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  1. Sorry Chris only just seen your Q, I would say it’s possible but the fibre optic would be the challenge as it’s hard to hide in such a small place. The main tip I’d give if you are going to light it up is to plan 2 steps ahead so you don’t get light leaking through. I used Tulip black paint which worked VERY well. Good luck with the build!!!
  2. Thanks, it is Jack and Rose lol the kids insisted good luck on your build. I done a work in progress so hopefully you won’t get caught out like I did!!
  3. Excellent, weathering looks good!!
  4. Excellent! love the weathering as well as the stand!!
  5. Love the mud and the tracks!!
  6. Excellent, i need to practice my scribing!!!
  7. Hello all, just put the steps on work in progress if anyone is about to build this kit. Im more used to 1/32 so this was new for me! Thanks for looking all!!
  8. Hello all, thought i would share this build to let people know how the kit fits. To be honest it wasnt to bad, bit of flash here and there. First thing was to get rid of the joint in the intake. Couldnt really think of the most effective way to do this so like the cockpit, i painted first then fitted and covered. The kit came with ALOT of decals, never used them in the cockpit before but i felt they added a bit more detail. Lots of dry brushing here lol I went bold and used white!! Starting to come together now, again used filler to fill
  9. Hello, Yes pretty much everything. I was lucky to get it on Ebay for £90 and it came with GMM fences, davits and masts to name a few. I had to scratch build the anchor on the front as the model didnt have it. Thankfully a fellow member 3d printed me an anchor that fit!
  10. Thanks all if I was to do it again I wouldn’t have the LEDs so uniformly spaced. But every day is a school day
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