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    Paul Brown, Secretary, IPMS North Riding
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    OFF the Cold and Windy Moor......JUST!

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  1. PhoenixII

    What have you purchased / been given

    x3 problem being all the males on the maternal side of the family were brass bandsmen, one a band leader...........Oh, the shame!
  2. PhoenixII

    The Few become Fewer

    Thank you, for what you and your mates did for the rest of us. Saw too much, required to do too much. Always remembered, with thanks. Blue Skies Sir.
  3. PhoenixII

    Horsefly bites?

    Bovril is beef extract...............you could always try it and report back.........enquiring minds want to know! UNLESS you're going down the 'Enry route.............splashing it ALL over
  4. PhoenixII

    RIAT Friday and Sunday with a small camera!

    Whatchamean? Great photos Craig. Remember, it's not the number of pixels....it's how you use 'em! Paul
  5. PhoenixII

    Grump Britain replacement

    Rain dance worked then Beardie?
  6. PhoenixII

    Hullo from Peoples Democratic Republic of Somerset

    Nah bootneck, that's holding his trousers up/raincoat closed
  7. PhoenixII

    Airfix 2019

    No passing of anything, that's on the statute book. In the UK (England and Wales) the correct way to do it is:- In a case of complaint the item is to be returned to the place (retailer) it was purchased from. If the problem is as big as is being made out, the number of returns will be that big the courier companies doing the pick up/drop off to Hornby will be jumping up and down in glee. I would strongly advise against withholding or reducing a payment, the only thing QC you'll be bothered about is a Queens Council, because the place you'll find yourself is in front of a judge, as it's a crime, something along the lines of "obtaining goods by deception." Pay your bill's and your fighting from a position of strength.
  8. PhoenixII

    What have you purchased / been given

    either that or there's goin' ta be a
  9. PhoenixII

    Another beautiful addition.

    May I wish the newest addition to your family, Sofia, health, happiness and long life. May the Sun be always on her face and the wind gentle on her back. Paul
  10. PhoenixII

    Hullo from Peoples Democratic Republic of Somerset

    Otherwise known as the Tamar
  11. Not available as yet. Last set from Syhart for the Couteau Delta team was the 2017 'Coffee and Cream' colour scheme.
  12. PhoenixII

    It’s too hot!

    Biggles................DON'T forget to turn OFF the power to the fence!!
  13. PhoenixII

    Airfix 2019

    Hi all, one thing I will ask, you've told us about the short shots and warped components, but, have you told Hornby? Don't expect them to come over here and check on a minute by minute basis and if they don't know they can't fix it. Just saying......
  14. PhoenixII

    I bought a truck

    Do now! Many thanks Richard me thinks fellow member Peter Hall might just get his own flag pole............
  15. PhoenixII

    I bought a truck

    You mean WAFFU's have their own ensign?!!!