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  1. The hetzer reminds me of a tortoise. It’s a cute vehicle. I also have a 38t (in 1/16). They are similar, not quite identical. There’s a few differences.
  2. I don’t print items myself - it’s a friend who prints off my bizarre requests. The lines are a trade off as he could print them cleaner but the print time would increase. These were printed off relatively quickly and I only paid a tenner so I can live with a few lines! I think he will be putting one along with its trailer in 1/16 on eBay soon. If I had the room, I would have also had the trailer as it looks fantastic. So if you see one on eBay, it’s not me but I can recommend it.
  3. Here’s a 3D printed figure I’ve just finished painting. I’m really impressed by the printing from David at 3D Gizmo. The figures are always well printed, which allow for a good finish. This figure is in 1/16 scale - he is a full figure although is available as a half figure too. I’m pleased with how he came out.
  4. Thanks. I wanted some new lights anyway… Then the idea came to me to build the lights into a feature. Luckily, a friend was able to find a 3D file and print them for me. The 3D file actually came with a whole trailer too with the light as well and looks great.
  5. I’ve added a few of these to my 1/16 dioramas! They look awesome at night lit up.
  6. It’s a bit disappointing in my mind. I know people like their tigers but this is the tank that is already produced multiple times in 1/16 scale with plenty of aftermarket bits to adapt it. I’d much rather see something a bit more unusual.
  7. Here’s a jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer. 3D printed. A simple, yet lovely AFV. inspired by the recent change of weather.
  8. The figure is a print from 3D gizmo. It’s a really nice print - very crisp details - and not too expensive either. 3D gizmo has some nice figures and I was really impressed by the quality. Tom Hanks came up a treat. The hand print is on the side of this dodge ambulance. I’m not sure if I’ll use Tom in a diorama - it would depend if I could source the other figures from the film too.
  9. You’re correct! oddly he has insignia moulded onto both his arm and his breast.
  10. Finished these 5 this weekend. I think collectively they’re my best crew so far. The two half figures are resin but the three full figures are actually 3D printed from 3DGizmo. I was happily impressed by the quality of the 3D printing. There is one odd figure in the 5. Wonder if it’s spotted… Thanks for looking.
  11. Looks like the flock worked well. I’ve used ash for quite a few of my dioramas, either on the ground or to create rocks. The colour and textures are great and create realistic coverage. And it’s sooooo easy to do! I have no idea how I started using it and it wasn’t a tip I picked up from anyone! Ash straight out of a wood burner works well but you can make it even finer by ‘swooshing’ it around a bit. Ash from paper is finest and light but ash from wood seems to be darker - I like the shades in colour and the different textures. To apply, mix a base colour with PVA. You could go for just a grey base colour but when I make rocks, a green or mauve base colour (with PVA) rather than plain grey results in deeper and more realistic tones. You can just about see that there’s a jade green base colour here. Then it’s just a case of sprinkle the ash all over and pat it down. It really is that simple.
  12. first up - great work. Your work so far looks absolutely brilliant. I live by the beach but despite this, I find using sand very hard. The first 2 pics here aren’t sand but might be suitable. They are ash. If it’s a suitable effect, I can let you know the simple process I use. The last pic is real sand which I spray painted.
  13. That’s why he looks so grumpy… someone sat on his mp40.
  14. This is 1/16 scale so things are always big. I wanted a shelf to house my RC vehicles (as I hardly ever run them) and the king tiger and jagdpanther are far too big to fit in my display cabinets. So I had a go at a ‘big’ diorama. Well, 3 dioramas in a way… It’s in three sections, each 2ft so it’s a bit of a cheat to say it’s 6ft. But it does take up a whole 6ft shelf. It’s made from insulation foam and foam board. 12 figures at the moment, although this will evolve. There is a river under the bridge made from epoxy resin. Really happy with that. The bell tower lights up too although in reality, I suppose it certainly wouldn’t have been lit up during the war! Plenty of lessons learned building this! Thanks for looking.
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