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  1. Thanks @M3talpig. Luckily the hatches are hinged so I can lift them into their correct position. But those are the details I want to know. While you’re there... on the cupola, would all of the gaps have been a greeny-blue for glass? I can’t find any photos of that part specifically. thanks
  2. As I was on holiday, I thought I’d have a go at the Henglong Sherman this week. I also splashed out on some Sol resin figures (curse you Forgebear). Loved the quality of the figures. The Henglong Sherman is a nice, sturdy shell. I bought it from eBay as a ‘static display’ although it does seem to have electronics inside. The hardest part was the hatches. These are metal replacements. The Henglong comes with the hatches moulded closed. I got a piece of metal and shaped the perimeter for the hatches, heated the metal up and it melted through the old hatches absolutely cleanly. The
  3. I’ve just looked at that book on eBay. The first seller that came up had scanned 5 pages and it looks amazing. It was written in Spanish so I couldn’t read it, but the step by step picture guide looks awesome. I love Vallejo!
  4. The Vallejo face paint set I bought came with a useful leaflet. Not a book I know but It was enough to get me started. Also good because the paints referenced are all included in the pack.
  5. My wife phoned me from her work today (I’m on holiday) to ask who this ‘forgebear’ was as they’ve left a dent in my PayPal account.
  6. I think it’s great. Love the sun bleaching on the turret. Bet those side decals were a pain.
  7. Ha, ha. The funniest thing... it was matt but I gave the jacket a thin gloss coat as I was trying to get it looking more leather-like!!!
  8. Has anyone had any success in repainting the Torro figures? I’m considering buying one to try. I like the figures but those faces... awful, awful faces!
  9. You lot have seen them in the Work in Progress section, remember?! I’ll post an update when I’ve painted the (correct this time) commander.
  10. Glad yours arrived. It’s well packaged, isn’t it?!! I was also disappointed (although I knew before buying that it was the case) that the hatches were moulded. I cut out the commander’s hatch as I knew it would be covered and any mess would be hidden, but I don’t have the skills or confidence to cut out any other hatches. I heated a metal shot measuring cup which was the right diameter and it just melted through the plastic neatly leaving no mess at all.
  11. I will take the spare links off and weather them today. I purposely didn’t weather them... this was a conscious decision... I assumed that as they were ‘spare’ that they wouldn’t have received the same wearing as the tracks in use. Exactly why I came to Britmodeller! Thanks for the advice all.
  12. It’s a shame I bought the wrong figure as the artillery guy came out quite well. I couldn’t resist putting him in the turret whilst I wait for the correct figure to arrive.
  13. It’s the hobbyboss 1:16 kit. I can thoroughly recommend it. It went together so well - there’s nothing I could say to fault the kit itself. The boxes it comes in are impressive themselves! This was my first attempt at zimmerit and I used the supplied tools, which come in a variety of scraper sizes. I just used regular Milliput. I tackled a side each night and dotted tiny balls of milliput, no more than 5mm which I compressed just using my fingers. Then plenty of water and the side of a ruler to make it really smooth and thin. You need to dip the tool in water after pretty much each
  14. So whilst I wait for the figures to arrive (and paint), here’s a few photos of the 321. I’m pleased so far. I’m happiest with my painting of the tracks and I think that I’ve done a fair job on my first attempt at zimmerit. Overall, it’s my best tank so far... What else would you do? Shall I call it a day on the weathering? I just don’t feel finished but I can’t quite identify what else I should do (other than dust the rubber around the wheels). Also any tips on how to make the gun and mantlet look any better? Thanks all.
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