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  1. Badder

    IMGUR picture hosting site

    No luck with anything so far. dns flush, checked firewall, ran diagnostics etc. Here's me almost talking gobbledegook! Hmmmm.
  2. Badder

    IMGUR picture hosting site

    Hmmmm. Thanks Brian. I suspect a recent update may have stymied me then. If it's not one thing it's another! Rearguards, Badder
  3. Anyone else in the UK having trouble accessing IMGUR? I've been trying all day and I just get 'the connection has timed out' message. I've used my saved link, bookmark, favourites list and just done a straight search using several browsers and all fail. Hopefully their site is down and it's not my poxy laptop again. Thanks, Badder
  4. Badder

    My recovery project

    Always good to return to childhood models, even if they were ones we could never afford back then. I've got this Tiger in the stash, and the more modern one (in both senses of the word) I also have the 8 tonne semitrack and 88mm (separately) and Semitrack with Flakvierling and I'm looking forward to updating them with PE and other aftermarket stuff. The Quad and Grant I built as a kid, so it's nice to see you're going down the same list of oldies! I would disagree with some of the previous comments though, and say that we should always compare our own work to that of others. Certainly, we can be happy with what we've just produced, but the work of those 'better' than us is what inspires us to do even better next time. We see what they've done, what techniques they've used, copy them, learn from them and thereby raise our own skill-levels. Surely, that's why we do this hobby - ultimately to produce 'works of art' to the very best of our capabilities? Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing how your Tiger turns out, because as I said I have one in the stash that I will get around to one day. It'll be intersting to see if this 'oldie' can match the newer kits. Rearguards, Badder
  5. Badder


    You know that wall I hate? Well, I was originally intending to cover it with a lot of ivy, but I've come up with an additional idea to make it more interesting. I'd post a pic, only Imgur hasn't been working for several hours. I hope they aren't going the way of hostingpics, or photoracket .
  6. As Witjas said, some better photos would help . Your T34 looks good though. I suspect the interior is the better area to display, otherwise why bother with such a kit? So, how about your dismanelted T34 on a display base of a trapezoid shape, but with 3 printed photos of the kit fully made up and placed at the rear and sides of the base? Something like this; PIC TO FOLLOW SHORTLY Rearguards, Badder
  7. Badder

    Marder IIIM

    So many things to like about your Marder, Ian. The exhaust system is a masterpeice in its own right, but all of the weathering is spot on. The subtle camo pattern being faded in most places, but not on the top of the gun mantlet, or the side panels, is a nice realistic touch. I particularly like the one 'odd-coloured' wheel as well (assuming it to have been a replacement for a battle-damaged one) I've said it before, but I never used to like the look of these types of vehicles, but since building a Nashorn and seeing other members build Marders, Wespes, etc, I am a serious convert. My only criticism would be not of you, Ian, but the lack figures included in these kits. The Nashorn figures would be okay, but they are wearing winter gear (as are the figures for the Semitrack with flakvierling) If anyone knows of suitable figure kits for these SPGs, can you let me know? Rearguards Badder
  8. Badder

    Airbrushing=Painful & tired fingers

    Whatever the make/model/style of airbrush, the problem of aching fingers/wrist/joints is not often the fault of the airbrush, but the user. It's like with any operation which requires prolonged 'finger and wrist-control', such as touch-typing and playing drums. The secret is to completely relax, and that means relaxing your entire arm from shoulder to fingertips. First, make sure you are sitting correctly, with your back supported, and your table at a comfortable height and closeness - that being where you can rest your elbow on the table without having to lean forward. Leaning forward puts strain on your back and causes the shoulders and thus your arm to tighten. Seated correctly then, you can allow your lower arm and wrist to 'sway' freely from side to side while your elbow remains planted. But don't forget, it is not necessary to move your airbrush through great arcs, dipping it down, raising it up, twisting it, or angling it. You should be keeping all of your movements to a minimum, and rather hold your model in your other hand and turn IT to whichever position is required for spraying. By keeping your 'spraying arm' movements to a minimum helps with the relaxed hold on the airbrush, reduces 'fatigue' and the temptation to press increasingly harder on the 'trigger'. Of course, sometimes one may wish to do some extremely accurate, detailed, airbrushing, or an all over quick spray, and a turntable can replace the model-holding hand. But again, the spraying arm should remain supported by the elbow. Hope that helps, Badder
  9. Badder

    '@Member's name' function

    Overwhelmed by Gobbledegook. Can anyone explain all that in English?
  10. Badder

    The Bridge on the River Kwai

    Hi Pete, Rapid progress, I see. Looking great. Now, forgive me for not remembering whether you've already mentioned it, or not, but are all those struts, braces, uprights, cross-members etc going to be lashed together with rope? If they are, that's going to be a real challenge. I hope you know your knots! Rearguards, Badder
  11. Badder


    Hmmmm. Fell asleep again! Grrrr! Got another winow nearly finished though. Dry-fitted here and still needing some rotting. And and dust/fluff removal. TFL Badder
  12. Very nice indeed Witjas, I've never bought after-market tracks before, but I have 3 Tigers in the stash (One being a King Tiger) and I will not be using the rubber band tracks again. The single link tracks are just too good looking to ignore! Now, those bearings in the wheels... come on.. how easy was it to find a size that fitted. In fact, how easy was it to find ANYONE who sells small numbers of such things? Or did you buy a shed load? Or do you work for a ball bearing factory? Rearguards, Badder
  13. Hi DA, I apologise for maybe appearing to have been biased, I was merely saving the internet's ink reserves and extraneous wear on my typing finger. Yes of course all sides have used and still use wires.... in fact we had a case in my town a few years ago when some idiot stretched high breaking strain seafishing line across a cycle track (Fortunately the first person to come across it was a jogger and he won't be missed - I jest. He cut the line and reported it to the police) Rearguards, Badder
  14. Hi Witjas4, I only built it to a 'pre-being-put-in-a-diorama' stage, so there's more weathering (mud) some dusting with snow, stowage, a figure or two and yes, the steering wheel to add. I didn't want to fit the steering wheel until I'd made the driver figure (IF I make a driver figure) Not much in the way of chipping went on, but thanks anyway! Rearguards, Badder
  15. Cheers Yetifan. Oh, I had worked out how to use Imgur ages ago. It was a glitch with their site that was the problem. Software eh? Nothin' works properly forever. Rearguards, Badder