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  1. @Troy Smith had forgotten the Alleycat release for the Vampire, many thanks. The S6 / S6.A and S.6B were released by Pavla in resin back in 2010 to 72nd scale and still available from the Big H. The brand that I was trying to bring to mind was Aerotech Resin, they do a raft of between the wars speed machines but are all 32nd scale so outside the area of Ben's request, but do include S.4 / S.5 / S.6(B), Heston Napier also the Gloster VI, and again are all available either direct or via the Big H. Thanks for that Keith, my excuse? been to bed since the last 'Nationals'! S&M were hoping to release the 72nd version back in April (nothing on their web page) with the 48th version this November, so I'm thinking 'Watch their space'. Think your ticker would stand the pressure, the missus on the other hand.........
  2. One phrase covers it, "we are all responsible for our own actions". With a caveat, that being, does the women have mental health issues? My reaction was the same as most, however, this may be a case of 'one piece of information, in isolation', in this instance, being useless. Remember folks, good news don't sell papers or make the lead story on the 6:00 news. Just saying.......
  3. Blimey Ben, @wellsprop quite the you've just opened! For every answer you get there'll be 5000 others! Firstly, I'd suggest you have an email conversation with Alan @Icelandic Fine Art. While Alan works with resin he hasn't gone down the 3D print route.........YET! As long as you are aware of each other, and you can talk, it'll save you both time, effort and heartache, once Alan's production restarts. With your list at the top of the post, I sense you have a liking for 20's / 30's slightly off the wall prototypes / one off's? Think you'll find there has either been a recent addition to the S5 / S6 stable in 72nd? or there's one imminent. There's also been an S4? S5 or S6, Gloster IV or VI (can't remember which) Heston Napier and a few others in 48th in resin, something in the region of £160 - £200 per. Now, back to your original question, for me, a 1/48th Fairey Delta 2. One was planned by either Special Hobby or CMK but the idea has now been shelved or cancelled. Another suggestion would be an early mark De Havilland Vampire in 48th, last one I can remember was kitted (vac-form / mixed media?) by John Adams @John Aero and is now as rare as hens teeth. One of my mates and also a club member would love a Westland Wasp, bigger the better! as he was trained on 'em and Sea Kings. (NEVER a Scout, NO wheels! as he's a retired R.N. WAFU!) Going forward, I wish you all the success in the world for your new venture. Just filter the 'wish list' VERY carefully! Paul
  4. John @Bullbasket 'course we're interested! Nice to know there are still some nice neighbours about too! Couple of things that you might want to think on, with the 'architectural salvage' (rubble / junk!), it may be worth keeping any whole tiles and any blocks of dressed stone, they could be used again? With your new 'small' barn, insulate it inside and insulate the blazes out of the walls that adjoin the house, as they appear to be substantial! Having a degree of experience with 'thick' stone walls (thin ones being at least a metre thick) as you already know they hold the cold and also the heat, should hate to think of you come winter looking summat like Oleg the snowman! Nice to see your having fun!!! Paul
  5. Stewart @3DStewart just to give a clearer picture, you omitted the important bit, now in bold and italics................. Why waste money changing MD / CEO? (plus you may have a problem as both are family owned) The 80% sales to the home market has been the case for decades. Where's the complacency? Most European and US manufacturers would give their collective 'right arm' to be in the position that guarantees a minimum of 80% of production sold to the home nation. I would imagine a change of direction would take place if the situation changes more than a few % points. It has to be remembered the Japanese mind set is totally different to the European and US. Arigatou gozaimasu Paul
  6. I agree with Markus @Shorty84. Japanese companies don't NEED the worldwide market (read Europe and the US) as the likes of Tamiya, Hasegawa and Fujimi have their home market 'sewn up'. Can't speak for Dragon, as I believe they moved from Hong Kong into mainland China? some years ago. Tamiya make mainly for the R/C market in Japan and Hasegawa seem to be happy with Gundam / Anime. Worth remembering, of the total output of these companies, 80% is sold to the home market. Add to this the European importers / distributors who are 'killing the goose'. The importer who seems to be doing it right is Hobby 2000 (Belgium or the Netherlands?) They seem to import the basic plastic from Hasegawa and Fujimi, (for the European market) print new instruction sheets, rebox and roll 'em out. The owners of the masters are happy, as are Hobby 2000 because both are making a profit. The Euro kit buyers are happy, as they no longer have to take out a second mortgage! Paul
  7. Ahh, so not one on my own, welcome to the club! Mine had this as the last part of the email:- office-hm-courts@profitstudiochicago.com Was just going to send it to the room of the bottomless pit, thinking UK courts wouldn't use an overseas collection agency?! Quick rethink, phoned the combined courts, it got answered AND I got to speak to a real person! The scam is known about. Just watch yourself, also if you have more mature relatives who may click first rather than check.............. Paul
  8. YOU are a VERY naughty boy!!
  9. COR! blow the school hols! Petrol prices that go South?!!!!!
  10. John, you just CAN'T leave it there! What was the problem? Did the experiment fail to deliver a.) a LARGE (enough) bang, b.) an insufficiently bad niff? Yes I remember Chemistry, we got to play with chemicals AND lit bunsen burners! Along with the forge in metalwork and chisels and the like in woodwork.............. Oh, AND we (just about) survived!
  11. Don't know if this is any help? https://www.airhistory.net/photos/0096995.jpg At this date in the aircrafts history, you can make out at least one pair of seats, in line with window two.
  12. Dennis, @Corsairfoxfouruncle just pulled this from Google:- https://www.casemategroup.com/contact-us/ might be worth a go?
  13. Ian, @Turbofan great find, will have to give it a go.
  14. But how many Aircraft modellers use 2K? No, 'cos I don't use it anymore, rather sniff a bottle of toluene. (In my defence, I don't, gives a vicious headache!) That being the case, you'd pull yer hair out if you've read commercial product COSHH sheets.............them things'll give you nightmares! On a serious note, the active ingredient in Mr. Muscle is caustic soda. If this comes into contact with organic matter, ie skin, it burns. DOT4 will be absorbed............................. and as it's a carcinogen...................... Probably because it's used for what it's intended, as intended. The risk factor is reduced to a single % point. The suggested use in this instance is likely to have been made to someone who, under normal circumstance has no dealings with the item. This could then put their health in danger. In my book, better safe than sorry, or, 'belt and braces'. You KNOW sensible mechanics? For reference, the Son in Law is a 'grease monkey', but the comment is quite true. Paul
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