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  1. Thanks all I think we’re all agreed the tyres are rubbish ,there not a very good fit on the rims so they maybe coming off for a rework johnlambert no I don’t think the weathering or wipers are correct I managed to snap both removing from sprue and I’m not sure I glued them back correct I did not mask just wiped my finger across the wash i am always in a rush and it does show
  2. Thank you JCH for the kind words I agree about the tyres I might try and tame them down a bit but the whitewalls were really bright and yes the bonnet ,sorry hood is a poor fit the close up of the wheel is actually suppose to show a crease in the fender which doesn’t really show
  3. So this is the 1st one on RFI. I bought my first model on 1st of may during lockdown looking for something to do this is model no 5 and the 1st to make it here ,1 to 4 can be found on wip although there all complete now i have not had much success with painting and less with decals hence the model below but I am enjoying the process this one is my first attempt at weathering ,and a little bit of detailing with spark plug wires battery leads and a lone brake pipe pictures are not great taken with an old iPhone any pointers welcome bearing in mind I’m the wrong side of 50 with fat fingers failing eyesight no patience and not a lot of finesse thanks for looking
  4. Yes this is 30 gauge about 0.5 mm od but I don’t think I could work with anything smaller I can’t find these bits when I drop them oh and I’ve just bought a reel which will see me out
  5. I’m going to follow this because I don’t believe the other builds of yours are models there just too damn realistic ,I want to see where you swap the real car in for the final photo shoot Paul
  6. Bit of rust work to the chassis and weathering the spare Thought I’d have a go a a bit of wiring for the 1st time did not quite work out on the distributor and I had already glued engine into frame so the plug ends are just glued to the block but you can’t see these when the body is on also added battery leads and a lead to starter motor
  7. @Jeroen yes it’s not a great fit however my skills won’t allow me to improve this at the moment the truck is going to be my 1st attempt at weathering so it won’t be a big issue a couple of dents added to bed then my attempt at rust theres a few few dents in the outside of the bed aswell which you can just make out next an attempt at the salt technique with mixed results I have cleaned the slats up in the bed now need to work out how to paint wood still got work to do on bodywork blending in and removing all the salt going to move onto chassis and engine I would like to have a worn seat any suggestions on a technique for that
  8. So I am onto model no 5 in my long career this one is a revell Chevy fleetside bought because there cheap and I don’t have the skills to do justice to anything expensive and there are some seriously silly prices for models ,so I’ve assembled the cab and so far just test fitting parts and painting various assemblies I’ll post when that stage is done for those that have seen my 1st 4 attempts thankfully no decals this time round
  9. Thanks for the response and the advice very much appreciated I will just touch up a couple of black bits and leave them alone call the first 4 done ready to move onto no 5 now going to do a simple pick up with flat paint and no DECALS Stupidly I have just ordered a RC213V bike which requires lots of paint ,masking and a nice gloss finish only way to learn ,head first
  10. Thanks Spiny I’ll perhaps leave them alone then I am quite happy with the 934 and the 888 both improvements over the first two i did attempt a little wet sand before decals so maybe it worked do I not need to put anything over decals to protect them So youWould normally clear after paint/decals but before you add mirrors wipers etc
  11. Update on my the Porsche then a couple off disasters to go along with my mistakes. Managed to break one door handle and lose a wing mirror for about an hour but it’s all together now and decaled ,at some point it looks as though the bonnet has been dropped and the corner chipped off and completely vanished oh well so it’s a revelly martini rsr should be in white but I didn’t fancy that so it’s a martini rosso just needs a couple of bits touching up and then I’ll try and clear coat all 4 models quick question for the decal experts a couple of the Porsche decals would not lift of the backing ,but only in 1 tiny spot on each maybe 1 or 2 mm was holding and the backing looked bone dry coming out of the water bath ended up tearing 2 and losing small pieces what causes this and is there a solution
  12. Little update no 2 Honda nsr is now considered finished not particularly happy with the decals or paint but for 2nd go at a model I’ll take it looks ok from a distance I was considering stripping and repainting when I improve (hopefully)but I’ll leave it as is to remind me of my beginnings model no 3 Ducati 888 just a couple of decals to do I’ve had a couple of issues managed to snap the handlebar off while mounting the fairing also lost a couple of bits of decal while fitting so I’ll need to try and touch up these overall much happier with this one no 4 the Porsche I’m going to try and decal this week such a steep slow learning curve and making more mistakes than I’d like but I am enjoying the process so the next build out of my stash of 3 will be the one with no decals why did I buy 4 race cars oh and I’ve just ordered another bike not gonna learn unless I keep building them so here’s the two almost finished bikes
  13. Bit more progress more decals added i know the standard is not up to much compared to what’s on here i am simply blown away with the models on show I am hoping to get pointers on improving as such on the ducati seat where the decal drops in the panel recess it hasn’t quite gone all the way in what would be best here more solution or do I cut it or just leave it there is also a split/crease just above the screw hole that will be covered with a number what would be best with that On the Honda decals ,they have been a complete nightmare for me I need to trim some and touch a couple of spots up and I’ll be calling that done the Porsche has had a trial fit sits quite high but skills at the moment prevent me from trying to change that another week or so should see these 3 done and I can start another build from my “stash “ of 3 looks like I need to work on computer skills also as pics have ended up in the middle of a sentence
  14. Bit more done today engine and suspension fitted to porscheand bit more on the ducati front and rear suspension
  15. I will give that a go I’m still fighting the decals on the fairing on that one only about 20 more to go at 1 a day
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