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  1. Sorry about that! I only knew of the Starling Models Kit. Cheers, Dave
  2. Hi, I think you mean Starling Models! Looking through various references for White Ensign and Sovereign Paints, thje early Semtex was a grey colour, and that the WE paint was a good match. Hope that helps, Dave
  3. davepb

    RN flag signals

    Probably Pennant number , and if escorting carriers, various warning messages. I'' certain someone will respond. This photograph shows her flying a Rear Admiral's flag
  4. Received mine today, direct from Ukraine. Mouldings look crisp, Have made a start by assembling the box!
  5. Thanks for that. Ordered, but postage was 12 euros! Still cheaper than Shapeways!
  6. Hi Jeff, have to admit getting sidetracked by other modelling genres! If you look at the picture below, you can see that there was another mounted on the starboard side of the bridge, with an extension plate added to mount it. All of these images are taken from the Sunderland Museum Flikr site (well worth a visit Interesting that the individual plating is not easy to see, even in close-up, but there appears to be a reinforcing strip at each deck level. Cheers, Dave
  7. Two Pictures that show an unusual mounting of single Lewis Guns on the Quaterdeck of HMS Heliotrope. The first picture gives a good view of the mounting and footrests. Doess anyone know of decent 1/144 scale models of Lewis guns ( not Shapeways, they charge an exorbitant amount for shipping !!!) Dave
  8. Hi Mike, Have you tried contacting Ross Watton direct to see if he can let you heve larger versions of his drawings? Cheers, Dave
  9. Hi Rob, sorry for the delay in responding. I've not forgotten , but I've been a little distracted lately! Cheers, Dave
  10. Hi Mike, very impressive. I assume this is a ruse to keep out of the way of all of these grockles flooding your area> I'll PM you later, Cheers, Dave
  11. Many thanks Tim. Some good information. Dave
  12. Hi, the hull conversion is pretty straightforward. There are a few websites that I used for information, and the results of my "becalmed" efforts are here : There are also a couple of essential references, Flower Class Corvettes by John Lambert and Les Brown (Ship Craft series) Warship Perspectives - Flower Class Corvettes in World War Two by John Lambert. Hope that helps, Dave P.S. This Website is useful> https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/theflowerclasscorvetteforums/flower-class-corvette-images-f70/
  13. Hi Tim, Many thanks for that. Looking forward to reading the articles. Cheers, Dave
  14. Eagle, Illustrious (or one of her sisters) Hermes, Forth.?
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