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  1. Oliver Your persistence and desire to create a "Magnificent Mustang" is paying dividends with every post. The additional fender bulges were a great way to correct the model. re: the wheel/ tier shape ( your post March 27 yellow encircled ) As a thought, have you considered perhaps creating a 3D print of just the outside of tire sidewall as in the form of the 1:1 tire? Then affix that new shape on to the model tires outsides That way you could have the outside shape you need to show the depth between the tier and the wheel without having to print a complete tire. I shall now re
  2. Badder As I once again gaze across the miniature hinterland, sighting the ancient ruins of a once thriving family enclave. Having now been left to the whims of nature and weather, I can see how the effort of the family members and neighbors had tried to keep the buildings whole and hearty, have been eroded away, leaving a derelict structure. The sound of the whistling wind and the creak of half rotted timbers and stone walls settling into the sodden earth below, is ever present. There! That may the sound of a furtive animal scouring the debris for a new den, but always the keening wind
  3. M. Crazy Crank? Bonjour. Have you been able to work on this fine project at all? Or have you heeded the siren call of the Bugatti, M.B. or Talbot Lago Record and left this poor little Delahey lost and lonely in a dark, dank corner of your châteaus lower storage cellars? ... Just kidding. But it has been a long time Au revoir, prends soin de toi and enjoy yourself doing whatever you are doing.
  4. Oliver, A spectacular build. I have enjoyed every step of your adventure to date. Though it makes no difference at all, may I add to your fount of knowledge, a minor bit of American English automobile terminology? All the best to you.
  5. Congratulations on the completion of an extraordinary model. Now on to Bugatti! I am looking forward to your expertise on this beauty.
  6. Badder, Just a quick note re: your current progress to date. Spec-tac-u-lar! So many changes that work, in concert, with the previous works. I have taken a page from you book so to speak, and have CA-ed it to my current construction/modelll/vain attempt, to build a car kit. In accepting the advanced age of my kit (circa 1950's ) the interior supplied was a seat, dashboard, steering wheel, floor. However I felt the total lack of a interior door panel was an egregious error. So paper in hand, Photoshop-ery completed, printer fired up, a set of new door interior panels was born! o
  7. Spectacular work. Well done, so "real" you swear you can hear the roar of the exhausts even now. I hear the 1/20th scale racing fuel refinery has had to close until the covid is over, so I guess you'll have to wait to test drive you Lotus, until then.
  8. Pascal I was looking for a description of British Racing Green and had the good fortune to find this epic work of yours. Most impressive, the amount of detail added and the colours used to bring out the various parts. Though my poor efforts pale beside yours, you have given me ideas to try. Merci beaucoup d'avoir partagé votre travail.
  9. A very interesting "quest" you have here. It is good you are trying to match actual colours used. It should make the model that much more impressive. The background showing your vehicles "waiting in the wings" looks like a lot of fun for the future.
  10. @Totally Mad Olivier Thank you and @JeroenS . I never knew how to do this either. Not really sure why I should do this but as an old guy I don't always get the new age stuff.
  11. ..."He started off in the reclamation business, then went into demolition as well,"... OK, I see this kind of work is a family trait, this building up and tearing down housing. Good for you, following in the families foot steps, so to speak . Well enough light hearted banter. Your discovery and use of No More Nails for this project is again another spot of brilliance in the "Galactic Splendor" of your personal universe (I have NO idea what any of that drivel means either.) regardless the new /replacement/substitute wall work is quite grand. Well must toddle off now, face
  12. Well Done Badder. It has the look of an abandoned house. BUT as the real-estate agents would say "it needs a bit of clean up and a touch of paint, then Rpobert's your mothers brother" (agents are a snooty lot it seems) Glad you were able to push on and get much done . It looks the "worse" for it, and thats a good thing.
  13. Badder I have once again found myself fascinated by your clever, yet quick-witted way to turn "trash into treasure". Thus saving arduous minuets- nay hours, of toil trying to clean up an area . Only to have to create debris with which to fill said area at a later date. Doubtless a special award for "Duty Above and Before the Mundane Requirements of Modell-hood and Dust Pan Polishing" by the Wiltshire Council will doubtless be in the mail before Christmas. Sigh, I am in aww of such a grand achievements and accolade. However I do have a small, even miniscule, point of query.
  14. Badder Once again you have skillfully progressed from the dreary depths of brown to the angelic heights of white-ish-gray-like siding-walls-with mossy-green (wow really Green) blobs abounding. All together; Well Done you old FTINFBISS, Wrangler. I can see progress where others may only see destruction and devastation. The subtle nuances of plaster, like applique as found only in the finest houses of couture. Or it could just be the way you spash it on with wild abandon. Regardless! The thing is an amazing feat of the "cottage industry" mode of creation-ness and model building-er
  15. Badder " I'm just hearing on the grapevine that you meant lanolin. Tut. Those typos eh?" Ahh yes . You wise gramerian you. Confound those pesky vowels and consents they are truly the bain of a creative mind such as mine . However I have an excuse - Reason- yeah, thats it. The dog barked just as I was setting fingers to keyboard and in the ensuing wild commotion I was unable to ---uh--that is to say, I wasn't paying attention to the text in regards to proofreading every line----and so the dog is now banished to his bed, whenever I sit down to contact you and to once again revel in the
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