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  1. Thanks @PatW I remember seeing yours I think I’d just had this delivered and yours came on rfi a nice build as all yours are and one of your more normal subjects
  2. I offer no knowledge ,advice or inspiration I am a newbie but welcome aboard
  3. So I built this for my first group build classic heller ill just post the pics
  4. 2nd of my builds Talbot lago gp
  5. Now in gallery thanks to all who’ve looked
  6. 1st attempt at a group build and my 8th model since I started during lockdown Unfortunately due to Xmas and COVID I haven’t been able to do any modelling for the last 6 weeks Didn’t quite get all the finishing touches I wanted anyway here it is 1928 Citroen c4 thanks for looking
  7. Thanks for the reminder busy upto Xmas then came down with COVID had a bit of a nightmare I’m much better now just took some pics to post in gallery glad it got extended unfortunately didn’t manage to do the finishing touches I wanted Should be in gallery my end of day
  8. Just caught up on this build looking fantastic can’t wait to see it altogether
  9. @JeroenS the roof looked like it should be material so I covered it with masking tape then covered with pva water mix followed by a cream paint then black paint while still wet ,there’s some pieces hanging down inside and a few depressions in the top ,I drilled the plastic in a few places first I’ll put some pics up of the roof when finished @Jinxman sorry you feel that rough thankyou both for the comments
  10. Last but 1 update on this I hope small jobs completed this last 2 weeks its on wheels at last doors fitted handles fitted bonnet on grill on few bit left to do rear doors to fit, all glued and painted just need clicking in place trying not to break hinges touch up paintwork where’re required and a bit of weathering then it’s done and I can finish the talbot
  11. @rob Lyttle No work on the Talbot trying to get the Citroen finished first. Hopefully get the paint finished this weekend, repair the rear axle I’ve broke find some grille material and on and on I’m off to look at your figures now at this rate you’ll have all 3 of yours done before I get 1 in the gallery
  12. That is superb I have a later gurney/weslake in 1/24 if I could achieve 1/10 the quality of yours I’d be happy
  13. door dry fitted with side glass dirtied and cut in half
  14. Not much done again this week cab roof and main body glued on,rear mudguards painted and fitted,I made a attempt at a flat tyre may have another go at that, interior fitted today I have painted all remaining parts except door handles i have also cut one side of bonnet so it can be displayed open and folded back it would be nice if I could get this finished this week sorry for picture quality
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