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  1. Ye Gods, it’s conflicting information like this that’s prompted while forums and websites dedicated to deciding what shade of grey the props were in Genesis of the Daleks :eyeroll: EDIT: I’m not joking. And worse.... I’m a member....
  2. Great! I’ve got one of these, all painted up
  3. Oof, I can relate to that. Well, whenever they come along I’m sure they’ll be great.
  4. That 1/72 Typhoon was the second kit I ever built! You’ve got some wonderful stuff done. Congrats.
  5. Are those some daleks I see sneaking in on the right...? What are they, the Comet models? You’ve done a great job on everything in this thread. Well done.
  6. Brilliant stuff Will will we we see the Acastus/titans any time soon?
  7. Marines Malevolent are *the worst*
  8. He’s brilliant! I always love models with lots of intricate trim.
  9. Oh, those are brilliant.... what house are they? They look Griffith, but they’d not turn traitor....
  10. I personally would suggest doing some sort of village-type arrangement to get round the size problem
  11. I think they’re white, but you might want to look at a very light grey, something like GW’s celestial grey
  12. Ooh, a Vixen, nice. My Grandftaher used to service Vampires/Vixens back in his National Service days... hated them because they’d go so fast that the rain would strip the paint and he’d have to repaint them,
  13. An alternate reality, completely different from our own...? How about a Tiger that could move for more than 200ft unaided, or has a decent radio?
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