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  1. I know why most of you build the Viking with the wings folded. Its quite a big wingspan bird. Look at it next to a F4E.
  2. I think the color is close enough. Decided to load it full of iron bombs from leftover kits.
  3. The fit is quite good except for the air intakes, needed some sanding to ensure a smooth fit.
  4. Begging your pardon, another old kit build. Over 20 years old. As usual the decal is falling to pieces, so I tried to apply them on carefully even if they are in 2-3 pieces.
  5. I think the torps a bit too shiny but I liked them. Its My.Hobby metallic color, steel.
  6. I printed my own decals but they leaked and smeared. I am too tired of this old kit. I just left it be and pasted on whatever works. Calling it done, want to move on to other kits.
  7. Disaster. The old decals fell to pieces despite applying varnish and Decalfix.
  8. Took some filling and sanding but managed to seal all the joints and gaps.
  9. Wings a bit out of joint. Need to carefully glue to reduce the gap. And that hole at the tail, what were they thinking! At least the wings balanced out.
  10. Drilled a hole at the top of the cockpit for the refuelling probe.
  11. Fitting in the cockpit before glueing in the remainder of the fuselage. Putting in the pilots.
  12. Before sealing the bottom of the fuselage, note that the arrestor hook bay is a gaping hole. I used a piece of plastic to seal it. Do this before glueing the fuselage together.
  13. Glueing in the bombbay. The fit is quite poor requiring putty and sanding the fill the gaps. I intend to fix it in flight mode but the landing gear cover does not fit well either.
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