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  1. Thanks Steve @BritJet, might have helped if I'd have put the right year into the search! Paul
  2. Your right @Robert, the decalman of which you speak is indeed Paul. Used to sell some items through the bay, sadly, no longer. Know he used to work for one of the large parcel carriers, but beyond that can't help.
  3. Hi Sean, if you go to the home page, first section is headed FAQs, open the section and click on the first entry, that should supply all the answers. Paul
  4. @alanmac staff have been leaving HMRC for more than a decade, many decamped to DWP, I know, as I was there, so it's the old story, less staff, more work for those that remain, is it any wonder left don't know what right's doing.
  5. Afternoon @dromia, to answer your question, yes, met the chap at Telford. Don't know what's happening within the company, it could be as simple as a number of staff self isolating or if, as I suspect, the company being run as a 'one man band', it could be as simple as he's ill. Worth remembering R.M. have a huge backlog of ALL items, normally the post is 'on time', however the delivery offices are working at approximatly 50% capacity due to Covid rules, so everything has slowed down. Some sorting and delivery offices may be on short term (24 hour) shut down due to reported cases of C
  6. SNSMS 2021 at Perth will not now go ahead. Advisory received today 11/01/2021 at 16:21. Paul
  7. Ahh, I see, you take your's Whoopi........
  8. ............marketing.........something that Nescafe are 'expert' at, if you take your Coffee white, keep a look out for the 'floaters', these being the bits of instant coffee that just WON'T disolve. Been known about since before Nescafe went on the market, it's called making a positive out of a negative!......not TOO shabby, as it's been like that for over 80 years. Oh, and when the plants on production and the winds just right, it smells GREAT!! Paul (Who used to sell Coffee and a lot more besides and lived 3 miles from the sole Nescafe coffee producing plant)
  9. The haircut is a proper, 'field cut, short back and sides', otherwise know as a basin cut. Remember to wash behind yer ears! Dirt and stains, boot's didn't tend to get cleaned often, muck 'em up. Uniform, elbows, knees (inc. front of the thighs) and posterior! Remember, it wasn't a shower every morning, they could be classed as being a little 'ripe'! If the bloke carrying the 'flimsy' is the driver, he was also the mechanic, where better to wipe yer hands.............. Paul (Dad was a tankie, North Africa, Italy and Austria)
  10. Brave man AND you stuck it out for SEVEN years! More familiar with Treacletown than Mucky. Well, you've got to remember, there's a LOT more of us...............
  11. Ahh, so they still had 'em around then, most of my experience with that type of 'dentist' was in the '60's. Not in the locality anymore, around 60 miles North of you, Whitby side of Guisborough. Come to a club meeting, (when they resume) it'll drive the other members bonkers to have two of us speaking properly, believe it would be a help to the area, two of us on missionary work.....
  12. So................enquiring minds need to know, how close to Tam'orth.......... Another from Leicestershire (Ashby-de-la-Zouch)
  13. To clarify my first post (the one you quoted), I posted the following 24 hours later to clear up any misunderstandings:- .........the current (CV19) order of business is to sort AND deliver all 1st class mail Monday through Saturday, with the sorting of 2nd class mail suspended on Friday and Saturday with no 2nd class post being delivered on Monday, (unless already sorted) but with 2nd class mail being sorted on Monday for onward delivery Tuesday through Saturday. This enables Royal Mail to get the backlog of packets and parcels out to the customer. The above informatio
  14. Here ya go Tom @Modelholic have a go here:- http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=page&a=index&id=142&l=en Good luck. Paul
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