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  1. LotusArenco

    Space Marines

    I’ve made a start on the bases for the Marines. Games Workshops ‘Sector Imperialis’ 32mm round bases and ‘Sector Mechanicus’ 32mm industrial bases, and a larger 65mm base for the Dreadnought. I added a few bits and bobs to tart them up, wire, tubing, sand and a few nuts, bolts and screws from a spectacle repair kit. A couple of the skulls from Games Workshops ‘Skulls’ boxset* were added here and there for extra Grim Darkness. Sprayed with a tin of Poundland Matt black car spray which came out more of a satin finish and is fairly ‘hot’ etching itself into the plastic quite nicely to act as a primer. Mart *The irony of Games Workshop releasing a box of skulls is not lost on me.
  2. LotusArenco

    A boy called Sue, or Lesley or Marion or even Yvonne?

    Something to watch out for is where original documents have been scanned onto computer or read incorrectly. The software used (or Mk1 eyeball) in some cases misreads the often ornate and stylised handwriting of the time. We have noticed this with quite a few of the local CWGC lads, one of which had the wrong service number due to an elongated hand written tail on a number five making ‘51’ look like ‘57’! Mart
  3. LotusArenco

    Paint and Miliput

    It’s down as being ‘chemical resistant’, so I’m wondering if that’s what’s giving you grief? I usually prime areas after filling or sculpting with Milliput and can’t say I’ve had the reaction you’re getting. Milliput is wonderful stuff and I think I’ve had some in my toolkit since forever (obviously not the same packet, Milliput goes a little funky on you if you keep it too long). Blooming handy to use around the house in non-modelling situations too. Another epoxy putty similar to Milliput is ‘Kneadatite’, very sticky in use and softer than Milliput when cured (and it’s green), but just as useful. Mart
  4. LotusArenco


    Definitely the thin wire for unblocking the Revell glue. A spool of thin wire is one of those workbench oddities that come in handy for all sorts of uses from unblocking glue, applying cyanoacrylate, applying a dot of paint and even wrapped round a model to hold things in place. Lighter fluid is also a workbench staple, useful for all sorts, cleaning, thinning, making washes etc. Mart
  5. LotusArenco

    Kill Team/Shadow War

    You could always use some Siligum moulding paste (two part silicone moulding material) or Oyumaru to make moulds of various detail pieces. Multiple layers of liquid latex also works at a pinch. Then just squidge some green stuff or epoxy resin in your homemade mould. Mart
  6. LotusArenco

    Space Marines

    I’ve measured up a few of them and came out at an average of 32mm high from bottom of foot to top of helmet. The GW plastic Marines all have a slightly squatting pose unlike your Big Fella, so I’d probably add a millimetre or two to match your pose. Had a go at the edge highlighting malarkey. Not too bad a result, but I definitely need a bit more practice at it. Cheers again to @Will Vale for suggesting using acrylic inks, I mixed a bit of Liquitex neutral grey ink with some of my base colour of Vallejo 091 to get a light blue. The thinner ink/paint is much easier to go along the edges than paint alone. Mart
  7. Have a nose over on the PlanetFigure forum, there’s bound to be something. https://www.planetfigure.com/ Mart
  8. LotusArenco

    Space Marines

    You’ll need to decide whether you want the old style classic 25mm round base or the newer 32mm base for your Big Geezer. Space Marines used to be based on the 25mm round ones, but are now sold with 32mm ones. I’ve decided to rebase all my old figures to 32mm purely due to aesthetics. Measurements for the old style are 25mm diameter base, 22mm diameter top and 3.3mm high. The new ones are 32mm base, 29mm top and are 4mm high. Mart
  9. LotusArenco

    Space Marines

    The plain black ones I’ve used in the past are bog standard Games Workshop bases, the smaller size ones for the Marines are 4mm high and the larger base that I’ll use for the Dreadnought is 5mm high. The newer bases from GWs ‘Sector Imperialis’ base set with moulded on details are about 5mm. Mart
  10. LotusArenco

    Space Marines

    Gosh, what a wonderful reply @oileanach, and a simple ‘like’ or ‘thanks’ really doesn’t do it justice. Cheers Mate! You’ve convinced me, and I’ll probably go down this road. Every model I’ve ever made has been for the enjoyment value, some never crossed the finish line, some ended up at the back of the shelf, but all have been a mix of enjoyment and learning. It’s always been a fun hobby for me, and the simple act of sitting down and concentrating on a square foot of workbench for a few hours now and then has an almost cathartic effect on me. The weird thing is that most of the time I don’t really care for my finished result. Many of the models I’ve made over the years have been almost instantly forgotten once they’ve been plonked on the shelf (other than the occasional cleaning/dusting), or as you put it, it’s the journey not the destination that I value and enjoy. New techniques and playing around are part of that enjoyment, earlier in the thread I wrote that “this could all go horribly wrong” as I slapped water and salt all over it (I’ve used that technique before, but the results can be entirely random!). It turned out reasonably ok, but I learnt that I should have crushed the salt up slightly finer to achieve the look that I envisioned. Not a problem, I had a bit of fun and I’ll work with the result I got, and remember for next time. Although I’m painting these up to (hopefully) look good in my eyes, they’re still all gaming figures little more than chess pieces, and I’ll need to find a happy medium between ‘time spent’ and ‘result’ if I’m ever going to paint up an entire army of them. The plan is to eventually have roughly 100 Marines plus a few vehicles. Hmmm, I can see my ‘normal’ modelling going on the back burner for quite some time! I wrote in the first post that I’ve never really considered myself a figure painter, so this entire adventure is one big learning curve for me, new techniques and all! Mart
  11. LotusArenco

    A boy called Sue, or Lesley or Marion or even Yvonne?

    That’s the thing, we’re so used to modern trends that what we perceive as a ‘funny name for a bloke’ probably seemed to be quite normal. I’ve often wondered how many normal male names (Alan, Gary, Derek etc.) are still used for kids, or are they no longer in vogue and just considered old-fashioned. Edit: A quick google led me to this:http://www.babynames.ch/Info/Hitparade/poUkEnglandWalesDec1904m Goes from 1904 to 2014. Mart
  12. LotusArenco

    Sky Ship - The Amber Bliss.

    The spool I use is about 0.23mm (34SWG?). Not so much a recommendation as it’s the only size I’ve got. This is my attempt to go blind by soldering up a surface mount LED using it. And used in anger on a 1/72 Mustang as a landing light. Mart
  13. LotusArenco

    Sky Ship - The Amber Bliss.

    Have a look at getting a spool of thin enamelled (magnet) wire. For the sort of mucking around we do, it’s ideal. Great for threading through tiny holes, easy to hide or disguise as part of the model and takes up virtually no space in model interiors. The only downside is that you need to remember or mark-up which wires are your ‘+’ and ‘-‘ as it’s all one colour. Mart
  14. LotusArenco

    Space Marines

    A bit of hunting around up in the loft this morning has had me stumped as to where I’ve stashed away some of my old 40K miniatures and vehicles. I know I’ve got a few more vehicles somewhere! I did come across these. Part of my first ‘Space Wolves’ army made and painted back in 1987 by a sixteen year old me. I was slightly tempted to strip and redo them, but I’ll leave them as they are as a memento of my teens. A bit more done on the Dreadnought. I’ve used a wash of Citadel ‘Nuln Oil’ on the metallic parts, and started to paint in the various details. I’m still in two minds as to whether to do the ‘edge highlighting’ because (a) I’m not that good at it, (b) I’ve never done it on my ‘normal’ models, and (c) I still don’t think I like the look of it. Mart
  15. LotusArenco

    Dayglo Orange

    I’ve only ever used fluorescent paint a couple of times when I went through a modern Luftwaffe phase. Both times I used Lifecolor acrylic LC23 matt fluro orange. On the Fiat G.91 I used it straight out of the pot over a white primer, on the Starfighter I lightened it first by mixing a bit of white in with the orange, again sprayed over a white primer. And have a read through this: Mart