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  1. Well, after much drama on another forum, I’ve left it. Britmodeller is my online “home” now.


  2. Might I suggest GW’s Guilliman Flesh for the skintones? It’d need sealing, but I imagine you’ll be doing that anyway.
  3. It’s over. Huh. Odd feeling, really; one of the first posts I made here was on this thread. Still, he’s come out beautifully, you should be proud.
  4. That’s a nice kit/ diorama. However, I’m not sure that it’s the best time to be buying from China
  5. Fun fact- David Graham, the voice of Zippy, was also the Daleks in the 70s/80s, and had several roles in Thunderbirds.
  6. What an odd little chap! I like him though, lots of character. And nicely painted, which always helps such matters.
  7. “Just as planned!” I like the little decal- Hydra Dominatus indeed! Lovely paint scheme. Well done.
  8. Coming on nicely! The plastic Mk.III and Mk. IV kits are an absolute godsend. The resin ones are OOP now, I think, but they were far too expensive. I’m still kicking myself for not picking up the Calth/Prospero box sets when they were available.
  9. Building a yellow submarine with to-scale John Lennon? Jokes aside, it’s looking great.
  10. I like it. Will the feet be bulked out at all? They are currently pretty smol feet.
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