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  1. Hi Mike, Have a look on Station Road Baseboard and see what you think. I bought many sheets of A4 in various thicknesses over a few years and always received prompt service at a fair price. Nice bloke also. Cheers, Dennis
  2. Sorry, Rob, fat finger wrong button poor eyesight.
  3. DMC

    Covid Jab

    But forgot to mention that her taste buds seem to be affected. Tea in particular has taken on a curious metallic taste.
  4. DMC

    Covid Jab

    Madam’s first AZ jab this AM by over enthusiastic volunteer. JAB!. Headache and fever in evening. Stayed in bed Friday with pounding headache, fever and sore arm. Better today.
  5. DMC

    Covid Jab

    I suppose. Rached only told me about the Chinese method today. At least when I had a swab i only had to make sure the trainee nurse got the sequence correct: mouth first, nostril second. (Funny comments on here) Dennis
  6. DMC

    Covid Jab

    Picture this : I am in my second day in a HDU at the QMC. There are six of us in the ward, all old guys with old guy ailments. Mine was pretty serious and I expect to be here recovering for a few days. One of my biggest concerns before the op was, of course, the virus. Hospitals are where sick people are and if you’ve got Covid you are really sick. But no choice in my case so I’ve had the op, happy to have survived it. The nurses are wonderful. Can’t do enough for you and always quick time and with a smile. I love them all. Early in the morning I hear the ward nurse talking to, call him “D”, in a low voice, something about him being moved because he has been in contact with a patient with Covid. I am now fully awake. What the hell is this about? We are now all sitting up and the nurse has been to each one with the awful news that we have all been in contact with this patient. Sweet Jesus, how did that happen? I had to shield for two weeks and have a negative swab test just to get through the front door. Soon we know who the unfortunate person is. The gent in the corner bay near the widow. But how did he slip through the net? The curtains are whipped around his bay, Nurse is in and out, furtive whispering and the tearing of paper can be heard. I am about ready to make a run for it but my nerve holds, and because Nurse has said I’ll be ok, does she know that at 80 I’ve had the first jab?, I stay put. Soon two heavy lifters enter the bay and wheel bed and dreadful looking bloke to who knows where. We all wave as he passes. He waves back with a “sorry about all this” look on his face. A few minutes later a hazmat team comes in , strips the curtains from the rails and gives the bay a thorough going over. Nurse is busy on the phone with names and soon on. The rest of us just sit there dumbfounded wondering if it all really happened. Two on the Covid side left the next day. D on my right right was wheeled off to theatre for an op and D on my left and I were given private rooms and swab tests (2 each) while the entire ward was given a deep cleaning. I am home now under the care of Nurse Rached wondering if we all dodged a bullet and if our Covid ward mate will survive. I never did find out who he was or how he managed to end up in the ward. Life goes on....hopefully for a little while longer. Don’t pass up those jabs. Dennis
  7. Then there are other ways. Have a look at this YouTube video.
  8. Hi Jinx, Nice to see another Shuttle in the works. Good luck with those tiles. I thought about them for a bit but opted for decals instead. Cheers Dennis
  9. DMC

    Hacking Attempt

    Apparently, someone from Leland, Lancs tried to hack into my account with no success. (Thank you mods!) To what advantage I wonder? Single use password. Dennis
  10. DMC

    Covid Jab

    A text to notify me that 2nd jab at the QMC will be a week earlier. Not a lot but very welcome.. Dennis
  11. Mr Socks in a box and his buddy Buster Buster could use use a bigger box. Dennis
  12. DMC

    Covid Jab

    At the QMC, I was given this sticker and a wallet card as proof. Card had batch number, date and space for 2nd jab (April 24th). Roll on the Jab. Dennis
  13. DMC

    Covid Jab

    A little quicker than that we hope, John. Dennis
  14. DMC

    Covid Jab

    Just back from the QMC. Over 80s Covid jab. Very quick and efficient. In and out in 15/20 min. one more to go. Dennis
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