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  1. Oh we are about to get a LOT of new ships!!! https://photos.app.goo.gl/7yMLn4wNwVWHNML19
  2. Picked these up for dirt cheap on Amazon. Figure they'll come in handy. A bag of exact copies of the Tamiya Weathering master brushes for $4.49 A bag of eyelash brushes which I figure will be good for some dry brushing effects. $3.29 Video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/f5Y3oxU84JsvPvKn8
  3. How do you folks dispose of quantities of thinners and whatnot? Just empty down the bathroom sink drain? Into the toilet? Throw it into the dirt outside?
  4. I hadn't heard of blue stuff either but after seeing this video I immediately went and bought some.
  5. I heard it was so that you could expose more light windows by scratching through the paint.
  6. Didn’t realize there was such a thing. 0.5mm or smaller would be what I’d be interested in. Know of a good place to buy from?
  7. Supposedly the Bandai LED version comes with instructions (video?) detailing how to utilize the clear parts? Can you confirm? If it is a video... got a link?
  8. Meanwhile I lay awake at night thinking about how cool and well done this project is. Hahaha
  9. I figured since the whole thing was embedded and playable right there in the topic without having to navigate away, subscribe, or anything, that it wouldn't be a problem. <shrug>
  10. At the hobby store today I found some super thin metal rods that I think will do the trick. I didn't realize they could be found so thin.
  11. Can someone tell me the differences between these two items?
  12. Aside from brass or aluminum rods what would make some good support material for suspending a “flying” model to be displayed on? Hoping for as close to invisible as can be achieved and will want to support one or more small models from a large model. (Imagine small space ships in flight around a large space ship that’s hanging in the air from wires.
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