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  1. ....or @Tony C, a pit yakker, sand dancer, mackem, smoggie.......
  2. Condolences @Silver Fox, family first, every time.
  3. Morning Walter, had a chat with Peter yesterday. First question was, will the model be full hull or waterline? If waterline, once the hull is to the depth you want it, attach to a rigid base slightly longer and wider than the hull and your good to go. If you intend full hull, slightly more difficult, seeing @dnl42idea, above, it would work well, apart from the increase in your mortgage to bring it in from the USA! Quick fix would be to go into an electrical retailer and ask if they have any unwanted high density foam packaging, not expanded polystyrene, that they would be willing to let you have. If that fails, you can buy sheets or rolls from the internet, have a look at www.thefoamshop.co.uk/page15 it's the packaging foam towards the bottom of the page. HTH Paul
  4. Morning @stevej60 Atlantic Models will also be there.
  5. See what your saying @The Tomohawk Kid but according to the DeAGOSTINI web site the MF is 'metal and resin' which we know are simple to bond with superglue. Their advert, your link, states the X-wing is ABS, same stuff many automotive body panels are made from, same stuff your home phone is made from, and it don't stick! It can be 'welded', a very specialised technique, but I can see any joints/seams failing in fairly short order, unless DeAGOSTINI know something we mere mortals don't, and will they share?!! Paul
  6. Hi Steve, nearly right, similar to my maths! cost of the kit only will be £985.00. Issue 1 £0.99, Issue 2 £4.99 Issues 3-100 £9.99 each. Hanger scene will cost a further £1.00 per issue. Hope the kit is clip together, it's ABS plastic, so 'normal glue' won't touch it and super glue is iffy, epoxy would seem the way to go. One suggestion, wait a few months and see who makes it, think you'll find the complete kit will be cheaper than the part work.
  7. Steve, @fightersweep the X-wing is:- £0.99 issue 1, £4.99 issue 2. Kit will be complete in a hundred issues. By my workings the model will cost £1004.98. Click the link in the original post and scroll to the bottom to the FAQ's, you'll find the price there. If you go for the hanger extras you can tag on another £100. BUT you do get a 'free' 200mm / 8" Boba fett figure!
  8. Can't be all bad, the East Midlands covers - Lincolnshire, originally, quite a strong accent. Nottinghamshire, traditionally a mining county, strong accent. Leicestershire, supposed to be the most accent neutral country in the Country, more sheep and cattle than pits! Part of Derbyshire, again mining, very strong accent and a small part of Staffordshire, accent can be quite strong in places, containing places as diverse as 'Brewtropolis' (Burton upon Trent) in the East of the county and the 'Black Country', Wolverhampton, Walsall, Pelsall and more, being the cradle of the industrial revolution also the 'Potteries', which includes Stoke-on-Trent, Hanley, Longton and Barlaston the home of Wedgwood, in the West. Paul, Leicestershire by birth, Staffordshire by raising........ North Yorkshire by choice.
  9. Afternoon WW, I don't have a solution for you, but if you can wait a few days I'll have a word with one of our members and see what his 'tricks' are. The gent I refer to is Peter Hall who own's Atlantic Models and when they were running, did all the etch for White Ensign. Paul
  10. Hi both, @dogsbody and @JosephLalor , unless I'm much mistaken that's the one. Originally a 'Broardsheet' printed on news paper, some plans were good, some, not so and some were / are a nightmare. AvNews is still being published but is now in A4 magazine format, and owned by Key publishing.
  11. Ah, well, Ian @IanHx and Vince @Vince1159 simply put...."you pays peanuts, you gets monkeys"* *No REAL Monkeys feeling were hurt in the previous statement
  12. could be said Pete @Pete in Lincs.......The Barn Brewery, get some culture, it's near to Chatsworth House! or there's Wolds Farm Brewery (bottled only, no keg) then there's Robinsons in Stockport (follow the A6 out the top side of Buxton, BUT, watch out for the golf balls!) Pub's? How long is your working day?? More than you can shake a stick at!
  13. PhoenixII

    Old John

    Afternoon John, and a big if you ever want to come to a club meeting, you're more than welcome. Contact details and meeting dates for North Riding are on the IPMS UK web site, or you could just send me a personal message! Above all, enjoy. Paul
  14. Ee, I don't know, Lincoln to the Norfolk coast but not the far simpler journey to Matlock Bath. For them that don't know, Slaters is up by Gullivers kingdom, Cromford side of Matlock Bath, just off the A6
  15. Afternoon Paul, and Just to add a little to what Mike said regarding spray cans, if you apply and let cure a coat of varnish before you spray your paint, this act's as protection for the plastic. Hope this is of some help. Paul
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