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  1. Prop Duster

    RLM02 by Vallejo - correct shade?

    Nick Thank You once again for your references. As noted by others; new people having those same questions as well as some of us not-so -new people needing a refresher as well. p.s. aren't you glad they didn't ask about "Sky" ?
  2. Prop Duster

    P-51B Mustang III; Finished

    Ya know, your "philosophy" hit home I hadn't thought of it that way,but realize I agree and have been doing it also. Thanks for putting it into a coherent thought. Now I can go back to my nap and dream of the models I goinna build....some day
  3. Prop Duster

    Converting a Heller KC-135 into a 720

    Well done good to see an adaption such as this. Have wondered if it could be done, now you show how well it can be
  4. Well! Todd at last you come out to play. I just returnded the forum myself . So nice of you to wait for me, before finishing this build Seriously good to see your back to the bench
  5. Iain How's your life going , nearly ready for the holidays are you? Been doin any thing of interest (to us) of late? Just thought I'd stop by and see how your getting on. Well Cheers
  6. Iain Its nice to catch up with your progress; I was off planet for a bit of time, was slow getting back as the telephone booth had a bad capsistatter . But good to see you are still fighting the good fight (of course with out any pictures we only have your word for it , but there you go) . Model On Sir
  7. Prop Duster

    Il2-M3 Accurate Miniatures 1/48

    looks to me your doing a great job on this kit; may have to re think my ideas about not doing* VVS aircraft *no real reason except for the ton of US stuff, I already have in the stash
  8. Prop Duster

    "BABY JEAN" P-51B

    Your P-51B looks very fine and the name is cool too. Good job on the cockpit ,fuel tank, and belly scoop. Giving up model air planes for a, a..........Hot Rod? (ignore the jealous look on my face)
  9. Prop Duster

    Flight of the Phoenix **COMPLETED**

    Like Cliff I too just discovered this build. Outstanding work Mike, keep at it.... or the monkey will get you
  10. very nice work. seems it took me longer the read all the posts than you took to build it
  11. Those engine parts look fantastic. I am totaly sorry to have given you any grief about not posting pictures, now that I see what you've been up to.......... Ok, may be not totaly sorry, but certainly at least a smiggin' ( )
  12. Prop Duster

    Raúl Hrubisko´s Fabulous RAF collection

    Lars Raúls article is a classic. Your new web page is a beauty, for sure. edited by myself: because I looked at the web page again and answered my prior silly question
  13. Prop Duster

    RNZAF P51D Colours

    Jennings That is the cleanest and most instructive wing paint diagram I have ever seen. So many times the words of explanation miss the complete point or at the very least leave out realistic details ( ie "...just paint the wings silver -the factory puttied and painted all the wings..." ) Your good
  14. Ltdayan to the group. your experiences with the Willy V will be crucial as this mega-lithe is progressing. You'll be able to advise on how best to taunt Iain.( ) ......................mumble under breath---- IF we ever get another photograph of any kind of progress Iain: just kidding
  15. Prop Duster


    venomvixen that was a disaster for sure- but your recovery seems to be perfect. If you havent got access to a friend with a spare decal or 2, you could try to print your own on a printer (well, duh). useing the white decal paper and a good close type font you should be able to wrap this one up . Good luck