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  1. Really nice weathering and stowage, and the tarp looks just right.
  2. Lovely weathering, the chipping and streaks bring it to life.
  3. Wonderful concept and execution. I really like the weathering on the tank and the detail on the figures is brilliant.
  4. Lovely diorama, there’s so much going on and so much detail. The weathering of the buildings and finish on the figures really stand out for me.
  5. Very nice, sharp build. I like the RWS GPMG detail and the anti-slip coating looks good too. I made the 1/72 Megatron from Cromwell models, but now I want to make this one in 1/35!
  6. Really nice piece of work. The figures are excellent, great poses, really lifelike. The vegetation, especially the tree look good, and I like all the little extras, great attention to detail. Did you mould the bunker yourself?
  7. Looks good, really battered and bruised as you say. What is your new technique for canopy masking, I’m curious as I really struggle with it?
  8. Both lovely models, I especially like the Tomcat decals. The bases add something too.
  9. Very nice, the pilot looks like Douglas Bader.
  10. I like the antenna arrangement, something I wouldn’t have thought to add myself.
  11. There’s a lot to like there, the weathering, figure, snow, even the foot print is a nice touch.
  12. I really like it. Lacquer paint seems to be all the rage these days. The colour and weathering look just right.
  13. That looks great, the camo came out well, I especially like the exhausts, and the figures look good too.
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