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  1. @rob Lyttleyou sir are a gentleman and a scholar thankyou
  2. Thanks @Peter B I’ve been trying to get rid of the title do you know how to do it on iPad as that’s all I use
  3. Thanks @Jinxman you’ve confirmed my thinking I have micromesh not used yet paintwork to date has not been the best so this is a proper test for me the dry run showed a reasonable joint so I’m hopeful @rob Lyttle Yes I agree I’ve been following your builds was going to send my Citroen seat over for the old sofa look the speed you started on your Talbot I thought you’d be finished before I’d opened my box
  4. So 1st post on the Talbot lago not looking forward to this I’ll explain later 1st pic parts removed from sprues ready for painting next up all primed I’ve cut the fake grill from the nosecone not sure what I’m replacing it with yet seat painted Onto engine ill add some plug leads tub assembled I’ll touch up that painting And then onto the problem for me the two halves of the body are glued together around the engine assembly front suspension cockpit and rear end so the body needs painting in
  5. Fellow newbie here +1 on keeping them so you can look back ,but if you’ve got a broken one have a go at simulating some damage see what happens not particularly happy with any I’ve built so far but there all on the shelf on display as for rusting just have a go I did a Chevy pickup not brilliant but I enjoyed the build that’s the main thing
  6. So this was no 7 in my modelling career imsa mustang gto should be white/blue but not fussed about keeping to colours on these cars ,decals weren’t great some yellowing when I received them did the sunlight in window trick which seemed to work and used a mixture of rockstar and original i had a nightmare with paint as seen in wip still got so much to learn added some battery leads plug wires
  7. First update from me a late start due to taking grandson away for a week but got a couple of hours in this weekend start on the back of the van and painting the inside before gluing together started on the engine and a little mock uphaven’t decided on colours yet but I’m going to try for barn find condition mainly because I haven’t mastered painting yet we’ll see how it goes
  8. FWIW I like the once neglected look whatever you do looking forward to another of your great trucks
  9. Looking forward to this one I keep looking at this kit to buy I to will be following
  10. This will be my 2nd build in this my first group build not sure which way we’re going with this we have a few options new build ,used,restored ,barn find,wreck,hot rod,full custom none of the above I’m capable of but I’ll have a go at one
  11. @Scargsy the a110 didn’t come out too well if I’m honest but it was the first model I built in over 40 years , so far none have ,I am learning thought and each one is getting better @Rabbit Leader yes wasn’t sure whether I should do that I’ll keep this for the Talbot lago and start a new wip for the citroen
  12. First group build for me and these two will be models no 8 & 9 in my modelling career started during lockdown first kit was heller alpine 110 enjoying it but I still can’t paint ,or glue , or see anyway the models I’ve chosen, i like the Talbot lago period of racecars Citroen c4 because I thought I’d do two . not sure how I’m building these yet I’ll get them out of there boxes next week and take a look
  13. What about racers with 2 wheels would you include these ducati Honda Yamaha etc plenty of these about also racing trucks Sorry forgot to add count me in
  14. Can I just clarify Eligibility on heller reissues citroen c4 fourgonette 1928 talbot lago go both appear ok from scalemates also can the models be finished anyway I see fit thanks
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