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  1. It's a love/hate relationship for me. I know all the colours off by heart and my exact uses and mixes for them, know how they work, always available. When I get a crap tin I will swear and throw the tin across the room then use a flamethrower on it, but then open another and it will paint like a dream. Ah the joys of Humbrol enamel. I have tried countless other brands, and the only ones that have almost turned me to something different have been Polly Scale and Model Master acrylic (but they discontinued them...) and Colourcoats enamel (but they are often out of stock, then I have to wait six months for a new delivery, and the tins have slowly gone up to $7.50 a tin; Humbrol enamel is $4-$3.50 a tin in comparison). Modeling is a tough hobby I tell ya.
  2. If it's an EU regulation, why does it affect the UK?
  3. Seriously? I wonder if they are clearing out of the enamel business then. Strange that there has been little to no fanfare about this at all. None of my local hobby shops here in Aus know a thing about it. On top of that, their acrylic range is pretty anemic to say the least, with huge colour gaps in that range. I remember this happened with Testors too. One minute they were available (though there had been quiet colour drops as the years went by), next minute there was a rumour they were getting out of the business, sure enough some people got email replies that they were getting out and dropping most of their line and boom. Gone. No fanfare, nothing.
  4. Let me guess, your Humbrol acrylic comes in the 14ml screw lid pot? If so, chuck it and get the new "made in the UK" Humbrol acrylic and your problem will be gone. Or use a different brand if your prefer.
  5. Have used Tamiya acrylic successfully on the old style vinyl tracks. It seems to have more "stretch" to the paint. Enamel works on them too. With flexi tracks, be careful of the Tamiya tracks that can be glued with poly cement; painting these with enamel paint causes track rot down the line. I have a few 1/35 tanks that are "trackless" now that I built back in the 90's.
  6. Just to let you know, I emailed Vallejo and asked them if they make Italeri Acrylic, and they have confirmed that they do, in fact, make Italeri Acrylics.
  7. Just thought I would add in that Italeri acrylic paint is the same as Vallejo model color. So if you decide to go the Vallejo route, you have another paint line that mixes well with Vallejo (and it is usually cheaper for the amount you get).
  8. Unfortunately, there isn't really a replacement for MM Acrylics (which itself wasn't a real replacement for Polly Scale, which I consider to have been the ultimate brush painting acrylic). Because of this, I generally still use enamels. That being said; If you want to stick to acrylics, there are still options, but each requires different techniques. Vallejo Model Color and Air: These guys paint pretty well. Unfortunately, they are incredibly easy to chip and have very weak adherence. Priming the plastic is almost a must. Air can also take many coats to cover your model. Tamiya acrylic: These can be painted successfully. All I do is add a squirt of Tamiya acrylic paint retarder in to each new pot I buy. Wait for the paint to dry for a while first, and don't keep scrubbing over the same area for too long when painting or recoating. A bit more painful, but not terribly difficult. You can also use Gunze Aqueous, as they paint similarly to Tamiya acrylic. Revell Aqua: Thinned down, this stuff is pretty damn good. It covers and adheres well, Unfortunately the colour choice is pretty poor, but I still recommend this paint to cover colours that you will use, as they are a good paint. Humbrol Acrylic: The new stuff in the 18ml pots (and from I have been told, the 14ml droppers) are also a good brush paint. The problem is that their range is pretty anemic and they lack many of the enamel colours. That being said, they are the same paint as two other paint lines, Coat D'Arms and P3 paints, both of which hold pretty large colour ranges. All of these are made up of the same paint, and mix together well. Between the three of them, you have a colour range that rivals Vallejo. I don't know enough about any other brands, but the above should tide you over.
  9. Did you ask the the people at the shop? I cannot walk 10 minutes without falling over Humbrol enamels here.
  10. Hello all, Nice little discovery I made regarding the new Humbrol Acrylics. I dug out my couple of pots of Coat D'Arms paint. CDA is known as one of the great paints among figure painters, basically one of the rivals to Citadel. But they have many more shades available too apart from fantasy shades. Well, the new Humbrol Acrylic is the same paint. It is manufactured at HMG paints in Manchester. The pots are identical, the smell is identical, the working of the paint is identical, and HMG also verified it. So if you like the new Humbrols, then this is also now available to you. https://blackhat.co.uk/product-category/coat-darms-paints/world-war-ii-range/ Note they have a few different ranges, and even the fantasy line has many shades that look interesting. For Aussies, they sell them locally in Canberra at https://www.olympiangames.com.au/brands/coat-darms/ If that isn't enough for you, they also identical to Privateer Press paints (P3 Paints) another paint that is highly popular among the figure painting crowd. Now I don't use these, but just in case you see anything you fancy, know that these operate in exactly the same way as the Humbrol Acrylics. https://www.privateerpress.com/formula-p3/paints Just as a caveat, I haven't got any of the dropper bottle Humbrols here, so you guys will have to pick up your 18ml tall pots of HA and see if they smell the same as the dropper bottle paint. HMG reckon they also do them, but the proof is in the pudding (or this case, the smell) But the stuff in the 18ml tall pots are the same as the CDA and P3 paints. Enjoy your new colour lines.
  11. Hi Michael, You wouldn't know their email address would you? I wanted to send them an email to see what MM Acryls they still had, but couldn't for the life of me find it online.
  12. Don't bother. It was a hobby shop I found online in South Australia. They seem to have vanished just before last Christmas. Just looking at these 18ml bottles, they are the exact same as the Coat D'Arms paints I occasionally buy. Similar paint too. I wonder if the Humbrol Acrylic is made by HGM as well. I think I might order a few droppers from the UK and see how they go. Hopefully they will start releasing more colours, because the lineup at the moment is very anemic.
  13. Just a question for the UK modelers here. These dropper bottle paints still haven't surfaced in AU. Some of the 18ml pots have, and the stuff in those is decent, but after looking at the paint line for these droppers I noticed a huge amount of colours missing. Can anyone over there confirm if the colours in the dropper bottle line are it? All the other colours have been dropped (including the RLM line)?
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