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  1. Does anyone know of a publication that has a 1/72 scale drawing of an early B-26? I have one of the Monogram B-26 Snap-Tite kits and the Squadron, Vacu-formed Tail gun kit. The earliest Marauders had spinners on the props, the Monogram kit does not come with them. I might be able to use a spinner from a P-51 or a Spitfire, but I want to be able to compare them to a scale drawing to get the best fit. I can modify the spinners, but I need to know the shape of the originals. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I am starting a Revell 1/32 BF 109G-6 early version. It will be overall, RLM 74,75 and 76. I am looking for airbrush paint recommendations. I like Tamiya paints, but they don't offer sets and they have no reference to RLM colors. What other brands of paints perform similar to Tamiya? I have not had much luck with Vallejo. Has anyone tried the ATOM paints by Mig?
  3. I see Dora Wings is going to release a P-35A. I guess it will just come with new decals. I ordered the J9 and I am going to build it as it was in the Philippines.
  4. The Seversky J9 was the export version of the P-35. They were being produced for Sweden. Some of these were embargoed and were taken over by the US Army Air Force. Sixty were sent to the Philippines. Yellow Wings has decals for the Philippine P-35, s. So, couldn't you use the 1/48 Dora Wings Seversky J9 and the right decals to make a P-35 That served in the Philippines, or was there some difference in the model and the aircraft that were delivered to the Philippines?
  5. A companion for my Dutch Martin bomber. Build thread here:
  6. After building a few airplanes I am getting back into model railroading. HO Broadway Limited Baldwin Centipede Seaboard SAL.
  7. I just about got this plane painted. I just need to spray the landing gear. I made the roll bar out of wire. Next, is gloss coat and decals.
  8. A lot of people are getting back into model building. I returned after over a decade. Don't worry about your stash, it will just get bigger.
  9. I probably should have painted the cockpit, interior green, instead of aluminum. The area behind the pilot will need to be painted and I doubt it is aluminum. Well, too late now.
  10. This model has been delayed two months, first by a cold, then the holidays, Covid and a hospital stay. But I have started work on it. I have painted the underside aluminum and masked off the bottom. I have got the first coat of green on. Next will be to mask that off and apply olive drab.
  11. Well done! I always loved Cold War Soviet aircraft. I have one of those kits, but I am going to get a few more NMF's under my belt before I tackle this one.
  12. TISO, I have read the first volume of "Bloody Shambles " and that is what got me interested in this theater.
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