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  1. The fine mesh/fabric ('tulle' fabric comes with a small mesh pattern) stencil is something to consider, but of course assumes that an airbrush is available. You might be able to reproduce the effect with spray cans? I did this to a 1/32 harness off a Messerschmitt, and was reasonably happy with the result. Mart
  2. Yep (well three brushes). A much abused Badger 200G (the older version) which I’ve had for absolutely ages. I use it mainly for priming and varnish as it’s incredibly easy to strip and clean. A cheapo knock off Ebay/Amazon brush ‘Fengda BD-135’ which I bought on a whim, and turned out to be surprisingly good for general airbrushing. And an H&S Infinity for fancy fine stuff (which I really should use more often, as it really is a good all-rounder). Mart
  3. It’s been an age since I last made a ship model. I like to display full hull on wooden bases, and to facilitate this I drill holes in the bottom of the hull before I attach the decking. I’ll epoxy a small nut to reinforce the hole, or build up the area I’m drilling into with some thick scrap plastic sheet. To aid in building I use these same holes to temporarily attach the ship to a scrap of wood a bit bigger than the model. It protects the model during building and acts as a useful way of holding the kit. Mart
  4. Space Marines come in various armour marks, the Primaris are the newest variant. For years* some of us nerdy type Warhammer 40,000 players have commented on the size of the Space Marine figures that Games Workshop produced. They always came up a little short compared to some of the other available alien and humanoid races. Next to a normal human figure these genetically altered 8ft tall ‘Super Soldiers’ didn’t look quite right. The newer Primaris are taller than the ‘classic’ Marines, and not all of us were too happy with Games Workshops design choice (it’s petty, I know, but the older designs are something that I’ve lived with for a long time. it’s a bit like when the new designs for the Mini or the Beetle cars came out). From a sales perspective, Games Workshop introducing a new range of Marine figures was a stroke of genius. The background story for their introduction into the 40K universe also rankled a few of us geeky old timers. The new Primaris figure range is still fairly new, give it a few years to flesh out a bit and it’ll probably grow on me. I do have some, and will paint them up eventually, but I’ll still be looking down my nose at them. As for the Bandai figure, I’m deeply impressed. The thought of Games Workshop working with Bandai is not something I ever thought I’d see. I’ll definitely be buying some of those! (even if it’s a Primaris ) Mart *since the late ‘80s in my case.
  5. Hello Mate. Most of us are grown-ups who still play with plastic toy aeroplanes, I don’t think ‘common sense’ really comes into it! I too use bits ‘n bobs from Poundland. I picked up a few of their ‘Tommy Walsh’ superglue packs a couple of years ago, and have been using it ever since. I’ve found it just as good as any other superglue I’ve owned in the past. Their car spray I’ve found to be quite good, I used it here: LINK to undercoat some bases for wargame figures. It is, as Mike said ‘hotter’ than other primers I’ve used, so go easy and test it on a bit of spare plastic first before committing it to your model. It’s not as good as something like ‘Tamiya Surface Primer’ (which is my go-to spray can primer), but you can’t complain about the price. The best things I’ve found to buy in Poundland are the many flashing battery or solar powered LED lights they have, especially around Halloween and Christmas. They are great for pulling apart and being re-purposed for modelling use (If you’re into that sort of thing!). Mart
  6. Nope! I’ve absolutely not seen tons of Orky stuff in this Imperial Sector recently; I believe they’re all on the planet Vigilus on a massive Speedwaaagh! Being led by Krooldakka. Neither have I spent what little modelling time I have sticking together and converting lots of the little buggers! Mart
  7. A small quote from my grandfather’s wartime exploits! “All the crew were sorry that we had been told to remove the painting of the naked lady on the side of the Lanc., but apparently this offended the W.A.A.F’s as we taxied past Flying Control, as a bomb was shown as coming from a very strategic place!” Mart
  8. Disengage warp drive and prepare for real space transition in…. 3 2 1… Yet again, I’ve spent very little time over the past few months actually modelling. Although, I’ve certainly not stopped buying various bits and bobs off ebay and the occasional splurge on the GW website £££. What had started as an exercise to finish off old unmade figures and vehicles has ended in adding even more stuff to an ever growing pile of shiny new GW plastic crack! ‘It’s not an addiction, I can give it up at any time!’ There were a few times when my workbench looked like an abattoir with various body parts strewn around. I bit the bullet and finally decided to go for a battle force at the time of the ‘Declates Crusade’ which involved both the Crimson Fists and the Black Templars working together in mixed squads. “Both his gauntlets were crimson; he’d served time in the Crusade Company among the best of the best, and on the knee of his armour, a Black Templar cross was proudly displayed. The Declates Crusade, when the Templars and the Fists broke ranks to fight in mixed units, was a point of great honour for both Chapters.” ‘One Hate’ by Aaron Dembski-Bowden (one of the better Games Workshop authors IMHO). The Black Templars are another one of my favourite Marine Chapters. Even amongst hate filled xenophobic genetically modified super soldiers, they take some beating. ‘No Pity, No Remorse, No Fear!’ (They even chain their weapons to their wrists!) Adding a few Templars to my force of Crimson Fists allows me to use up some of my old bits of plastic, and will add some variety to an otherwise dark blue army. The GW Templars upgrade set and some MkIII Marine armour gives a nice look of ‘Knightly Crusaders’ compared to the relatively cleaner look of the Crimson Fists. Some of the poses are a bit goofy looking, but I had fun mixing the different parts from various kits. The GW kits are fairly well designed allowing you to use components from different sets to achieve the look you want. Undercoated with my new best friend – Hycote matt (well, matt-ish) black. On the down side, by doing a ‘Declates Crusade’ force I won’t be able to mix in any of the newer larger Primaris Marines. The established GW back story time-line would have this as being the equivalent of having an F-35 JSF flying in the Battle of Britain! On the plus side, the Declates Crusade was fought against the Orks! And gives me a wonderful excuse to model some Orky goodness for the Marines to fight against. WAAARGH! I’ve got a few days off over Christmas, so I’ll continue rescuing some of my old (and new) GW paints and transferring them to dropper bottles, and hopefully actually get some proper painting done! For any 40K aficionados reading: I’m assuming that Declates occurred before the Rynn’s World incident when the Chapter was still at full strength and if/when I ever play the actual game again the Templar element of the force will just use standard Crimson Fist rules rather than Templar ones. Mart
  9. Sounds a bit like the set that Model Design Construction (MDC) sell? LINK Mart
  10. Have a look here: http://modelshop.co.uk/Shop/Raw-Materials/Mesh?orderby=1&top=120 There’s bound to be something you can use. Mart
  11. LotusArenco

    Black is Black

    Don’t you name your dinosaurs? Stuart Semple would make a fortune with this if he jumped into bed with a company like AK or Mig (with added ‘modellers tax’ of course). I’m tempted to try out some ‘developed for artists by artists’ Black 2.0 if only to smell the ‘Black cherry scent’. Anish Kapoor Mart
  12. Oh nice! And very much in-keeping with the original SF3D Ma.K aesthetic of using helicopter parts. It was quite a (obvious in hindsight) revelation to me when I realised that the Gustav's torso is just an upended helicopter (Hughes OH-6?) body. Mart
  13. I’m really not sure what’s going on with the Vallejo Decal Medium? It seems to work wonderfully on the GW decals I’m using, but I’ve tried it out in the past on Airfix decals with little effect (probably just an error between my chair and the workbench?). Nowadays, it would seem that unless you’re doing Ultramarines, GW have you by the short and curlies when it comes to doing other chapters markings. Fortunately, I’ve still got a few of the older decal sheets with Crimson Fist markings and I’ve started playing around with some blank decal paper to print off more if needed. Just my luck that Forgeworld no longer have their Crimson Fist decal sheet available. (Forgeworld is the name for GW’s in-house (£££) aftermarket bits and bobs https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-GB/FW-Home) The new Marines do make the old classic ones look a bit on the dumpy side. Other than applying some squad markings to a few of the lads, I’ve got very little done. They still need tidying up and edge highlighting, as well as some wear and tear weathering. "Get on the ready line, Marines, get some today! Get on the ready line! Move it out! Move it out, goddammit! Get hot! " I have however been hitting ebay for some spare parts to dress up the remaining figures in the stash, as well as adding some reinforcements in the form of some of the older armour equipped ‘Heresy Mark IV’ Marines to perhaps use as the veteran first squad. I’ve still got this silly idea of making a full ‘Battle Company’ of a hundred Marines. Mostly using the smaller classic Marines, but with a few of the newer larger Primaris ones mixed in. Not sure if this’ll fit in with the background of the Crimson Fists or not? (The established GW history has most of the Crimson Fists being wiped out during an Ork invasion of their homeworld.) The normal (Codex Astartes ) layout of a Battle Company consists of ten squads of ten Marines, plus a command squad and troop carriers. Squads 1 to 6 are ‘Tactical’ Battleline squads consisting of a Sergeant and nine troops. Squads 7 and 8 are Close Combat Squads equipped with jump packs and close combat weapons. Squads 9 and 10 are the heavy weapon Fire Support Squads. I’ll also slot in a couple of scout squads and of course the bikes that I’ve already started on. I’d better clear some space on a shelf for that lot! Mart
  14. IIRC back in the day, ‘Ceramite’ was jokingly described by GW employees as being the exact same colour as unpainted GW plastic. Lovely Dread Will, but I’m still blaming you fairly and squarely for the mass of GW kits now cluttering up my workroom! Mart
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