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  1. Hi Just to add that a good indication of the kit being a newer release, rather than anything from the Gunze era is if Ron Volstad did the box art. He started doing their box art about the time they started to introduce their Smart Kits. You'll see his signature on the illustration somewhere. In my opinion some of the best artwork ever on a kit box. Alan
  2. Hi Looking good and done so quickly. Makes me feel terrible having it sat there unmade and what it could look like when done. Glad it went to a model builder and not a model collector Top job. Looking forward to seeing Panzer III built. Alan
  3. Dragon Smart Kits are not ones dating back to the old Gunze Sangyo. Take a look through Terry Ashley's old reviews. Sadly due to health issues etc he doesn't do these reviews anymore, instead has a Facebook page he interacts on. Worth printing as pdf's in case the web site stops. some of the best reviews of their time and for many the benchmark as to how a kit review should be. https://www.perthmilitarymodelling.com/reviews/vehicles/dragon/dragon.htm Dragon's marketing message has been a bit all over the place and they've tried different sales techniques/names. most of the Smart Ki
  4. For those wanting deeper shelves you can always look to either using or adapting the Ikea Metod kitchen wall cabinets or look at the various options that Besta has to offer. For example https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/besta-frame-white-00245842/ Then chose some doors to fit such as three of these. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/sindvik-glass-door-white-clear-glass-90291858/ At about £100 all in + however many shelves you want. Might not be as cheap as making yourself but when you consider, time, carpentry skills, painting etc, then it probably is. Another example from th
  5. Hi Interesting build. For those who lack the required carpentry skills but can put flat pack stuff together there is the Detolf cabinet from Ikea as a freestanding possibility. Most folks know about these and there are modifications made with clips to the side uprights, to accommodate glass shelves, performed by modellers to increase the shelf number. I doubt you could actually buy the raw materials for this at the price Ikea sells it for. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/detolf-glass-door-cabinet-white-80269122/ Alan
  6. Hi I have a yellow mains powered Rotocraft. It has variable speed control on the side of it but doesn't go down slow enough. My solution was to buy a plug in dimmer swith and use that to control the drill speed. Works fine. Just set the drill speed to full on and adjust with the dimmer. I'm sure it'll work on your mains unit, and if not return it to Amazon. I did read that you have a solution now, just thought it might help others reading this thread wanting a cheap ready to go solution.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mercury-DMR-1WHT-Plugin-Dimmer-Switch/dp/B000LAU04K
  7. I find that a strange remark given, as I understand it, VAT operations became part of HMRC several years ago. I know when I dealt with VAT when I was VAT registered back in the mid nineties it was a separate entity but was soon to be amalgamated into HMRC. I no longer have a VAT registered business.
  8. I wonder what occurs regarding Ebay charges as fees to the Sellers. A few years ago they changed their terms and conditions to include postage cost as the total amount they levied their commission on. This was mainly due to sellers giving very low prices for item cost but excessive postage cost, to decrease their commission liability to Ebay. Will Ebay charge their commission on the full amount , including the 20% tax, or just the unit price and postage? If they do the former then that may well put some sellers off from selling into the UK via Ebay.co.uk
  9. Although I have hardly purchased anything modelling related from abroad I didn't realise what impact it would have on those wanting to buy the odd small items from European sellers and how they (the sellers) would view the situation. It is disappointing but understandable why some sellers just don't want to be bothered in the increased work to become unpaid tax collectors. As already mentioned, hopefully this will mean any packages arriving from outside the UK will have already had duty paid and won't be subject to any further handling charges or costs, which has happen
  10. hi Continued excellent work As regards the gun loading tray, whilst I think from side on view it does appear the thickness of the kit part I have a feeling in reality this is sheet metal formed to give it that edge, so it is indeed thin. Of course I challenge anyone to try to reproduce/shape something as small as that in PE, so I'm guessing the best option is the one you chose, the kit part. Alan
  11. Hi Just looking at Ebay I see a lot of the items listed for sale have a "+20% tax" to be added under either the buy it now or bidding start price. These are of course from non UK sellers. On the one hand this may be good for UK shops/sellers as buyers will consider and look more favourably on their prices and availability, but not so good for those buyers use to buying much cheaper kits direct from China etc. This is just an observation, not a comment or something to start a debate on Brexit and its ramifications, although obviously this is a result change
  12. Hi I think in these times many are looking at ways to retain some form of normality and virtual shows are something that has been tried as from the comments above. How successful they are I'm not sure this has been quantified. Personally I think any type of virtual event lacks one important factor, in a word......... atmosphere. You view it in the same context as a web site and that's normally a very solitary experience. I compare it to the production of television programs, etc. Whilst all could be recorded, edited and then transmitted many shows still hav
  13. Hi Simon Thanks for detailing sharing your application technique. Now you just have to tell me how to keep my hand steady Seriously though, I've used a similar technique but was using a different glue, it wasn't gel type, so I think that might be the reason it wasn't as neat and clean as your finish. Good luck with the build. Looking good so far. all the best. Alan
  14. Hi Got to say that is some very neat and tidy PE work. Apart from a very steady hand what do you use to secure it in place? I can't see any residue of glue etc. Cheers Alan
  15. alanmac

    Model Shops UK

    Salisbury Model Centre Salisbury Model Centre 37 Fisherton St, Salisbury SP2 7SU Phone:01722 334757 Great shop, owned by Declan who is always welcoming, helpful and informative and a keen modeller himself. Good stock and also does model railway items. Also he plays a very active role as a member of the Salisbury IPMS branch. https://www.salisburymodelcentre.co.uk/
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