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  1. sanfrandragon

    Tamiya M40

    The shading and highlighting on the figures' fatigues is something special. And the gun looks great too!
  2. sanfrandragon

    Sea Vixen FAW.2 - Airfix 1/48

    Very nice finish.
  3. Superb finish and great photography skills. The weathering looks just right and always nice to represent a real aircraft. Thats a lot of missions! PS what is the have-glass paint system?
  4. Finally found time to add to this. We were back in Normandy for the commemorations in June and met up with a re-enactor group in Gonneville. They gave us a fantastic guided walk of DZ V and the surrounding area of Merville. Many of the re-enators are currently serving paratroopers, curiously in the Dutch army, and also a senior NCO from the Parachute Regiment. Here's a couple of pics. I have more to post if requested, just not sure if this is the right place.
  5. sanfrandragon


    Very nice, lovely the finish and the exhausts look especially good. I would like to see more of the aftermarket cockit and bomb bay if possible.
  6. This is superb. I don't know much about WW1 armour but these are 2 wonderful and well-modelled examples. The mud is so realistic and the figures and their faces a work of art in themselves. The poppies are a nice and evocative touch. Great photos too, amazing you can produce such quality on an ipad!
  7. sanfrandragon

    1/35 Scimitar and Warrior - Iraq 2003

    Really nice! Great finish and the fgure are the icing on the cake.
  8. sanfrandragon

    Tornado GR.4 No. 2 Squadron 100th Anniversary

    Sorry, another question. My understanding is that GR4s started off with the round moving map display for the WOS, but this was upgraded to the TARDIS. Did this aircraft have the latter?
  9. sanfrandragon

    Tornado GR.4 No. 2 Squadron 100th Anniversary

    Also I should say that on closer inspection, what I took to be a warning stencil next to the IRLS window is in fact a list of N2's battle honours, which is included in the Extradecal pack. Nice detail, though they do depict the aircraft with a starboard cannon in the instructions!
  10. sanfrandragon

    A Welded Cromwell with Big Boots.

    I really like it, the base, the suspension, the stowage, the figures, the Cromwell itself, all add up to make for a lovely finish!
  11. sanfrandragon

    Tornado GR.4 No. 2 Squadron 100th Anniversary

    Nice to see Shiny 2 is being preserved. I don't think there's any doubt it's a GR4A, there are plenty of images available online showing the fairing and windows, the question is how to model it. On a different note fascinating to see how the wings connect to the fuselage, I mean not by much considering the stresses that joint must be put under!
  12. sanfrandragon

    Tornado GR.4 No. 2 Squadron 100th Anniversary

    Thanks for this! I looked into both options; the airfix decals look a possibility although they dont come with the warning stencil that Shiny 2 has next to the windows, although I note that not all GR4As seem to have them. Alternatively for the Flightpath set you have to cut a hole in the fuselage and then stick on a complete panel that contains the window. Theres no mention of making the window itself, no warning stencil and I'm a little concerned how proud the panel would be on the fuselage - was this the case with real GR4As? I guess I don't have to cut the hole and could just stick the panel on and paint in the window after? Do any of the experts have any advice here please?
  13. sanfrandragon

    Revell 1/48th Tornado GR1

    Lovely Tonka, great job on getting the intakes to line up and I wish I could get my canopies to look so clear!
  14. sanfrandragon

    Tornado GR.4 No. 2 Squadron 100th Anniversary

    Oops, my mistake, the windows are clearly there, now I know what I'm looking for! Any suggestions on sourcing decals and fairing to help save this build as a GR4A?
  15. sanfrandragon

    Tornado GR.4 No. 2 Squadron 100th Anniversary

    So from closer examination of the photos on the web it looks like the fairing is still in place. Any idea where I can source one? But not sure I can see the windows, would they have been skinned over once the internal systems became redundant?