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  1. Thank you, yes the tiger striping parts are decals.
  2. This is my first finished kit in 2023. Due to health problems in the family and heavy workload in the company, it took far too long. Special Hobby kit is well known, so nothing new to say. From aftermarket I used: - Syhart decals - very nice but designed for other kit, so I had to adjust or paint elements of the tiger stripes in several places. - Eduard PE exaggeration of form over substance, but we know that. - Eduard Mask, missed element for the reflector on the air intakes. - Quickboost, nice intakes - CMK parts, hm...CMK is a Special Hobby brand: the engine and nozzle do not match the model, the wheels have too large holes in relation to the pivots on the legs - how could this happen? - Master pitot. The rest of the shortcomings and mistakes are my cheerful creations. :evil:
  3. Thank you! Aluminium Gunze MC-218 and Model Master Sealer for Metalizer.
  4. Gloster Meteor FR MK.9 MPM 1/72 (2002 edition). 117 Sqn. First Jet Israeli Defence Forces Air Force Ramat David 1955. At 1.9.55 Capt. Aharon Yoeli intercepted and shoot down two Egyptian DH Vampire. I started this build ca. 2002 with CMK resin parts, was disappointed from the quality and put it back to storage. Some weeks ago, I decided to finish it. Alfred Riedel helped me with decals from the new Special Hobby edition of this kit, so we are... Aftermarket parts from CMK: engine set :pleur4: cockpit, undercarriage set :rougefaché: pitot from MASTER :shock: .
  5. Hello friends, after a break I am back here. Present Pierre H. Clostermann's Tempest. Kit OOB, adds from aftermarket are: exhaust from Quickboost (looks a bit to short) and gun barrels from Master, cocarde are from Xctradecals - have better colours then Academy's.
  6. Good work, but please remove the antenna masts from fuselage, in fact it was a small pin from ca.5cm length!
  7. Thank you. Your'e right, blue and green panels are pre-shading, but this time it is not good visible on the model.
  8. Another (3) finished model this year. Unfortunately, the Revell moldings that the Hobby 2000 packs are already very worn, which is especially visible on the first engine star and the disappearing dividing lines on the engine cover, many scratches (including the glass parts). Model - project, made me creazy: - painting with my favorit Model Master metallizer, it turned out very bad, the paint behaved completely different than before - the decals sent to me by Fabien, produced by Carpena, fell apart when applied and the roundels broke while drying on the model, I managed to save small roundels on wing top and emblems (I had Sioux from 2 elements, but the stork from 4), the codes were printed by my friend on a laser printer, the roundels were donated by another friend - I just had to repaint the blue with a more suitable one. Underside of the hull, I have reshaped so that it does not look unnatural, which is the hallmark of the Revell's model. At the end I'm not happy with the result. New photos with correct description and corrected error on the model that no one mentioned.
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