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  1. The Mail again. A cinema! Better than the wrecking yard I suppose. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-8879937/British-Airways-747-transformed-CINEMA-private-hire-venue-Cotswold-Airport.html
  2. Progress! Am paying particular attention to the RB211s to see how close I got with my scratched attempt. Am also curious to see if the wings will be attached after the paint.
  3. I like the Vegas, Moa, and have enjoyed seeing this build come together. Last year while reading about Amelia Earhart I began thinking about scratching a 1/32 (oh the horror) Vega 5. I bought the Revolution book, a 1/32 Williams Whirlwind and made numerous copies of Vega plans. Everything but the t-shirt. Luckily I came to my senses and realised I’d probably end up with another half built shelf sitter. So now I’ll content myself with following your peerless Vega builds. Really looking forward to your take on Earhart’s. Dennis
  4. Still with you on this amazing project of yours, @roma847. Your modelling skills were established early on but now it’s your staying power that impresses. Not sure just how you manage it but please carry on. My interest in Real Space has been piqued by your work. I am too far along in years to tackle anything as ambitious but I am enjoying a Shuttle build in 1:144 and reading Into The Black. An excellent account of the Shuttle development and Columbia’s first trip into space. Dennis
  5. Progress! Mounting problem solved. Am paying particular attention to the RB211s to see how close I got with my scratched attempt. And, like Johnny, am also curious to see if the wings will be attached after the fuselage is painted. Another airliner modellers like to attach them before as they are useful as handles when painting the fuselage. Dennis
  6. ...still, John, pretty good for 1/72. Think I might have seen that video. I had some of that tape but thought it a bit much for 1:144. Dennis
  7. Au conraire mon ami, you are definitely an engineer of the plastic. Thanks for that, Dave, clear as a bell now. Dennis
  8. The Mail again: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-8867611/British-Airways-jumbo-saved-scrap-heap-film-deal.html
  9. Three ME exhaust bells are finished, except for painting. Tamiya Extra Thin was used on the first two but for the third I used CA. The CA worked very well after I got the measure of it and wasn’t as messy. Hardest bit was keeping the rings evenly spaced and the stretched spru the same thickness. Photo in a book I have shown a tech working on a bell and his wrist is about the same diameter as the rings. My wrist at its widest point is about 2.5” and that works out to around 0.43, or so, in scale. I note that resin AM replacement bells have thicker rings. Not really sure what those rings ar
  10. From somewhere in Deep Space....... Hello @rob Lyttle, and @Moa, Yes, sidetracked again. No excuse for it except a weakness for next challenge. The Lockheed is ‘resting” but hasn’t been abandoned. Quite a lot to do on it, however, which means another batch of styrene to order. Moa, you’re one of the few that can juggle several balls in the air without dropping one. An admirable feat in modding. Rob, wondered where you were. Should have known you were over in Gasoline Ally. I’ll probably stay in orbit for a while long
  11. Big indeed! You get a better idea next to one in the same scale, but smaller. Dennis
  12. Hi Matt, Looks as though Mike’s got you sorted with your demarcation line. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to use his method as I have a vision thing (AMD) going on and need some sort of physical guide, ruler etc., to help me with straight lines and so on. The mark 1 eyeball ain’t what it used to be. I’ve used this before for model ship waterlines and cutting guides and when properly set up works very well. This is just a quick setup for the photo bet you’ll get the idea. When I get around to using it everything will be much neater. Obviously everything
  13. Yikes! I have decals coming from the US but price was only £20 including postage. Now I’m wondering about customs charges. I have noticed 1/72 Shuttle decals can be a bit pricey. Dennis
  14. Decided, since I had the moulds, to have another try at the ME exhaust bells. Better I think and I’ll save the ones I’m ordering from Real Space for the Atlantis, which arrived here this morning. Painting it was the most difficult part but it’ll pass as long as you don’t look to close. Thanks for looking in Dennis
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