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  1. Uber noob and currently part way through my first ever model (Revell Mk1 Golf GTi) to see how i get on with things. Seeing this and the Burnt out truck has got me itching to get cracking.
  2. Really enjoy seeing the rusted/burnt out/decrepit styling. They're inspiring and make me want to give it a go.
  3. Madness

    Uber Noob

    Thank you. I'm sure I'll be picking everyone's brain at some point.
  4. Madness

    Uber Noob

    Thank you. I enjoyed that. I love the details people think of and apply. So inspiring. Have followed them as well to keep up with what they post
  5. Madness

    Uber Noob

    Thanks. I have dabbled with drawing and was a tattooist for a few years (but that's mainly tracing and colouring :P) I have literally just ordered my first kit which is a MKI VW Golf GTI from Revell(?) which I am crazily excited about. Trying to stop myself running away with things as I am looking at all sorts at the moment such as airbrush kits etc. I will be taking a nosy at the dio's and have been sketching ideas out/saving pictures for reference. I will be sure to pinch a few colours from my good lady and I am hoping to have her input on some of them with her talent
  6. Madness

    Uber Noob

    Thank you, Gorby. That's really helpful and I will be sure to check their work out!
  7. Madness

    Uber Noob

    They were supposed to pass emission tests too
  8. Madness

    Uber Noob

    Beautiful looking car. I am interested in the "rat" look on car models. Oxide/rust coloured MKI or II Polo/Golf etc as they would then work in diorama's i wish to make at a later date. But the sexier looking sport cars from the 50's and 60's do hold an appeal which I would want to look true colour and shine. I too would use it as relaxation and unwinding. It's one of the reasons why I wouldn't want to copy straight from the box as I think i would be disheartened and frustrated if it wasn't exactly the same.
  9. Madness

    Uber Noob

    That sounds so cool. I am looking at some kits at the moment just to try my hand before I tackle anything too big. I am a big fan of VW Beetle's and Campers so I think I ill take a stab at one of those for now. I work in automotive industry so vehicles will be something I practice on a lot before building up to the diorama's I have planned. I am blown away by some of the scenery people create, its indistinguishable from the real thing. Would love to get even a 10th as good! I am sure I will love the hobby once i get started. Itching to get going! Good luck with the
  10. Madness

    Uber Noob

    Hi Eric, That is incredibly helpful, thank you so much for that. I will screenshot and save that for reference. I am genuinely so excited about getting started and the videos online and pictures on here have been inspiring. Thank you again.
  11. Madness

    Uber Noob

    Hi All, I'm Mark from (sometimes) sunny South Devon and as the title says, I am an Uber Noob. Apart from the odd bit of Lego or the inside of a kinder egg as a kid, I have never really done any model building. But I love diorama's. The detail and snapshot of a moment captured in miniature is so appealing to me. I have watched videos on youtube of people building them and it has me hooked before I have even began! My fiance is incredible creative and arty in various mediums and once our visa has been approved I hope to start then as when she is painting and drawing
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