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  1. Thanks for all the advice, sadly confirming what I feared to be the case!
  2. I have an iPad 2nd gen which only allows iOS up to 9.3.5 ( I think the most recent is around 14). I used to have no trouble viewing pictures, but now I can’t see anything, no grey squares, nothing. Has there been a software update for the site that has made my iPad obselete, or is it something else I’m doing wrong? Incidentally I’m typing this on my iPhone as the site won’t let me type in the comments box of a post on my iPad. Thanks for any help!
  3. It looks great, I usually go for oil on an acrylic base coat, but I might try your method next time as it would dry a lot quicker. The leather trim on the cockpit edge also looks good, any tips there if I may ask?
  4. That looks superb, really unusual scheme that must have been difficult to achieve, I wonder what was the point of it? The wood finish round the cockpit is lovely, is it a decal or paint effect? And the weathering looks just right.
  5. Really nice diorama, and great contrasting finishes on both AFVs.
  6. You’re a glutton for punishment, is each one going to be different? Must admit I never thought of spraying it in pewter!
  7. Love it, that would get round my weak efforts at painting faces!
  8. Nice weathering, I like the exhaust and the hawser and the figure looks good too.
  9. Superb! The figures look great and the jeep looks well laden. I like the wet road too.
  10. Not strictly armour, but this is the 1/35 SAS Landrover from Accurate Armour. Made out of the box except for the 2 M4s, also from AA. It was the usual curates egg from AA, missing and broken pieces in the box and mis-leading instructions, but still making up into a lovely looking model. I couldn't get the engine to fit so I left it out which was a shame, also I struggled to fit the wings and radiator square, but that gets lost under so much baggage. Thanks for looking and all constructive criticism great fully received.
  11. Really nice, I aspire to this level of modelling.
  12. Great figures, I especially like the Italian!
  13. Great finish, I like the dust, and the interior looks good too.
  14. That’s a lovely build of an afv I’m not really familiar with but it’s got a beast of a gun! Weathering looks great, the figures are well posed, stowage just right and as others have said the base really sets it off. I’m curious on the tactics for employing these tank destroyers in the field and still not convinced on the wisdom of open top turrets - not much protection from air bursts let alone the rain!
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