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  1. I want one! I would like to do a aircraft based in the Philippines.
  2. I am in, one of my favorite cold war fighters.
  3. The pre-war French bombers are really ugly, and interesting. I wish there were more modern kits available. Not kits based on 1960's Heller designs.
  4. Outlander , All Souls trilogy and Babylon 5.
  5. I have two 190's and a TA-152. I am in.
  6. How do I insert my work in progress thread to my ready for inspection post?
  7. I am just about finished with this model. I made the exhaust stacks from .060 aluminum tube,
  8. I have finally got this thing painted. In the past I have used Model Master Enamels and Tamiya acrylics. I used AKA interactive on this model, primarily because they had a set of USAAF colors that contained # 42 medium green. I have mixed feelings about it. I first sprayed the model with Tamiya primer. The AKA paint goes on very smooth and thin, but scratches easily. If you sand it, the paint does not featheredge but seems more like a skin and rolls up. I think I will try Hataka next time.
  9. I have got a Hobby Boss 1/48 Mig 17F I could build.
  10. Me, I have a Eduard 1/48, Mig 21 I want to build.
  11. I am in. I have plenty of Luftwaffe fighters, both day and night, to build.
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