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  1. Thanks Kris. I used MIG's '1945 Late German Set' for War gamers for the underlying camo pattern - although that ended up being a right hotch-potch mess as I was using it more as a practice than anything else. It didn't matter of course, because the whitewash was going to cover all of it, for some time anyway. I then rubbed back some areas to expose the colours underneath and then applied more whitewash - sometimes in streaks, sometimes as a wash. I repeated this process 20 times or more. Inevitably, there were a few 'rubbed back' areas which didn't show the colour I wanted and spoiled the 'balance' of colour (because of the hotch-potch mess I made of the camo) For instance, the fighting compartment LH side panel was lacking in any green. So I simply applied a coat of the green MIG acrylic to the patch concerned and set about whitewashing/rubbing back that area again. In the same way I added red brown and green to the gun mantlet, and dunkelgelb to the gun barrel. The final act was to add streaks to the whitewash. This was either done with neat white ink, or with a wet brush which reactivated the existing whitewash. Rearguards, Badder
  2. Hi Robert, I should have said, I still plan to build a winter dio with the insert idea. Building it with that intention from the start will mean that the inserts can ne planned out properly, rather than trying to fit them into an already existing base. Rearguards, Badder
  3. Badder

    Panzer IV STGB Chat

  4. Badder

    Panzer IV STGB Chat

    Over 120 votes cast (if my totting-up at a glance is any good) That's WAAAAAY more votes than the M3/M4 STGB got, and members OTHER THAN PARTICIPANTS are clearly voting as well. IIRC In the M3/M4 STGB there were fewer votes cast than there were entrants! I don't think that's a bad reflection on M3/M4's though. It could be that these AFV GB's are getting an increasing number of viewers.
  5. Hi Francis, Yes, Nassy will get some stowage added, plus mud and snow on the tracks when she goes into a diorama. I didn't want to add mud/snow until then. I'm nowhere near as quick as you in muddying/leafing up my AFVs or making fantastic dioramas! Rearguards, Badder Hi Stix, Of course I am aware. And I'm very humbled! I wouldn't agree that my modelling is great 'as always' though. In fact I've binned/broken up all of my previous models except the Sherman, Willys Jeep, Universal Carrier and Quad with 24pdr - the latter two only just managing to stay on the shelf. But as I said somewhere recently, I do feel as though I've made a sudden and large leap in the hobby - producing stuff that I can't believe I'm producing. Still, I'm overdue a disaster methinks! Rearguards, Badder Thanks Bazer, If you have any questions feel free to ask, but I think the 'how to' (or the 'how to make a long job of it) is all there in the PzIV STGB thread. Rearguards, Badder
  6. With the PzIV STGB now over and open for voting (if you haven't had a look and a vote, go do so now, cos there are some fantastic entries!) I've taken a few days off from model-making - the first proper break in.... ooh..... a couple of years, at least! I spent the time clearing up my work station - the wife's coffee table - and having a gander at THIS diorama, and pondering my decision to 'winterize it' and turn it into a 'multi-functional display base'. The fact is, it's got a lot of nice details that would be covered up by snow, or in the case of the hedgerow and it's shrubs and plants, would need to be defoliated. Also, as it was never planned as a multi-functional diorama, the layout as it stands isn't really conducive to having patches cut out of it to accommodate inserts. I do have metal mesh embedded in the plaster don't forget. But more than that, this diorama is over half-way completed, with only the trees and shrubs needing replacing/reworking, and the building fitting in place. So, I have just spent an hour or so, having yet another careful look at everything, and have pondered some more. And you've guessed it, I've changed my mind on the winterizing and insert front. What I intend to do though, is re-work the hedgerow, replace the building with the ruined one from my 'Pit Stop diorama, and get rid of the large tree and replace it with two large trees! Now, I'm still unsure as to what vehicles will end up in this diorama - maybe I'll stick to the original Churchill MkVII and a Universal Carrier or two, or - and this is a distinct possibility - a Tiger II in ambush/disc camo, part hidden beneath those two new trees. I'm thinking some careful lighting might show off the effectiveness of the ambush/disc camo, with the dappled filtering down down through the trees. With this in mind, the diorama as it stands now, is no longer 'over half-way completed'. But, the work required will be less than that required to winterize it and add inserts. To sum up then, I'm going to improve what's there at the moment - adding a fair few plants/bushes, the large trees and the Pit Stop building (overgrown with ivy) - and plonk a/some summer AFV(s) in there. It feels like I'm messing you lot around, even though that was not my intention, but I will apologise anyway. The first job then - to rework/improve the hedgerow. Work on that WILL commence this weekend! Rearguards, Badder
  7. Thanks for posting the link to your Winter Panther, Pete. First off, you did a grand job on zimmerit. I like the 'rarer' vertical pattern on the side skirts and the diagonal pattern on the turret, compared to the usual horizontal stuff. Secondly, I think you nailed the worn whitewash effect. I've not used guache myself, or oils, for whitewash as I'm a bit impatient when it comes to allowing paints to dry. I highly recommend that you try the Daler Rowney white acrylic ink - which dries very quickly, yet remains 're-activatable' with water and a brush for quite some time, but way shorter than 10yrs! I think the mud is great too, especially on the running gear, but I would have expected to see some muddy bootprints on the turret sides and top. Apart from that, I can't fault it. And I am REALLY going to have to get myself some Alpine figures, because yours are the second lot I've seen recently and they are absolutely stunning - a thousand times better than anything else. Your panther and figures then, are certainly worth a bump! Rearguards, Badder
  8. The seam line on the guy's shirt lets it down massively. No, I jest, that's a well-ironed shirt. The beautifully ruined loco aside, I can see how much thought you gave to the placing of every piece of scrap iron and every piece of rubble, ballast and coal. A stunning diorama of museum quality. Rearguards, Badder
  9. Thanks John. The weathered whitewash was my main area of focus. I think I'd do it slightly differently next time and that would be to slip in a coat of varnish in between some of the layers- not all of them, but some. Rearguards, Badder Thanks Pete, Do you have a link to pics? I'd be interested to see the effect you got. Rearguards, Badder Thanks Soeren, Much appreciated. Sorry, but no DAK Panzers or Half-tracks in the pipeline, only more winter ones! Rearguards, Badder
  10. Badder

    Panzer IV STGB Chat

    @exdraken @SleeperService and others..... Everyone who took part is a winner, even if they didn't get to finish their model, or get photos into the gallery in time for the poll. But for those who did make it, getting no votes, or very few, is not losing. There are some very, very difficult decisions to make: some very close calls and a lot of decisions are naturally based on personal 'taste'. I always find it fascinating how a model which was a close-call for 1st place (in my opinion) will sometimes get way fewer votes by the close of play, or a model which was a close call for 2nd place (in my opinion) sometimes gets not a single vote. I don't mind revealing that both of you nearly got my vote for one of your models, but after intense 'weighing up' I voted differently, and I suspect I'm not the only one. So, lots of votes, or none at all, the voting is often closer than appears and everyone should be proud of their model/models... and of taking part. Without you, these GBs would be a poorer place! And on that note, Thanks again to Stix his for his tireless work promoting this GB and the poll. It's great to see so many people voting this time, whether they were 'contestants' or 'spectators'. Rearguards, Badder
  11. Badder

    Tamiya Sdkfz163 1/35.

    Hi Steve, I did drop in to see you 'bash this one out' in quick time, but didn't comment at the time. I have to say however, that 'bashed out' or not, the finished article is absolutely superb and had it not been for one particular entry I'd have voted your StuG as my favourite. Rearguards, and condolences (for your bereavement, not your 2nd place in my voting!) Badder
  12. Hi Hairtrigger, Thanks for that. It's certainly better than my first Nashorn, which is probably 6ft down in some landfill site somewhere. The 'dio shots' though aren't of an actual diorama. That's just loose snow on a piece of white paper and a bunch of twigs stuck in place with Blu-Tac. Meanwhile, the crew were rushed to meet the deadline, and aren't very good. They will be replaced by better ones in the future. Reargurds, Badder
  13. Hi Bigfoot, LTNC Thanks for the 'like'. I didn't mention at the top, but the whitewash was done with Daler and Rowney Acrylic Inks, either neat or diluted with water. They are supposed to dry 'water-resistant' but I found they can be re-activated with water and a stiff brush, At certain points in time I'd add a whole new layer of whitewash and then remove nearly all of it in certain places, whilst leaving some of it untouched. When I finally had something I was happy with, I added streaks using a splayed stiff brush with barely any bristles then applied water to make the streaks run. It was all a bithit and miss TBH - sometimes I'd have a finish I was happy with and then spoil it, then have to recapture what I'd messed up. But I always knew that this was all part of the technique - multiple layers until the desired effect is achieved - and not necessarily at the first attempt! You would not believe how many 'layers' there are! Rearguards, Badder
  14. Hi Stix, hope you don't mind me making a comment here, but I think it's the best place for it. Delete it if I'm being bad mannered or whatever. The 'awkwardness' of having to flip back and forth between the voting page and the gallery is not THAT awkward if voters use the 'Old School pen and paper method' to make a note of their favourites as they scroll through the gallery (Sub-dividing them into the 1/35th, 1/48th and 1/72nd scales as they do so) Yes, there's some great models in each category, and some difficult choices to make, but jotting down the 'contenders' in each section narrows down the choices and flipping back and forth is reduced greatly. Yes, I know, some of the younger members may not have pens. But they could type their choices on one of those portable wireless phone thingies. Rearguards, Badder
  15. Badder

    Panzer IV STGB Chat

    Hi all, Just an idea..... The 'awkwardness' of having to flip back and forth between the voting page and the gallery is not THAT awkward if voters use the 'Old School pen and paper method' to make a note of their favourites as they scroll through the gallery. Yes, there's some great models in each category, and some difficult choices to make, but jotting down the 'contenders' in each section narrows down the choices, so flipping back and forth is reduced greatly. Yes, I know, some of the younger members may not have pens, or know what they are,. but they could type their choices on one of those mobile phone thingies. Rearguards, Badder