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  1. Well we see how to take a complete kit and start to renovate (i.e. to restore to a former better state [as by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding]) the spokes of the wheels. And I was so worried you would have nothing to do on this kit except just build it But as a thought, have you considered using your 3D printer for the spokes? With a good rendering and CAD could it not be a better solution? Regardless I await your return to "The Real Model" yes, the Mustang. EDIT: I had not realized there was a page 2 when I wrote. Now that I have enjoyed your skillful use of new tool making, I have amended the post to more easily reflect your current state of affairs.
  2. Well I can't wait to see what adventures our intrepid model master has in store for now. Also, a belated, Happy New Year!
  3. Well, I like what you've done so far. Did yours have the glove box door?
  4. If I don't "see" you before, joyeux Noel et bonne année Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.
  5. A masters touch----well, except for the light brown----- Good Decision to reprint, There would be no way in heck you would have ever lived with the old decals after all the battering of the areas around them.
  6. Oliver, Now, you stop that,. Giving me More equipment I have to buy. All though the idea of having my paint dry and some dried fruit to munch on as I assemble the kit does have a certain appeal. Ok I know danger! fumes!, toxic waste! warning labels! and all--sigh, life is not so simple as it used to be
  7. Olivier, The latest ..." a coat of GX112 thinned at least at 1:4" ... ..."The result was ever good after the WW coat (see above), it is even a little better imho thanks to this great mix GX112/ Mr CLT:"... is good news indeed. As the photos show this technique appears to be the solution for your Mustang. Congratulations
  8. Olivier and all. Such a vast amount of information contributed in the best spirit of the modeling fraternity. To help one another with personal information and suggestions. Well Done All. I now return you to the forum in progress
  9. Ahhhh, forward progress at last. That last issue on the front wing, would have had me finding a very big sledge hammer. Followed by a few practice swings. Fortunately You are made of sterner stuff. Great recovery of the hood et.al.
  10. Olivier, Your tests have made this whole post a source of information for so many of us. I applauded your dedication and perseverance to find the answers you seek. Now, before your head swells up to big to fit through the door way, I shall say only Very Well Done and Thank You for the lessons. Your humble servant
  11. I whole heartedly agree. the ZP seems to have raised the bar of the current clear coats. Which you have so diligently and painstakingly researched. Well done. To paraphrase Forrest Gump - Modeling is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.
  12. Excellent, product test. The winners are very clear (sorry I just had to ) Your tests seem to be very complete for the conditions you have and the results you are looking for. Now that we have the benefit of your experiences there is only one small thing left to do-----send me you address so I can forward my models to you for that final clear coat. --- Oh, just never mind--- time for my nap. "Le succès est un voyage pas une destination"
  13. Olivier I am very glad you found the solution to you "gap-problem". The gap now, does look very much better, so the work payed dividends- hooray! As to the stripes I have no doubt they shall soon be put to rights-straight as an arrow OK, ready for the next adventure
  14. Olivier; Very credible ( i.e. satisfactory) result on the vent/grille slots new replacement part. I am not surprised at all. Perhaps use of a piece of brass stock , sprayed with silicone would minimize the putty/ TLCP sticking to the metal surface. Also another thought, perhaps by cutting the shim piece just a tiny bit short , it could be slid back and forth in the panel gap before the putty hardens completely? I offer these suggestions only to stimulate your brain into finding a real solution. Reminder, the 1:1 size car was built over a much longer period of time and by many people. Thus I think you, as the lone builder, have proven that your effort is far superior. apprécie le voyage
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