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  1. Very nice, love the weathering, the stream looks awesome and would love to know how you did the spray?!
  2. Really nice. Great job on the scratch building and lovely finish with the weathering.
  3. Last lap now, glazing plus odds & sods to fix.
  4. Lovely finish and well presented. That rigging looks a challenge but you’ve done a wonderful job!
  5. Got one side weathered, just needs a matt coat. The port navigation light looks a bit big and red, they seem to be hardly visible in reality.
  6. I have the Guiness Girl and specific pirate flag decal spare from my CMR Granby Buccaneer if you need them.
  7. It’s the more triangular shape just moulded into the resin. If I find a suitable fret it looks easy just to cut this off and replace with a clear piece of sprue, no need for any paint. Thanks for your help!
  8. Looks great! Should the lights on the spine and fin of the Buccaneer be red too?
  9. That's interesting, I've never noticed. I'll have a look at the old frets I have lying around, thanks!
  10. Looks good, love the nose art, hope mine turns out as well!
  11. Interesting the fairings had to go, on my Buccaneer from Czech Master Resin they are a separate part. Love your first pic btw, captures speed and power at low level!
  12. So Im thinking how to do the navigation lights on the spine, the fin and wing tips. They are just moulded into the resin. I have clear red and green paints but what should the undercoat be? At present it’s the desert pink, but better might be white? Or silver?
  13. Kind of. The panel lines are so faint in some of the key areas they aren't going to take a wash so I drew them in with a felt tip pen before I put on the desert pink. I did have a go at scribing some of the lines but my skill level wasn't up to it.
  14. Thats a shame. The parts look very similar to my Czech Master Resin Buccaneer. I wonder if there is any commonality in the moulds? Good luck with plan B!
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