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  1. @rob Lyttle http://silverhawkauthor.com/canadian-warplanes-3-the-second-world-war-lockheed-hudson-lodestar-vega-and-ventura_728.html
  2. Probably https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=Q1nN5A5s&id=2424F539624FC33612FC8AE842E781B224D35092&thid=OIP.Q1nN5A5sVPiMN-jwtTCCTwHaEj&mediaurl=https%3A%2F%2Fi.pinimg.com%2Foriginals%2F89%2Fc7%2Fed%2F89c7ed57d2f5bddfbca200641b2e899d.jpg&exph=1259&expw=2048&q=Lockheed+Lodestar+Cockpit&simid=608055008285230631&ck=EBEC57C3C9D217B89503D3386FF5C165&selectedindex=170&vt=4&sim=11
  3. Sure enough, had a good look at the Wylam plans and he indicates plexiglass was used in the opening. Never noticed it before or seen it in a replica. Of course his plans have a few mistakes.
  4. Don’t think so, certainly not glass. Some pilots had enough pull to have it enlarged even more. (As an aside, madam has been watching Octopussy and Bond, Rodger Moore has lept onto a twin tailed, twin engined airplane that’s either a Lockheed or a Beech. Moving too fast to get a fix on it. Two bladed props. Any ideas?) Dennis
  5. Have a pleasant day. Can’t think of anything but i’ll give it some thought. Thanks for the offer, perhaps we could meet up there some day. Dennis
  6. Hi Stuart, i have that book book and I often looked at the Bulgatti thinking it would be an easy scratch build, in 1/48 (shhh, don’t tell Moa). Dennis
  7. Thanks, Richie. Seems I can’t leave anything as it comes out of the box. Always messing around, thinking “can I just tweak that a bit. As for you achieving nothing, well, remember, i’ve seen what you can achieve, your lovely triplane. Old Warden looking doable. Dennis
  8. A little detail. The opening in the top wing is a little more InvolvEd than just a rectangular cutout. There’s a leading and trailing edge and thin side panels that drop a little below the rib shape. Don’t think I’ll be trying the corner wires and that teardrop fitting looks like it might be fun. Thanks for dropping in Dennis
  9. Thanks, Chris, doing the extensions over as I wasn’t happy with the fit. Okay, finally admitted to myself that in order to get a better fitting extension I was going to have to lop off the tail and match up the mould with the blunt end. But first I fitted the dorsal and belly plug and cemented I them in. The extension halves are lightly glued together with a thin slip of balsa between them. After reshaping I split them apart and vacuum formed each half. See #167. Much better now and with that most of the plunging and vacuum forming is done. Beauty in-air of a Lodestar with roundels. Thanks for dropping in. Dennis
  10. You are indeed and the that’s a fair copy of the left hand seat. Two good mods to help me along. Yes, resisted the urge although the old films of those silver birds were very seductive. Far too much interesting stuff out there to play with. Even wire wheeled, fender less race cars. Dennis
  11. Ah, Moa, could have guessed you made one, or more, of these. Very pretty, your usual meticulous modelling. Excellent photography also. Dennis
  12. And a clear photo of the spar. Thanks, I had been wondering how it impacted the interior.
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