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  1. Badder Just stopped in to stand-er- sit, in awh and amaze. at both the progress and the consummate skill on display here. I have no clue as to the purpose of the "tie downs" but if they are there they have a purpose regardless, your application of said tie downs is outstanding (not counting the errant little basss--Kit balls!). As a side note (F sharp as it happens) the work on your ditty of the clanking door was a priceless addition.
  2. My Dear Badder RE: my presumed mistaking of your Zebra camouflaged "Pachyderm”, I (with nose in the air with a restrained haughtiness) respond with the ever never failing, Inter Net Intelligence that says… “ pach·y·derm /ˈpakəˌdərm/ noun noun: pachyderm; plural noun: pachyderms a very large mammal with thick skin, especially an elephant, rhinoceros or hippopotamus. “ Thus "proving" the Elephant is of the first water and the rhinoceros only second tier. Also a little known fact is the Reichsminister für Rüstung und Kriegsproduktion (Reich Minister of Armaments and War Production) had a Top Secret small group (streng geheime kleine Gruppe ) reporting only to him; Every 32nd of the month. They decided as the ultimate disguise they would fourth with call the Elephant a Rhinoceros and the rhinoceros a Heff-a-lump. Unfortunately the group’s recommendations were printed by a blind printer whose assistant spoke only Eskimo. So when a wind scatted, the pages they became rearranged and the result is, as the world now knows, the Rhinoceros name stuck and the Elephant became another kind of vehicle entirely. Lost to history is the Heff-a-lump. Tisk, tisk History is so weird; Ya just can’t make this stuff up. Glad you’re better. Also able to get back to the bench. p.s.The door prop, could be a backpack, flung up there, while rushing to action stations
  3. Badder Apologies for the lack of viewership, but the catching up has been and inspiration. I can only imagine (OK I really do know) the frustration of having to deal with the "Flying Wallenda of the Pachyderm Cable Part" > But am gratified your skill in "hunt and fetch" was no match for the grubby little bas....But I regress ( distress, empress, duress--WHAT Ever) You have made a marvels of the work to date. My unbound admiration for showin' how to paint Zebras on an Elephant truly remarkable the husbandry involved - most perspiring. I do like the artistic license (vs real world gravity) of keeping one rear door "ajar" [A jar! How can a door be a jar? if true, what do we put the marmalade in?] Seriously: Good results all around. Looks great all the best to you.
  4. UH, did you take any pictures of the model? I mean the pictures of the 1:1 is nice but......NO! you mean those ARE the model? p.s. Really inspiring work. Many thanks for sharing your craftsmanship with us.
  5. here ya go. Badder great progress on the gun and the 78th redo of the interior() It does look much more cohesive. Thanks for the special treat: As a small aside re: my adventures in Oil Wash Land I have completed the experiment and it is a resounding- mediocracy, but I feel better for having tried. I think after putting the dashboard in to the Rolls it will only show a wee little bit. Especially if I darken the windows with a triple layer of gloss black enamel and keep all viewers at least 6 feet (1.82m) away, so all will look perfect. That should do it - Yep.
  6. AHH Badder, I step away from our planet for a brief sojourn around the outer quadrant just to check on the few remaining Orangest-de La Crunch-eitas. Come back and what do I find? Progress on ol' Nashy, of course, Washes being washed, Color -oops Colour being applied to the big gun and that all prefaced by you (quite unfairly, I might add) having to endure a vile attack. Well as (I think) Terry Thomas said "Damn it man we can't have this sort of thing, it just isn't Cricket- don-ch kow?" ………. 'course it could have been Peppa Pig, I'm never quite sure. To be a bit serious, I'm glad for your return to at least a relative "norm" . The work on your Nashorn is very inspiring. It has caused me to have tried an amateurish oil wash over Acrylic, for the first time -ever. While I now see how it works-sorta, and I shall, "Bravely go where no man has gone before" and keep at it. Besides, truth be told, this project de-jour is a car model's dash board. To which I'm trying to create a hint of Burled, something or other, wood grain. So far, a resounding ZZZZZZZZZ. But it's early days so, I'll soon be able to overwork it until it looks like the bottom of a cow pie. Keep Smiling - it makes them, wonder what you know
  7. rockpopandchips LOL No we are not so blessed to have a Flymo Company/mower. But it is of no matter, it gives us an new avenue of learning about another's yard maintenance equipment.... "so Vital in todays global economy"..... by the by your representation looks just like the sample picture- good job.
  8. Just found this little gem. WOW is just the thing to convey my delight at your vignette. The clever use of scattered items to give the look of a "work in progress" yard and shed. One thing I hesitate to ask, but if you could explain: Why do you mow your fly's? is it to keep them from becoming too big?
  9. Just caught up with your build. Very nice work on the vehicles and the ground work looks to be a good start. The cracks in the road are an interesting touch, Looking forward to your next post
  10. First, the additional white wash and upgrades to the "chips and clips"-so to speak, have added an improvement far beyond what most would have been able to achieve. Well Done. As to the above posed question I was thinking, perhaps a light shield OR a small enclosure for hiding a spare ignition key Or the enclosure could have housed the map for the way to the Gasthaus ? Well back to me nap. Keep your Xacto blades in the holder -----OUCH-Darn!
  11. Bader Goodness the trials and tribulations of being a "Ye ol' Jolly English Modeler. Having to wonder about into the snow covered tundra trying to scout a passable way to reach civilization, only to be thwarted and have to trudge back those weary steps. Then just when ready to cozy up to a roaring fire in the Great Room and return to putting on winter white wash (is there any irony here?). You loose your life line and have to slog to and froe, in vain- The despair must have been palpable. Well its good you were able to at last break-in to a car-though I can't quite figure out how being inside a car eases your way to the inside of the house -doubtless I missed a sentence or two in all the excitement. However a hearty Huzza! for the masterful "weathering- er- wintering-er- Well What-EVER it s called. Re: the impending glut of unwashed masses Not to worry, I live in the Southern portion of California (which is some 1,240 km long) so the only bit of snow we get is in the mountains. It's very polite, the snow. It never comes down from the mountains to our population centers . We have had to "hunker down", however, all the while scampering about to find out rain gear ( plastic trash bags are a suitable alternatefor Millennials or younger) Our local rain has been very heavy - well, when compared to a lawn sprinkler. Shockingly, Rain water has actually RUNOFF the roofs and into the gutters and down the hill. Quite an disturbing sight for we locals, here about. We are due to have "rain bands of showers" for the next couple days; so the treat level is raised to high ( 'bout .002 on the 1-5 scale- we are a nervous people- ya know) So far the hordes of teaming masses from the rest of the country have not materialized- likely do to the fact is Too Cold for them to get out. We wait with fresh sunscreen, beach umbrellas, sun glasses and iced drinks for their expected arrival, come the thaw. In ALL seriousness. I am blessed to live in this part of the country. That Artic Vortex is no joke and I can only imagine how hard daily life must be. My Best wishes go out to those who are enduring at this time. Well tis all for now, I bid you happy modeling. Steve
  12. Badder Not surprisingly you have once again [insert stentorian voice here] "Scaled the Olympian Heights of White-warsher-dum" [end voice] Thus creating a tour-de-force for the rest of us to bash about trying to be worthy of following in your paint steps. To read you are going to add colours to the white of the white wash seemed to me counter intuitive....then I realized that that is done all the time in armor modeling, so, Why Not? Well Good Wishes to you and remember if the paint brush you just picked up feels, soft, warm and pliable in your fingers; you've picked up the wrong end.
  13. Badder' Such a wonderful Tutorial of the famous "Mudding Up and Toning Down and Adding To and Removing After Some Rubbing Down"-just marvelous! All in the preparation of establishing a basis for the final mudding up and toning down and adding to and removing after some rubbing down-ness, to come. I am truly in awe - or in the Dutchy of Plastic - or California - or...Well never mind, my waffles are done and so am I Seriously, Really great stuff so far and you future plans sound like a winner-even if you "tweak" them a bit.
  14. Badder Grand job on the cabinets and the stored rounds. It makes a world of (Good) difference with the plastic lackeys hiding in the back. I like the idea to use a bit of brush to help locate the brass shells. The interior pictures are a bit of modeling magic, Well Done. As to the horrors of the assault by the rain sprinkles for the last Two Whole Daays! Some of my fellow villagers get some what dramatic. Oh, well. the SUN RETURNED! today. So all's right my fellow local indigenous personal and they are relaxing from the fright of the past. So Sun, Temperatures in the 78° range Fahrenheit, which would be, hummmm ..carry the 3, minus the sub of...after then 9 and AH! 25° Celcee-ouses in your area. Keep you eyes open for the wily paint brush rolling about you desk, 'cause no one knows for whom the bell....Oops, never mind
  15. Hummm, broken link? OR is the winter camo so good, it rivals a Polar Bear eating marshmallows in a snow storm? Inquiring minds want to know...… well, Me anyway.
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