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  1. modelman182

    Next up - something with a choo-choo...

    Still not got to the loco yet, but the railcar and frames for the 109 are now completed. Just some decals and weathering on the railcar to do and that is a 'wrap'... The Panther 38 t is built and primed, as is its railcar. Hopefully get the camo on those before the weekend. Thanks for looking Kev
  2. modelman182

    Going large with a Harrier.......

    Just found this thread, and am delighted to get the 'once in a lifetime' chance to say "You're doing a great job of wrecking that model!" It must have taken some nerve to do that canopy! The good news is - it's turned out great! Love the idea of fur for long grass - hadn't thought of that one. I'll put that in the memory banks for later use. Great work all round on this interesting diorama. Look forward to seeing the final result. Cheers Kev
  3. modelman182

    Oh Dear... what have I done?

    Aww... man, have you been following me??? Oops, no... you can't be... cos I go past the church BEFORE I get to the Garden Centre. I remember building my first 24th scale Harrier whilst stationed at Lossiemouth in '74. At the time I thought it was a big bugger. This is the first time in a while that I've had that same sense of awesomeness from something that's, after all, "only a model" hee hee... Gotta love BIG aircraft! I now have a nice collection of biggies. And, of course, not enough time or space to build them all, yet! LOL! Two more years of working for a living then I can quietly retire and get down to some serious modelling. Bliss! Kev
  4. modelman182

    Oh Dear... what have I done?

    ha ha ha... nice try, Truro MB - but I'm still keeping it! Mackem01 - no shelf space, no wall space for a new shelf, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. Fortunately, no lady (understanding or otherwise) which makes it easy to get new models into the house, but leaves me with no more idea what to do with them after that! Mind you - I think I could fit it with lights and it would make a fairly substantial chandelier. Then hang it from the ceiling as a 'conversation piece'? Whaddy'all think? Kev
  5. modelman182

    Oh Dear... what have I done?

    Oh no you don't!!! You'll have to prise it from my dead, cold fingers NOW that I have it! heh heh heh.... Go buy your own one! LOL! Kev
  6. modelman182

    Oh Dear... what have I done?

    I came home with this today. No idea what made me buy it - or where I can put it? The damn thing is over 2 and a half feet long. But MAN, is there some potential there! Ah well - I guess... build it, detail it, paint it and THEN wonder what the hell to do with it... La, la la... I'm not crazy... No, I'm not... hee hee hee... Kev
  7. Hi Bazer I suspect we both saw the a-a gun on the same model thread. I thought it looked so neat that I just had to do it Thanks for the 'heads-up'. I already had my suspicions about the track width and checked the loco wheels against it when I first got the kit. All of my wheels will need a small bit of plastic card as a spacer between the axle halves. It looks okay on the track then, and the gap between the wheel and the chassis is not significant, though I've just realised that I may not have checked the conrods - oops! Will do that this week and see where to go from there. I've also checked both of my wagons against the Trumpeter track, and they are (fortunately) fine. Was looking at your pics again earlier and I think I've spotted an 'alien' amongst the pictures. Picture number 20 (between the close up of the Br52 front with platform/buffers/damaged building and the top down shot of the boiler/cab/tender of the Br52) seems to be of the front end of a Br86. It must have been jealous of the bigger engine and tried to sneak in and get some of its thunder? Time to go build and paint some more... Cheers Kev
  8. modelman182

    Next up - something with a choo-choo...

    Thanks Badder 72nd scale is great for all masochists (and purists, too - so I'm told - ) but for real torture there's always 144th (unless you're a shipbuilder in which case anything from 350th down to 1200th is available for your pain). I'm looking forward to getting started on the loco so that I can get on to doing the groundwork for the display. I would like some reasonably accurate measurements before I make the display base. Cheers Kev
  9. Nice one Bazer. Sgt Squarehead suggested I talk to you, I now see why. We obviously enjoy the same challenges I've just re-started on a Br52 dio that has been stalled for around 9 months. I see you found the camo pattern with Grey, Yellow and RedBrown as irresistable as I did. Though I'm going to do one railcar in plain old grey for a bit of contrast. Fantastic work, and I too love the sheer amount of detail in the dio. One of those presentations that you see something new almost every time you look at it. Cheers Kev
  10. modelman182

    Next up - something with a choo-choo...

    Thanks Sarge The more I do to this the more I'm enjoying it. Now looking to get started in on the locomotive. Railcars are coming along nicely. Once I have the cars, loco and tender done I can get the exact size for the baseboard. All good fun. Kev
  11. modelman182

    Next up - something with a choo-choo...

    Shockingly, it's been 9 months since my last update to this thread (though there are worse lapses by me on other forums). Some commissions, health problems and equipment problems have slowed down my output to the almost unmeasurable crawl of a dormant glacier. Getting back into the swing of things now, though health problems are frustrating me still. Finished parts of the diorama are the R-12 motorcycle, the Jaboschrek anti-aircraft gun and (most recently) the Bf109. I've now got the rail cars underway, the 9.2m open wagon for the 109 and a tank transporter wagon for the Panther. Slow but sure... Kev
  12. modelman182

    Best Israeli Kfir?

    Somewhat surprised that no-one has mentioned the upcoming release of a 1/32nd Kfir C2/C7 from Kinetic. I don't have a release date for it yet (it's listed in their 2018 Catalogue), but I've already got my pre-order in with my local hobby shop. If it's up to their usual standard, it should be quite nice Kev
  13. modelman182

    SAC White Metal Legs - Quality Control Anyone?

    Chris I've always been wary of the SAC products, mostly for the reasons already stated about QC and lack of any innovative design. I did, however, buy one set - after careful consideration and having had a chance to look at the product before purchase. I have their u/c set for the Revell 48th F-15E. The design of the original undercarriage is very good and this, I think, helps the SAC product. Haven't built the kit yet, but have spent some time checking out the SAC legs and they seem fit for purpose - though whether they're really necessary is another thing. I'm adding a full load of resin weapons with the build, so decided to try the SAC legs (but I'll keep the original legs, just in case - especially after reading the experiences of others in this thread ). Kev
  14. modelman182

    Spitifre Pilot

    That's strange, all the advice I've seen for Vallejo suggests that what you've done should slow the drying time enough for ease of use when brush painting. I use Vallejo colours occasionally but still use my Liquitex retarder (diluted, unlike Vallejo's retarder) with them and it does the trick. Sorry I can't be of more help. Kev
  15. modelman182

    15mm Seven Years' War

    Small Soldiers!!! Nicely done. I particularly like the vineyard background (reminds me of the wine sat next to me... hic! ). As you've already noted - the ONLY thing standard about scales is that each one sets its own! Particularly where figures are concerned. Kev