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  1. Olivier Spectaculaire, Impressionnant et vraiment bon. These final pictures bring all your hard work to a grand conclusion.
  2. If it wasn't for the cutting mat, I would find it very difficult to tell that this was not a 1:1 bike, in the shop, being prepared for a race.
  3. Welcome back. Once again, we can watch the interplay of the perfectionist verse the modeler... It really looks spectacular my friend.
  4. Hummm,I wasn't interested- then I read it all. Wow! Fine work Casey. Thanks for this. [aside to self: wonder what "Sky" really looks like? -I crack myself up-sometimes]
  5. Olivier I was betrayed by my mail program , as it had decided to classify your posts along with many others as spam. I was blissfully unaware of the lack until just a day ago. Regardless you progress has gone on to new heights. I am, as ever, in awe of your skills. I can almost smell the fuel and oil from here.
  6. Your skill is once again on the forefront of modelers every where ---- well ME for sure.
  7. Perhaps a look to your 3D machine about recreating B15 and 16 and surgically removing the currently mounted evil twins.
  8. Good to see your forward progress. The details are most evident and help show the visual complexity of this state of the art motorcycle.
  9. Olivier, Once again you have been merciful to my humble self. Of Course, the views were enlarged and the "real view" would not show any error at all. I have removed my eye glasses and can now see clearly what you point out is true. I shall go sit in the coroner until my name is called or I get really hungry.
  10. Olivier, So much fine work on an important, highly visible part of the motorcycle. However, after all this fine and extensive work I feel compelled to point out a small point I have noticed. re: the size and number of wire wraps on your model vs the pictured example.. I include this mash up picture to make clearer my point. Please understand I mention this only to help you keep your high standards in creating this model. Feel free to ignore me.
  11. Olivier, Once again your "madness" has out done its self. I'm sure this WIP could be used by Honda race mechanics as a training manual.
  12. Olivier, Is it necessary to replace the Scale Motorsport carbon decal with the Tamiya carbon? That is like asking if a newspaper cartoon is a good as a Claude Monet hanging on the museum wall. Once again you have held to your requirements and not let the market place force you to accept any less. Little did the realize who they were dueling dealing with in these matters
  13. The Delahaye is truly a work of the modelers art. Congratulations on a job very well done.
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