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  1. Woohoo! Lancers! Will they be house Griffith too?
  2. How have I missed this?! Great work, on that first marine especially. How’ll you be doing the Death Guard? Cream/green/bronze or green/bronze?
  3. I do like the head- is it one of the stock ones? Or is one of those FW knight heads?
  4. Nice! Like the far left (warden?) especially
  5. I don’t know about the mechs, but they’re beautifully painted (as are, from zooming in, your 40k models). Well done
  6. Aw man, that’s harsh.... great modelling. Hope you’re ok
  7. Great! Will the props have spinner patterns on them?
  8. Very nice! Might I suggest some simple heraldry on the Knight’s shields? Chevrons etc.?
  9. Coming on great! Might a red stripe round the fuselage work on the camo? could look good.
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