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  1. Gorgeous pic, love the forward momentum! And thanks everyone for your input. Pending better pics, this is my effort:
  2. Thats certainly one helluva gun! I like the mud up the back end as well, great work.
  3. Multicam is perfect rendition of the original, and the figures are just first class. Your skin (arms and legs) as well as faces is soemthing I can only aspire to.
  4. Very, nice I couldnt see anything wrong. The camo looks awesome and must have been difficult to get such a good finish! I have a few questions as you've peaked my curiosity about an aircraft I know nothing about: Why does it have a blue cross - is it to identify the aircraft as the squadron leader's? Why does one of the victory symbols have a red line through it? Why does the red around the gun ports bleed out to the sides, is it the heat from the guns?
  5. How did you not get any bleed through? I always get some bleed through under the masking tape, even though I really make sure the edges are firmly attached/
  6. Just amazing, and a well deserved winner. You have my admiration for the rigging, and no sign at all of any bleeed through on that masking. Your painting skills must be the best I've ever seen.
  7. This is the 1/35 Accurate Armour SAS Longline strike atv, released last year. Possibly the hardest build I’ve ever had, nearly all done under magnification. For an expensive kit I was disappointed with the instructions with parts numbered in error, poor assembly sequence and just unclear in some parts. Maybe because it has been digitally designed the fit has to be super accurate as I found it very difficult to sit everything square, and the suspension just wouldn’t extend far enough for the vehicle to sit at the right height. However the seats are a thing if beauty, as is the .50 cal, and I’m going to load it up with equipment to explain the fact that the mudguards are sitting right on the wheels. Anyone know where to source a Javelin in transport mode? Anyhow, on with the pics.
  8. This is Accurate Armour's CVR (T) Samaritan. The figures are AA too. There are no decals in the kit and my masking skills are not that good so I sourced some red crosses that were about the right size from elsewhere. I had a tough time with the tracks; the ones supplied come in short strips and have to be heated to bend around the sprockets which I didn't fancy, so I bought a set from AFV which didn't fit without a lot of cutting and fettling and don't really ride right to me eye. Anyhow, on with the pics:
  9. Really nice model, great finish and quality photography!
  10. PS the water deserves a mention all of its own! Superb, and a tutorial would be most welcome!
  11. Great diorama, I've always wanted to do something like this but lacked the patience so hat off to you. I like how you've packed so much action into a small space too. I've read the book as well and nice touch paying your respects to the grave of those brave lads,
  12. I really like it, so much detail and atmosphere, especially the plants and not forgetting the bricked-up window!
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