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  1. Now that is one very pretty looking Duck! Love the colour scheme! And the rigging is spot on. Got one of these waiting for my attention, but I intend to do it as the RN/MS Mount Kyle aircraft from Murphy's War and have it hanging from a scratchbuilt crane with Peter'O'Toole stabilising it with ropes. At least, that's the plan! Kev
  2. Great job on an attractive loco. Got one of these waiting for me to attack it - along with a couple of Evening Stars - but I really need to finish the HobbyBoss 72nd scale Br52 first. So many kits, so little time (and very little concentration on the tasks at hand ) Kev
  3. Hmmmm... sounds like a job for the "Gone in 60 seconds" crew - snatch it back (if only for a while) Sorry to hear that you're missing it. Kev
  4. Nicely done, Whirly. Got mine out of the stash and I'll dig out the Valkyrie soon. Got a few things to finish for customers first, but will get to the Rapier as soon as I can. Kev
  5. Lovely work on both. Have a similar plan in mind myself. Bought a Honda CR-Z last year and managed to get a Fujimi 1/24th kit of it from Japan. No work required on the 1/1 scale motor, so I just have to build the kit. Not going to be as much fun as you and your lad's project - but at least I won't have to open the curtains to admire the car once the model's done Kev
  6. Outstanding! S N A I L I E N S - In Slime, no-one can hear you slither... Love that critter - now where's my flamethrowing biro? Kev
  7. Thanks Dave. I shall have a few more showing up in the near future as there are five of them in the box (not 6 as I first said - must've had a bad counting day!) Kev
  8. Definitely gonna follow this one. I'm also not a WWI aircraft fan, but I do like the DR.1 - mostly due to the Red Baron and a penchant for Charlie Brown cartoons (among others) in my youth. Haven't bought a single WNW kit since they appeared, but have looked at a couple 'in the box'. They look to be well researched and manufactured, though I think they're a bit pricey for a subject I'm not wild about. This is, of course, just my personal view - I happily pay the same sort of prices for large scale plastic and resin kits of other subjects. The DR.1 is the first one that I have thought I could be tempted by. Whilst I know your Roden build will probably be significantly different to the WNW experience, it will be a great help in reference terms as I haven't done any research on WWI aircraft before. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses. Kev
  9. Awww man! - SO cruel.... but SO true!! Modelling is such a competitive sport these days! Kev
  10. Wonderful engineering, Whirly! I like that A LOT! Much better than the original tapered sleeves - in fact, I may add that modification to mine even though it's going to be an 'in flight' model. Kev
  11. Nice to see it back in progress. Great work on the U/C doors and legs. I'm very glad I intend to do mine 'wheels up' as it means only having to fill and rescribe the panel lines for the main U/C doors. You have got to be brave to even think about doing another one! And if you intend to enlarge the bomb bay you will have a lot of work to do! I do like the clean look of the airframe, but I think I'll add some antennae to mine (using artistic license, of course). Great job done so far - have you decided on a 'workable' solution for the exhaust problem? Kev
  12. Lovely build of a lovely bird. Just succumbed to the temptation of the Revell 144th scale kit. Built and ready for primer, should be done sometime this month. I was supposed to be doing some other (commissioned) builds, but I needed a break from a lot of figures and there's nothing quite as cathartic as a smooth, sleek white speedbird! Kev
  13. That's the one! I guess my local Gulf garage must've had a Dunlop franchise too. Thanks for the reminder, bhouse! Kev
  14. That's real nice - reminds me of the 'Groundhog' that Gulf used to use in their advertising in the 60s! (that's providing my memory is serving me right - which is always "questionable" ) Kev
  15. Wow guys - I'm impressed - you have managed to beat and tickle that many people AND keep the site running? I suppose I better keep looking over my shoulder, just in case Mike figures out I'm a numptie and removes me. hee hee Good work, guys Kev
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