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  1. @Sabrejet all I'll say is .............be careful what you wish for!
  2. Been told it's 25 years to become a blow in, can't really say how old for curmudgeon status......though I have it on good authority you HAVE previous! Nowt wrong with Leicestershire, please note I said nothing about Leicester! I even employed Gary Linekers cousin.....well, someone had to.... Personally, I tell folk I came up here on missionary work.......
  3. Come on Bob! face it, your just a grumpy old North Yorkshire camugeon.............haven't got a CLUE what Pete the flat lander's @Pete in Lincs excuse is! Paul
  4. Hi all, just passing this along, I only found out about it yesterday. Show information:- What:- White Rose Figure World North. Where:- Galtres Centre, Easingwold, North Yorkshire, YO61 3AE When:- 11th June 2022 As well as figures and busts they also have a number of Warhammer and fantasy modellers. Oh, and they also do armour, vignettes and dioramas! All the best, Paul
  5. Nah, you be fine, he's probably still trying to find the runway....................assuming he found the airfield!
  6. Should have just left it! You've got two 'head, shoulders and body' better publications than your previous employer.........nuff said
  7. Not quite, his solicitors issued a 'cease and desist' order to Border and their prospective agents in regard to the Lancaster moulds. While the Chinese don't (seem to) observe copyright or intellectual property, thinking things may go differently in the Western world....
  8. Hi @savo318 suggest having a look here:- https://www.hobbies.co.uk they do quite a few items of chandlery, may meet with what you have in mind.
  9. Nah, that'll never smooth timber!
  10. +1. Though they DO take perverse pleasure in telling us we're Southern.........cheek!
  11. @SAT69 and @brewerjerry hate to do this to you, the tooling already exists........and has done since before the first 24th Mosquito release, including the two stage merlins........you KNOW where to write!
  12. Hi @treker_ed, for future reference Akzo Noble own both Crown and Dulux paints along with a raft of other companies. Crown used to make all of B&Q own brand paints. This stopped some years ago and Valspar are now the paint of choice for B&Q. Strange that Valspar should go with the RAL system, as their a U.S. based company.
  13. Yup, that was the cause of the 'quality issues', broken mould. Not pie in the sky or hearsay, this was from someone who was in a senior position at Airfix and still helps with new product, last one being the all new Vulcan.
  14. The formulation of 'Klear' was changed due to certain chemicals being on the EU 'naughty' list. North America maintained the old formula for quite some time, and I believe so did Australia / New Zealand. Further to @Stef N. comment, above, this product DOES contain wax, get on 'tinterweb and go to the manufacturers site and down load the COSHH data sheet. The original product didn't contain wax as it started life in the commercial sector. Twenty minutes and it would happily take high foot traffic, with little chance of slips because there was zero wax content. I used to sell it into more than a few pubs, hotels and restaurants in 4x 5ltr cases. Paul
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