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  1. sapperastro

    Total mess

    It would be ts spray. Methylated spirits, or denatured alcohol will do it.
  2. One of my older threads, but I discovered something that I thought I might put out there for discussion. I am currently working on a fw 190a3, and while getting my usual colours ready for painting (h27, h32 and h127) I thought to myself 'isn't rlm 74 supposed to be grey green?'. Now I know h32 has the slightest green tinge to it, but after brushing out my tin of h66, it too is very dark grey with a slightly greater greenish tinge, and so I thought perhaps h66 would actually make a better rlm 74 grey green than h32. Thoughts?
  3. It is the same as Tamiya acrylic, so without additions like retarders, the fresh coat can easily reactivate and pull up the previous coat when brush painting. I would advise either going through the rigmarole of using an acrylic paint retarder, using a different acrylic paint (model master, revell, humbrol, etc) or enamels when brushing.
  4. See, that is the rub: If it was just Au prices, then I would know for sure what is up. The fact that Hobbylink japan has similar price increases is what made me think that this seems to be universal, if perhaps not in the UK. A couple of years ago, the prices in hjl were low but now they have quickly crept up to not much, if at all, cheaper than au.
  5. Normally I would agree with what people wrote here, and it is true I can get a few at decent prices elsewhere, but this is fairly normal in aus at the moment, and the local guy always sold the kits at much cheaper prices than other aus shops before. I will have to bring it up again with him and show him what the prices are like overseas.
  6. Just looked for some more at my local today. airfix 1/48 blenheim $105.00 is there a gold bar inside?!? airfix 1/72 fw190 $19 (I paid $8 for the last iteration of the same kit 2 years ago...). airfix 1/48 109e latest iteration $58 (I paid $33 3 years ago..). airfix 1/48 meteor $100... The list goes on. Why is a me 110 $20, While a swordfish/kate/etc $45 plus in 72nd scale? Why are prior $8 kits with different decals suddenly $16 plus? I picked a local store where I buy a number of models, and the prices I quoted, both before and now were from that store. I asked the store owner what was going on, and he just shook his head and blamed airfix. After looking at hobbylink japan, I can see the same steep rises there, which tends to rub out the Australian distributor reasoning. New kits priced through the roof, older new tools suddenly doubling in price. I love airfix kits, but if this is their new way of doing business, I will have to opt out.
  7. A quick addendum to this thread. I purchased the Airfix 1/48 mustang late last year for $40au, while the one I want even more, the Mustang iv, is due to have the price tag of.....$55au. Why? The shop owner blames airfix, but I guess it may well be the distributor. Meanwhile, my $35 1/48 tamiya beaufighter went together a treat. I had to pass up the Airfix 1/72 beaufighter at $45au though...
  8. Hey Leslie, I brush paint more than I spray these days. Tamiya acrylic and Mr Hobby are very easy to spray, but I wouldn't call them a brushpainters dream. Acrylic wise, my top two are Revell Aqua and Model Master Acrylic, both of which are the brush painters version of Tamiya and Mr Hobby: easy to get good results. I have been told that xtracrylix is a very similar formula to mm acrylic, so was eager to check them out. However, you mention Agama as the maker of xtracrylix? Have you tried Agama out? Is it the same paint? If so, this might be another possibility. edit; Actually, Agama looks more difficult to source than xtracrylix.
  9. Perfectly understandable Jamie, from a sellers point of view. If I was copping that bs on a regular basis, I would feel the same. However, I can equally state that tracking is biased in the other direction. I have had packages that went to somewhere else, been signed by somebody else, and when I stated that was not my signature, been told 'too bad, it was signed for'. So in effect, I paid extra to cover insurance costs for a seller/carrier and received nothing in return, nor have the ability to argue against the decision. Since tracking does not necessarily mean you will actually get the product, but rather you lose the ability to claim if it never arrives, I prefer to keep the extra money and take my chances, if the option is available, rather than spend over $30 in shipping for a half dozen paints that cost less than the shipping. In any case, I just managex to order a few that a retailer has left in stock here in oz. If it is a wonder paint, then I can possibly make a major order in the future and wear the shipping costs from hannants. No way would I do that without trialling the stuff first.
  10. Hello Mark, I have ordered things from aeroworks before, and Craig is a great bloke. Unfortunately, he only ordered a few xtracrylics in the past and didn't order anymore. It seems a lot of places have stopped stocking it. I can see Hannants and Wonderland models as the only people selling the full range, and both of them have horrendously priced overseas shipping unfortunately. All of the stores that do have competitive shipping prices have stopped stocking it.
  11. Hello Leslie, Thanks for the help, but after emailing them, they have stated that they no longer will be stocking xtracrylix paint once everything left on the shelf is gone. The search continues. Is Xtracrylix popular over there?
  12. Hi all, I am keen to try out the xtracrylix line of paint, and went to order half a dozen colours from Hannants to try them out. Fell off my chair when I saw the postage. I tried emailing them to ask if they have a budget option for postage of small packages like emodels or topslotsntrains do, but nobody responded. So, can anyone point out any decent retailers that sell xtracrylix and ship overseas at competitive rates?
  13. Oh I don't know...I have had my 50 year old humbrols run away on occasion. Midlife crisis?
  14. Much like brush painting, 'a donkey' will find airbrushing an aggravating, and time consuming experience. I have ruined just as many kits using an airbrush as I have with a paint brush. They both take time, experience and money to sort out your personal preferences and what works for you. For both areas it took me years to get things 'down pat', and many different paint brands! And then some swine changes paint formulas, or a line of paints/varnishes is discontinued, and it is back to the drawing board.... As Jamie said, get your construction technique downpat, and find 'your' paint and brushes. Then enjoy the ongoing imrpovement. Just a quick word on varnishes, as this has caused me pain...when you watch videos such as the quick kits videos, you will see many use a rattlecan varnish. An excellent idea in many respects, however, bear in mind that many paints react with rattlecan varnishes. TEST THEM FIRST BEFORE USING THEM ON YOUR FRESHLY PAINTED MODEL. One paint will not react at all, while another will bubble and ruin your masterpiece. Ask on the forum, and test on painted scrap objects before committing. Brushing gloss coats are fairly forgiving with brushes, use the same system as you use with your paint. Brushing Matt and satin is another story. I have had brush success with Humbrol matt cote (oil based varnish) and model master acrylic matt varnish. Others not so much. Again, it is all trial and error. If your matt coat goes frosty, recoat with gloss to elimate the problem and start again with a different product/style.
  15. You want your paint consistency to be about full fat milk. This should tell you how thin you need to go. A soft, yet springy brush is recommended such as a flat sable. Don't overload your brush. There is a young guy that did videos on youtube. I find them to be excellent for beginners and mkre experienced brush painters alike. He uses both acrylic and enamel paint on different builds, and his paint of choice, humbrol acrylic, is not as good for brushing as either your Revell nor Model Master, yet I am sure you will be impressed. He prefers synthetic brushes, I don't, so it is a personal choice. On youtube search for 'quick kits' builds. It really is a lovely collection of videos for the aspiring brush painter, which is rare in an airbrush laden world.
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