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  1. PhoenixII

    New show! IPMS Keighley, W. Yorkshire - 23 Sep 2018

    Been there, done that.....NOT advised!
  2. PhoenixII

    New show! IPMS Keighley, W. Yorkshire - 23 Sep 2018

    Hi all, Harry, DON'T PANIC! There have been minor alterations, sent to all club secretaries and SIG leaders and I assume? to all traders. The owners of the site have stated it will not now open until 08:00. To give the traders time to off load, it has been asked that clubs / SIG's don't try to gain access before 08:30. Opening time to the public is STILL 10:00 a.m. (or was last time I received information) Entry will be by wristband, four being issued per club / SIG, issued on arrival, first come, first served, everybody else pays for entry. Paul
  3. PhoenixII

    Hawker Typhoon 1B

    Blimey Roger, you don't hang around! Fair warning my mate, back end of hurricane Amy? Is headed your way, tell the skipper 'pointy end towards Blighty'...... It's batten down the hatches time, pack away the sharp things and resort to crayons and finger paints, it could get messy!
  4. PhoenixII

    Battle of Britain Day

    Sadly Robin, the TV has gone International, therefore a 'Battle' fought nearly 80 years ago is irrelevant, not withstanding the fact the World's freedom rested on the outcome. Along with many on here, I haven't seen a RAFA collection for a number of years, BUT, that doesn't stop anyone having a few minutes quiet reflection and thanking those that took part for their sacrifice. Paul
  5. PhoenixII

    New show! IPMS Keighley, W. Yorkshire - 23 Sep 2018

    Thanks for the wonky list rockpopandchips Any ideas on venue open, set up times, open to the public and tear down time? Also, are IPMS Keighley using wrist bands?or can we expect what has become the norm, with four people per club/SIG being allowed in gratis to set up? All input welcome. Paul
  6. PhoenixII

    For my Scottish friends !

    Here ya go Guys, anniversery of the Stingers http://www.sbap.be/events/2017/012thistle2017/012thistle2017.htm and the Stingers Blackbird http://www.belgian-wings.be/Webpages/Navigator/Photos/MilltaryPics/post_ww2/Dassault Mirage 5BA/BA33-Blackbird-In-flight-BAF-pic-02.jpg
  7. PhoenixII

    What have you purchased / been given

    Here ya go azureglo, first up 1/144th https://www.airline-hobby-estore.com/product-p/fd14208.htm Hasegawa have issued their JAL 1/200 747 in two types of SRE livery and twice in Reso'cha livery, choice of pink or purple! https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?q="boeing+747"++1%3A200 Would hate you to have a nervous breakdown.......
  8. Great tribute and a great build John, to reprise a comment I made a few months ago...... ..................how many on board? 55,574 souls. God bless 'em all. Paul
  9. PhoenixII

    F-4E 73-1175 422FWS

    Oo, Oo, Oo!......the 'how longs a piece of string' question....
  10. PhoenixII

    What have you purchased / been given

    Trust your a visitor Mike? otherwise, you need to move South..................FAR South...........
  11. PhoenixII

    gloster javelin plans

    Simples! £/€/$......... New mould required.
  12. PhoenixII

    69 Squadron Malta Hurricane

    Morning WiP, looking at Tony's model, two camera ports, vertical orientation in tandem, on the centre line? (more likely with a left/right offset) leading camera just forward of the trailing edge, aft, just beyond the trailing edge. Click the photo and it takes you to Tony's flicka account, there you can play to your hearts content!
  13. PhoenixII

    DH91 Albatross

    Thank you Mike, right click, save!
  14. Hi Artie, many thanks for the update. Don't worry about the things you have no control over. They'll arrive in their own time......I mean, after initially being removed from the packaging and the larger parts being 'test fitted', 90% will take their place in the stash!
  15. PhoenixII

    Halfords clear lacquer/Zero Paints problem.

    Morning KB, glad you've got to the bottom of the problem. No solutions I'm afraid, but a few suggestions. Firstly, does your supplier of Zero have any old stock of 'Rothmans Blue'? If not, do they have a list of their stockists, that just might have what you want? As has already been suggested, think about changing your brand of clear coat, possibly to Zeroes own? Got to be remembered, Halfords buy their product in huge batches, 100's of 1,000's of litres annually, against the quantity that Zero buy in, plus, Halfords is a generic. Forgive that they may appear simplistic but as modeller's we do have the habit of throwing money at a problem! Hope the above is of some use, Paul