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  1. Alan @Icelandic Fine Art, all the very best to yourself, hope you and yours are well? and for the company in the coming months. Paul
  2. a hero in everyones eyes, apart from his own. Our thanks...... Rest easy sir, your duties done.
  3. PhoenixII


    So, to try and keep this non-partisan. You may have read about another member on here who having had an eye test now finds he CANNOT go to his opthalmic optician to select his new glasses? I ask, why are your shops still open? Currently the NHS is concentrating on the most important thing to most of the population, i.e. Covid 19. While trying to cover every other type of illness and problem from diabetes to rhinoplasty and including dentistry and opthalmics. Personally, I wear spectacles, and know how much good an opthalmic optician can do, however, with the current (read 40+ years) crisis within the NHS, don't you think it would be sensible to close the shops, (because it IS retail, i.e. to make money) and utilise the trained optical staff in a more helpful way within the front line hospitals? I mean, I'm sure you would be happy to work four 12.5 hour day* shifts then turn round and work a further four 12.5 hour* night shifts with, if your lucky, 24 hours between, even though the specified time is minimum 48 hours between shifts? * IF your lucky, and don't have a 'Code Blue' patient, or someone suffering from dementia trying to get out of bed, or a drug user screaming for their methadone................. The next comment I will treat with the contemp it deserves. Workers? sorry NO, they are people. Who are literally taking their lives in their hands, every minute they are facing the general public. If this can be done for the greater good then it may be worth it? I know that the Doctors, Gas Passers (sorry, can't spell anaesthetist) Nurses, Radiographers, Radiotherapists, Respiatory Specialists, Porters, Cleaners and all the others in the FRONT LINE are worried for their own nearest and dearest, as well as themselves, as are we, the parents. While opticians provide community care, I'll bet a farthing to a pound that the pay is slightly better than most nurses below a Band 8 (Senior Sister) get. Glad your able to get PPE and sanitiser, more than the NHS can. Just think, if you were fully a part of the NHS (a NON profit making enterprise) you TOO could be NOT receiving NHS PPE. As for uniform, you dont need it, I'm sure the corporate identity on your shirts, sweaters etc. is enough, but, I'm sure that my Daughter would let you have some of her old tunics, provided you can get past the blood spatter, vomit stains and other less salubrious matter adhering to them, even AFTER washing. Paul
  4. PhoenixII


    Mr.T's gone an got 'imself an 'edge pig'. Now, the secret is.......................................
  5. PhoenixII


    Tim, @Tim R-T-C quick solution, self isolate. Sadly my Daughter CAN'T as she's at the pointy end of the stick, working on the ward at Jimmy's in Leeds, with little / no PPE, as little has been issued. I do wish people would stop with the wailing and whining, there ARE people who are in a worse state than them. Don't worry beefy @beefy66, get yersen down to Iceland, they carry frozen PACKS of greggs finest! There folks, speaks the voice of experience!
  6. PhoenixII


    Greg, @Greg Law the reason for the move to restricting opening hours is to help the people who work there to DO THEIR JOB. There are NO shortages, apart from those being caused by the scared, sad, selfish and stupid who are out there. Worth remembering, one piece of information, in isolation, is useless. Steve, @stevej60 given where you live..........give it time lad, give it time! In all seriousness, I am surprised, and gladdened, to see one of the shops at last giving back to the people who keep the stores running. 08:00 - 09:00 for NHS staff? Ward shifts start between 07:00 - 08:00 / 19:00 - 20:00 and finish between 07:30 - 08:30 / 19:30 - 20:30 (IF their lucky!) (30 minute discrepancy is down to 'hand over' from day to night / night to day staff.) unless they are on a 'short shift' of 8 hours, meaning they finish at 15:00 - 16:00 / 03:00 - 04:00, dependant on the trust. To really help the nurses, would a suggestion to the management to hold back a certain amount of non-perishable stock specifically for ward staff, on PRODUCTION of their NHS I.D. (which they all carry) be a possibility? otherwise the nurses and HCA's are out in the cold, again. Remember folks, no matter how many 'Well Done' messages are posted, not a one will put food on the table. Yes, the youngest Daughter's a nurse, 70 miles away. Mick @Mick4350, I've only got one question.........are they fit for purpose?
  7. You will NOT be forgotten, our thanks Sir.
  8. PhoenixII


    Good afternoon Giuliano, only email contact information I can find for Whirlybirds is info@whirlybirdmodels.com You could always telephone, the UK number is +44 (0)1226 345635 Buon pomeriggio Giuliano, solo le informazioni di contatto e-mail che posso trovare per Whirlybirds sono info@whirlybirdmodels.com puoi sempre telefonare al numero UK รจ +44 (0) 1226 345635
  9. PhoenixII


    I hope it's not the Errol delivery service........ Sorry to piddle on yer bonfire John! Been told the underground has been running at around 25% capacity, maximum, for at least the last couple of weeks. Was speaking to someone from Airfix ten plus days ago who said this and had it confirmed by one of our members yesterday.
  10. Just hope that Cov and Warwick NHS is similar to the Leeds NHS trust, their hand wash is alchohol free......Why? I hear you ask. Well, the alchoholics were drinking it and certain sections of some religions complained vociferously. Oh, how do I know? Yougest Daughters a nursing Sister with 'em.
  11. PhoenixII


    Ian, you forgot the most obvious......it's NOT part of Brummigem.......! Oh help! who nicked the settee to hide behind? Don't worry John @Bullbasket Marmite production will NEVER cease, as long as there's a brewery in Burton upon Trent! Paul (who grew up with the various smells from the production of Marmite, Bovril and four breweries and to add a little tang, a pork slaughter house!) @IanHx your just spreading it wrong! @bootneck With that amout of filler and glue, you'll never need loo roll.......AGAIN!
  12. My two pen'orth, the alternator?
  13. PhoenixII


    @Gorby, suppose it could be worse, it might be Treacletown!!
  14. PhoenixII


    Perfect?? Sorry, remind me where you live?!!!
  15. PhoenixII


    Ahh, but just remember @Gorby, we were ALL children...........once...........at least!
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