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  1. I present the recently completed model number 40 for this year - a Bf-109D from AMG in 1/72 scale. OOB no weathering, nothing
  2. You're right, I had the same. The kit is very nice made, only white plastic is a problem, in all propeller one blade was broken, one I lost and must made a replacement.
  3. Yes and not, they was many thousands of them in Soviet POW and death camps, they returned in the next years to Germany.
  4. Thank you. Yes, I glued down on this glass platte.
  5. After approx 15 years I finished this kit, nice thing, but still something went wrong, even at the end
  6. So it is done. Project Polish Yaks-1b are closed , have one from Brengun stashed, but don't be sure I will build it or I buy next Arma Hobby kit. This is an other story After marked parts I used are: exhaust from SBS Hungary and instrument panels from Yahu Poland, for fuel gauge - custom decals from a previous Yak 3/7/9 project. I missed this part in AH decals. Paints: for green Yak I used Bilmodelmakers Poland paints AMT-4 and AMT-7, for wartime Yak: AMT-11/12 comes from Mr. Paint Slovakia, in my opinion AMT-4 from MRP is too bright, also here I used Bilmodel. Short history behind: http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2020/07/28/yak-1b-the-1st-fighter-aviation-regiment-warszawa-1943-45/ WIP - cockpit pictures
  7. Thank you. My previous method is a bit to complicated, so I try something different. This method use the properties of elastic (rubber) material: - glue one "wire" from vertical fin to the wing - than glue in the "right" distance a part of "wire" to the other one and stretch it it to the other point on wing, so that a part of "wire" from the contact point to fin go straight in the axis of fuselage - when it is fixed, glue a straight plastic wire from the connection point to the fixing point on fuselage that the idea behind
  8. So it is done, it can be better, but this year quantity is before quality IBG kit is very nice, and the kit decals printed by Techmod don't make problem (111 and 152 FS), but I also used Techmod printed leftovers from ARMA HOBBY kit (121 and 122 FS), here the quality was not so nice (two years difference can be see by Techmod products). No after market parts are used. For aerials I used two different products EZ - Line by 152 FS kit and Uschi Van Rosten for the other, you can see the difference bonus: Polski Fiat 621 from "First to Fight" and fuel trailer from MARS resin in 1/72. Decals for FIAT are custom made. Now is time for holidays and other project (wings already finished), something what I haven't made since years - but still aeroplane models :malin1:
  9. Thank you. Yes P.24 was produced under license by KTF in Turkey. P.24E was produced also in license in Romania.
  10. Hello friends! My COVID build no.32 in this year is the prototype of Turkish P.24G. This plane - serial number 2136 was built by KTF in Turkey as a P.24C with Gnome - Rhone 14Kfs, than got the engine version 14N 07 and become prototype of Turkish P.24G in 1939. You know that IBG kit is very nice, I replaced canopy with a self made vacu part, because the front windows in the moving part are without glass. Only point which I will point out is that decal for engine cover is to long ca.1,2mm, to place it on kit like in manual, it have to be shorted. Enjoy. PS. PZL P.11c going slowly forward, it is to hot in my workshop.
  11. Thank you. For the rigging I use TRANSPARENTE MONOFILM DARK, from ACKERMANN Germany Thank you Joachim, yes tail-plane is from kit and you're right it is to thick, sorry for that.
  12. Today I present my 3rd Bristol Bulldog from Airfix kit in 1/72 scale. Now I'm finish with this plane. This time it shows a Finnish Bulldog in 1942, this plane was a gif from Sweden, it was used only for training. I will thank Fabien Bauduin fot this kit from the 80's edition (I think), it need a bit more work then the 70's edition but is much better then all what comes after... Airfix made a mistake with propeller blades, they are reversed in the kit :venere: I have engraved the panel lines, add a machine gun cover on the left side under the cockpit and make some cockpit details from scratch, dash board comes from YAHU Poland - nice thing. Decals are mix from TECHMOD registration and GALDECAL swastikas. Painted yellow and grey FS26440 from Gunze, olive green from Modelmaster FS34096.
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