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  1. Nice! Looks quite like this colourized photo: Chris
  2. Another reply: When going out( extending): The front of the rod is bent and pushes the doors open. These will hang against a support on the landing leg. When entering ( retracting As soon as the aforementioned support has passed the edge of the door, the rod slides along the edge and thus keeps the door open. As soon as the curved part (front) passes by, the door will press itself shut. Used GOOGLE Translator for this. And this: Chris
  3. The FROG Grumman Avenger and the Academy Grumman Avenger are almost identical. Chris
  4. I have this old FROG sheet that I bought back in the late 80's/early 90's. You can have it, if you want. Chris
  5. Reply from the Dutch Aviation forum: " Is a guide for the wheelbay doors. These doors were closed by an elastic cord. The guide had to avoid that the doors got damaged by the wheels. " Chris
  6. Regarding the bars on the main wheels, I have posted the question on the Dutch Aviation forum. Awaiting a reply. Chris
  7. I retired 7 years ago, but stayed in our small city. Neither me nor the missus really felt like going out to the country. We both grew up on farms some miles from small towns, so that didn't really appeal to us. Also, two of our 3 daughters live here, where they were born and it's nice having them near. Our city ( population around 80,000 ) is the biggest place in the upper corner of Alberta. A 2 hour drive south puts you at the first place of habitation, a small village of about 100 souls. There are a few small towns as you drive the next 2.5 hours before you get to the city of Edmonton, where there is much more going on. We do make the trip a few times per years, as our middle daughter lives there. Also we will usually do a Costco run one the way out homeward bound, after hitting a few shopping malls and hobby stores. Wherever you go, Jerry, make sure you have Internet connection and keep in touch here, on the forum. Chris
  8. The Fw 189 had a retractable tailwheel in the centre of it's tailplane. Chris
  9. I'm quite sure the Do 17 is a re-pop Monogram kit: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-04655-dornier-do-17-z-2--102293 Chris
  10. Posting these for Geoffrey Sinclair: Chris
  11. Built one of those in the mid 70's and got one in the stash. Chris
  12. I've got those FROG decals in my FROG collection. Oh yeah! That build looks great! Chris
  13. Because it was the first use of an atomic weapon in wartime, against a city filled with civilians. Some people still get upset by this. Chris
  14. My first P-39 was also from Revell and was about the same timeframe. This kit: Chris
  15. I think I would have searched through the spare parts until I found something that looked close, then done a hack & slash and glued that to the kit part. I may even have cut up an easily replaced kit and then bought another kit. But then, I don't have skills that are any way near to Heather's. Chris
  16. Well, that's a definite " Oh ! " moment. I hope the recovery goes well. Chris
  17. When I used mine, with Tamiya paint, thinned at about 45% paint, 55% X20A thinner with a few drops of Retarder, the pressure on my compressor gauge was around 12-15 psi. I also used Gunze-Sangyo and Mr. Color Leveling Thinner at about the same ratio. Both sprayed fine. I know I used the small jar for either the Tamiya Flat Aluminum on the underside of the Hurricane or for the top side Dark Earth. I can't remember which. Why your's is sputtering I cannot say, as my experience is very limited. Hopefully, others will know more. Chris
  18. This is my Badger 150 IL. Bought it in the late 80's but have only really used it a few times, a couple years ago. I have only used the small metal cup and the smaller glass jar. Both worked fine. I wonder if your plastic tube that runs from the metal cap to the bottom of the jar is connected tight enough into the cap? Chris
  19. dogsbody


    Greetings from western Canada! Chris
  20. Yeah, that Tamiya XF-71 is a good RAF Interior Grey-green substitute. Chris
  21. Greetings from way off to your north. Chris
  22. Yes, black warhead with steel body. From Aviaeology: The bodies were also smeared with grease to help seal the internals from seawater. Chris
  23. For future reference, torpedo and rockets were never carried at the same time. It's either one or the other. Chris
  24. I await the arrival of that issue. Sounds like some good reading. Chris
  25. Where ya't in Alberta? I'm up in Fort Mac. Chris
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