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  1. Thank you very much dear "O"! Cris It's an honor coming from such distinguished fellow modeller like you. Gracias! Cris
  2. What a beauty! Really nice job on the oldie but goodie kit. The Eduard gave me troubles with the doors, can't keep them close! Keep rockin', Cris
  3. Hi my friends, During last south hemisphere summer I built this nice kit by Eduard. Good fit in general, not the recent Eduard standard, but after all a decent P-39. Only issue were the cockpit's doors. I tried to keep the left one closed as the records of war time use to describe, but the transparent separates piece didn't fit OK the fuselage, so I kept them open. I always like to add pilot figures to my kits, and for this Airacobra I used a USAAF Tamiya pilot (I name him 'Lio Messi', as his face resemblance the argentine idol, lol). Used Lio Messi also on my last 'Flying Tiger" P-40B. The cammo on this particular unit, the 46th FS, part of the 15th Pursuit Group, was used in the spring of 1943 when the fighter were deployed to Kanton Atoll in the Phoenix archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. Due to the conditions on the island, almost completely lacking vegetation, new Airacobras were repainted in the combination of the sand color on the upper and side surfaces while the lower surfaces were sprayed in light blue. Cheers to all, happy modelling! Cris.
  4. Beautiful Arado! I just got one of these second hand... Really nice work. Eternal love to seaplanes!
  5. What else can I say my dear George! You threw the ball out of the perimeter with this Red Devil. Amazing work dude! Keep rockin'! Cris
  6. Thank you very much. Yes! You are absolutely right about the american national insignia, I'll give them a flat brush-over. Thanks again, Cris.
  7. Hello Dear Friends! After the japanese 'Pete' I chose to build the american counterpart, the ubiquitous Vought Kingfisher. Not the prettiest kite over the Pacific during 1941-1945, but surely one of the most important unsung heroes of that war front. I got lucky and found a 1990's reissue of the old 1967 molds by Monogram. As a lot of you dear fellows know the Monogram kit suffers from a lot of shortcomings and innacuracies, mostly regarding the EDO float, the engine cowling and the rather spartan and simple cockpit. To fulfill that deficiencies I ordered the superb Flight Engineering pack with all the troublesome parts rebuild in resin. 10 points to the FE pack! The other interesting experience I had building this lovely seaplane, was the search for the correct colours of the 3-tone (actually 4-tone) cammo of the US Navy since the early 1943... I put my confidence in the accuracy of the AK Real Colors Intermediate Blue and Sea Blue to reach the goal, but the result was rather dissapointing when I compare their tonalities with some color photos of the time. I decided to intervined the 2 colours, adding some more blue and a little bit of red... and the results -at least for me- were much better. So... enough words! Here are the photos of this rugged and sturdy sea bird, ready to get catapulted from some American battleship or cruiser. Cris.
  8. WOW! What a beauty! Superb paint and weathering job! Congrats
  9. Thanks! Totally agree. Next on the bench is a Vought Kingfisher! Eternal love to seaplanes.
  10. Hi Folks, Just finished this lovely Hasegawa kit. OOB except for the photo etched parts (mostly the wires) sold separately by the same company and the figures that came from the spare parts box (Tamiya I believe). Excellent fit, good details and handy decals. First time using the black basing technique and pretty satisfied with the results. I used mostly AK Real Colors for the model. All the best, Cris.
  11. If I remember well I used some old Sidewinders, and scratch some things to gave them the actual look of the Shafrirs II. Paint job (black canards, white body and the pair of red lines) is crucial. Later I saw that Reskit sell some beautiful aftermarket Shafrirs... but for USD$40 (considering shipping to Chile) I held to my scratch missiles. Cris.
  12. The kit in general is quite good. Just a few things missing, but not a big problem. Overall fit is very good, not Tamiya good, but very good. I didn't use rockets as I decided to show it with the Shafrir II missiles, as the 1978 tensions with Argentina arouse regarding the Beagle Channel controversy. Desert scheme! Nice! I've seen it very few times. Vespa models were excellent. Best regards, Cris
  13. Hi Bojan, you can find additional info about the Hunters involved in the events of Sept. 11, 1973 on the book by David Francois titled "Chile 1973. The other 9/11. Downfall of Salvador Allende".
  14. Hi Bojan, the specific planes that attacked the Presidential Palace are not known for sure as the videos and photos of the moment are quite blurry. But you can guess them regarding the unit asigned for the task. In case you want to build a Chilean Hunter I highly recommend that you can buy the excellent book (on Amazon, as e-book too) FIRST HAWKER HUNTER CHILEAN FORCE. I attached some profiles of J-702 from the book. Greeting, Cris.
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