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  1. Coming right along. Here’s a nice computerised image of the S6b cowling. Looks pretty accurate. Also note the wing rad scribing. Yours looks very good. Dennis Link to image: http://www003.upp.so-net.ne.jp/hirano/gal2/s6b/s6b3.html
  2. Another approach perhaps, Stuart. A slightly oversized piece of flat strip would be easier to drill. Leave enough to grip with. Round it off after you’ve drill the hole. About a toothpick’s width maybe. And, the reference material is in the post. Dennis
  3. Well, 2.5mm might be pushing it a bit, Stuart. Good luck with it. Dennis
  4. Excellent work, particularly the cockpit. I have the old Monogram F-5f that I’ve done a little work on. Not in the same class as yours but the shape looks okay. (Just too many interesting things on this site.) Dennis
  5. This stuff might interest you then, Stuart. Last year we bought a couple of pieces ( hurry, sale ends this weekend!) from Oak Furniture Land and it came packed with sheets of it. I saved a few, because that’s what I do, thinking it might be useful for something some day. Sturdy, easy to cut and no weight at all to it. OFL have 99 stores in the UK and there’s probably one near you. I’ll bet they throw away stacks of this stuff after they unpack their display furniture. Just a thought. Note: I am not affiliated in any way. Dennis
  6. I like models that are displayed on a base of some sort, so I thought the Macchi might look okay on a slipway diorama. In 1926 the race was held in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Surly the slipway, not the ramp, must have been concrete as it was located on the Navel Base. Something like this will do with, maybe , water splashes and a few oil stains. Tastefully done of course. Dennis
  7. Hi Chris, I saw this one https://www.umpretail.com/collections/ultimate-modelling-products/products/ultimate-apex-airbrush in a magazine this morning and it looked pretty interesting. Fits right in your price range also. My compressor is something like this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mini-Airbrush-Compressors-For-Airbrush-With-Compressor-Airbrush-Compressor-Set/232865062684?hash=item3637d6df1c:g:ViIAAOSwWWJawkos only it has a tank, which means it doesn’t run continuously. Something to think about if you’ll be doing a lot of spraying. look at the airbrush “how to for beginners” on YouTube. Plenty of info there. Cheers Dennis
  8. A very pretty airplane, if the word “pretty” is appropriate. For some reason I always think “Starwars” when I see an image of one. I like the NASA scheme. Dennis
  9. I’ve a few things that are just taking up space and gathering dust: books, periodicals and part built kits that’ll never be finished(for parts?). list them all under one heading or individually? Nothing special, mind, but someone might be interested. Dennis
  10. Nice. Blue prop and struts as pictured in Pegram’s book? Dennis
  11. Excellent work! Will look impressive when finished. Dennis
  12. Blue would look nice. Caught me off guard there, until I remembered only the headrest fairing and cowling top are blue. Dennis
  13. Ok, by this evening. I’ll have to dig them out.
  14. How are you fixed for research material, Stuart? I’ve a few books on the F-86 that are past their UBD. Dennis
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