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  1. Close enough for my needs and with these latest links can’t imagine needing anything else. The mods are coming along okay but instead of radiused corners they’ll have to be ,well, corners as the frame is a bit small. I believe the windscreen to be the most difficult mod to correct on these old kits. However, I have an idea or two that might prove a better solution to the problem. Thanks for the links, most useful info. Dennis
  2. Thanks, Eric, I’ve been thinking about the Haynes book and I will look into getting a copy. I don’t have that many books, only four, but they have some pretty good pictures which are helpful when modelling. The Squadron Signal book is good for detail stuff, but you probably know that. Wish I started modelling the Shuttle sooner. I’ve been looking out for a reasonably priced Airfix kit but the vendors seem to think they are selling “vintage” kits and price them accordingly. My Shuttle claim to fame is seeing Columbia on the SCA returning to Kennedy after its maide
  3. Thank you, Eric, all very interesting. I know the story of the models but it does cause me to wonder what sort of access Revell, etc., had in order to get such reasonable accuracy. I am currently about half way through Into the Black—Rolland White. A very readable account of events leading up to STS-1, and near disaster, from the very earliest days of the Space Program. Recommended. Cheers Dennis
  4. Well now, sir, these will come in handy as I have the “Atlantis” shuttle up, I hope, next. Did a search for something similar but had no luck. Many thanks, much appreciated. Dennis
  5. No slap dash here, Rob, styrene engineering at its best. Dennis
  6. Looking to enhance various details of the Shuttle, I decide to focus my attention on the windshield area. It is heavily framed with the panes apparently sunk in quite a bit. The kit windshield is a one piece affair with no framework to speak of, just flats that wrap around. I’ve added framework to one side and will try and smooth it out with Mr Surfacer or spru goo. While messing around with the framework I wondered whether using black styrene would have worked and somewhat made the painting a little easier. Maybe next time. Th
  7. Certainly your choice, Rob, and indeed, why spoil the lines of the old lady by having her drop her skirts. Very undignified. Nice work so far. Dennis
  8. Very kind, Chris, thanks for that. I’ll have a look but I believe it was the wing tapes that I needed a break from. Dennis
  9. Well, Rob, I’m still around but have been doing little more than reading build threads. Although I did manage to “almost” complete a Shuttle. Which I found enjoyable. So much so that I’ve been lurking around Real Space & Si-Fi. Our son gifted me with the Revell Apollo 11 Columbia and Eagle kit and that looks interesting and tempting. Just too many unbuilt and half-built kits laying around. Cold weather doesn’t help either. Really sluggish, not my best time of year. Old fingers cold and stiff. Enough whinging, perhaps when you start it’ll give me the kick in
  10. This is a bit late. Outstanding work. William Wyler: one of four. Cheers Dennis
  11. Real Space. What could be more appropriate for a Martian. A better new year for you Sir. Dennis
  12. Getting there. Nice work on the lights. Dennis
  13. Hi Neil, If you mean the real deal, well I don’t know. The Halfords stuff I just bought has finely ground metal particles that show depending on the angle of the light. It look predominantly grey with just a bit of sparkle to it. Cheers Dennis
  14. Hi Phantom, After reading this update, and looking at greys of various shades for my 747 build, I bought a can of Halfords VW White Silver. It is quite a light grey and perhaps not the correct tone for the Negus livery but I like it and think it is close enough to pass. I’ll repaint the elevators that are too dark and post a picture for comparison. Meanwhile, thanks for the tip. Cheers Dennis
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