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  1. Really like this. Lot of detail and things to look at, and well photographed too.
  2. Love how the leading edge of the wing has ploughed into the ground.
  3. Very nice! Not a plane I know anything about but you've done justice to it's sleek lines. Hard to believe they were flying up until 2006. Nice weathering and an interesting colour. The cockpit and pilot look good too, did you dip the canopy in Future/Klear or something?
  4. Hi John, thanks for your comment. I think the instructions are just unclear. The DVD with the instructions says M4A1 and M4A4 but the hull in the box is the one on the right. Im no expert in all the variants of the Sherman but I think it’s an M4A4? There are no other main hull parts in the box to make anything else. Interestingly, on the left is the hull supplied with the Resicast DD Sherman without screen kit, which the instructions say build into an American M4A1. Is this the same as a British DD Sherman II?
  5. Nice! Lovely detail, from the corrugated iron trench sides right down to the Screaming Eagle patches. Which one is Lieutenant Winters?!
  6. I’m a rare poster but I will put up a WIP for this one. Please don’t expect too much! The sheet I’m referring to is ‘British Swimming & Wading Shermans’, no 35014.
  7. Unfortunately I’m a slow builder , there’s no chance it will be finished in that time frame!
  8. I’ll be following this closely. I’m too late for the group build but just about to start building the version with flotation screen lowered. For decals the Bison set was recommended to me by @fatfingers. Good luck with the model and new addition!
  9. Thanks Steve! I found British Swimming & Wading Sherman decals by Bison which I guess you were thinking of, they look perfect. When I was searching for Star Decals I found their set for British Special Shermans which includes markings for a Crab. Perfect as I have the Resicast conversion set in my stash, so thank you for your guidance!
  10. A few more pics, I’m still working on the composition/background/camera set up. Also, I forgot to mention that I used Bronco tracks which were easy to assemble, although with so little of them actually showing I’m not sure the extra cost and effort was worth it, as well as VMS fine hull texture for the anti-slip paint (possibly a bit too fine although it caught the underlying green paint well) and the Eduard PE set, most of which I didn’t use, bar a few pieces, such as the drivers vision slit, GPMG rear sight and hatch handles that looked pretty good.
  11. Having finished my Telic Challenger I am now considering my next subject. I managed to pick up a Resicast 1/35 Sherman DD Mk1 with lowered screen ‘relatively’ cheaply from EBay. It builds up into either an M4A4 or M4A1 early or late model. I want build the British version so I think it should be the M4A1? However there are no decals; ideally I would like to depict the tank as belonging to the 13th/18th Royal Hussars who came ashore on Sword beach, but the Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers) or 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards who both landed on Gold beach would be good too. Can anyone point me in the direction of some suitable decals? All help and comments much appreciated thanks!
  12. Love the detail, so much to look at. I hope they know he’s there!
  13. This is my effort at the desertised Challenger 2 from Tamiya, presented as tank No2 from 4 Troop, C Squadron, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, 8th Armoured Brigade, Iraq, April 2003, although I was tempted to do a hybrid version of all the tanks covered by the kit decals as the subdued Saltires and/or the Scottish dragons looked pretty cool too. Base colour is Tamiya TS-46 from a spray can, weathered with MIG washes and some pigment. I'm not happy with my photography set-up, the pigments look far more red than they actually are. I might have another go later. The wire-cutter was inspired by an image I found on-line and following discussion for the crew uniforms I decided to go with desert cams and DPM body armour for a contrast. I hope that's plausible. Thanks for all the help and suggestions and on with the pics:
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