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  1. Thanks, Steve, I’ll file that away until I’m ready to start the kit. It was an impulse buy after a bit of curious browsing led me here: and to a few other reviews. I’ve yet to rig and finish a biplane and, more recently, have shied away from war machines but I’ll give this one a try after the Flying Boat and Floatplane GB ends. Thanks again. Dennis
  2. Back! Good! Despite your despair this has been a useful thread. As we speak I have one in the post and have now been pre-warned on what to look out for. Good of luck with the rest of it. Dennis
  3. Your thread prompted me to do a little research on the type and the Pavla kit. I found the link below quite useful. Worth a look if you haven’t seen it before. http://www.hyperscale.com/2010/reviews/kits/pavla72066reviewmd_1.htm Cheers
  4. Last year was my final trek to Telford I’m afraid. I’m getting on a bit and a bus, two trains up, the scrum and the same on the return takes it out of me. Would have liked to say hello but there you go. Nothing much needed for modelling anyway. Cheers Dennis
  5. 'Thanks, Adrian. I have an illustration that depicts the hull and floats bottoms in white. Like the M.39, etc. Might go with that. Dennis
  6. Impressive! I have to ask about the vac. Car wash size? Dennis
  7. Thanks, Greg, and happy to share my humble knowledge of anything to do with modelling. A spare tyre. I’ve read about using one but never knew anyone that did. You had a pressure gauge and filter I assume. Around the same time I was just getting to grips with my new Badge 150. I had a large Sears Roebuck compressor. Made a heck of a racket. Can’t remember what paint I used. Water based.I’m sure. Still have the Badger. Chec YouTube vids for inexpensive airbrushes reviews. Dennis
  8. Thanks, Phoenix. Yes, I thinks so too. Pleased with the way it turned. Still learning about airbrushing. Dennis
  9. Nice! You are certainly making good use of “The Book”. Dennis
  10. Well on your way. I think you might make it. Dennis
  11. Doubt this photo will give you any insights, Greg, but the Macchi sure is red enough. The colour is Vallejo Model Air Ferrari red over Halfords “mustard” filler primer. The Model Air is slightly translucent, first coat, and the colour of the primer comes through and warms and brightens the red up. I have tried grey primer with the red but much prefer the mustar/ochre colour. Model Air is advertised as being airbrush ready but I find a few drops of thinner will help it spray better. I suppose, however, that not all the colours are the same thickness so a little experimenting is advised. I used the “Ultimate” brand thinner and must have got the mixture just right as the finish is dead smooth without any flaws. I’ll buff it up a little and perhaps apply a coat of Vallejo varnish if necessary. The elevator rib tapes were done done with the masking tape primer method. I think I prefer the styrene strip method, using .005 thickness styrene. Elevator trailing edges could have been a little finer. Rudder also done using tape tape and primer. All in all, very pleased with Vallejo paints and the Ultimate thinner. Should add that I used my budget KMoon £10 airbrush to apply the paint. I have a thread over on the airbrush page on how I tuned the brush up. Might be helpful. Thanks for looking in Dennis
  12. “Ain’t nobody here but us chickens” (Kramer & Whitney- Decca records 1946)
  13. Litho plate it, Adrian. But what a job that would be.
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