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  1. Very nice. Brings back memories of flying (hopping) one of these at the school playing field just after getting my gliding wings when I was in the CCF.
  2. Nicely done. I like that you have corrected the shape of the front screen. It looks much more convincing than the kit original shape. Graeme
  3. Very nice. Saw the real one a few years ago at Edinburgh.
  4. Very nice. I remember seeing Air Anglia's Dakotas at Aberdeen in the late 60's / early 70's, when I was a mad, spotty spotter.
  5. That is really nice. Lovely build and finish. I saw it at the '72 Farnborough show, in BEA colours. The image is scanned from a slide so please excuse the quality. Cheers Graeme
  6. Thanks Markus. I have to agree; the challenge of the basic kit gives me a lot of satisfaction when I complete something that looks the part. Cheers Graeme
  7. Thanks. I think this is part of the reason that I build these old kits; it takes me back to being a kid making models in my bedroom. Your recollection on the split shot is right; I have so many nuts, bolts, shot and liquid gravity in the nose and it still only just sits on its nose. Cheers Graeme
  8. Thanks. I think that the images make it look better than it really is. I like doing the older kits, it's a little bit more of a challenge and I think that they are a bit more forgiving with the finish than the fine detail in newer kits. At the end of the day if you are happy with your end result, that is all that matters. Cheers Graeme
  9. Thanks Mark. Thanks Grizzly. The detail I have found have XA466 as a COD 4. I don't know when it went in to the Sky/EDSG scheme, but the pic referenced above shows it in this scheme in June '76. It was resprayed at RNAY Fleetlands in June 1978. As it was struck off in December '78, I would presume that this was when it returned to RAFBG.. It must have been in the Sky/EDSG scheme for at least a couple of years. It is still in the RAFBG scheme at the FAAM Yeovilton. Cheers Graeme
  10. Thanks Alistair. Just like a parent and their ugly child, they still love them. Cheers Graeme
  11. Thanks Steve. Yes there is not much to the kit ,but it comes out really nice. A lot of the fun in this one is getting a colour scheme that you like. I thought of making this as a T5, but liked the connection to Lossiemouth in the COD version. One word of warning, this is a definite tail-sitter and needs a lot of ballast, the completed kit weighs in at 85g, so there must be about 50g of ballast and you just need to touch the tail for it to sit down. Cheers Graeme
  12. Thanks Tony. As SAT69 states Carrier Onboard Delivery. Thanks. The COD version of the Gannet was a conversion of the AS4 (Anti Submarine) version, with the retractable radome and all the related gubbins (equipment) removed. The radar was located behind and below the rear cockpit. I presume that the weapons bay was also repurposed to carry cargo. The weapons load on the AS Gannet was about 2000 lbs, plus the weight of the displaced radar would have given a cargo payload of maybe 3000 lbs. Nothing like the payload of the Greyhound. According to Wikipedia there were only 6 examples of the COD version. Cheers Graeme
  13. Thanks John Thanks Brigbeale. Yes very odd shape and the pilot seems to be in a sit up and beg position. Odd, but somehow appealing. Thanks Wulfman
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