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  1. I put photos of a BF-109 g10, at the US Air Force museum in Dayton Ohio, in the reference section if it will help anyone. I took these in 2019.
  2. Very well done! I have no hope that the old Williams B-10 that I am working on will turn out that good.
  3. Photos of a BF-109 g10 I took at the Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio, 2019'
  4. I could have put the props on later, but I would have to glue the props fixed. I still like to have the props turn. I don't hold it out the window when I am in the car, Like I did as a kid though.
  5. It took quiet a while to mask this, but it's ready for it's final color.
  6. The Stones, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith. Guitar driven classic rock from Chuck Berry up till the nineties. That's about my cutoff date.
  7. I am using Mr Surfacer 500, to try and smooth the new cowling’s into the nacelles
  8. Thank you. But I have three different decal sheets I can use. I appreciate it.
  9. The Azur kit is nice. After I started building this kit, I got one. I made resin copy's of the cowling's to use on this model.
  10. My entry to the group build. My last two kits have been old models that I have been trying to make silk purses out of sow's ears. It will be nice to work on a model, that by what I have read, goes together nicely and has aftermarket parts available. And I have ordered a box full of detail parts for it. As slow as I build, I probably won't finish by the time limit, but, I will have a go.
  11. I have got the cowling’s attached. Now, for more filling, sanding and blending.
  12. I had to make aluminum adapters, so the engines would set correctly in the cowling's
  13. I agree with you about the cowls. It just looks better with the later model engines. As far as I know, the Dutch were the only airforce to use the B-10 in wartime, in any significant numbers. That's why I wanted to do the Dutch version.
  14. Very slow progress on the B-10. The original nacelles were slightly bigger than the new cowlings. I am blending them in.
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