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  1. Both yourself, Stewart @3DStewart and @lasermonkey are as entitled to your view as John @Bullbasket is to his. I see no mockery of Climate Change, it's a given. However, don't you think the question we should be asking is "whatever we in the West do, can it have any effect?" The total population of the EU stands at 513.5 million, World population is 7.53 Billion. If everybody within the EU recycled perfectly, and we reduce our collective Carbon footprint to near Zero, would it have any bearing on the current state of the planet? For me, I think not. What HAS got to be done is 'In-House' recycling, i.e. where the waste is generated. The Chinese have made it clear they will only take from the rest of the World what they want to take. China, India and Pakistan have a right to do what is best for their countries, BUT, with that right there are consequences, it's no good them saying "but you've had your turn" even though that's correct. What must be taken into account is the population. China 2017, estimated population, 1.39 Billion. The population of the World at the time of the Industrial Revolution (Mid 1700's) is estimated to have been 700 million...... As to the last comment, again, that's your view. Some of us think slightly different. Don't you think it would be boring if we were all the same? Paul
  2. Pour remuer son thé, peut-être? Just sayin John!
  3. You John, are very, VERY naughty......but, quite probably right! You do realise that now everybody on here knows what goes on in La Belle France? Paul
  4. Hi John @Bullbasket, Vince @Vince1159 and @lasermonkey just to give some facts. 1.) Population of the UK currently stands at 66 million+/-. This equates to .88% (POINT 88%) of the world population.* 2.) Population of France currently stands at 67 million+/-. This equates to .89% (POINT 89%) of the world population.* (*) Close enough for Government work. 3.) The population of this spinning lump of rock we call home is currently 7.53 Billion. If you go back to 2000 it was then 6.12 Billion, a 1.41 Billion increase in just under 20 years. Population has over doubled in the last 60 years, up from 3.03 Billion in 1960....anybody see a pattern? 4.) Global Climate Change is a fact, BUT, the weather is cyclical and we're overdue an Ice Age. Where does the 'blame' lie? My guess, Mother Nature, who WILL control the population, by hook or by crook. Will it be a pandemic? do we have to have another war to thin the population? Will it be Sea levels increasing? Has the genus Homo Sapien outlived it's usefulness? Will it be a case of 'Clear Deck and start over? NOBODY knows. 5.) If we do what WE can, we can't do more. There is a proportion of 'those in control' recognise the problem, sadly not all. Can we change their mind set? Doubtful. 6.) Worth remembering, the 'experts'** know as much as us, which is basically nowt! but are better at getting their idea across / are TV's 'talking heads'. Remember, there are many 'experts' who will gladly foist their ideas, then change horses a short way down the road. (**) 'expert' - 'ex' meaning previous, 'spurt' - droplet of water under pressure. This was told to me by a Professor, and NOT impressed being referred to as one! John, @Bullbasket and Vince @Vince1159 got to be remembered that the TV is playing to an audience which gets most of it's 'news' from social media and aren't as cynical as us! The older heads amongst us usually don't believe without question! plus, TV has to make a profit for the shareholders, facts are immaterial. @lasermonkey, would suggest you don't believe everything you hear! John's beliefs are not nessarily yours, however, they are just as relevant. My Dad and his generation fought to remove totalitarianism, '39 - '45. John's point about India etc. has merit, sadly, the answer is a NO. The Governments of China, India and Pakistan have already stated the First World have had their turn, NOW, it's the Third World. John's other points, about the children being taken out of school, will there be fines imposed? How did the protesters get to where the protest is? The major problem is we (the silent majority) have gotten used to being preached at rather than engaged, and are having our thoughts manipulated by a (very) vocal minority, along the lines of 'if your not part of the solution, your part of the problem'. Oh, were it that simple. Paul Addendum, John has a vested interest, he has Grandchildren. Me to, five of 'em.
  5. Hi Steve, interested to know, was the phrase "gesture of goodwill" used? If so, this means the company 'wash' their collective hands of this and any further problems, with THIS particular kit. Paul
  6. Hi Steve, assume the kit isn't a recent purchase? (within the last month) If I'm correct, Airfix have sold a product that is "unfit for purpose". As you have no recourse to the retailer, unless the retail unit you purchased from does NOT specify a time limit, AND is still trading! Another email is called for to Airfix, pointing out the above. If you get no joy, suggest you send a pleasantly worded email to the CEO, pointing out the above, the fact your a paying customer, they still have stock available etc. etc. If the boss don't know, he can't fix it! Paul
  7. Hi Beardie, the 'Rip-off merchants' have always been there, they've just polished their act. Problem with plastic bottles is which plastic their made from. 'Single use' should be used...er....once! You risk plastic migration if you use it 'many' times (that can be anything between two and five uses). Hadn't you heard? as the Country is going 'Carbon Neutral' in the next however long, they are talking about storing it underground......Hmm, last I heard rock was porous..... Been MAD for years old son....YEARS! John, the only one of many sticking points I can see is where does the power (NOT including the self charging types) to re-charge the batteries come from? Just wondered......... I'll buy one when China is 100 short of being totally electric !! Paul
  8. Probably quite similar.....BUT in French!
  9. PhoenixII

    Telford 2019

    Go on, you KNOW you want to, nowt in Wolv'hampton to keep you there! Wez, if you get fed up with Chris's company! your more than welcome to join us on the North Riding tables
  10. PhoenixII

    Telford 2019

    Well, I didn't like to say..........
  11. Thank you, I'll await the invite
  12. PhoenixII

    Telford 2019

    FRANK!! Just keep it quiet, everybody and his brother'll be rocking up at the Red Lion!
  13. PhoenixII

    Telford 2019

    Bob, wear and be damned!
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