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  1. Thanks Adrian, I'm no architect, but I am trying to make it look believable, if somewhat a bit shoddy. I figure the farmer built it himself with a few volunteers/family helping out, so it wasn't going to be perfect..... hence bits have fallen down. Rearguards, Badder Thanks Chris, Much appreciated. Still a hell of a lot of work to do on the building, then I'm going to be an age covering a lot of it with ivy! lol Rearguards, Badder Hi Broadway, Whilst this farmhouse is going to be part of a diorama, I will be posting the finished
  2. After some more fiddling I decided to tackle that 'more intact' insert. Whilst the roof section of the original insert had been separated for re-use, I thought it would probably be best to scrap the rest and start anew. It wasn't a hard job. I simply took the inner and outer walls apart placed them on graph paper, drew around them and then CA'd the graph paper to a sheet of FTINFBISS. It was then a case of cutting around the outlines with a scalpel. The next job was to join the inner and outer walls together, with the wall cavity width determined by the thickness of some coffee stirrers,
  3. Greetings Steve, I do actually have an uncle Bob, who was an 'agent' and whilst he's possibly a self-made millionaire (He may have spent it all since he retired 30yrs ago) he's certainly not 'snooty'. He's as common as muck. He started off in the reclamation business, then went into demolition as well, then became an agent for M15. He was/is more your 'Bob's your U.N.C.L.E.' Rearguards, Badder
  4. Cheers Greg Thanks chaps, It has kept me entertained throughout self-isolating, lockdowns and general staying at home-edness'. Tim, it's not fit for Grand Designs, more your 'homes under the hammer' In need of some serious work lol. I am about to start on the ceiling beams for the upstairs room with the chimney. If all goes well that means I will finally be able to fix the two halves of the building together. Once that's done I will have my final dimensions. Rearguards, Badder
  5. Okay, a belated and truncated update. Basically I've been fiddling - nothing unusual there - adding some finer details to the interior and improving the 'look' of the interior supporting walls. So, the walls of the upper rooms have been whitewashed and part weathered. I figured white walls would make for a brighter interior for the residents to live in and to work in. They also just look better. Lintels have been added above the ground floor 'living room' door through to the middle of the building. I've re-fixed the chimney stack in place, now that there's no danger
  6. Hi Clive, sorry for the awfully late reply. I haven't been involved in some tragedy or anything like that. It's just that I've been living on my own over xmas and new year as my wife was staying with her daughter, and I had to keep self-isolated, away from them. So I've been mostly watching films and tinkering with this building. I took so many photos of the progress that it all got a bit overwhelming and the thought of sifting through them and posting and update was daunting! But I've done it now. So, again sorry for not keeping in touch. A belated happy Xmas to you and yours and
  7. Thanks for the clarification. I wasn't sure if the OP visiting and uploading new photos or just responding to comments counted as 'a view'. Now that's been cleared up I suspect 20,000 of the 50,000 views of my Ever Evolving Diorama WIP were just me editing/uploading stuff!
  8. The link above is for the ongoing WIP of the building pictured here. It's a long WIP.... 19 pages I think. If you take a look at the first page or two you will see that the building there was meant to be nothing more than a few ruined walls. And it's ended up a 6-room 2 storey building with full interior and roof! Anyone who has been following my 'PIT STOP' WIP where I decided to build a ruined farmhouse, will know that it's been a long and arduous task. The main issue is as always, my strive for perfection. And that means I build, paint and weather something to what I consi
  9. First things first, I wish you each and every one of you a happy and safe Christmas and New Year Now, onto the adjustment to this thread's title re; 'minor disaster!!!' There's no such thing as a 'minor' disaster. A 'mishap', 'accident' or ''oh bugger, when did that happen?' would be the better phrase to use. So, what was the 'oh bugger, when did that happen?' moment? Well, I'm not sure when it happened precisely, but it was many, many, months ago. I could search back through this thread and work it out, but I can't be bottomed. But here's a clue...... To cut a very lon
  10. Hi NeiSew, I see that Troy linked me in, (I feel famous! lol) but here's a link to how I made a large 14 inch tall tree, plus a hedgerow, ivy and lots of other plants. It's a very long thread but work on the tree starts at page 28 IIRC. The link takes you to page 29, cos I'm stupid lol. Hope it helps. Rearguards, Badder
  11. Have a look. Very funny. https://www.facebook.com/540605088/videos/10164730580630089/
  12. Cats always look innocent, because they are, even when they're not. If a cat doesn't destroy something now and then I'd be worried for its mental health lol.
  13. Hi Rich! Apologies for not having welcomed you back and saying how great it is to see you back at work on this incredible project, but welcome back, it's great to see you back at work on this incredible project. I have nevertheless followed youR progress since your return, I just didn't have the time to waffle like I do/am doing now. lol So, just when I've a few minutes spare in which to 'pen' something, I discover the tragedy which befell your tower. I am devastated for you. I too have cats, but of the 3 Molly abandoned by her stray mother after a fox attack, and rescu
  14. Howdy Steve, Apologies for the tardy reply. Confession time: 'Tardy' is a word which I've never used before in my life. I've rarely heard anyone use it to be honest. I have to confess that until well into my adulthood I believed it meant 'scrappy' or 'untidy' and it was only after looking it up on Mr Google's handy information storage platform that I found out what it meant. It is an English word of course, but one which is more widely used in your much younger nation, ironically. I think we've moved away from using it as some uneducated idiots think it means 'scrappy' or 'untidy'.
  15. So, a very quick update. I've moved around to the 'front' of the building to improve a few things, and to add some more detailing. First off I improved the ground floor window, extreme right. I replaced the white stonework surround and made the window taller and narrower at the same time. It lessens the view to the chequer-floored interior, which is sad, but it looks a more believable size now. It was probably a bit on the wide side before - structurally weak. I'm also in the process of improving the barn doors, and fixing them in such a way as to make them
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