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  1. You'll have fun with this. I built one OOB using the brushes, paint and glue from the kit just last year for my local model shop (just to show what could be done without any extra investment) and it came out just fine. I retrieved it from the shop a couple of months ago and have started to strip off the decals (which silvered badly over the matt acrylic camo) and the paint. I intend to re-work it using my airbrush, Lifecolor BoB paints and some Techmod decals (Polish Squadron). Got it built without using filler, but it did require some work and glue to fill a few gaps (mainly at the upper wing to fuselage joint). I'll enjoy watching this one develop, and hopefully it'll keep me interested in the re-work of mine. Kev
  2. Nice to see this back in progress, Loren. Looks like your nephews decided that you hadn't enough work to do on the Great White Beast? My full admiration for tackling the repairs and continuing with the build - not sure I could've gone through that! Great work on the re-design of the wingtip mounts. Kev
  3. Nice! I've got one of these to build (as well as the Albion refueller). Ain't it a pain the way the camera spots seams that just aren't visible as you're building? Been caught by that many times (as I'm sure many others have). Colours look spot on. Hope mine comes out as nice. Kev
  4. That is very nice indeed! I've got one of these on my bench at the moment, complete with the CMK Engine and cockpit and the Eduard Radiator upgrade. I sure hope I can turn it out even HALF as nice as yours! Kev
  5. What a lovely clean build. I fell victim to the temptation and got one of these and its crew late last year. Looking forward to building it in a few years (once I've retired). That Tamiya Williams in the background also caught my eye - is that one of their RC kits? Kev
  6. Lovely Work, Eric. Every time I look at this thread I have to make a mental note to the effect that "I must do that with my kit, when I get round to it". The details, mods and fit corrections you've done are simply stunning. I've decided that I shall do mine with folded wings as an F1 (no underbelly tank) , I'll fit the Nene I gained from the MiG-15 and open up some panels to show internal detail in the engine bay. That should suffice to make the build at least a year's worth of work (or maybe more - at my current build rate ) Keep the great ideas coming, please. I'm looking forward to seeing the final product. Kev
  7. Great work on this old girl, Terry. Looking forward to seeing you re-commence in your new work space. @Bandsaw Steve has it right with the age of this. Originally released in 1972 and not yet been re-tooled (but multiple re-boxings). Terry's boxing is the 1976 first re-box of the original. Info thanks to Scalemates, of course Kev
  8. Try Kristal Klear (the microscale stuff) - I've found that works for that combination. I've heard that 'Future' can do good job too, but I've not tried that cos KK has worked for me. thin coat between decal and acetate and thicker coat between acetate and PE - should give you a good 'glass' look. Kev
  9. Ah - I see that (like most modellers and musicians) you have a Masters in Masochism and a first class degree in self-inflicted injury. That primer looks seriously unusual. Never used Ultimate myself (I use AK's Primer & microfiller), but it looks as though it may have 'separated' and become seriously thinned. Had it happen with some paints, but I now use pieces of bamboo skewer to stir recalcitrant paints and agitate any sediment at the bottom of the bottle - followed by plenty of vigorous shaking. HTH. Looking forward to the next update. How are you gonna "distress" the driver's seat? Show it your thumb, perhaps? Kev
  10. I must admit that I had to go back and look, too! I was sure I'd asked about a single neck headless? The Frankenbass sounds lovely, I envy you it (but not the shoulder pain that inevitably ensues - I hankered for a Shergold 12 + 4 Marathon for many years until I actually hefted one!). As it turns out, I've had a happy moment of madness today in my local music shop and picked up a very nice Ibanez SR300EB in black for £267, an even nicer Epiphone Les Paul 100 (one of my favourite guitars) in black for only £70 and a Fender Rumble 15 to make some noise. In mitigation, I have also bought a pair of AKG studio Headphones to try not to annoy the neighbours TOO much I've also just found a source for my favourite effects box (a Line 6 Pod) so that will be ordered and my musical nostalgia trip can begin. I see a whole heap of Camel, Yes, ELP, Floyd and others in my near future... (see, you're not alone in the Prog dream! ) Thanks for the info, Mike. Kev ps - the Lanc is a big and imposing beast, isn't it? - thought I'd better, at least, mention a model in the reply
  11. As Joseph said, not a Shecter, defo a headless. Looks nice and light (though looks can be deceptive) and if it's nicely balanced then I will have to try to give one a test before I buy another bass... Thanks for the pointer Joseph, I'll have a look at NS Design. Never seen them before. Kev Think I've found it - looks like it's an NS Design NXT4a Radius bass - May cost me a bit more than I hoped to spend... Somehow guitars are a LOT like models.... Thanks Joseph.
  12. Okay, Mike - not excited by the HK Lanc but, as I popped in, I have to know - what the hell is your avatar playing? Kev - currently contemplating getting a new Ibanez SR500...
  13. It must have been fate - I scored a second hand Frog Mig-15 in 32nd scale, which also contains a Nene, this afternoon. Well pleased and thanks again for your advice. Kev
  14. Thanks for the tip re the Nene engine. I may look at using that trick myself. The IP looks very good with the Airscale decals and your clever little mod. You're saving me a lot of thinking time here, sir! Kev
  15. Nice work on those exhausts, Loren. Did you consider using some Nickel Silver rod for the actuators, rather than plastic? I get 0.2mm to 0.4mm rods from Albion Alloys which are easy to cut and bend, and hold their shape well for construction. Perhaps something to consider when you re-do them in PE? Mind you, you'll need a pair of needle nosed pliers and good tweezers to handle them - using your fingers risks being impaled by the little blighters (do NOT ask me how I know this! ). The wings look spot on. Still marveling at the sheer size of the 'beast'! GULP! Kev
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