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  1. I don’t like bolts at all, they are annoying. Soeren, this was a ”Bollenhut” and Black Forest traditions promotion thingy. It involved wigs and Bollenhüte
  2. Mark, this will take some time. In the meanwhile check out Steve’s BR52, he finished his recently. It is an incredible built and he added lights and tons of extra, it is an amazing piece of art!!! Hi Francis, Nothing much happened here besides drilling and research . Steve’s progress was much more entertaining, I am glad you enjoyed his work! I got some PE parts from voyager sent to be reviewed by a fellow modeler, actually by HH Bühling, the guy with all the BR52 photos on prime portal! Will compare them with the Big ED set and stuff soon. Have a good weekend, thanks for checking in. My ears are deaf now, Pretty Maids and Helloween were too loud at the gig yesterday
  3. Actually, quite a bit pf progress has been achieved. It's still a war with the rivets, but at least the first battles have been fought. Last fitting and alignment tests before the first few hundred were added. So far mostly 1.0 and 1.2mm sperical rivets have been added. I added some 1.2mm hex bolts and started preparing the nuts. Also waiting for the next delivery of some more 1.2mm ones, as I ordered too few of them and too many small ones. The frame top support also received quite a few rivets and hex bolts. And here an aerial for a size comparison and the sake of another photo Cheers, Stefan
  4. Ahhhh, I have somehow wondered about the fifth one^^. Well, all is fine then.
  5. Sad that this is over now I enjoyed it all the way. As I like the snow, I am hoping for the spring to be far far away.
  6. Looking good so far. I like the hue of your color so far. Waiting for the interesting cam scheme. /Stef
  7. See the FB post I‘ll add a crisper explanation later once I can edit pics on my pc. Neither is correct
  8. Very nice build so far. Looks like a standard ICM kit with lots of detail. Are you cleaning the seam line on the tyre later or will you leave it as it is? /Stefan
  9. Shaun, never thought of it, thank you very much. I will try method this the next time. Haha, actually I wish I had gone the kit's way. Will see how this continues. Now tome for the scorpions and bed. Good night, /Stefan
  10. Well, hits took much longer than anticipated, but I have 650 holes drilled as of now and shortened about 1400 rivets n bolts.I can't add them in full length as I did here, as I need to add the bolts from the other side and as such, all need to be cut to approx .5mm length, to fit into the frame, but not all the way through it. These are the first 6 1,2mm hex bolts holding some interior frame support structure. All is still in dry fitting and as there are so many connections and such, I don't actually know how to go on from here. Way beyond my skill and knowledge level, now that I look at it. Maybe I will glue it all in place on one side and then add all bolts n rivets before going on? Additionally I need to keep track of the bolt kinds... This is way too ridiculous now. It feels like an endless cleaning job and re-drilling from both sides until all is clean and ok. The frame resembles Swiss cheese by now and there are still about 30 holes per side to be drilled and added^^ (325 so far per side), most of them .8mm for the bigger (1.0 and 1,2mm), some .6mm for the smaller rivets and hex bolts (.8mm). After adding random bolts to check for the corret alignment... It seems to be quite nice. Well that''s it. Maybe someone has a smart solution as to how to tackle this one. Thanks in advance, /Stefan
  11. That voice thing is so true, always strange to hear your own voice.
  12. Now that is looking promising, you will earn yourself a logistics degree after that I don’t envy you about the cleaning of the wheel and track parts, haha. cheers
  13. The suggestion by das Abteilung sounds straight forward and logical.
  14. A 1/16 Maus would be epic... will they ship the barn for storage with it?
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