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  1. Hi Nick, I have been popping in now and then to look at your amazing progress and to admire your artistry. I'm never disappointed! I'd like to say that I too am very much a 'CA'd fingers modeller, but thankfully superglues are nowhere near as deadly as they used to be. I was once adding a spot of thin CA to the tracks of a finished Nashorn, holding the Nashorn in the air from below, with my left hand holding the bottle of thin CA and resting against my my left hand against my right to steady the bottle. I was intending to just put a spot of glue under the tracks........ only the CA squirted out in a fountain. I managed to glue my RH thumb to the tracks, with the overspill gluing the little finger of the same hand to the side panel on the other side of the vehicle and yet more overspill gluing the side of my right right thumb and hand to the 'heel' of my left hand, and in all the panic the fingers of my left hand to each other. I basically couldnt put the bottle or the model down for fear of more gluing and had to call to the better half to rescue me. She didn't even laugh! Must have been in a bad mood lol. She had to do the honours, with soapy water and acetone, with the offending bottle of CA being the most immediate object of concern. Since then, I've found that repeated gluings kind of alter your skin's ability to peel off easier, without causing bleeding. I also lack fingerprints for a day or two afterwards and am a part-time safe-cracker until they regrow. Having said all of that, I reckon there must be an easier way to make those clumps of grass. Folding them around a stick seems like an unnecessary step to me. How about taking a bunch of strands and poking them halfway through a round hole in a sheet of corrugated cardboard, adding a dab of medium or thick CA around the base, flip it over and do the same the other side so you have 2 tufts, one each side. You can then cut around each tuft and slice through the corrugated 'jam in the sandwich' to separate the tufts. Any paper left around the base will increase glue contact areas. Just an idea. Rearguards, Badder
  2. Excellent stuff. Love the finish on it. Strangely enough, my Churchill also ended up with a nice silky sheen on it. This occurred because it was the first time I used weathering powders and I kinda 'scrubbed them in' so much it polished the paint! lol But it did give a really nice realistic effect IMO and made it look like a big lump of metal. Rearguards, Badder
  3. A job very well done, nice camo, nice figure, nice tracks. The only problem is I like to hold judgement on Tiger's as I do my women, I've got to see their rear ends before committing myself! lol Can we have an 'rear end' photo please? Rearguards, Badder
  4. Stonework improved in places (Most will be covered with ivy, but hey) Sap Green plaster-dust washes applied, messed around with. and all fixed with matt varnish. I think I'm narrowing down the exact mix to create the bubble washes. It's always been a bit hit-and-miss until now. I will supply a 'recipe' when I've got it producing 3D bubble effects 100 percent of the time. Some really nice 3D bubbles going on. They've now been fixed with a matt varnish. TFL Badder ps. The video is being remade, yet again. lol
  5. Thanks chaps. The rubble will have more added - roof tiles, woodwork, window frames and glass etc, but I wanted to practice the moss effects first. The lost video was down to Windows 10 Video Editor rather than YouTube, although I've had YouTube mess videos up as well. Whatever, the companies should pay compensation for the loss of photos/videos which can have great emotional significance, or may have taken many, many hours to create. Rearguards, Badder
  6. DO NOT TALK TO ME ABOUT EDITING VIDEOS! EVER, EVER, EVER!!!! 2 WEEKS OF MY LIFE GONE WHEN WINDOWS PHOTO EDITING APP DECIDED TO LOSE 3HRS WORTH OF 'SO-CALLED' SAVED VIDEOS IN AN INSTANT, That was a week ago and I've only just stopped screaming and swearing. But I am getting back to doing some work on the farmhouse, what with doing some more work on the collapsed gable wall, with some re-modelling of the stonework, AND the application of plaster-dust and plaster-dust bubble washes. I still haven't perfected the bubble wash ratios, but I'm getting closer to being able to create 3-D frothy structures at whim. # Here though are some photos taken BEFORE I'd gotten to that stage. More will follow, but I have to get the photos from the new replacement video and I am currently taking a break from that just to save my sanity! Liking the white bubble washes on the rubble.................. looks a like lichen. There are even more rather nice effects to come, especially on the wall. TFL Badder
  7. I'm sure I can wangle one wall lol. I will see what I can do. Rearguards, Badder
  8. Hi Francis, Super work as always. Whenever I see one of your 're-painted/improved' models, I regret having always thrown all of mine away! I keep putting mine 'aside' for maybe 'blowing them up and putting them in a diorama' and then they end up covered in dust and I just strip them for spare parts. You do inspire me to keep them and re-work them. You prove it can be done. Love the chipping, especially at the rear and on the shurtzen. Rearguards, Badder
  9. P.S. I am now returning to THIS diorama and continuing work with this building. I am in the process of making new roof sections, and the painting. weathering and the adding of ivy to the collapsed gable wall......... pics soon. TFL Badder
  10. As you have asked so nicely, and so persistently, I feel I HAVE to oblige. I will have a look for a suitable MiniArt wall and think about making a mould and casting it in plaster. Don't expect a whole building, it'll just be one wall. I have some other vids to see too first though, one in particular has been giving me nightmares and is on its 8 edit and refilming! lol I really have to get that one out of the way or I'll go mad! Rearguards, Badder
  11. Btw..any chance of a tutorial one on making plaster castings from miniart buildings in the works ?? Hi, Mr P, Thanks for your kind words, During my spare time I always have one, or other, of my unfinished models sitting in front of me, and I kind of get blind to their 'good bits' and only see their 'bad bits'. So, I ALSO get to see them in a new light when they are on video! lol It's good to know that you're having a peep now and then, so thanks for that. To answer your questions, the tree will get snow added when I put it in my Pit Stop diorama and I'll remove it for when it's photographed in THIS diorama. I have some of that microballoon type snow stuff and I'll use that. It's part of the reason why I made it an 'indestructible tree'. I will probably make a video of me scattering talcum powder over it and vacuuming that off, just to further prove how indestructible it is. I will eventually get around to showing how to make moulds and cast MiniArt walls etc, but that would have to wait until I actually need a new wall, and I don't see that being for some time. But you never know, maybe something will pop up. Whatever, you will see it here first. Rearguards, Badder
  12. Hi Stix, Great work as always, and congrats on having the thing driving on the 'right' side of the road! As a matter of interest, I just searched and found that a, and I quote : ''AMX-13 Model 51/75 Light Tank'' was sold by Sotheby's in 2014 for $26,450 USD. Yours looks to be in a better condition and comes with its own little stretch of road, so would fetch an even larger sum of money, lol Rearguards, Badder
  13. Hi Metadyne, As has been said, superb grass and mud effects, the mud especially so. That really does look like real damp/wet mud. The grass/vegetation is a fantastic colour, making it look much more alive and fresh and luscious than is often the case. The bits of the tank which are visible look great too, with the clods of earth and grass on the tracks adding to the realism. But yes, more pics of the tank itself would be nice. I suspect you know this, but there is also a Forum for dioramas, and it would be nice to see this feature in the RFI there as well, with some wide-angle shots, maybe? Rearguards, Badder
  14. Hi Stuart, Great job. Not a lot to fault at all, other than the lack of detail on the sandbags, which has already been mentioned, but I would also add that they would most likely be tied down as well, especially those across the very the front at those at the sides. The rest could just 'flop' in place. Also, the stowage at the rear is a bit too high a, a nd would foul the gun barrel if trying to do a 180. Apart from that, everything else is great; the weathering, a nice dusty look, great colours, the nicely opened turret box,, and no one's mentioned the superb groundwork. Rearguards, Badder
  15. Hi Ozzy, Good to see this close up. You've achieved a nice, realisticm dirty look, given the weather and circumstances, and I particularly like the uniform camo. I'm kind of itching to make my Tamiya 88 and sd.kfz 7 now. But, no, no, no! I must NOT! Rearguards, Badder
  16. Hi, Ozzy, Well, if you've got a Russian tram in the stash, when better to make and use it? Rearguards, Badder
  17. Hi Major, Good to see you. Thanks. I will definitely be making one for each season, although strictly speaking this conifer tree will be good for all 6 seasons......... winter, spring, summer, autumn, the seasons on Uranus which are 21 years long, but all of them VERY cold and of course, the Silly Season. Rearguards, Badder
  18. I don't know what's going on, but I commented on someone else's dio WIP and I'm certain I commented on this RFI, but my comments seem to have disappeared. So, I'm commenting again, here, at least lol. I enjoyed your WIP immensely, amazed by the speed at which you were producing some top-notch work and loving all the little added details. 'Little' added details really do make a HUGE difference. So, I've looked at your photos here AGAIN, and this time it was the broken glass in the window that caught my eye. It looks totally realistic. You obviously looked at photos of real broken glass. I can't always search for such images so I have to throw my TV through our windows to get a good idea of what they look like when smashed. Seriously though, I can't fault a single thing, or give any advice. It's a perfect dio, and your figures and jagdpanther are way better than I could ever do! Rearguards, Badder
  19. BTW, Francis, Have you seen me throw and bash the tree yet? TC mate and I'll probably see you in your latest RFIs soon. Rearguards, Badder
  20. Hi Francis, Thanks, of course, the tree isn't fully finished, but it is finished in respect of the tree canopy, branches, twigs, foliage etc. It's just the trunk that will get some moss/lichen effects added at some point, but I'm happy to leave it aside for now. Having said that, I've also built a bench that kind of leans up against the trunk at an angle and the ground underneath the tree will be covered with dead 'pine needles' although Yew trees don't have 'needles' as such, just very thin long leaves. I may or may not use very short lengths of static grass for that. As for my avatar, it's a character called 'Hacker' who I invented as a 'mascot' for a local Heavy Metal band in the late 1980's - basically I stole the idea from Iron Maiden and their 'Eddie' character who appears on all their album/singe covers etc. Hacker too, appeared in many forms on all kinds of merchandise and this version of him has him as a comdey/horror 'Jack in the Box' weilding a double-headed axe, for a cassette album the band did. The album and title track were called 'Jump to it'. Anyway, as their 'official artist' I have the sole copyright to all of the artwork and when I set up my Youtube channel I decided to use this pic as my avatar. And because some BM members (not naming any names lol) have subscribed to that channel, I thought it would be a good idea to use that same avatar here. So, I hope that explains all that lol TC mate and I'll probably see you in your latest RFIs soon. Rearguards, Badder
  21. Hi Bobby No Mac, If I knew you better, I could say 'Trust yew!' As it is I'll have to wait fir a secormore, until you're a bit alder, perhaps. Oakay, oakay, I will'o shut up by the thyme you've read this. Good job too, cos puns aren't very poplar and I could be punished with the birch. 9/1 to me I think? lol. Seriously though, thanks! If you'd like to see me throw the tree and bash it repeatedly, without damaging the tree, or indeed my worktop, click on link below. lol Rearguards, Badder
  22. Hi all, sorry for absence, but I've been busy making vids of me throwing and bashing this tree, to prove how indestructible it is! lol. (Link to vid bottom of this post) So, the tree is finished and I'm now working on the ground it's 'planted' in. The tree will be removable from the diorama so that it can be replaced with another at a later date, either because it is 'better', or purely for variation in photographs. I will bemaking a kind of dowel/rubber sleeve type affair underneath the circle of 'ground' it is now fixed to, and that section of ground will lift out of the diorama with the tree. Whatever tree is swapped over, will have the same shaped circle of ground fitted to it, and the same dowel/rubber sleeve device. Before I make that device though, I'm going to add this bench, which will have a kind of 'lean-to' structure with a couple more legs added pointing rearwards. Being a conifer tree and quite a large one, there will be very little in the way of vegetation on the ground beneath it, but a fair few 'pine needles' and twigs. I will probably use very short static grass to replicate the 'needles', unless I can find something thinner. Here's the tree finished: And with the bench leaning on the trunk at the moment. TFL Badder
  23. Hi Pete, You're correct. I should have pointed out that the trunk itself isn't finished. Yes, it's got a gloss coat of varnish at the moment, but it will get some super-detailing of the bark, and moss and most probably some nails driven into it for kids to climb beofre washes and a final matt coat when it is ready for 'planting' in the diorama. Remember it'll be sunken into the ground a little bit at least. Plus, I'm still toying with the idea of adding a ladder and a treehouse/platform, OR adding a circular bench around the trunk. As for a bird, I have some, or 'a' pigeon/s somewhere. I was intending to have them/it soiling the roof of the building with their/its droppings and have considered them/it doing the same on the tree. We shall see. Rearguards, Badder.
  24. No probs. It's great to discover something 'by accident' and then share it and find that someone else finds it useful, even if its not model related. I'm calling the tree 'finished' btw, but haven't gotten around to posting the pics here yet. I have posted the tree in the RFI section though. I do think it's a diorama in its own right. Lol Of course, it's NOT ACTUALLY finished, it will get some more work done to it when I 'plant' it in the ground. Rearguards, Badder
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