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  1. alanmac

    Model Shops UK

    Salisbury Model Centre Salisbury Model Centre 37 Fisherton St, Salisbury SP2 7SU Phone:01722 334757 Great shop, owned by Declan who is always welcoming, helpful and informative and a keen modeller himself. Good stock and also does model railway items. Also he plays a very active role as a member of the Salisbury IPMS branch. https://www.salisburymodelcentre.co.uk/
  2. You think the 1:16 kit is expensive, so you are going to make your own injection moulded one and you think that wont be expensive to do...... and I assume believe you can make one cheaper than buying one.
  3. I guess your referring to this one, which isn't fake imagery Look like field modifications rather than factory built production models.
  4. It's a fake, been circulating on the internet for a few years. The original picture of the T34 they "photoshopped" the 88 onto. Alan
  5. That's because the figures on AliExpress are recast copies of genuine figures, sold by thieving scumbags who if allowed to continue will result in many genuine figure companies closing.
  6. Sorry but the seller is just another scumbag recaster of other companies figures. Those figures in the listing are recast copies from a company called Tank. These days I've yet to find genuine figures in resin from any seller in China or Hong Kong. There are even a few on Ebay saying they are located in the UK but when you read their feedback it complains they are in China really. some in Russia as well There are certain signs to show what isn't genuine. These can be anything from " no more box" as creating a replica box is too much for these low lifes thank goodness. S
  7. alanmac

    Box art

    hi Yes, I have to admit many kits in my collection were brought on the basis of the box art, when really I only had a passing interest in the subject. Here is an example, not much desire to build a Sherman till this came along, brought on the boxart alone. I love the older Tamiya ones of my youth. Real pullers on the pocket money those were Maybe not technically accurate in shape or proportion but exciting enough to save up weeks of pocket money to buy. Nowadays anything by Ron Volstad like the Panther picture i
  8. Wasn't the Covenanter a disaster, and although many were built, none were accepted for service by the MOD? David Fletcher is quite scathing about it in his video. Number two in his" bottom" five
  9. Hi Well it depends how accurate you want your kit to be. Off the shelf or out the box, which ever you want to call it would be either The Rye Field Model or the Dragon/Cyberhobby kit mentioned above. Bear in mind the Rye Field comes with full interior I believe which some have said isn't completely accurate and the Cyberhobby kit was a limited edition white box release, meaning it's no longer available and if it comes up second hand it goes for silly money. Tamiya do a a version of Otto's Tiger but it isn't as accurate as the other two. Like I said it d
  10. alanmac

    1/35 Tiger I

    Hi Tamiya fixed the turrets on the Tiger 1's long ago, so that comment is incorrect. If you do go for Tamiya with aftermarket tracks, depending on which ones you choose that you could put you up to the price of a Dragon Tiger anyway, but that'll probably have DS tracks and you may not like them. The moulded on Zimmerit in early releases from Dragon was a bit heavy and over defined. The Mid Tiger they released a while back had good moulded on Zimmerit. If you want a Tiger for your collection but don't want to bother with Zimmerit, then it needs to be an Early, with the drum style turret cup
  11. Hi doing an image search via Google for German Fuel Drums will bring up plenty of examples. The were mainly constructed of non rusting alloy, some painted, most it seems not, with steel bands (which did rust) around their circumference. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=German+WW%22+Fuel+Drums&client=firefox-a&hs=iWc&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=nts&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=tBRyVOfKNJW1sQTZq4LwBA&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAQ&biw=1488&bih=1066 http://sdkfz7.free.fr/index.htm http://www.missing-lynx.com/library/german/feuergefahrlichdm_1.html M
  12. Hi Johan further image http://www.tiif.de/bilder/S33vergleich11.jpg and of course if you don't have the decals Bison do a set inclusive of S33 http://www.bison-decals.com/35144.html regards Alan
  13. Hi johan As you've already said this is the well known photo of S33. I've seen the text under this photo quoted as " End of 1943, fighting in the Zihtomir sector; Tiger S33 (with S13 following behind), sKp/SS-PzRgt.2, SS-Panzer Grenadier Division Das Reich. Note the impacts from anti-tank rifle on the front plate, and the divisional sign on the right - this unit marking was used from the Kursk offensive until the Winter of 1943-44. Also visible is the "Springender Teufel" (Jumping Devil) on the side of the turret." There is another picture of this tank having its track repaired which gives
  14. Hi johan As regards the extended fenders on the Panther, I know of these ones but not of who might have stock close to you. But at least you have the knowledge of one type available if you can find them. Hope it helps. Alan http://artisanmori.web.fc2.com/mgp08.html
  15. Hi A nice finished rendition of it here http://www.network54.com/Forum/110741/message/1367088573/Zvezda+Tiger Alan
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