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  1. PhoenixII

    Can you tell me what is wrong with this picture?

    Martian, work smarter not harder, a yard of 3"x 2" tends to make the point! OR if, like a mate who was training an Azeri 'workforce' near Baku, an 18" steel rod, in rapid contact with a steel desk tends to grab the attention! Paul
  2. PhoenixII

    Can you tell me what is wrong with this picture?

    or TWO weeks at Airfix India QC
  3. PhoenixII

    What have you purchased / been gifted

    BMW Models by any chance?
  4. PhoenixII

    laptop cleaning

    You could try a cloth soaked with IPA or similar, Zippo lighter fluid is an alternative....and cheaper! If you have an old hard toothbrush, use that to scrub the paint off the case.
  5. PhoenixII

    IPMS Torbay Model Show

    Ooohhh, who you gonna hit wiv your'n Chris? Paul
  6. PhoenixII

    Ukrainian Flanker

    Fido, drop Martin and Dee an email, the web site is:- http://coastalcraftmodelsuk.com/ I know they were getting rid of the AKAN paints range, and someone in the UK had some limited supplies. Think they will help, if they can. Paul
  7. PhoenixII

    Some Samaritans

    Great shot of the Marine aircraft at sunset, also, nice shot of the nose of the B-29 as well! Paul
  8. PhoenixII

    Airfix Classics Launched

    hairystick, you'll be very pleased to know the mould is 'beyond economic repair'.........!
  9. PhoenixII

    Grump Britain.

    Mick, hope you've sent your 'snail mail' addy to Gorby, 'cos your now at the top of his Christmas card list, you got him out of gardening!
  10. PhoenixII

    Today is the Big Day

    Morning Noel, trust the first communion went off well? A good time being enjoyed by all? Paul
  11. Best of luck getting EU law to work in the U.S. Russia, China......
  12. PhoenixII

    Today is the Big Day

    Do it Vince, you won't regret it. Word to the wise, if travelling in Donegal, don't panic, some of the roads have green centre lines.........it's called grass! Paul
  13. Hi Noel, the little I know is the EU act pertaining to GDPR is, it is limited to countries based within the EU. Nutshell, it gives the individual control over who can contact you, gives you great powers on who holds what information about you the individual, and what they can do with it, commences 26/05/2018. Went to sleep after that! HTH Paul
  14. PhoenixII

    Aircraft Build Jigs

    Nice build Gorby
  15. PhoenixII

    The Weather,

    Oh come ON Baron, England? July? you pack BOTH! ...........................and throw the waxed in just in case we get a nip, thermals, obviously, are optional!! Paul