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  1. Pardon? What did I say? I can't speak Spanish. I can make out 'hello colleague/mate and something to do with photos. and the 'regards' and Badder bit.
  2. Hi mate, It doesn't show up so well in the photo but those doors really are 'chipped'. Here's what they look like right now. I was quite happy with how they look, but I have decided to 'rot' them some more, and maybe take a plank or two off while I'm at it. You should know by now that no things I post pictures of will remain the same! I will have a look for your WIP. TC Rearguards, Badder
  3. Brilliant work John, It's a show stopper, a true 'catcher of the eye'. I do like the what I presume are 'breeding colours' or maybe they are male/female differences in colour. Whatever, it's nice to see. There's no palaeontological evidence for 'drab' dinosaurs and with some of them being so large there'd have been no reason for camouflage, so bright colours might have been common. I do worry for the safety of the 'lil uns' though. Probably they behaved like Ostriches with all the young staying together in creches? They'd have all been in a rush to get to the water though. Rearguards, Badder
  4. Hi Francis, I don't know what's happened. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place, but I know I've already commented on your beautiful Chieftain and dio. I've searched the WIP and here, and can't find my long page of praise (well, it was a few paragraphs, at least) So, the short version.... It's brilliant. Up there with the very best. Rearguards, Badder
  5. Masterful works as always, with literally hundreds of fantastic little details! I do agree that some fire extinguishers and a few notices for 'viewing' customers would add some nice dashes of colour to the 'plainer' areas. No-smoking and toilets signs would be believable additions? You don't mention what those crane cables are made from. They LOOK like metal, but I suspect they are fibre/chord/braid. If that's the case you could pull down on the kinked one to straighten it and then apply thin CA to the area which tends to 'kink'. That SHOULD sort the problem out. If they ARE metal you'll probably need to take them off the model, hold the cable tight between two pairs of pliers then hold the kinked section over a candle until glowing red hot, then still stretched tight, dip the cable into cold water. Again, that should do the trick. If you can't remove said cable from the model you could still do similar if you have a helper who can cool the cable quickly with maybe a water-soaked ball of cotton wool? I'd use a cigarette lighter to heat the cable, one of those 'gas-jet' type ones held sideways on. Also, protect the rest of the model from dripping water with a well positioned polythene bag or something. I hope that helps, Rearguards, Badder
  6. Hi Clive, Brilliant stuff. I love it. I look forward to seeing it in the RFI section. TC Rearguards, Badder
  7. In amongst all the usual fiddling about with things I should really leave alone, I have managed to finish off the main construction of the upper front wall, joining it to the supporting wall with more red brick plaster casts. I have to add extra height to that supporting wall and I rather fancy I'm going to raise it with a few coarses of red brick, rather than brownstone blocks. That will make it obvious that this section of the building was converted, getting rid of that problem of a low ceiling height where the roof originally sloped almost down to knee height. I do like the contrast between the roughly-hewn dark brownstone blocks and the brighter red and uniform nature of the bricks. I dry-fitted the doors for no particular reason. I will be working on those some more. I will be cutting chunks of brownstone out from the wall slope and will interlink the red bricks. I should have done that with this triangle of bricks, but I can do it retrospectively and then continue them on up the slope. Meanwhile, the inner face of the brick section has been weathered to the same character as the outer. More weathering will be done to all, with the inner face less so as it is more sheltered. TFL Badder
  8. Hi Francis, Great to hear you're back to making something again. Hopefully it will help to take your mind of things for a few hours a day? I don't know if your are providing us with a WIP, but if you aren't, maybe you should? That would help take your mind off things too. We would surely all appreciate seeing your build progress. Stay safe mate, Rearguards, Badder Hi Clive, Thanks mate, Yeah, it's getting there. I think it'll all be plain sailing from now on. Excuse me while I have a laughing fit Keep up with your excellent work. I'm enjoying watching things progress. Wishing you and yours well, Rearguards, Badder
  9. Hi Chaps, Thanks very much for your best wishes. My wife has been working from home since before the 'lockdown' because I'm high risk. I'm still unfit for work, so the lockdown has been easy for me. The wife's been my only contact with the outside world. We've been self-isolating from each other within the house, not so difficult as it sounds as I am rarely able to sleep at night due to my pains, and only really get bouts of sleep during the day when, she's working from her 'office'. So it was a bit of a surprise when she confessed to having had the virus a few weeks ago, bad enough to go to a 'hot clinic' to see if she would have to be admitted to hospital. She was borderline, so they sent her back with anti-biotics which luckily did the trick of preventing pneumonia and she's made a full recovery. It's possible that I may have caught it too, but if I did the symptoms were very mild. I did have a flare-up of arthritis, and a 24hr dry cough, and a bit of breathlessness, but that might have been due to smoking a lot! We are continuing as if I haven't caught it. This is the stupidity of there not being widespread antibody testing! On the modelling front, progress has been slow but steady. I am now in the process of raising that supporting wall in the upper middle room, so I can put a roof on, or the remains of one. I suspect I'm going to stretch the main living quarters even further and really open that up, so the interior can be seen whilst STILL having a couple of sections of roof left in place. Then it'll be on to the far end of the building, which will be more or less flattened. Stat safe. Thanks again, Rearguards, Badder
  10. I rubbed the brickwork back a bit more and thought it might look better with some 'mood' lighting.... a dark room with a spotlight. I'm not happy with the wall rendering bottom right in the photo below and will probably rework it a bit. TFL Badder
  11. I can normally tell when I'm happy with something, if I glue it to a larger 'finished' part and so it is with the red brick wall section. That single piece has been hanging around, occasionally dry-fitted, for maybe 2 years now? With the last of the brickwork tidied up, and the wall plaster/render, er.... rendered, I tacked it in place with medium CA then filled in the joints and wall cavities with plaster of paris. Now that it's in place I can meld the left hand side into the slope of the internal supporting wall. I forgot to mention, before fixing the brick section in place, I gave it a heavy plaster-dust wash, like so: I then rubbed that back with a greasy finger and fixed the wall in place: This red brick section requires more in the way of washes and detailing. I separated the two 'thirds' of the building for photographic purposes, but I quite like the layout..... and yes, I'm wondering if I should stretch the building to this size: Whatever, this view gives a better view as to how I'm going to deal with the roofing on the middle section of the building. Here's the fireplace, just for those who are missing it. Oooh it all looks wonky...... but it isn't TFL Badder
  12. Hi Michael, As dioramas featuring buildings go, this has to be up there with the very best. Truly stunning work. The water looks to be coming along nicely, and it's going to be great when it's at full depth and the features can be seen underwater. My only slight reservation concerns the log front left of the diorama, the one with the kink and the stump of a bough protruding out of the side. To me it looks like it might be a bit of a handful for the machinery to deal with, being the shape it is, but then I'm no sawmill expert and maybe the machinery could cope with it? I have to keep reminding myself that this is 1/87th. Rearguards, Badder
  13. I've continued to continue with the continuation of the front wall. I did consider extending the red brickwork along the entire length of the building, but in the end I decided against it. I did so on the grounds that I doubted the 'conversion' of the building (at some point during its history) would have required the replacement of all the original brownstone wall down to ground level. But there again, who knows? I may change it yet. Anyway, here's stuff dry-fitted. I have still raise the height of the left hand internal supporting wall. TFL Badder
  14. Howdy Steve, My Wisconsin aunt and cousins used to say 'howdy' a lot 40yrs ago. I don't know if it's still 'de rigueur', possibly it never was in Californ I ay? Whatever, I hope you and yours are all well, and give my regards to the horse. Thanks for singing (typing) the praises of my brickwork. The plaster casts do make a pleasant change from the harder work of carving stonework patterns in the FTINFBISS. As you can see, I've tried to rough them up a bit. I am continuing to add more brickwork, extending both left and right and have begun to blend the brickwork into one of the internal supporting walls. The supporting wall on the other side will need raising, and I'm wondering if I should do that using red bricks as well. The mix of hand-hewn brownstone and red bricks is quite quirky, but I like quirky. btw, 'I am no conquering hero, but I will not let this build beat me! Take care, Rearguards, Badder. Hi Gerry, Thanks very much. You're right that a ruin doesn't happen over night. I've said it before, but having worked and stared at this building, in all it's manifestations, for a few of years, , it's hard for me to look at it and think it's anything other than 'Okay'. Comments like yours and Prop Duster's above do inspire me to do even better where I can. I do think the red brick 'conversion' is the answer to all my problems, so with a bit of luck I will progress more rapidly now. There will be an update in the next day or two. Take care, Rearguards, Badder
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