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  1. Great model, looks really good. I have the Heller Humbrol T3 in my stash. I hope it can make my one look as good as this. Graeme
  2. Quite satisfying how our expectations change as our experience and skills develop. What we probably thought of as a good job some years ago we now see as well below an acceptable standard. Your refurbishment of this model is excellent. Well done. Graeme
  3. Excellent job. Love the scheme. Superb build Graeme.
  4. Very nice. I am working on the Revell Inc version of the F105D T-Stick II just now. I hope I can get it somewhere near the quality that you have produced here. Cheers Graeme
  5. Very nice and in an unusual scheme that I haven't seen before. I like the weathering giving a well used feel to the finish, Cheers Graeme
  6. One of my all time favourite air-frame shapes. You have built a superb representation in a very nice clean scheme. Graeme
  7. Cheers. These look good and very reminiscent of the post war period. I had a flight in the Valetta's cousin, the Varsity, but only ever saw the Hastings in the flesh and your model is a great memory jogger. Graeme
  8. I remember reading the Craig Thomas book many years ago and thinking that it would make a good film. A few weeks later I found that a film was due to be released. For a 1982 film it was a very futuristic looking bird and your modelling makes it look as sinister as it did in the film. The black canopy only adds to the sinister feel. Nicely done. Graeme
  9. Just finished this 1998 boxed Sepecat Jaguar T2 as EV of 6 Sqn RAF in 1997. I was well into the build before I found a post on another modelling site that was reviewing various Jaguar T2 model kits. The recommendation for this Matchbox kit was to give it a miss. Oh well I had already started. The injection moulding was quite poor with parts of the main undercarriage well structure missing and the nose cone distorted. The fit of the parts left a lot to be desired with large gaps requiring filler. More filler was required to reconstruct the nose, but I am not convinced that I have the profile right. There was no cockpit to talk about and the seats are very poor. When you scale up the kit seats the seat base would have been 52cm wide. I bought a couple of PJ Productions resin seats and scratched some side panels to fit out the cockpit. I also changed the main undercarriage doors to reflect what I found on reference images. Otherwise the build is OOB. The paint was Vallejo Model Air, Revell and Humbrol acrylics, mainly airbrushed, but with a few brush touch-ups. The decals showed their age with some silvering on a couple of the larger ones, hence the need for the paint touch-up with a brush. The kit was a bit of a struggle but I have something that looks vaguely like a Jaguar T2. The images Thanks for looking. Take care and stay safe. Graeme
  10. A recent build finished about a month ago that I have just managed to photograph. This was the 2010 boxing of the Airfix Spitfire Mk1A and built oob. The kit is a lovely build with superb fit, sometime so tight that I could have omitted the adhesive. The images Thanks for looking. Stay safe. Graeme
  11. The links just take me to the Photobox home page. Is there something I am missing?
  12. The links to photobox don't seem to work.
  13. Very eye-catching. Lovely build. Graeme
  14. Once again a very nice Vulc. Cheers Graeme
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