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  1. Superb! As said earlier the model in the diorama looks convincingly real. Well done. Graeme
  2. Lovely model. I flew from Brize to Luqa, Malta in one in the early 70's. Brings it all back.
  3. As you said "...it just looks right", and your model does it justice. Thanks for showing.
  4. Hi I recently ran the Lakeland Quick Shine product (https://www.lakeland.co.uk/20286/Quick-Shine-Floor-Finish-800ml) undiluted through my H&W Ultra with no problem. As Ratch says flush through and clean with airbrush cleaner. I was a little lax doing that and found the next time I used the airbrush that the pull back action was not working. There was some dried polish on the needle that a wipe with airbrush cleaner resolved. Cheers
  5. Thanks. Yes, the tiger stripes are lots of little decals to match together. I was into fixing them before I realised that they should be placed in a specific order. That caused a few problems keeping some loose on the model while I fixed those that would determine where the stripes should lie.
  6. Yes, quite over the top, but they usually are for the tiger meets.
  7. Lovely, brings back memories of the 1970's airshows at Leuchars.
  8. Hi all There are a number of 'firsts' here: Posting to Ready for Inspection Model in more than 20 years 1:32 scale model Attempt at airbrushing Attempt at weathering This is a straight OOB build; it was difficult enough without adding more firsts. The kit wasn't difficult but I need to think about the order that I do the construction and painting. I have learnt a lot from this project that I will be able to use in my future builds. Thanks for looking. Graeme
  9. I have created a workaround by fabricating and fitting thicker replacement pegs onto the pylons. These will tightly fit into the existing holes on the wing allowing the pylons to be rotated as the sweep of the wing changes. I think that just articulating the problem has brought this solution to me. Thanks for viewing my post.
  10. Hi all I am not sure if this is the correct forum but I am looking for a little help or guidance with a problem I have encountered in my build. It might be that the answer is somewhere in BM but I don't know where to look I am building a Revell 1/32nd Tornado, basically as an OOB build. As this is my first serious model in 20 odd years I don’t have any background to gauge the quality of the kit. I have found that most of the fit has been good and I have only needed a minimal amount of filling. I have however experienced a number of problems driven from the order of the build. I keep knocking off parts of the kit. I think that these problems are really from kit design issues. The kit design needs you to hang the ordnance pylons on the wing before fitting the top and bottoms together. So not long after I get the wings glued together I knock off one of the pylons, I can’t deny that I can be ham-fisted. That was relatively easy to fix,; fabricate a new peg, split open the wing, find the connector clip and refix, reseal the wing. Job done. The wings and tail assembly are fitted between the top and bottom of the rear fuselage before they are glued together. The rod connecting the two sides of the tailplane obstructs the access to finely align the seam of the rear fuselage so you need some filling to smooth the sides. Trying to smooth the filler and then paint around the tail, well the tail got knocked off. I decided on a different approach to resolve this problem. I cut a bit of sprue and filed a flat portion on each end. A small slot just big enough to tightly grip the sprue rod was cut into the tail at the pivot point and the sprue rod glued onto one tail piece. I then filed out the hole in the rear fuselage to accommodate the size of the sprue rod and added some additional strengthening around the hole. Problem solved, I can now add the tailplane to the model after the painting. So now the problem I don’t have an answer to, but I am sure someone out there has experienced something similar and has a solution for. I have broken off two of the pylons from the wings, again. I did say I was ham-fisted. As the wings are now painted and embedded within the rear fuselage assembly I don’t really want to have to split the wings again to recover the fixing clips. The wing sweep function is working well so I would prefer to not have to glue on the pylons permanently. Is there a way to make new pivots for the pylons that are stronger than the original plastic pivots and fit them to the wings without having to split the wings so that the pylons can rotate. Any insight that you can give me will be most appreciated. Thanks Graeme
  11. Indeed it is. I am enjoying my return to the hobby and viewing the WIPs are giving me the encouragement to improve my skills and to move beyond OOB builds. BM is an absolute mine of information to help us lesser skilled modellers. Keep it up Ced, I will be following your builds. Thanks
  12. This is an awesome build. I would be happy to build to 10% of your standard. Regards Graeme
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