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  1. sapperastro

    Rookie Airbrusher

    Get yourself a big extractor fan set into the wall near your spraying area, in your big garage, and spray those colourcoats enamels. Tip dry? what is that? coverage? done. Perfect colours? done. Worried about masking? No need. Of course, the garage might be a bit of an issue if you don't have one... Oh, and if you have a good airbrush with teflon seals, break out the acetone after spraying and run it through the airbrush. Squeaky clean. My badger 155 is still fine after many years, with only the occasional strip down and clean.
  2. sapperastro

    Humbrol satin enamel paint is very thin?

    All the new stuff is fairly gloopy. This 34 was something else...and now you say you had a black like that? This had better not be the third incarnation of new Humbrol...just when I thought they had finally settled on a certain type of paint and I had cracked the code.
  3. sapperastro

    Humbrol satin enamel paint is very thin?

    There is a large amount of rotten Humbrol tins doing the rounds, from the last of the Chinese made stocks (of which my last 163 was, and it fit the lack of coverage description), to the first rounds of the UK stuff that had all kinds of issues. If you can get the newest variants with the stickers on the lids, you will get a mostly uniform paint that brushes well once thinned a little. While I still use it, I do prefer Colourcoats or Tamiya enamel if only because even though I usually have good luck with the stickered Humbrol tins, it still isn't guaranteed. The last screw up I have had was a stickered humbrol matt white that, I kid you not, had the consistency of toothpaste. While I can gouge some out, thin it in a tray and it brushes on quite well, it really puts paid to the instructions on the tin 'brush straight from the tin', something I would suggest nobody does with any paint, let alone the new Humbrol enamels. Apart from the improving quality (this includes the luftwaffe colours...), Humbrol enamel is literally one of the three paints that are stocked within driving distance of me, the other two being Citadel miniature paints and Tamiya acrylic, the Humbrols being the cheapest to buy. Anything else is mail order. How are the Revell enamels? I use their Acrylics when I get the chance, and they brush paint very well, as do Model Master acrylics.
  4. sapperastro

    Humbrol paints...

    Was the varnish the acrylic or enamel version of the spray? Humbrol 27 has many uses. It makes a nice shade for the US version of Ocean grey as used on British/Commonwealth Mustangs and others, faded extra dark sea grey. etc. At least those are some of the things I use it for.
  5. sapperastro

    A Humbrol Curiosity - the paint that never was

    The new new Humbrol enamels I can 'usually' get a good finish out of with a brush. They are uniformly thick, and must be stirred thoroughly and, most importantly, thinned a little with a good enamel thinner. Missing either step causes failure most of the time. Even then, I still get matting agent 'tide marks' though these usually varnish during the late varnishing steps. To be honest, unless I cannot find an alternate colour to my liking, I just use Colourcoats, Tamiya enamel or Revell Aqua with the odd model master acrylic thrown in. I can trust all of these brands to be excellent from the start without any of the 'I hope this tin is a good one' anxiety. Fightersweep: Matchbox kits like the 1/76 Charb and Humber, Many of the other matchbox armour kits have been released by Revell, but some are damn hard to find or were never ported across to Revell. Any of the aircraft kits usuually good really. I know they are simple, but they are an incredibly simple, usually very well fitting kit to put together and paint up. And the matchbox aircraft stands are my favourite out of any I have used that I didn't have to make myself.
  6. sapperastro

    A Humbrol Curiosity - the paint that never was

    It is times like this when I wish I lived in the UK. It seems things like old Humbrol tins, old matchbox model kits, insert other old modeling paraphernalia I am really into, is available there by the truckload at bargain prices, while anything similar here is rare and priced as such.
  7. sapperastro

    Revell Colour Red 32

    There have been many Revell colours discontinued over the years. I would say you have one of them. None of mine (enamels) have lasted, even the ancient ones, so I doubt you will find another 32 in your lifetime that works from the tin. Old Humbrol they ain't. Mind you, the Revell Aqua paints are pretty damn good. As for what it was, if it was gloss, perhaps 331 is now the replacement for it? I also tried searching for it and found nothing, but then again, it seems like nobody has bothered to record all of the old Revell colours anywhere, perhaps emailing Revell Germany might get you a response if you are curious.
  8. sapperastro

    Video - Painting with acrylic paints using flat brushes

    Good old Revell Aqua. This paint almost sends me totally over the fence to acrylics. If it wasn't for the sheer amount of mixing I need to do for colours, and the fact it is so hard to source here, I would make the transition. If only Humbrol, or Colourcoats, would copy the formula and produce it in their colours...
  9. sapperastro

    Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    C'mon fellas, how can the government cover the costs of their hard fought for corporate tax cut they are proposing without something to fill in the gap? Think about our poor CEOs here guys. In any case, I have heard the extra surcharge will be $7 not $5.
  10. Hmm, is there a free online version? I would say it will be like every other chart that isn't a paint sample; representative.
  11. sapperastro

    Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    Hi all, Apologies as I am not sure if this is the right forum for this. I have recently seen various new stock of Airfix 1/72 and 1/48 kits coming down under and...the prices... I will give one example here; Airfix 1/48 Hurricane: $45. I probably could get it cheaper, yet further down the aisle, 1/48 Tamiya aircraft kits, $30-$35 dollars. The difference between the twin engine and above is even greater with Airfix being much more expensive. The same is applying to the 1/72 kits. Two years ago, the situation was reversed, with Airfix being the cheaper option. Not anymore, unless we are talking about older mould stuff. Tamiya prices have been fairly static, yet Airfix seems to inflate more and more. Is this happening in the UK/elsewhere?
  12. sapperastro

    Humbrol 56

    Revell Iron is a decent one. I also mix some Tamiya mettalic grey with some of tamiya flat aluminium.
  13. sapperastro

    Humbrol 56

    While I can get the new made in England humbrols to usually work quite well (they are very thick. Stir them up, take some out, thin it down a little and brush it on. Don't brush from the tin), the 56 has been fairly useless as a metal paint. Again, I can brush it on fine using the above method, but its properties as a metal paint make it a rather poor version to use for this purpose now. If you want enamel, try the revell metal paints (I use the Tamiya metal enamels but I know they don't sell them in the UK).
  14. sapperastro

    Pascoes Long Life instead of Klear, one for down under types.

    I have seen this mentioned before but never bothered with it. How has it worked for you? Are you using it for canopies? Or the whole model? And I wonder if it would work using the tamiya flat base mix to create a good matt varnish.
  15. sapperastro

    Revell Aqua SILVER - Substitute to Alclad?

    Vallejo Metal Color is actually designed for airbrushing, but as is the case with many 'airbrush only' paints (eg, Vallejo model air brushes better than model color, especially across large surfaces) it brushes excellently too.