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  1. DMC

    Colour of Rigging Wires

    Clearly not black, at least on this Camel. First clear photo i’ve found where the wires weren’t overshadowed by the upper wing.and looking black. Some interesting replays to my question and I’ve learned a thing or two. Thanks everyone. Dennis
  2. DMC

    Colour of Rigging Wires

    Thanks everyone. Plenty of information and suggestions here. Idle curiosity is not my reason for asking. Over on WIP I have a Revell 1/28 Camel on the go and sooner or later I’m going to have a bit of rigging to deal with. My first attempt. If you’re not familiar with the kit, it comes with rigging thread and pre-drilled holes for same (not sure about using them). As it comes, the thread is limp, probably too thick and just a bit rough for metal look rigging. However, with an application of plastic tube cement it smooths right down and stiffens up considerably: second sample. The third sample has a light coating of Vallejo aluminium on it if a NMF is required. I aware there are several types of rigging material available and every modeller has his preference and this thread might not be one. I think, however, that I’ll give it a try. It was just the black or metal finish that I was unsure of. Again, many thanks for all the input. Very much appreciated. Dennis
  3. DMC

    Colour of Rigging Wires

    Thanks all, apologies for late reply. Eye treatment at Queens Hsp yesterday. Display and iPad keyboard still a bit of a blur. I’ll be back. Dennis
  4. DMC

    Colour of Rigging Wires

    Some weeks ago a BM member stated in a WIP thread that the rigging wires on RFC aircraft were, say, on a Camel were Japanned,, or lacquered black. I’d always thought silver, or NMF. I’d appreciate any input on this matter Dennis
  5. Thanks, Marklo. By all means let’s have another Sopworth, or two. W W1 biplanes are in short supply on BM. Probably because of the rigging requirement. Keeps me away from them anyhow. Thanks, Mikel. “Child’s work”, not at all. I’ve enjoyed following your thread. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with the rest of it. Cheers goys Dennis
  6. Finally found a good clear photo of the magazines for the Vickers. Only the very tops that direct the cartridges into the breeches are normally seen but some pilots had the hump opened up to provide access to the breeches. TL and TR: However, as they rest on the air intake rack they also provide placement of the guns in the correct position. BL: Decided to remove the rear part of the kit hump ad vacuum form a new one. Not sure yet if I’ll do the hump as factory delivered or one of the several pilot modified versions. BR: The kit rotary is halfway to being a Bentley BR 1 as the crankcase is faceted for the cylinders whereas the Clerget is perfectly round. The Bentley’s cylinders have bolts holding them to the crankcase while the Clerget uses a clamp setup. I’ve done two of the bolts as an experiment and think I migh, over time, eventually do the rest. The pushrods will need replacing also as the kit ones are about 1 1/2” scale diameter. The styrene ring is a spacer and the kit rods are guides. Bentley equipped Camels had two types of cowling, the original Clerget one and an enlarged version for better cooling. The one in this WNW photo is the enlarged version. The teardrop cutouts in this photo puzzled me at first but I can only guess that they exist to provide gun adjustment. Advice on this matter appreciated. Thanks for looking in. Dennis
  7. Excellent, Adrian, you don’t muck about do you. Dennis
  8. Nice bunch (squadron of twins, Rob. Rob
  9. Ahhh, just plodding on with some small stuff. Easy to find pics, etc., on the Vickers but the magazines for the Camel are a little harder. I think I’m pretty close here but need a little more length. The chutes are another matter and I won’t bother wit the bits hidden by the hump. The intake tube is quite prominent in the Camel cockpit so couldn’t get away with leaving it out. Camel pilots made different modifications to the hump in order to ease clearing a jammed gun. Indeed, some had the fitters cut much of the hump away leaving the entire breech expose. I’ve not decided yet on how i’ll treat the hump. I had intended to leave the inspection panel alone even thought the shape and size were wrong but eventually gave to my inner OCD self and shaped a new panel which I will duplicate in brass to use as a pattern for scribing new ones. The air intakes were a bit high so i’ve relocated them also. Stumbled over this last week. Good work, pity it was never completed. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/71424-captain-roy-browns-camel/ The scratch built wicker seat in this one is quite something, and in 1/32 scale even . Divine intervention? https://danceswithwolvezs.wordpress.com/2011/03/26/hobbycraft-132-sopwith-camel-f1/ Thanks for looking in. Dennis
  10. What Stuart said. Dennis
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