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  1. modelman182

    Best Israeli Kfir?

    Somewhat surprised that no-one has mentioned the upcoming release of a 1/32nd Kfir C2/C7 from Kinetic. I don't have a release date for it yet (it's listed in their 2018 Catalogue), but I've already got my pre-order in with my local hobby shop. If it's up to their usual standard, it should be quite nice Kev
  2. modelman182

    SAC White Metal Legs - Quality Control Anyone?

    Chris I've always been wary of the SAC products, mostly for the reasons already stated about QC and lack of any innovative design. I did, however, buy one set - after careful consideration and having had a chance to look at the product before purchase. I have their u/c set for the Revell 48th F-15E. The design of the original undercarriage is very good and this, I think, helps the SAC product. Haven't built the kit yet, but have spent some time checking out the SAC legs and they seem fit for purpose - though whether they're really necessary is another thing. I'm adding a full load of resin weapons with the build, so decided to try the SAC legs (but I'll keep the original legs, just in case - especially after reading the experiences of others in this thread ). Kev
  3. modelman182

    Spitifre Pilot

    That's strange, all the advice I've seen for Vallejo suggests that what you've done should slow the drying time enough for ease of use when brush painting. I use Vallejo colours occasionally but still use my Liquitex retarder (diluted, unlike Vallejo's retarder) with them and it does the trick. Sorry I can't be of more help. Kev
  4. modelman182

    15mm Seven Years' War

    Small Soldiers!!! Nicely done. I particularly like the vineyard background (reminds me of the wine sat next to me... hic! ). As you've already noted - the ONLY thing standard about scales is that each one sets its own! Particularly where figures are concerned. Kev
  5. modelman182

    Spitifre Pilot

    Nice One Dave. Personally, I think I prefer the way you've mounted him. Looking down on him it gives the impression of forward motion with the grain. Out of interest, which retarder did you use (and at what dilution)? I only ask cos I've just finished a large figure done almost entirely with acrylics and found no problems. FYI, I use Lifecolor acrylics and Liquitex retarder (at 1:20 dilution in de-ionised water). Now.. when are gonna build the aircraft to fit him in??? Kev
  6. modelman182

    Moebius 1/10th Death Dealer

    Thanks Ted. Worth falling victim to temptation for this one, for sure. I know I did! Kev
  7. modelman182

    Moebius 1/10th Death Dealer

    Thank you C-F-4U and Jim for your kind words. Glad you liked it. Kev
  8. Just finished this one, which I've been working on for a few weeks. Thanks for looking Kev
  9. Got one of these in my stash and I decided I wanted a LUT for display, so I bought the EduCraft Card Model (available here: http://www.educraftdiversions.org/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=1%3A144-LUT). It's not as detailed as building a plastic/metal/whatever replica, but it comes with great instructions on DVD and lots of reference pics. Happy to help with any questions - just PM me. Kev
  10. modelman182

    Navy Bird's Complete Waste of Time 2017

    It may be a small tally for the year, but each of them is perfectly formed. Love that they are all 'clean' airframes and yet look truly lifelike - a testament to your subtle eye and deft touch! The SHAR is a real beauty! I wish you well and hope for a long and productive future for you. Kev
  11. modelman182

    Mike's Output - 2017 was an odd year

    Thanks for the New Year chuckle, Mike. I've just decided to abandon today's building (working on a 32nd scale Lynx) and chill out for a bit before I return to work on the morrow. Your stewardship, care and guidance of the site is always appreciated and I hope that your mojo returns real soon. Kev
  12. modelman182

    My 2017

    Thanks CF4Uncle - I must admit that I have enjoyed every one of those builds. My problem is now storage for unbuilt kits - with an output of 7 and an input of 100+ I'm getting to the stage of "if I don't build I can't buy!" and that's a crying shame with all the lovely new stuff coming along - not to mention my current nostalgia kick!! Kev
  13. modelman182

    cmatthewbacon's class of 2017 -- 11, and all on wheels

    Some lovely stuff there, Matt! I didn't know that Revell did a 24th scale Maserati Bora (my ALL-TIME dream car!) - now that I know I shall have to have a good look for one. It may help with my plan to design, print and build a 1/12th scale one for myself. Kev
  14. modelman182


    Always great to see your diorama stuff, Badder. I'm sure that I shall have to 'borrow' some of your techniques and ideas for builds/dioramas that I have planned for the future Kev
  15. modelman182

    My 2017

    Hi guys and gals Here's my modest output for 2017: Wasteland Warrior [War Griffon Miniatures, 1/10th scale] Airfix 24th scale Hurricane - built OOB using supplied glue, paints and brushes Mixed scale Revell Star Wars fighters 1/135th scale Stonhenge - built as 'staged progression' of the kit MiniArt 1/16th scale Gladiator Airfix 1/72nd scale Defiant [new tool] and finally, Trumpeter's 1/144th scale Me 262 Not a lot for a year, but easily more than I've made in a year for some time! Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Kev