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  1. Thank you very much Gary! Glad you like it My great Grandmother family, Carmen Steel Crawford, came from Liverpool and she was born in La Serena, Chile. Several of her relatives (uncles, cousins, etc.) fought and gave their lives on the Great War and WWII. For me there's a special link with the RAF and the Fleet Air Arm
  2. Very useful tip, Joachim. Thanks! For the next one (probably Airfix, or maybe Arma Hobby?) they will be spot on!
  3. It's a Humbrol Satin varnish (acrylic). Maybe the lights makes the photos look shiny and gloss, but the real thing is OK for my eyes. Thanks for your comment!
  4. Beautiful Mirage from the FaCH! Congratulations, superb job. Viva Chile!
  5. Thanks Troy! It is an honor for me to have your knowledge at my post. Long live to the Hurricane!
  6. Hi Folks! After I bought this kit I realized the tons of info and reviews written about the legendary Hurricane on 1/48 scale (thanks Troy!). However, I decided to give it full throttle to the Italeri kit, as a challenge for my amateur skills. And boy the beginning was tough! Cockpit assembly (with the add of a spare Tamiya pilot) was a violent skirmish, but the Force prevailed. Thanks Obi-Wan! Fuselage and wings needed a generous amount of putty... but after that, everything went very smooth. And -the most important thing- I ended up quite happy with the results. Well, enough talking. Here are the photos of the Hurricane P 2923, No. 85th Squadron, VY R, September 1940. PS: Oh, I know the spinner colour was black and the edge of the wings were painted Sky... but I gave to myself some historical permissions. Hope nobody gets annoyed. Cheers and happy modelling, Cris.
  7. Thanks Andy! Actually all the Mirage 50 were lately (early 90’) upgraded to ‘Pantera’ standard, which you can appreciate in your photo. Lots of changes, including a larger nose cone, new RWR and chaff dispenser, etc. 503 in the photo shows the low-visibility cammo that all of them adopt in the late 80’. Cheers my friend.
  8. Hello fellas! On 1980 Chile bought 16 Mirage 50 to France as tensions with Argentina keep 'hot' regarding Picton, Nueva and Lennox islands on the Beagle Channel. At the same time, USA forbid selling spare parts and logistics to the new F-5 Tiger II acquired in 1976, due to human rights issues by the chilean dictatorship at the time, and the UK delay the deliver of new engines for the chilean Hawker Hunters, hence Chile did not have other option but to buy the last version of the delta french fighter bomber as Argentina got nearly thirty IAI Daggers by Israel between 1978 and 1981. The Mirage 50 was a late development of the Mirage 5, with a more powerful engine Snecma Atar 9K-50 (7.200 kg/thrust, 2.2 mach) and a new radar system (Cyrano or Agave options). I used the kit by Kinetic Mirage III/5 South American, as the Mirage 50 is identical to the Dagger, with the exception of some antennas. The fit of the kit was far from awesome, specially the air intakes and front wheel bay zone, but with a lot of sanding and putty it work out fine. For decals I used some spare chilean emblems from the AFV F-5 Tiger II and Trumpeter A-37 Dragonfly. Although the Mirage 50 can carry air to air missiles (israeli Shafrir II) the FACH used them mainly as a strike aircraft to ground and naval targets. I used the supersonic RPK-10 aux fuel tanks which can carry up to four 250 lbs bombs each, in this case, with 2 Mk. 82 Snake Eye bombs on the interior wing pylon and one M. 117 bomb (750 lbs) on the central pylon. This Mirage 50 FC served with serial number 504 of the FACH's 4th Group at Chabunco Air Force Base (Punta Arenas) in 1985. FACH keep the original french cammo from 1980-1985, later applying a low visibility one to the entire fleet. So, enough talking, let the photos show you my tribute to this elegant french delta guarding the chilean inlets of Tierra del Fuego during the 80' and 90'. Best wishes from Chile and happy modelling to all! Cris
  9. Oh boy! What a beauty you have done here Jorge. Stunning FW 190! Deserves to open a large barril of fine liquor to celebrate this piece of art Congratulations my dear friend! Cris
  10. Congrats Duncan, that MIG looks awesome! Aren't these stubborn and "fighters" kits the ones that lately we most tresure and remember?
  11. Hi fellas! A little update on the Tiger III ordnance. After a very interesting conversation with a former FACH pilot who flew the F-5E Tiger III on the late 80' and early 90', he was adamant that the main task of the chilean Tiger was interception and aerial superiority, so 4 AAM are more accurate regarding the actual ordnance of the local version of the F-5. Hence, I removed the GBU's and installed another pair of Pythons IV (alternative could be a pair of -also israeli- Derby missiles). GBU capability o the chilean Tiger is real, but that task was given to the Mirages in the 80'-90's and since 2006 to the F-16 Vipers.
  12. What a wonderful kit! You made an spectacular P-38, gorgeous plane and superb modelling skills! Congrats, bravo, kudos!
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