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  1. Loren


    Thanks for your birthday wishes. You may have noticed a lack of posts from me - I have decided to withdraw from Britmodeller following an unpleasant run-in with a Moderator. Not happy with his actions and the corporate response so thought it best I left. I wish you success with your 'big builds' - and have you noticed that Revell are preparing for a new tool 1/48th SR-71 kit this year? I know you HAVE to have one - cos I know I DO, too! 🙂 


    All the best




    ps - no need to reply to this -I've only signed in to stop the recurrent digest emails that I've been getting. I doubt I'll return here after I've sorted the digest. K

  2. A Very Happy Birthday my friend! Here's to many More!:drink:Cheers!

  3. You're right - nothing like Ned Stark - looks more like Sean Bean to me A quick look through my 'already started and stalled' collection, I've found five busts that need attention (for attention please read 'completion' ). Scale 75's Abbysal Warlord, Life Miniature's Sea Wolf and Mirai, Nocturna's Lilith and Alexandros Miniarure's Vasily Sayzev. All in various states - but all need to be done. Oops - make that six.... I've just remembered Bonaparte Models' Samurai bust! I wonder where I've put that??? Kev
  4. Hmmm... not overly sure about those busts, Mick. No scale quoted and the price suggests they're a bit smaller than I like. Not impressed by the poses of any of them, though the Hound looks mean whichever way you look at him I think I'll pass on those. Nuts Planet have Jon Snow (Night Watch) and Sansa Snow (Queen of the North) in their range that I may have to build for the shop display (as I sold Daeneris recently). Cheers Kev
  5. Thanks Mick - and no, I wasn't aware of the Mitch's Military Models busts. I shall have to go have a look at those. Ta for the heads up. Kev
  6. Nice option, @dnl42, and great work on the barrel and spinner. The holder looks quite a contraption, but for occasional use it would be fine. Not sure if there are similar things available on this side of the pond, and at that price it could be quite costly sourcing one in the UK, I think I'd stick with the mini lathe for price and convenience - but, as they say, to each his own. Cheers Kev
  7. And, as promised, here's a couple of pics of the stand stanchions I did using the mini lathe. Nothing complex, but it was an improvement on just a plain rod with a plain collar. They're actually three pieces, a solid rod centre, with two tubes around it. I used the lathe and a small modelling chisel to bevel the top of the outer tube and then inscribe a line just below that. Kev
  8. Nice improvisation, Mart. Hmm... hadn't thought of adding sanding to mine. Another option I need to investigate. Kev
  9. Hi Guys Sorry for the delay in responding, I'd forgotten about this post. I've used the mini lathe a few times, but not for anything major in a project yet (mainly cos I'm working on a lot of stuff for others at present). Turned some nice detail on a pair of plastic stanchions for a ship base which I'll take photos of during this week. I've added a set of mini circular blades but haven't tried that out yet... other than ensuring fitting is okay. May also add some polishing wheels at a later date (to help with canopy and car body polishing). For the price, I
  10. ME: "Surely that is a REAL aircraft!?" YOU: "No, it's my model... and please don't call me Shirley!" Hi from another 'fooled' modeller. Wonderful job!!! All of those outdoor pics are so well done that I wasn't sure it was a model until I got to the first indoor pic! Kev
  11. Beautiful work. Those Dynavector vacforms can turn out lovely. I've managed to collect a few of them for my stash, but not the Scimitar. I only hope I can produce results as fine as yours. Kev
  12. Crikey, I feel lucky - I've only got two sets (the kit one and a set of railings from White Ensign) and there's a good chance I'll get it done without needing any more. I went with the Merlin that comes with the kit and managed to get that done without any flyaway parts. The jury may still be out on the 30mm, though... I haven't got to that yet.... Kev
  13. Wonderful work - and most useful (I have one of these on the bench at the moment as a commission) for me. Some of that PE is a real pain, isn't it? I'm sure your Dad will treasure that. Kev
  14. Not to worry, Chris. I've got started kits that haven't been looked at since 2015! AND... I've moved house twice since then! Kev
  15. Hi Chris I wonder if that was the same aliens who snaffled my 0.35mm nozzle from my old airbrush? It dropped off the bench during a strip-down cleaning and was never seen again! I think it might be your memory, mate - Step 4 of the instructions (at least, in my HobbyBoss instructions) has you fit the door to the battery compartment and in Step 6 the internal gears are fitted to Drive Sprocket shafts on the inside of the hull... It's been a while since you looked at this, hasn't it? Cheers Kev
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