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  1. sapperastro

    Fire at Sovereign Hobbies

    Jamie, thank god all of the paints are ok.... Just kidding mate. I am incredibly happy that what could have been a catastrophe for you and your family has been turned into a mere pain in the proverbial. Of course you have insurance to deal with next ... You and your family are safe, thanks in part to your little tike there and your own response. The good work of the local flame busters saved the rest. You cannot ask for more than that. All the best, Greg
  2. sapperastro

    Revell Aqua Matt White... isn't

    I know this is a little late, but I recently got a pot of Revell Aqua satin/silk white, and it seems to be a proper white. Not as good coverage as the matt variant though.
  3. sapperastro

    Colour confusion with black 8 me109e Libya

    Aha, it all makes sense now. Thanks a lot to you both Jack and Troy, that certainly clears things up, and as said, clearly shows just how much colour is affected in both photography and under the harsh desert sun. Amazing. Thanks for the heads up on the colours Jamie, I have an order to make. Perhaps you may need to manufacture a new tin of US navy buff And thanks too for your input Graham.
  4. sapperastro

    Colour confusion with black 8 me109e Libya

    Thanks gents, I must admit to having a certain ignorance of this period with the luftwaffe in Africa, so I was making up my own theory with zero evidence on the basis of: The Germans were deployed very hastily to fulfill a promise by Der Fuehrer to his mate Il Duce, and as the vehicles, tanks, et al were supplied 'as is' (there was no camo paint or scheme initially provided for them, with all being in the European Dark Grey scheme and merely covered in African mud and dust as an impromptu camouflage). I extemporised that this would follow suit for the Luftwaffe as well, with keeping the undercarriage/sides the standard European 65 or 76, while throwing some borrowed Italian paint for the top and spraying mottles on it with either an Italian olive or other dark olive green RLM that was at hand. With the unexpected success of the Afrika Korps (they were merely sent as a blocking force to keep the Italians in play, not drive on into the middle east), more thought went into logistics, specialised supplies for Africa, etc. So gents, I take it Colourcoats has good options for these? And if not (or, as is half the problem, they are not in stock here at the moment...), what enamel paint suggestions would you put fourth? I have access to Humbrol, Revell and Tamiya enamels. Greg (its all good Jamie haha)
  5. sapperastro

    Colour confusion with black 8 me109e Libya

    Hello all, I am guessing many of you know what aircraft I am talking about here; the 'Black 8' Me109e in Libya with the coloured photo. I am making the airfix 1/72 version, but the photos clearly show a different set of colours to those airfix suggests. RLM 78 seems to be a far too dark, steel blue colour, while the RLM 78 is far too dark brown. Are that a borrowed Italian aircraft colour? As it looks virtually the same as the sandy shade they used on their birds. I am guessing the underside is RLM 76 or a faded 65?
  6. sapperastro

    Humbrol Acrylic Made in the UK mini review.

    I am pretty chuffed about it myself, but we still have to wait for a) the old rubbish to depart the stores and b) the new paints to ramp up production wise.
  7. Hello all, After scouring the internet, harassing UK modellers, hoping to find whether the new formula, made in the UK Humbrol Acrylic paint was any good, I came up trumps. I decided to order 5 colours myself and put my life on the line in order to see whether anything had changed with this much maligned paint. Is it still paint on sandpaper? Does it have enough pigment to cover a white primed wingtip? Well, things have certainly changed... The colours I ordered were 33 black, 34 white, 29 dark earth, 60 scarlet and 64 light grey. I wanted a green and blue to round out the colour spectrum, but there wasn't any in stock, which we will get to later... The paints come in tall, somewhat narrow plastic bottles with fliptop lids. I believe many other acrylic paint brands use them, including citadel 20 or more years ago. I am too lazy to post photos, so google search for them under Humbrol acrylic 18.2ml. Yes, 18.2ml. Same price, more paint. This leads them up against Revell Aqua, Vallejo, etc favourably, leaving the old 14ml in the past. Just regarding the bottle, if you are one of those people that must paint from the bottle (I am not) then make sure you blue tack them down; they look like they could fall over quite easily...On to the paint! After giving them a thorough stirring and ladeling a small amount onto my mixing area, thinning when required and painting with a brush on unwashed white plastic dessert spoons; H33 black: a good consistency. A lazy person could brush from the bottle, but don't. I thinned it slightly with demineralised water, stirred it up, and glided it on to the spoon. One coat covered it neatly. The paint leveled out by itself, and no brush strokes at all. The finish is slightly satin, and reminds me a great deal of Model Master acrylic paint. So far, things are really looking up for Humbrol... H34 white: Here we go. Flat White. Always a nemesis, but....not so much here. The paint was extremely thick in the bottle. I thought I was looking at Revell Aqua for a second (which I didn't mind, Aqua being my favourite acrylic paint), and I even put some demin water in before stirring it further. This was tricky, as the paint almost filled the entire bottle to the top, but I managed. I then ladeled some of the still very thick paint onto the mixing plate, and thinned it down further with water, bit by bit, then, after mixing it all up with the brush, glided it over the spoon. Again, the paint leveled out excellently and, while not fully opaque, did a damn good job of it. The second coat completed the coverage. Yes, I just said that. Again, satinish finish, and excellent coverage for a white. Humbrol has good paint? Stop those cat calls gentlemen... H29 dark earth: Ah, my favourite shade for this RAF/Commonwealth colour. I know this is always in dispute, but I don't care. Moving on... Same consistency as the 33 black, same procedure, same excellent leveling. Took two coats to cover to full opacity, no brush strokes. Almost an exact match for the H29 new enamel, just the tiniest bit lighter, I think. My vision is pretty good, but the difference is incredibly small. Things just keep getting better.... H60 Scarlet: Red, another problem child of the painting world. Coverage is usually poor....well, consistency is the same as the 33 and 29 above. Same procedure. Two coat coverage, with the possibility of a third here. I am fairly happy with the two coats, but a third might make a slight difference. In any case, really good result. Again no brush marks, good leveling. What can I say? H64 light grey: Same as above in all details except one coat coverage. Well, Humbrol has turned a corner. I haven't bothered airbrushing them, but since they don't have the sandpaper grit in them, which was the airbrush killer for the previous iteration, I cannot see why using usual procedures with water based paints cannot be used. For brushing, I can say: go and buy a few pots and see for yourself. I cannot see you being disappointed. as I am pretty fussy with paints. About bloody time Humbrol. Now start getting these things into the shops in numbers, and take back the old rubbish still sitting there. Oh, and expand the colour range to at least match the enamels. Enjoy
  8. sapperastro

    Acrylic paint and brushes.

    I can get away with no primer with acrylics after thorough washing and using paints that stick well (Revell Aqua, Model Master Acrylic, etc), but Vallejo has never worked for me in this way. Those rattlecans will get the job done for you, and at least speaking of the Tamiya, it dries quickly too (though it does stink until it dries...). Good luck.
  9. sapperastro

    need help on clearcoat/varnish.....

    And make sure you get a respirator or a good extractor fan. You don't want that stuff getting in to you.
  10. sapperastro

    Acrylic paint and brushes.

    A primer needs to be able to stick well to plastic. Is the primer water based acrylic? If so, you need to wash your model kit thoroughly before, otherwise you will have big issues. I have also found Vallejo to have poor adherence to plastic. Try priming with some Tamiya primer from a rattlecan.
  11. sapperastro

    New Humbrol Acrylics?

    I had a conversation with someone that works at a UK hobby shop and he claims that the new bottles do indeed contain UK production Humbrol acrylic paint.
  12. sapperastro

    New Humbrol Acrylics?

    I have no idea, though I would certainly like to know. In my emails to Humbrol, they have told me they are switching production from China to the UK for their acrylic line, so I have been waiting until I see some positive proof of this stuff in the wild to give it a go. Since this is the first new bottle type I have laid eyes on, I wondered if these were part of the first batches, and really want to know whether the stuff is any good, consistency, brushing ability, coverage, adhesion, etc etc.
  13. sapperastro

    New Humbrol Acrylics?

    Hello all, I saw this when looking at Hobbycraft. Cannot get them sent to Aus though. Can anyone confirm if these are the new UK Humbrol acrylics? https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/humbrol-scarlet-matt-acrylic-paint-18ml-60/637155-1008 18.2 mls? Thats new. I wonder what the contents are like. If anyone has any of these yet, do tell.
  14. sapperastro

    Recent Humbrol Enamels - poor quality

    Good to hear somebody else is having luck with the undersized wrap around label tins. If these tins continue being good, perhaps I can keep on using Humbrol...once the colours slowly switch over in the racks anyway...I might have to break in at night and bin all of the other tins. How would you explain that in court?
  15. sapperastro

    Recent Humbrol Enamels - poor quality

    I did have a matt white Humbrol that fits the description of Rays issue. The tin is full of basically toothpaste consistency (or harder) paint, that you need a putty knife to take out, and it is filled to the top with this stuff, so you need to spoon out lumps of it to try and thin. PITA. Ray, what did the labels look like on those tins? did it have a top sticker for the colour? or painted lid? I want to see whether the paints you got were from the crap that is still circulating through the system, or one of the new new tins with the undersized labels.