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  1. I mainly use enamels. I don't understand what some people are doing to the Revell enamel, because I get a very nice finish with it (it does dry too quickly, so needs a touch more thinner when working with it). Same with Colourcoats. Same with Tamiya enamel. Same with old Humbrol, and New new Humbrol after their bad period. As someone said here earlier, experiences vary. I see others using paint I hate and getting wonderful finishes, and vice versa. Yes, enamel takes a while to dry, but the results I get are worth it, to me. On top of this, the new enamels smell much less than the old, and beca
  2. Talk about jealous. There was one acrylic paint I almost gave up enamel for, and it was Polly scale. What a paint, and what a pack of idiots for canceling it. I second the motion that the formula has to be out there somewhere, nothing water based ever came close. Enjoy it while you have it mate.
  3. We have Xtracolor here in Aus? I remember they were being imported years ago, and then vanished. Same with the Xtracrylix. Who is getting them these days?
  4. I still find it hilarious that Airfix bring out new models that have Humbrol 157 Azure blue in the painting instructions...Someone didn't let them know they discontinued that paint? (after Humbrol actually made a pretty spot on version at the end). Good thing Colourcoats still reaches these shores.
  5. Thanks Gav, What balls do you use in them? I have never really gotten many dropper bottle paints before, so what type and size do you normally get?
  6. Also, try warming your spraycans. immerse them halfway in a bowl of warm (not hot) water for 15 minutes or so. I find this also improves the experience.
  7. Hello all, Just a warning for fellow curators and assistants around the globe, and I know some of you post on here. This reached me this morning from our club here, so I have been swinging it around to other fora where I know people in the biz hang out. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8405899/Museum-curator-tweets-advice-destroy-bronze-statues-chemicals-BLM-protests.html Apparently a lot of people around the world have accessed the relevant posts that contain the ingredients to do permanent damage, so please be aware. These ingredients also work aga
  8. Hello all, I know plenty of people in the UK didn't use it, but Testors has killed off the Model Master brand, along with all of the paint lines, etc. I am especially annoyed, because it was one of the few acrylic brands I could get an excellent finish with using a brush. Testors killed an even greater brush paint, Polly Scale, some years back, so the company hasn't impressed me in some ways, but their acrylic was almost as good when I used it. And looking back a decade or so ago, Model Master seemed to be everywhere. It has suffered a pretty savage decline recently, mo
  9. Late to the party, but oh well. I have had this happen before with a few colours from the last of the Chinese Humbrol enamels. I would be surprised if you managed to get one of those in flat black only four years ago though, as 33 flat black usually are one of the first to sell out. Second, I never use the humbrol thinner in the newer UK tins. I have had too many problems with skinning, weird behaviour, etc. I have successfully thinned the UK enamels with Colourcoats thinner in the tins, and then use the humbrol enamel thinner when I am thinning them out of the tin. Wei
  10. sapperastro

    Lock Down.

    Oh yeah. The trip to work takes me less than half the time, though it is a bit....strange.
  11. sapperastro

    Lock Down.

    A semblance of control has been obtained in many parts of Australia, but it is on a knifes edge really. If people get complacent, it will go down very quickly. The Government over here were pushed and prodded into line by the state governments (who have, in spite of a few screw ups, really come out swinging) and the scientific/medical community. You could tell the feds didn't want to 'ruin the economy' and the pill tasted disgusting to them, but they were dragged along. I think their tardy approach to the bushfire crisis and the resulting storm over that had a galvanising effect as
  12. Good to see insurance companies are the same calibre half a world away.... Needless to say, our insurance has just went through the roof (pardon the pun) even though we haven't had any fires near here for over 10 years. I feel sorry for all the other people though. There is talk that quite a few homes will be essentially uninsurable for anyone that doesn't have a top income in many areas.
  13. Just out of interest, is there a full list of aircraft type and theatre of where they operated, that this colour was applied to?
  14. To be fair, the Humbrol acrylic paint in the new 18 ml bottles is not grainy. Those in the smaller, round bottles was grainy rubbish. you just have to make sure it is the new stuff you are getting, which means asking for it if you buy online.
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