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  1. @Mike @treker_ed Hmmm. Odd. I’ll try it again on another browser and see if that works. If not I’ll go back to the older theme like the boring stick-in-the-mud I am . Now that I think of it, I haven’t updated the OS in a few months, so I’m a little behind, but not very. I’ll try to get that up to speed later today. Thanks guys!
  2. Hello, I’m on an iPad, and today I opened up Britmodeller to discover a new site layout (presumably) just for safari. However, I don’t particularly like this version (and it’s pretty glitchy), so is there any way of going back to the older interface? Thanks, DC
  3. DalekCheese

    Hello BM

    Greetings, fellow Bong!
  4. Still in awe of your weathering. Never been able to crack that myself.
  5. Brilliant work! There’s been a much-needed uptick of 40k stuff here recently. Knights are a slog to paint, so well done there
  6. Great stuff. Epic’s scaling was never any more consistent than 40k’s tbqh. Would you mind posting the full-size Hydra that you mentioned?
  7. Lovely stuff. Have you ever considered some Guardsmen?
  8. Where did you get him? That’s a beautiful kit, and looks to be bang on proportions-wise. The postman delivered the GW Cadian Command Squad.
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