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  1. Here is where I need some advice. The previous owner started to paint the pilot, operator and gunner before he/she gave up and sold the kit off. It was painted in red brown as you can see. I don't recall any fleet air arm uniform in this color. The Tamiya instruction is to paint it in red brown however when I google for FAA pilot it seems their uniform is dark blue? Can anyone direct me to the right color scheme for the FAA pilots? This Tamiya kit comes with two sets of crew figures and some other wing parts. So I have 6 crews! Will only use 3, which is to repaint what you see below, and see if anyone else wants the other three 1/48 FAA crew.
  2. Not buying the PE kit for the instrument panel, and that part of the decal is also missing. So I will make do on my own. The instrument panel is well molded in my opinion. One of the better Tamiya molds despite the age. Sprayed the panel black and then overaly with my mix of cockpit green to give it some texture and shadows. Initially I thought I fill in each panel with white and when that dries with black so I can scratch the dial lines. However that did not turn out too well. So I got some old decals from other kits and cut out the dials to put into the panel. Not an easy feat as I had to cut 3mm and 2mm diameter dials.
  3. The previous owner cut out the seat belt decal for the tail gunner so I made some from masking tape. I also spent quite a bit of time painting areas that I realised will not be seen once you put it together. Starting work on the instrument panel.
  4. Thanks for all your encouraging comments. I have gone ahead to spring for the PE set from Tamiya. Cost me about GBP8 same as the kit, ha ha. Sorry I did not post earlier, as I was busy building the cockpit. Here is the completed cockpit without the pilots. With the radio under the gunner.
  5. Yes has parts for both the wheeled and seaplane. Actually I found the decals stuck between some pieces of paper. Not sure if they still work. As I read the instructions I realised that you cannot build it without buying the Tamiya PE set of bracing cables for the Swordfish. It is sold separately. Perhaps this is why the person gave up as it was hard to find in Thailand. Fortunately I can get it here. But it is going to cost double what I paid for the kit, ha ha.
  6. Was walking along a night flea market in Pattaya, Thailand when I came across an old man selling this kit. Of all the places to have found a kit. Managed to buy it for about the equivalent of GBP8. It seems to have all the parts but the decals are gone. Some of the parts have been cut from the sprue but it seems all there. Now wondering what to do with it. Should I build it? I mainly do jets. Have to stencil and spray the decals though. Too bad the fella is not selling a 1/48 F-14 or something.
  7. The kit provided for an external engine on trolley to show off.Not sure what to do with this. Maybe I will get to fixing it one day.
  8. Sorry one point to note, they provided more PE parts that is shown on the instruction sheet. I realised it after I have completed painting the body, so did not want to go back to cut and add the parts as I had to repaint again. Please study the PE parts and go online to find out how and where to fit them. Then before you assemble the body, you need to cut and glue the parts. Otherwise the PE parts will protrude out from the flat surface of the body and look odd. This was the reason I did not use up all the PE parts.
  9. My take of this kit? It is not for beginners. It is a kit for an experienced modeller who is looking for a frame to hang all the PE and aftermarket bits he/she has bought. The good thing about the kit. - comes with a lot of PE parts and rubber tires - comes with a lot of parts with options for different variants - comes with options for flaps, radome - comes with external engine on a trolley which I did not build - great set of decals that is thin, durable and conforms closely to the panel lines - has great panel lines The bad thing about the kit is - parts don't fit and align - instructions are missing with gaps here and there - not easy to glue and align the parts given the strange way the parts are designed If you like to slowly work through the model to show off your skill. Enjoy filling, sanding and filing. Enjoy sanding and re-scribing panel lines to align the parts. Am looking for a kit with lots of PE and parts options, lots of decals that is thin, this is it. If you are looking for an easy to put together kit, and just want to glue and paint with minimal other work, with simple and limited parts, go for the typical Hasegawa, Tamiya, Academy or Airfix kits. As much as this kit gave me headaches, I did enjoy myself putting it together. It tested my patience, tested my modelling skills. Some areas I failed and others I was quite pleased.
  10. Can't see much into the cockpit with the pilot in the way. Here is a glimpse of the PE.
  11. This is the bottom view. I liked the detailed decals for the phoenix missiles. The decals were good but does not fit well to the parts. I had to trim off some of the decals from the fins of the missiles. Yeah yeah, I know they don't load missiles with the pod, but heck I wanted to use everything. View from the front, note the small PE part for the nosewheel light.
  12. Alright, this is it done. I am calling it. Not perfect, not as professional as some of the models I saw, and if you zoom closely you will see blemishes but here it is.
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