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  1. What host site are you using? When I try to open your photos on a new tab, it says URL signature expired. Chris
  2. Though not a very clear image, because it's an enlarged view of a picture that was scanned from an old magazine, it does show that the inside face of the tail fin did not have the fin flash. Chris
  3. This is the https option from V.P: https://village.photos/images/user/b8901548-b317-43db-99f2-8ddb73d0179e/22140c1b-e216-4d64-817c-28c8e93ba802.JPG No picture! Chris
  4. Alcohol: It's good for what ails you. If nothing ails you, it's good for that, too. Chris
  5. But I can't see them, just the link that I have to click on and open in a new tab. My test: http://village.photos/members/Chris7421/My-Photos/204212/Sushi-14 https://village.photos/images/user/b8901548-b317-43db-99f2-8ddb73d0179e/22140c1b-e216-4d64-817c-28c8e93ba802.JPG http://village.photos/images/user/b8901548-b317-43db-99f2-8ddb73d0179e/22140c1b-e216-4d64-817c-28c8e93ba802.JPG Well ! Apparently nothing from V.P will post here. I even tried all 3 by using the Insert Image from URL box, but that didn't work either. Chris
  6. Check the fit of part A7 into the nose, the round bit that holds the prop. I didn't on my build and it stuck out a bit proud of the nose. I had to mount the part in my Dremel, set to a slow spin, and thin it down on the rear face. Chris
  7. Testing! https://village.photos/images/user/b8901548-b317-43db-99f2-8ddb73d0179e/83baac9e-7132-4655-81b2-4e32ec2f0d02.jpg http://village.photos/images/user/b8901548-b317-43db-99f2-8ddb73d0179e/83baac9e-7132-4655-81b2-4e32ec2f0d02.jpg Chris
  8. Airfix has this set now, with a newer molding of the David Brown tractor and the trollies. https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Bomber-Re-supply-Set-RAF-World-War-II.html Chris
  9. Member @Geoffrey Sinclair has asked me to post this here: Chris, for Geoffrey
  10. Yes, I see that now. I went back to the start of Simon's build and saw it was the Starter kit he was using. I then went downstairs and checked the one in my stash. That's when I realized what Airfix had done. My bad! Chris
  11. Ah! I see the issue now! You're building the Starter kit that comes with 4 paint pots and the instructions paint numbers have been changed to match those four colours! Please disregard my above comment! Carry on! Chris Chris
  12. And the undercarriage bays should be painted aluminum, as per the kit instructions. But it's your kit so paint it any way you wish. Chris
  13. I started my Hurc in January 2018 and stopped work on it after I effed up the top camo during my first real airbrush usage, in September 2020. By that standard, you're moving at lightspeed! Chris
  14. The house where my friend lived, when I first heard the album, had a small room downstairs that he kept his music and small stereo in. Another friend painted some of the album artwork on the walls of the room. I well recall the large jet-powered pterodactyl. Chris
  15. XF-16 is Flat Aluminum. XF-22 is RLM Grey 02. Chris
  16. No dog! When using Village.Photos, use the Secure Image URL option. Now, I'm using a desktop PC, so I don't know how V.P works when using a hand-held device. Chris
  17. Some information from Carl Vincent ( @Carl V ) " I really appreciated the fabulous detail shots of the PBY-5A eyeball turret and the additional RNZAF information, I thought that some equivalent information regarding the RCAF’s Canso A’s might be of interest. The momentum behind this can be undoubtedly laid to EAC’s 162 (BR) Squadron which, detached from Reykjavík and operating from Wick in June 1944, sank five U-boats having three Canso A’s shot down in the process. These losses were laid down, at least in part, to the pitiful forward armament available for flak suppression. As a result, efforts were made to enhance this. The first was the provision of two additional guns in the upper portion of the nose hatch, the second the addition of the eyeball turret and, next, the provision for a total of four nose guns. All of these modifications, at least as far as 162 (BR) is concerned, was done on site in Reykjavík. " Photo 1, Canso A 9810 with the provision for two nose guns, not fitted here. Photo 2, Canso A 11090 with the eyeball turret and provision for four guns. Photo 3, Canso A 11066 with the turret and all four guns fitted. Carl Chris, for Carl
  18. I was just going to do a little metallic acrylic paints experimenting, when I realized my Stormhost Silver has gone a bit thick and lumpy in the bottle. I put it the shaker for a few minutes, but it's still lumpy. What is the best thing to thin it down with? I have seen plenty of info to thin it for airbrushing, but I just want to brush it on. Chris
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