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  1. Hi, Looks like I will have to get hold of the Humbrol enamels and mix the Tarmac No4, as I will be using Jamies enamels for the rest and far prefer enamels, I am doing RAF vehicles and ground equipment which used these colours, so Jamie, there is a call for this paint, as long as its accurately matched to original paint swatches I am happy. I think in fact if a set of diagrams were created to visualise Mike Starmers et al, article, and accessible on your site, more would buy, as seeing threads on it and folk struggling with other paints and mixes and varying results, it would be so u
  2. Hi, Its a colour mentioned often in the camouflaging of British vehicles. Jamie has the other colours used but this important one I cant find, likewise Light Green No 5, I use enamels and trust Jamies colour matching unlike other brands, and Mike Starmer I recall loaned Jamie the paint chips book to match to, so I need to find this essential disruptive contrasting colour :- extract Mike Starmer list, not sure what 'is the same name and colour again. ' is about as No4 was as a contrast over No.3. Khaki Green No.3 (same as Camouflage Green No.3) is the same name and colour for
  3. Hi, I would be interested to know the answer to Jamies question on Sovereigns Colourcoats mix of Khaki Green No.3 asked of Mike Starmer as well. In fact has someone the original paint chip chart they could photo in the shade on a cloudy day at mid-day (blue sky makes things take on a blue tint in fact !) with a decent camera like a digital SLR using AdobeRGB colour profile (not sRGB) as sTGB has a smaller colour gamut on greens, in other words its green blind to more greens than Adobe, a lot more ! Photos taken on cameras with sRGB colour space dont capture the greens as we see
  4. Hi, Can I ask why you used Mr Hobby RLM 70 and 71 as opposed to another brand such as Hannants or Sovereign (matched to Luft charts Merrick/Kiroff) ? 70/71 being a low contrast almost same colour pairing of greens until seen in bright sunlight, where magically they increase in contrast. Cheers Merlin
  5. Hi, I cant find S.C.C No 15 Olive drab on Sovereigns site, yet above thread indicates it exists. Perplexed, Merlin
  6. Jamie, Thanks for posting this, too many folk grab for 381C , even aircraft restorers. I was told by a well known referred to gentleman for warbird spraying after restoration, that RAF Yellow , oh thats a dead easy one, look no further than BS381C 356 golden yellow. WRONG !!! it has no 381C equivalent, neither has it a FS chart equivalent. the RAF Museum Series book (bible) has the true colour. Just wish the plethora of yellows we see in decals were colour matched to it ! Merlin
  7. Hi Ray, Good to know that GS have brought out a new Dark Earth to head away from their H72 orangey brown, one can see its nearer my photos in daylight of the RAF Museums Spitfire Mk I. Can you photograph your Spitfire Model in daylight please at the same sort of height and angle, interested to see how it compares to the photo in my Sept 16 post., outside in the daylight on the unveiling day. Just whats the story behind the dig and the head rest ? Fantastic to see the Dunlopillo interior rubber, and the leather covering. How did you get on with the 1/48 red circl
  8. Hi Ralph Glad you got the plans, I didnt get a read receipt in hotmail so didnt know. I think I mentioned it already, note again the wide middle wall was built at Kenley in 1941, they had a single wall down the middle prior to then, no doubt of a thickness same as the end walls. One photo in 1941 shows the upper pen of two with such being built and the lower still with the single brick wall, which looking at a notch in the concrete footing, went sometimes all the way to the back wall, so a journey up the embankment and down other side was needed between pens ! The Strafe pen shows the
  9. Sometimes its easy to forget there are Audio gems to be had. Interview's with Keith Park, Dowding, Ginger Lacey, Dizzy Allen, and more. Also a CD I bought from BoB Memorial Capel La Ferne, many radio talks by pilots inc Nicolson VC, the full Charles Gardner broadcast attack on shipping Ju87s. Highly recommended. Keith Park, yes the man himself talking about BoB etc. https://www.bbc.co.uk/archive/air-chief-marshal-sir-keith-park/zd9247h Interview with Dowding ! yes again the man himself....wow ! https://www.bbc.co.uk/archive/air-chief-marshal-hugh-c-d
  10. Fetching £120 or more now, worth its weight in gold, no one has ever created a RAF chart as such since 1976, no wonder the model paints are all over the shop regards colours. Gunze Sanyo's Dk Earth is an example ! Dark Greens often too 'green' and as for attempts at sky... We also need some reference with flashing lights around the edges saying RAF camo dk green over dk earth had hard edges, as folk are so keen on airbrushed edges. Luftwaffe had soft edges and folk use masking tape, its all a case of observation not sheep mode ! Someone sees a soft edge at a show and follow
  11. I see from the photos that Airfix have not represented the rear wheel 'chimney pots' correctly as they are more prominent than that shallow ring they have ! Quite a distinctive feature, they were for wrapping a rope around and pulling vehicle out of trouble etc, clever ! Note the hoses also come into the pump compartment , from the pics sent. Note the leather clad boom winding handles in the roof., the bulb/light housing on lhs wall. the A.M. contents gauge on rear wall. The boom wire runs over a tall 'item' mid boom with a little wheel there trapped between tow thin plate side parts, one migh
  12. Hi, now after some time, I have images in a host, here are ORIGINAL (nor colorised) COLOUR images, and surviving bowsers, as said Zwicky painted their pump and engine compartments, and Albion painted the chassis and cab. Chassis in pics I have is somewhat muddy and brown, doubt any black is showing ! Dark Earth and Dark Green sampled from the book chart (paint samples) British Aviation Colours of World War Two, RAF Museum Series Vol 3 Arms and Armour Press 1976...('the bible' ) and Spitfire K9942 restored by M.A.P.S showing these colours in daylig
  13. Hi Ray, thats interesting, I was looking at the cockpit area in the build thread:- and the headrest was as I described, yet your kit is totally different and apart from need ign the beading around the edge taking down considerably and the end less domes is as it should be, so where did that strange hollow object come from ? Also I have looked at a cross section of the spitfire at the frame 12 and the top whilst not semicircular as my brain had recalled it to be, has an arc, whilst in the posts photo ots more flat, doesnt look right, maybe he filed it down too much
  14. Pat, Detailed quality shots of the Albion sent to you, just ! Peter see your PM, you can have a set as well. Merlin
  15. Hi Ray, Excellent mission on getting the cockpit right, I specialise in the Mk1 for 40 yrs now so any questions if I am passing and looking in on the forum I might be able to answer., or PM me. I see so much hard work with the exterior spoilt by assumption the model paints used are accurate to RAF WW2 :- so when it comes to camouflage please note: 1. hard edged for RAF spitfires 1940, unless good shots of your subject show otherwise. 2. Sovereign Paints are matched to 'the paint reference Bible' for the correct RAF colours WW2 British Aviation Colours of WW2 RAF Museum
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