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  1. The base is around 65cmx35cm so it takes up a whole unit’s space to itself. I prefer 1/16 scale as I find it easier to add details and bring to life. I also enjoy scratch building accessories. The only drawback I see is the room to display finished pieces and a challenge would be the limited availability of more unusual subjects in this scale. In 1/35 scale, you buy a kit and then there’s a plethora of figures and accessories to add to it. You’re spoilt for choice when you look into resin figures. In 1/16, I do it the other way around - I’ll find some figures that I like first and then try to find (or have 3D printed) an appropriate vehicle.
  2. Fantastic diorama. I’ve looked at this kit several times and have been impressed - it’s great to see someone’s finished work. You’ve done it justice. The corrugated plastic added is a good finish too. But… you know this set is part of a pair. The sister set is ‘Hand-to-hand fight.’ When can we expect to see that diorama alongside this one!!!???
  3. Thanks - very kind of you to say. I’d agree about the dog. I love that dog figure. It’s an excellent sculpt - the detail is probably the best I’ve seen of all the figures I’ve bought. (And my painting came out fairly well). With Tamiya, you know the moulding is reliable but the poses are just m’eh. They seem too posed and lifeless. But it was a £12 figure so I can’t grumble.
  4. This one is a smart Tamiya kit in 1/16 scale. You can’t really go wrong with Tamiya, can you? I might ditch the decals and paint in the details but this was a quick weekend project. Calling it plunder as it depicts the looting of artwork by the Nazis. Paintings are from dolls house accessories. Thanks for looking,
  5. Thanks for everyone’s comments. Very kind. I’m drawn to the M3 Stuart next, which would be 1/16 by Classy Hobby. Does anyone here have experience with that set and would you recommend it?
  6. Yes it’s 1/16. I’m not skilled enough to produce this detail in 1/35 but there’s some on this forum that can (and create even more detail)!
  7. Yes they are a bit red! I’ll tone them down next time I open the cabinet. They look like big carrots from a distance.
  8. This is what I mean by odd scale! I am only 5’4” so it’s cool to have a shorter figure. But he’s tiny alongside the Sol Resin tank commander. That huge Sol figure has to be isolated in his own diorama.
  9. These are fantastic sets as a starter in figure painting. £21 for 8 paints is reasonable at £2.50 each and you get a decent range of colours in the link you’ve attached to paint your crew. I particularly like the Vallejo sets and have bought a few in the past. These will be enough to get you started with, definitely. And you’ll probably end up mixing colours between them any way. When you get further along, you’ll see you use more of some colours than others so these sets become less useful. Some of those colours you’ll probably not use much. I started off with Tamiya paints. I think we all do! But for painting figures, they’re too gunky. You can’t go wrong with Vallejo for figures. Don’t forget to post photos of your figures!!!
  10. One more figure added. This is made by Yanks. I’m most happy with the colour of his uniform. This figure is a bit of an odd scale so he’ll be standing in the footwell with just his head and shoulders poking out.
  11. Nice kit but poor instructions. I’d recommend nonetheless. I will add more figures over time. Thanks for looking.
  12. It’s a big diorama so I apologise for the many photos. It’s 1/16 scale. Thanks for looking.
  13. Coming soon… here’s a preview of one that should be finished in a few more weeks. Still lots to do on it. I can see how building tigers becomes addictive. One for each season?
  14. Thanks for all the comments and likes. I think it’s one of my best paint jobs and I seem to be improving as time goes on. The sculpting is tremendous on this figure - it really captures a moment.
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