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  1. Resurrecting an old thread. This isn’t the Panda panzer (try saying that fast) but a 3D print with classy hobby figures. Nice subject matter and great to display in 1/16.
  2. Fantastic build. So realistic!
  3. Thanks Badder @Badder I thought that I was sealed but I think I lost some so obviously it wasn’t. I actually test poured 150ml of sand so I knew roughly how much it should fill and knew beforehand it wasn’t going to be enough. But I wasn’t going to spend £20!!! I did notice that the diorama underneath felt quite wet though… I had used loads of PVA in the river bed base and it hadn’t quite gone off so maybe the resin soaked deeper than I anticipated. In terms of moss - my first dioramas are just 18 months old and aren’t showing signs of falling apart just yet. In fact, in some of my dioramas, it’s actually started growing! Time will tell and obviously I respect your experience! Fingers crossed. To be honest, I like to swap and change things anyway so these things rarely last years on display! what is your opinion of pouring new resin on top to top-it up. Will this work? Thanks
  4. Do you add some acetone too? I did visit Poundland to see if they had the two part glue but no luck. If I find that, then I’ll stock up!
  5. @Model Mate Does Gorilla Glue work out cheaper? I haven’t found a tube for less than £6 and wasn’t sure how much is in the tubes.
  6. It’s 1/16. I should have said 1:35 to impress! I’ve gone for goggles on this torso but have used the helmet head on another figure standing alongside him.
  7. Hi all, I’ve had my first try using two-part epoxy resin to create water. It was interesting to use and I’ve learned a few things… I picked this up from hobby craft only as it was half price - I don’t think I’d bother if it was full price as it’s very expensive for what it is. This was 150ml. Really, I could have done with twice as much to really get the river high but I just went with the starter kit to ‘test the water’ (great word play there). You’ll see in the photos that I needed lots more! Question - at a later date, could I add more resin to what’s already there? The base of the diorama is wall insulation board, which I carved and then painted with PVA to seal. My side barrier did leak a little which was annoying as I thought that I had created a tight stopper at the end. The epoxy resin mixed easily. Luckily I did it outside: the small leak for one, but also because the reaction was very hot and I was surprised by how volatile it went when curing. It smoked (maybe the dry moss?), hissed and bubbled. In fact, there are some bubbles that firmed on the surface from the exothermal reaction. And the actual base grew surprisingly hot. The scene is from Ardennes. Still working on it but not far off now. A lovely shine! Figures are 90% done. A light dust of snow…
  8. I considered that option. But then I’d have 4 heads!
  9. Superb! I love this. The diorama base finishes it brilliantly.
  10. This figure came with two heads. I painted both up but can’t decide which to use. Goggles or helmet? Opinions please…
  11. Thought I’d post some pics of one that I finally finished today. It’s such a simple vehicle but I really enjoyed making and adding stowage. It was also a change to paint allied figures as nearly everything I get hold of is German! Thanks for looking… And here displayed alongside a Sherman in the glass display unit:
  12. Here’s a few photos of what I initially bought as a Daimler dingo. I spent some time reading up on the dingo to realise that this wasn’t one! There’s not a huge amount on the web about the lince so I thought I’d just go for it - please excuse the historical inaccuracies. Given that these were used in Libya, it’s unlikely that they would have been German grey. But I rather fancied having a play with a red oxide undercoat and hairspray chipping. Regardless of the many errors, I like this pig!
  13. Thanks @JackG and @John Tapsell That’s exactly what I wanted to know. Britmodeller is an excellent source for learning more about the history behind the subject of the kits. Thanks to you both.
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