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  1. Lovely build! I like the groundwork, weathering and figures.
  2. Finished the engine, it’s a work of art in itself. I’m wondering if the rigging should be in French blue or black? I’ve seen both, even white, in other examples.
  3. Very nice! The finish on the commander's face is something I aspire to, and the .50 cal looks brilliant too.
  4. Nice. The seats and searbelts make a big difference.
  5. Latest update, I’m adding the fuselage sides. Seems a shame most of the work so far won’t be visible!
  6. I really like it, cant comment on accuracy, but great paint finish! I especially like the stowage, towing cable and tied down ariels.
  7. I picked this up for a song at Telford to see how I would get on with a Wingnut Wings kit before moving on to one of their more iconic, but expensive models. My progress so far (any tips greatly appreciated):
  8. Looks gorgeous! What's the story with the teddy bear? Did you use EZ Line for the rigging?
  9. I like the 'reverse view' where you can see what is going on behind the scenes. And he shattered glass! Very nice.
  10. Even without the water I think this pic is superb. The action poses are just right, and the seaweed covered 'asparagus' is a nice touch. The exposure is very evocative of Saving Private Ryan.
  11. Of course it should be said that the rust effects are just superb.
  12. Thanks all for the comments and help with the eyes. I used ivory but it shows up very white in the pics. I'm currently working on an Arnhem mortar diorama; the figures now have much smaller eyes!
  13. The sea looks amazing;y realistic and interesting that you didnt use any off the shelf products. The less mentioned Walrus is also superb, nice paint finish and great rigging!
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