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  1. Perhaps we have become more accustomed to looking at models than the real thing and there are a lot of modellers who tend to exaggerate different panel colours. However, if you look closely at my photos you can see differences. There are colour photos on the Web which were taken on the same day:- https://www.escadrilles.org/histoire-et-histoires/11-ec-1972/ https://www.airhistory.net/photo/77374/42138 https://www.traditions-air.fr/unit/photo/003-6-5.htm It looks to me to be different metals or different surface treatment, but not silver paint. Mike
  2. A few photos from the 1972 Journée Portes Ouvertes at Toul-Rosières. F-100, EC 3/11. Insignia SPA69 T-33, 11 Escadre de Chasse T-33, 11 Escadre de Chasse F-100, EC 3/11 F-100, EC 1/11. Insignia GCIII/6-6e F-100, EC 3/11. Insignia SPA88 Mystère IV, EC 3/7 Vautour IIN, ECTT 3/30 F-100 42160. The first French F-100 to be camouflaged. Mike
  3. The Venom was not around for very long - 1955 - 1962. It was discontinued most likely because of a damaged mould. I managed to find one in Norwich in around 1963 which I sent to a pen pal in the Philippines in exchange for a Japanese kit which was not imported to Britain. Mike
  4. I am surprised at the interest in these old Frog models but Adrian's "Nostalgic Tribute to Frog Model Kits" ran to 40 pages, so, perhaps I should have expected it. Why I did not buy the Victor when it was readily available I shall never understand. Sorry, Adam, I did not know that XA891 was supposed to be silver. The box was labelled "Modelled from Official Plans" and I did not question it. Thanks for all your kind remarks. Mike
  5. 1:144 scale is just too small, 1:72 is too big, but 1:96 scale is right in the Goldilocks Zone. Why did it go away? A couple of old Frog kits which fit comfortably on my shelves. Vulcan Valiant Mike
  6. There is a very small 3-view in Putnam's "Shorts Aircraft since 1900" by C H Barnes. Have you tried asking on Bryan Ribbans' site, http://www.seawings.co.uk/ ? Mike
  7. A Dewoitine D.26 built under licence by the Eidg. Konstruktions-Werkstätte (K + W) at Thun,Switzerland. Photgraphs taken at Prangins in 1989. Look up the registration HB-RAI on the Web and you will find that it is a Dewoitine D.26. The data plate on the aircraft shows D.27 WR. Why? What does WR mean? Mike
  8. "Post your latest photos here", it says. These are my earliest - is that permitted? The Goodyear Trophy at Shoreham in 1954. I don't remember too much about it and haven't a clue as to the camera I used. The negatives are 6 x 9 cm ad not very sharp. However, there is one thing that I clearly recollect. Back then I read that jet aircraft were slow to accelerate and there is a great difference between reading and actually seeing. It was a handicap race and the Mew Gull took off a few moments after the Sparrow Jet and overtook it while the Sparrow Jet was still on the runway! Mi
  9. Michou

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    Thanks, Mike, The photo is of Swansea Bay and I am using Piwigo as recommended by Jeroen for hosting. Mike (another one!)
  10. Michou

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    A test to see if I can post a photo.
  11. The bombs in the Airfix kit appear to have been inspired by a drawing in the AP. Unfortunately the drawing is merely a diagram to show how the bombs are arranged in the bomb bay. It is just a bomb "shape" and does not have the profile of any real weapon. Mike
  12. Martin, that is just one beautiful model of a very elegant aircraft! A little bit of background information concerning the kit. Philippe de Lespinay was a designer at Heller and was mostly responsible for their car kits, but he also designed the LeO 45 - his first aircraft kit! Scroll down to the bottom of the page to read about it. https://www.tsrfcars.com/toys-heller.htm I think that M de Lespinay would be very happy to learn that this 55 year old kit is still giving pleasure to modellers. Something I have noticed about the 1980 boxing of the model - it is labelled, i
  13. Hi Martin, I have been watching the progress of this LeO since the beginning and am itching to see the final result. But! please don't rush it because of a deadline. I can curb my impatience . Mike
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