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  1. Howdy right back at you Badder. Yes "howdy" is still heard . Though usually relegated more to the "midwest" areas of the country. That being any area between the Eastern Seaboard and the Rocky Mountains and the Canadian to Mexican borders. Its usage is less prominent among the our local SoCal "native" population (which, truth be told, are emigrants from all parts of the U.S. and the entire rest of the world.) Only a tiny percentage were actually born here; making the term "native"a totally subjective one. However, as a "native" one must be ever vigilant to instantly switching to the very latest trends, styles, moods, newest gadgets, most popular of anything, etc., etc, ad nauseum. This could possibly occur several times a day. All overshadowed by the really, really important issues of how to stay young, viberant, with it, cool, and fashion forward, "trending" on the social media. sigh- I'm so lacking. But I have learned to feign indifference as I don't want give much thought to it at all. Regardless, as to your current progress. It is mind boggling and very impressive. I think the thing that strikes me is, the ever evolving nature and scope of the project. I congratulate you on the fine progression. We are all well, hale and hearty. Hope this finds you and yours the same.
  2. Badder- not much time; the Regimental Buggiler has just sounded "To Horse". So I much dash. re: your latest brick bats uh, works, may I say brilliant. It is so good to see that the ol' "Minitruest Extraordinaire " has once again broken through the barrier of ennui and begun to once again stride forward into the future. The bricks look like the real deal and the ideas generated from those changes should be grist for your next adventuer. All hail the conquering hero--------oops too much? Oh well.
  3. Very Interesting. Just so I can grasp the unrivaled genius of your current work. You put debris down, didn't like the arrangement, and after much artistic agony and soul searching, you decided to Crush a previously constructed piece and crash those debris on top of the aforementioned unassuming "prior pile" and increase both the quality and quantity of debris? Well as we all now know, you have the skill to make a sows ear out of a silk purse, To which I say "Well Done" "Top Drawer", and any and all relevant expressions of amazement and heartfelt praise.
  4. Badder. So sorry to have missed your progress for the last few months. But I have now caught up to date. My usually pithy and quite urbane statements, hysterical (as I think them to be) are lacking, for this message. Regardless, though the improvements you have made and the quality of the decay/collapse is of a very high caliber. The revisions are a very evident improvement all round. Glad to to notice you and yours are weathering (yes I went there) the currant pandemic. As always I shall now eagerly await your next missive. Then I can once again look transfected by the buildings continued destruction / rot/decay as derived from your creative mind Stay Well
  5. Your progress adding items/walls/bits to the structure is a pleasure to watch. When I saw your corner gap, first thing I thought was Downspout! ( downpipe?) that would cover and disguise the willy FTINFBISS as it try's to take control from its minion er Master. Thought your solution, however, was far and away the best and more correct. Oh, and a brief point. You have help expand my lingua franca by your use of the term "biro" which I had assumed was some kind of stylus. I was unaware of the antecedents of "my" ball point pen. Thank you google for the clarification
  6. I Stand in Awh ---though my wife continues to insist its really mud--HA! I say, I know an awh when I see.....never mind. To the current improvements/additions/re-engineering they look to be coming along with great speed- not that having done them before would be any component of that (). sadly I am in a bit of a rush as I am required to attend a meeting soon ( No, not the head of the armed forces this time but lesser one with some strange little people---wish I looked good I green tights and curly toed shoes and cap but it is what it is). Again Great job of work to date. eagerly awaiting your next missive
  7. Badder Once again you have turned a sows ear into a silk poncho---or something like that. Hearty congratulations on the recovery from both the "wall fall" and the re-repair of same. Again your skill with the various materials you have to hand is inspiring for a novice such as my self. I hasten to add that I am just now filling out the 57th parchment sheet with my notes of your workings. On a local note: We had a bit of rain here and though the roof held-for the most part- I was able to whisk all the roles of parchment to a dry secure area just behind the hearth. Sad part is we couldn't have a fire for fear of compromising the parchments- alas. But for now we expect good weather, until it isn't. Regardless, on to the paeans of praise for your work to date- It really is inspiring to see the recovery progress and in my view the new work is much better and more cohesive than the former.
  8. I have been remiss in keeping a close eye on your shenanigans' and what do I find after coming back from safari to outer reaches of middle earth? Why you have made enormous strides in creating or shall we say once again recreating the wall or a wall -its all a bit hazy. That it seemed to offend your fine since abilities is easily understood by all of your loyal minions and followers of this project. I'm sure this latest recreation of a stone wall will show through with all the skill and daring of your past land mark parts (well except for this miscreant wall ). Regardless! Mortar board and trowel at the ready, I euphemistically, once again stand poised to dash in at a moments notice to add my humble troweling to keep the project on an even keel. So, as a unabashed admirer and accolade. I once again sing your praises ----------------- Oh, brother!-sigh
  9. Oh, What fun. Cutting and deconstructing the house . I'm just grateful to be a witness to this historical event. The deconstructing of a bombed out house. [isn't bomb out sorta synonymous with deconstruction?----hummm have to ask Badder next time I see his postings]
  10. Ahh yes when to use E or S - base or bass all very confusing to us Yanks. I have been on a several months long safari in the high country of the Dipsy Doodle. We didn't bag even one. But a jolly good time was had as the bearers would put elephant feathers on their conical hats and we could shoot them off -the feathers not the bearers. Had to wind down the hunt though, as the dashed ammunition was getting corroded from the buffalo's slobbering on it. Well, Good to see your sprit is willing and my viewing-ness is at the ready, So lead on MacDuff---so to speak.
  11. Very Well Done presentation. The engine bay is very well populated with all the trimmings. Paint looks like the real thing.
  12. BADDER! is it You?, in the flesh-so to speak. The sounds of timpani and base are resounding through the lands of Merriment and Murmur. Huzzah! the master returns from the battles of Tamiyatiger (a most fearsome beast), after besting the willy beast in its lair. Now we can once again revel in the comforts of home and hearth, while scrutinizing every stroke of genius, by the one and only Badder.
  13. Badder Just stopped in to stand-er- sit, in awh and amaze. at both the progress and the consummate skill on display here. I have no clue as to the purpose of the "tie downs" but if they are there they have a purpose regardless, your application of said tie downs is outstanding (not counting the errant little basss--Kit balls!). As a side note (F sharp as it happens) the work on your ditty of the clanking door was a priceless addition.
  14. My Dear Badder RE: my presumed mistaking of your Zebra camouflaged "Pachyderm”, I (with nose in the air with a restrained haughtiness) respond with the ever never failing, Inter Net Intelligence that says… “ pach·y·derm /ˈpakəˌdərm/ noun noun: pachyderm; plural noun: pachyderms a very large mammal with thick skin, especially an elephant, rhinoceros or hippopotamus. “ Thus "proving" the Elephant is of the first water and the rhinoceros only second tier. Also a little known fact is the Reichsminister für Rüstung und Kriegsproduktion (Reich Minister of Armaments and War Production) had a Top Secret small group (streng geheime kleine Gruppe ) reporting only to him; Every 32nd of the month. They decided as the ultimate disguise they would fourth with call the Elephant a Rhinoceros and the rhinoceros a Heff-a-lump. Unfortunately the group’s recommendations were printed by a blind printer whose assistant spoke only Eskimo. So when a wind scatted, the pages they became rearranged and the result is, as the world now knows, the Rhinoceros name stuck and the Elephant became another kind of vehicle entirely. Lost to history is the Heff-a-lump. Tisk, tisk History is so weird; Ya just can’t make this stuff up. Glad you’re better. Also able to get back to the bench. p.s.The door prop, could be a backpack, flung up there, while rushing to action stations
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