and made some cockpit details from scratch. Decals from old Blue Rider edition, glue doesn't work any more. Radio antennas diden't look good but....
  4. Gunze: Mr.Metal MC-218 Aluminium on Mr.Finishing black surfacer 1500
  5. I just finished my 18-22th COVID modells. All from Academy OOB some with Tamiya wheels, 2 with rims from Tamiya on Academy wheels. I shortened wheel legs by 2mm, but I still don't think it is enough. I also replaced the propeller with those of the Tamiya models. Kits World decals, very good print quality, with substantive content such as "The Down Necker" much worse. The manual says bubbletop P-47 but it's Razorback.
  6. My first in May. "My Achin" from Maj. Harry C.Crime - Hasegawa that I started years ago, cut the engine coverst and try to put there a KMC Resin set. In April I decided not to do it and added the missing elements and closed the engine. I cut in the past ailerons and flaps and must replaced it - ailerons from KMC set, flaps from Airfix left overs. Decals Kits-World KW172142 set are very nice in print Quality.
  7. It is my second finished kit in May. Straight from the box, decals Kits-World KW172049 - I changed the red color on the chessboard, the one from the decals set was more brown than red. Print quality is very good.
  8. Old Monogram kit without improvement. Decals from STARFIGHTER DECALS.
  9. After some years in my drawer with unfinished kits, just finished. Enjoy. PK-G: Hasegawa + Aires cockpit and propeller, Hawkeye Design Corrected Wing, resin wheels from ???, decals AJ Press printed by Cartograf. UZ-B: Revell, cockpit PE from Part, canopy Squadron/Falcon, propeller from Hasegawa decals AJ-Press/Cartograf. Landing Lights in both modells from Revell UV-Glue.
  10. Picture hosting doesn't work right sorry guys. Now I changed the host and hope pictures will stay here. Pictore before repaintig can you see above (I hope)
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