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  1. Really nice finish on the camouflage and interesting how the the fish is carried off- centre. The carrier deck looks good too!
  2. Really nice. The weathering on the metallic finish looks great.
  3. Really nice. Great finish. Even the figure looks excellent!
  4. I’m glad you fixed the links so I could see your fantastic Phantom! Brilliant finish and of course the metallic parts look amazing, but I also like the canopies- they are so clear and shiny!
  5. sanfrandragon


    For those who use Alclad Klear Kote, and in particular the gloss, can I ask where you are buying it from in the UK? I understand that Alclad is now sold as HR Hobbies in the UK, but their website is pretty sparse and doesn’t seem to include any of the Klear Kote line, just Milspec colours. Other online sellers seem to stock some of the range, but I can’t find the gloss anywhere. Can anyone help please?
  6. I was amazed at the futuristic design of the Avanti the first I saw one when I went to see the Vulcan at Sheffield. Your model looks great and one day I would love to build an Avanti as good as yours.
  7. Nice diorama, the cracked earth looks great and the palm tree just right.
  8. Really nice, and the covers make a big difference. Personally I like the weathering.
  9. Lovely model, that’s a lot of rigging! The wooden struts make a nice contrast to the green and I like the finish on the guns too.
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