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  1. sapperastro

    New Humbrol Acrylics?

    I have no idea, though I would certainly like to know. In my emails to Humbrol, they have told me they are switching production from China to the UK for their acrylic line, so I have been waiting until I see some positive proof of this stuff in the wild to give it a go. Since this is the first new bottle type I have laid eyes on, I wondered if these were part of the first batches, and really want to know whether the stuff is any good, consistency, brushing ability, coverage, adhesion, etc etc.
  2. sapperastro

    New Humbrol Acrylics?

    Hello all, I saw this when looking at Hobbycraft. Cannot get them sent to Aus though. Can anyone confirm if these are the new UK Humbrol acrylics? https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/humbrol-scarlet-matt-acrylic-paint-18ml-60/637155-1008 18.2 mls? Thats new. I wonder what the contents are like. If anyone has any of these yet, do tell.
  3. sapperastro

    Recent Humbrol Enamels - poor quality

    Good to hear somebody else is having luck with the undersized wrap around label tins. If these tins continue being good, perhaps I can keep on using Humbrol...once the colours slowly switch over in the racks anyway...I might have to break in at night and bin all of the other tins. How would you explain that in court?
  4. sapperastro

    Recent Humbrol Enamels - poor quality

    I did have a matt white Humbrol that fits the description of Rays issue. The tin is full of basically toothpaste consistency (or harder) paint, that you need a putty knife to take out, and it is filled to the top with this stuff, so you need to spoon out lumps of it to try and thin. PITA. Ray, what did the labels look like on those tins? did it have a top sticker for the colour? or painted lid? I want to see whether the paints you got were from the crap that is still circulating through the system, or one of the new new tins with the undersized labels.
  5. sapperastro

    Is 1/76 a dead scale for new kits?

    Hello all, I have a fair collection of 1/76 models, with plenty more in the stash, but from what I have seen 1/72 seems to have taken over for anything newer than the last two airfix additions some years ago (Cromwell and King Tiger). Does anyone know of any other company that does injection molded kits for 1/76 still? If not, what are the best brands for 1/72? I tried a couple of Hasegawa 1/72 armour kits but found them to be seriously wrong in shape (though they did go together easily).
  6. sapperastro

    Recent Humbrol Enamels - poor quality

    If you haven't had made in the UK Humbrol enamels that have had the problems I described above, you have been very lucky. For the life of me I don't know how you haven't found any to date. Both Tamiya and Revell enamel, and Revell Aqua, are very thick in the tin, and attempting to brush paint them 'neat' would be a disaster, so I at any rate know exactly what you are talking about and much prefer thick paint that needs thinning. That being said I prefer paint that covers, levels, and dries, and it is due to the fact I have quite often come across these problems with the new Humbrols, that I have only bought the newest labeled tins due to them not having these issues (so far). Whenever I have to buy the full labeled Humbrol UK tins, I wince when opening, wondering whether I have bought a winning ticket or not.
  7. sapperastro

    Revell Aqua Matt White... isn't

    Agreed. Revell matt white is an off white. Good enough if that is the only white on the project, but if you are touching up another white....
  8. sapperastro

    Recent Humbrol Enamels - poor quality

    The only new tins of humbrol I have found to be almost uniformly good (proving you stir well and thin it before use) have been tins that have an undersized label around the sides, and a paper sticker on the top. Any other incarnation have been a total lottery. However, the lids on these particular tins are very shallow, so I am hoping they are actually sealing well. Perhaps those having endless luck could describe, or even post a picture, of these paints that never give them problems? Because here, in my locals, the new new style I quoted above are only found with very popular colours, with others having the 'lottery' UK tins, or old Chinese vintage tins. Of the latter styles I refuse to purchase anymore. With the lottery versions I either get; a) Thick but still decent when thinned. b) Thick but no covering power or leveling ability even when thinned. c) Same as above but includes an added bonus of taking days to dry, and can be rubbed off easily even when it dries.
  9. sapperastro

    Recent Humbrol Enamels - poor quality

    I don't really have loyalty as such, but being so used to their colours and what I tend to use them for, it does frustrate me having to mix other brands paints to get close to what i want to use. I daresay the others here have a mix of nostalgia (Humbrol was an awesome paint. Just get an old tin out and try it. It still surprises me to this day), habit, colour preference and the fact it is a UK company, made in the UK, by UK workers, would be a big factor too I imagine. That being said, I am also surprised that nobody seems to have marched up to Humbrol head officer (or Rustins in London) and offered to brush out the crap tins in front of them as a demonstration. I am guessing most people don't bother complaining to Humbrol either, but rather throw their tins away and move on. I am sure that had this happened back in the 80s or earlier, there would have been official modelling clubs marching enmasse to Humbrol HQ bearing torches and pitchforks, but with the sheer amount of different paints on the market, along with the migration to acrylics, users of enamel paint are scattered far and wide. The only time I see them are the few times I venture to major swap meets around the city, where there are a surprisingly large amount of enamel users. The few modellers I know locally use acrylic paint or Mr. Color. These days, I usually purchase other brands of enamels (Tamiya, Revell and Colourcoats) but always keep my ear to the ground in case Humbrol has turned the corner, as they still carry colours that you just cannot find in other enamel paint brands.
  10. sapperastro

    Recent Humbrol Enamels - poor quality

    I don't buy the EU law excuse. If that were the case. then Revell and Colourcoats would have the same issues. The fact that they don't leads back to Humbrol quality control, or lack thereof. Saying that, the newest tins seem to be making the cut, but there is that much old China/New UK starter gunk still in the stands (especially here) that it makes buying Humbrol a lottery, whereas every tin of Revell enamel and Colourcoats has been perfect for me. Humbrol acrylic recently started being made at the same UK factory as the enamel, as the Chinese stuff went from bad to worse, but I daresay most of the stock you will find is Chinese rubbish. I only hope Humbrol can weather the storm, as it has been a pretty bad run of years for the brand with the stupid idea of sending it off to the far east. not to mention frustrating for users. I know what to use for virtually any project using the Humbrol colours, so when I have to use other brands, it becomes trial and error, as the colour conversion charts are not worth the paper they are printed on (hint: If you see Revell light olive posted as a match for Humbrol light olive, throw the chart away, as it is clear that person didn't even attempt to match the colour, which precludes virtually every colour matching chart on the planet).
  11. sapperastro

    How to fix overthinned paint?

    Let it stand for a while, stirring it now and again. Tamiya thinner evaporates fast.
  12. sapperastro

    Revell 99 replacement (acrylic brushable)

    emodels uk. If I can pay for the postage for them to Aus, surely it wouldn't cost you that much. They always have a good stock of Revell.
  13. sapperastro

    Humbrol enamel 53 & Humbrol enamel 53.Met - BOTH DIFFERENT

    Revell enamel is pretty good too. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a gun metal, so mixing some steel or aluminium with black is necessary.
  14. Tamiya is pretty easy to spray it must be said,. Revell Aqua is fairly easy too for that matter. It thins down very easily in spite of its looks when you first open the pot.
  15. sapperastro

    Streaky gloss paint, humbrol red and yellow

    Warm the spray can in water first. Put it in a tub of quite warm water (not boiling) with something on top to hold the can down. just make sure the can is submerged to about the halfway mark. leave it in there for 10 minutes. This helps break down the paint blobs in the can and make them easier to mix when shaking. Take it out, wipe it down so it doesn't rust, then shake it vigorously. the rest is covered in the videos.