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  1. Per google: "At full flying weight, only slow cushioning and pressure is permitted. " for what its worth
  2. You beat me to it. After all thirsty pilots were just about everywhere
  3. Not denigrating the fine paints, you have mentioned. But in some cases, the decal maker may have used a mysterious color (colour) of their own choosing, meaning a true match from your paint jars may be well nie impossible. All this babble is the say don’t rely totally on paint jars regardless of the spiffy names they use. Be ready to add a “pinch the this and a drop of that “to get a closer match. If you feel slightly uncomfortable with mixing your own color don’t get discouraged. It isn’t rocket science it’s just paint. You aren’t going to mix up a whole jar of color, just enough to correct the decal. There are multitudes of web pages devoted to color theory and such but a quick perusal of some of the beginner type pages will get you started on the basic color wheel (complementary colors etc.). Good Luck and happy modeling an ‘ painting.
  4. Should be a great looking project. About radial engines: Google 1/72 radial engines, and pick the resin or 3D engine that suits your fanicy
  5. I was just stumbling around the site and discovered your build. What an interesting aircraft and model. Lucky is doing a great job of keeping you on track
  6. Olivier Spectaculaire, Impressionnant et vraiment bon. These final pictures bring all your hard work to a grand conclusion.
  7. If it wasn't for the cutting mat, I would find it very difficult to tell that this was not a 1:1 bike, in the shop, being prepared for a race.
  8. Welcome back. Once again, we can watch the interplay of the perfectionist verse the modeler... It really looks spectacular my friend.
  9. Hummm,I wasn't interested- then I read it all. Wow! Fine work Casey. Thanks for this. [aside to self: wonder what "Sky" really looks like? -I crack myself up-sometimes]
  10. Olivier I was betrayed by my mail program , as it had decided to classify your posts along with many others as spam. I was blissfully unaware of the lack until just a day ago. Regardless you progress has gone on to new heights. I am, as ever, in awe of your skills. I can almost smell the fuel and oil from here.
  11. Your skill is once again on the forefront of modelers every where ---- well ME for sure.
  12. Perhaps a look to your 3D machine about recreating B15 and 16 and surgically removing the currently mounted evil twins.
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