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  1. modelman182

    1/48 B-70A

    Wow, Loren. She's beginning to look 'well used'. Love the weathering effects - very convincing. "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast" as a well-known space hero has been heard to say! Keep it coming, sir. Each time I see it it just gets better and better! Kev
  2. modelman182

    Avro Shackleton AEW.2

    Stunning work, Chelle. I love to see a nice clean airframe. They never looked that clean at Lossiemouth Kev
  3. We'll always be the first to find fault in almost every model we make - that and AMS combine to create the 'Curse of the Modeller'. You should defo be WELL pleased with the result you've managed with this scheme. It looks striking. TwoBobs do a set of decals in 1/32nd, which are still available from some suppliers. The only thing that gives me caution is the back-grading of my Block 50 kit to a Block 30. Not a major issue, but it's something that would bother me with a kit that is as good as the Tamiya. I may just call it "artistic licence" and make the airframe as a Block 50 with the Block 30 scheme and decals. We shall see. I have MANY other projects that need finishing before I even start that one! I look forward to drooling helplessly over the RFI Kev
  4. Looking real nice, ph. Not far off completed now. The more I see of this the more I want to do my Tamiya 32nd one in that scheme. Maybe... one day... Kev
  5. modelman182

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Just purchased 'an old friend' on CD - Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells - the 2009 remastered edition. Every bit as good as the original and a refreshing new slant in some parts. Thoroughly enjoying it Kev
  6. modelman182

    Why do we keep adding to the stash?

    Well, BB, whilst sanity has made inroads into your modelling life, I (and I'd guess probably many others) am still 'accumulating' happily. I only buy what takes my fancy, but if I see it and can afford it I get it cos there have been too many occasions where I've decided not to buy something I fancied building and then later found that it was either 'unavailable' or only available at seriously silly prices (I saw a Hasegawa 1/72 P-3C Orion at Telford this year at three times the price I paid for the same kit at the Gloucester show). Of course, the second hand market has been very good to me of late, but even that is starting to elevate the prices in line with current kit pricing policies. My calculations would suggest that I have to live until a healthy 150 in order to finish those kits I currently have at my current build rate. I'm hoping to reduce that time period when I retire in a couple of years from now. Whatever happens I (and I'm sure this is true for almost all modellers) get great enjoyment from my stash - even if I don't find the time to build them all. Your system works, though, and there may come a time when I'll have to accept sensibility and stop filling every spare space in my home with unbuilt kits Kev
  7. modelman182

    Focke Wulf Fw190A-8

    Don't dismiss the supplied paints, Shellie. Last year I built the 24th scale Hurricane using the paint and brushes supplied with the kit. Had to use some distilled water and Flow Aid to get the paint consistency right, but it turned out 'not too bad'. Hated doing the decals without solutions or Gloss and Matt coats but got there in the end. The object of the exercise was to build the kit using 'mainly' what was supplied in the box as an example of what could be done. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Butcher Bird. Kev
  8. modelman182

    1/48 B-70A

    Ok - I now have a vision of you strapped to the Great White Beast as it glides across the ceiling summoning your fellow modellers to join the madness! Holy Moley - 2 Kilos!??! Time to dig out the Skyhook and some wire cable to hang that baby! Great work on getting the engine pod and intakes fitted and fared in. Kev
  9. modelman182

    Hawker Typhoon Mk.1b Car Door Hasegawa 1/48

    Looking very nice indeed. Seems there are many of us with one of these lovely kits (myself included, thanks to fellow BM'er Colin). I shall follow along and learn more about this graceful beast. I picked up the CMK Engine resin at SMW once I'd got the kit from Colin and have since decided to add the CMK cockpit, the Eduard PE upgrade and TechMod's decals for Roland Beamont's mount. Also gonna add ICM's RAF Personnel to make it all into an engine maintenance diorama for a workmate. Kev
  10. modelman182

    Revell 1/24th Cobra 427

    Thanks Snowman. Here's the latest update. Got a week off work and am hoping to get this completed and to give it to my mate (who has a Cobra which is currently having its engine upgraded to a 4.6L from a 3.5L V8 - lucky guy!). Final body work finish is almost done - just got to polish it and then add the numberplates and finish fitting the brightwork. Here's how she looks right now: Looking forward to getting her done. Kev
  11. modelman182

    1/48 B-70A

    Awesome! The Great White Beast is being tamed one piece at a time. Looking fantastic, Loren. Having seen how good the tail underside looks with those vents open I shall HAVE to do that with my 'baby' XB-70. Spent some time at Telford yesterday, but it was really only a shopping and collection visit. Hardly looked at any of the display tables and had decided before I went that I wouldn't take any pics. Did see Airfix's latest 24th scale release - the Grumman Hellcat - but it holds absolutely no interest for me. Managed to get two of the four items on my shopping list but doubt if I'll go back there again on the first day as it was loud, tiresome and far too crowded to enjoy a browse. Possibly Sunday will be quieter so I shall try that next year. Fortunately the two items I failed to acquire are easy to get online at a sensible price. Some of the second hand kit prices in the show were appallingly high! Mind you, the HpH and Zoukei Mura stand had some pretty shocking numbers after the £ sign, too! Hmmm.... a big Valkyrie, a big BUFF AND a big Seamaster? I've got it! You have a large glass fronted warehouse nearby your house and are working on making it into a 'scaled down' museum for your local community and surrounding area - that must be it... isn't it? Cheers Kev
  12. modelman182

    Blenheim Prototype 1/48 Contrail vac

    Sorry Neil, no thread on that one yet. When I get back to it I'll start a WIP, but that may be a while yet. Kev
  13. modelman182

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Visited my LMS today - picked up MiniArt's 35th Sharotank, Revell's 72nd OV-10 Bronco and this... a neat little work holder with two croc clips, an illuminated magnifier and a soldering iron stand. Only cost me £7.50 - BARGAIN! The soldering iron and sponge I've added from my electronics toolbox. Will be perfect for any electronics/lighting projects and a whole host of other uses too! Sorry about the quality of the pic - just a quick snap from my phone for this post. Kev
  14. modelman182


    Okay Badder - it's about time you came clean with this! I think you have a Time Machine and that you're determined to build something that has 'evolved' over a couple of centuries into a scale working of a few months. Your processes of building, stripping back and re-building are so like every builder I've ever known that you MUST be watching them... somehow! Whatever it is you're doing, it's wonderful - keep doing it, please! Kev
  15. modelman182

    1/48 B-70A

    OMG! Your masochism has been TOTALLY confirmed! Wonderful work to re-engineer the under gondola. I'm in awe of your dedication to this great beast. Just say the word and I shall supply you with the PE scan in 48th and PDF printable format. Great solution for the intake floor, but a load of work (like I need to tell YOU that!??). More please. Kev Getting heartily drunk for a Saturday night