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  1. I used to live under the approach path to Dyce and would get the DC3s of various carriers plodding along on their way in. It is always nice to hear a piston plodding along rather than the current fleets of jets. I had to search around to get the decal sheet, eventually finding a small supply at AvaitionMegastore.com. Cheers
  2. Thanks for sharing. It certainly looks 'unloved'! It should be a crime.
  3. In an earlier scheme sometime in the early 70's, again at Dyce in the days of minimal airfield security.
  4. That's the Eastern Airways scheme shown on the ESCI kit box and would be after 21/10/81.
  5. Thanks, I think this is my favourite of all the Daks that visited Dyce back in the day, (Intra, Air Anglia, Skyways, etc.). AMPO had about 20 changes of owner/charterer, and a spell in Norway, after leaving RAF service. Maybe more than one of these changes due to debt recovery. I had seen an image, dated 5/10/85, of AMPO with the rudder patch on Airliners.net, presumably taken sometime before your Newcastle images because it still has the AIr Luton titles. Aces High ownership is recorded as starting on 6/10/87. Graeme
  6. The blurring problem is because I have exceeded the new hosting limit that restricts free hosters to 25MB of hosting bandwidth beginning June 1, 2019.
  7. Hi all This is my latest production and last of the backlog for RFI. Back in 1983 I had a flight in a DC3 at an airshow at Dyce, Aberdeen. The aircraft was G-AMPO of Air Atlantique in their, then new, Green Stripe livery. I loved the look of this livery and the memory of the flight has lasted. When I returned to modelling I was browsing through BM and found an example of G-AMHJ in the Air Atlantique blue stripe livery, That set me looking for a set of the green stripe decals by 26decals. I then looked for a suitable kit of the DC3, winning an old ESCI kit on eBay for a very good price. Nice to see that the image on the box was the aircraft I intended to build, albeit in an older scheme, and with a previous owner. The build was fairly straightforward with good fit of the kit. I did some alterations to make the kit as close to the plane I flew in as possible. I cut and glazed some extra cabin windows and scratched some extra seats in the cabin so that it was the 32 seater I was in. In hindsight that seemed a waste of time because you can't see in the cabin. The 26Decals were excellent and easy to work with although there were a coupled of errors; the emergency exit marks for the cabin roof say 'EXIT HERE IN EMERGENCY' when it should be 'CUT HERE IN EMERGENCY'. I have left these as they were. The other issue with the decals was the plane has three emergency exits through windows but there is only 2 on the decals sheet. I resolved this by painting a red square onto the decal film, seems to work ok. While the plane I flew in was basically out of the paint-shop I have chosen to present my interpretation as G-AMPO appeared in 1985, looking quite grubby and bearing recently added Air Luton titles. My presentation is just before the new titles were added. On to the pictures. Thanks for looking. Graeme
  8. I have replaced the images with links to Flickr. Hopefully this will resolve the blurring problem.
  9. Hi This is the third of my backlog of models for RFI. I needed something 'easy' after building the Revell Inc MIG-21 so opted for a Hurricane IIC from Academy. This is my first Academy kit and I found it an enjoyable build. I built this straight OOB, only correcting the serial number. The decal for the 3 Squadron RAF example is shown as ZB464, but should be Z3464. I am a long way from mastering weathering so this Hurricane looks as if it has been in hard battle for some time and not been subject to any cleaning. Thanks for looking. Graeme
  10. Very nice. Brings back memories of airshows in the 70's. Graeme
  11. Thanks. I understand that the Type 77 FL was a downgraded export version of the Type 76 PF, so essentially similar in structure but with the wide chord fin. All the images found on the internet were of the FL variant and I did note that there were many variations of the camo schemes in operation, presumably from the unit level application. Eventually I decided to just follow the paint scheme in the Revell Inc instructions while fully aware that they were probably not fully accurate.
  12. Thanks. I used the Vallejo Model Air Cockpit Emerald Green “Faded” 71331 for the cockpit interior. It was not an exact match for the PE but it was close enough. Good luck with the Eduard kit, it can't be as bad as the Revell Inc kit. Graeme
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