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  1. modelman182

    Some advice and help please

    Does this help, Andrew? Kev
  2. modelman182

    1/48 B-70A

    Oh no... that one is way down the line right now. I'll admit it IS tempting to start it, but I have a pile of things I have to do for others first! My mojo is a little off-kilter right now. I keep looking at things but not DOING them! Must be old age I have been getting in a lot of research for some of my future projects, though. Several interesting dioramas and groups that are pretty much sorted in reference and research terms. Some of them will require some extra purchases, though, so Telford cannot arrive soon enough Just finished checking one group for a VF-84 diorama (Tamiya 48th Tomcat, Academy 72nd Phantom, Academy 72nd Crusader and Sword 72nd Fury) which will be entitled "From Vagabonds to Pirates to Film Stars - a timeline of VF-84" and will have the Tomcat on deck with the others in flight. Should be fun. Your big Valkyrie is looking good. That's a hell of a lot of work, though! I'll tune in again tomorrow to see what exciting new adventures you have for us. Cheers Kev
  3. modelman182


    Brian? Oh no - I would never say him - he's a very naughty boy! (and he isn't the Messiah!) The manufacturer is Aedes Ars - here's a link to their site: http://www.aedesars.com/home My local model shop stocks a few of their kits and I know that they're available through Amazon and a few other online retailers. Cheers Kev
  4. modelman182


    Ha ha - touché, sir. In all honesty, it's a bit small to be of any use. It's a 'Starter kit' from the people who make castle kits using ceramic brickwork (they also did the Stonehenge I built last year). The card is simply a template. The bags at the back of the pic are (from L to R) individual bricks [or perhaps stones would be a better description], roof tiles, paving slabs and static grass. Building it for my LMS to display as he stocks a few of their larger kits. Nice work on the window frame. Damn, that brush is coming in awfully handy, isn't it? Kev
  5. modelman182


    Of course.. you do realise, Badder, that there are EASIER ways to do all this.... hee hee hee... Kev
  6. modelman182

    Some advice and help please

    I'm afraid that butchering the kit seats may be your only option. E D Models' Airwaves PE was taken over by Hannants some time ago. They have just re-issued the PE set for that particular kit, but do not have the replacement seat listed for the kit. You could try emailing them and asking for further advice. I've always found their responses to be quick and accurate. Wish I could offer more hope, sorry. Kev
  7. modelman182

    Italeri /AMT XB-70A Valkyrie

    Gentlemen, I'm beginning to see a theme developing around the construction of XB-70 kits. It appears that, in order to build one, one has to be barking mad! It is, therefore, hardly any wonder that I am contemplating such a move. Thank you - and do have a spanking good time! Kev
  8. modelman182

    1/48 B-70A

    Hi Nikolay I started in on the assessment of the Italeri kit, but found this thread by another forum member which covers all the difficulties I identified. So rather than repeat all his advice, here's the link to his thread - well worth a read if you wish to tackle the Italeri kit. Nothing has changed since his 2009 thread - my kit is the latest release [2014] and it's identical. The General produced a truly wonderful result from this kit, but admits that it fought him all the way. Hope this info helps you - it certainly doesn't deter me. LorenSharp - sorry if this is a bit of 'kidnap ' of your excellent thread. I shall desist and get a new thread started on the 72nd version as soon as I get to it. Kev
  9. modelman182

    Tweaking Revell's 1/144 727 kit

    Great start, Dennis. Neat solutions for the windows. Keep it coming, please Kev
  10. modelman182

    Advice Needed: Next Step?

    That's looking great, planehazza. Subtle but distinct. Great work That canopy looks scarily Alien-like with its masking on... Kev - checking in from his tablet at work while on my break
  11. modelman182

    Particle effects (smoke/gunfire/bullet impacts)

    Hmmm.. now THAT resonates - I have a small Iron Man figure that might look good in that sort of scenario . Thanks for the idea. Kev
  12. modelman182

    Revell A400M Atlas: ZM406, 70 Squadron

    Oh yes - another good one to follow. Got one of these in the stash, which I bought by mistake (honest, guv, it REALLY was a mistake!). I later bought the 144th scale one I had originally planned on buying for a 'Heavy Haulers' diorama. Great start so far. Kev
  13. modelman182

    1/144 Airliner kits: new (old) Revell 727

    Most Likely. Though I am a builder of glacial speed, especially when I get other ideas for the build! Kev
  14. modelman182

    1/144 Airliner kits: new (old) Revell 727

    I do hope that the sand/fill/sand part of the job is fun - cos I've just bought a 144th vacform 747-100 in BOAC colours. That is definitely gonna try my patience! LOL! Kev
  15. modelman182

    Advice Needed: Next Step?

    Yeah - I think the corruguard is usually applied on or near the leading edges for added protection. The way he was slapping that stuff on it could've been treacle!? If that's how apply your gloss you must go through lots of sanding sticks to get a smooth finish! Kev