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  1. Does anyone have good walk-around pictures of the Merlin HC.4. Air Graphics Models are looking for source materials so they can produce a conversion kit. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers, Dave
  2. davepb

    1/48 Fleet Air Arm Figure

    PP Models did some 1/48 figures, aircrew and handling crew. I've got sets FIG 401 and FIG 402. I've also got white metal aircrew for the 1/48 Swordfish , Don't know the maker but the label says KSHG 74 (Scale 1:48). Didn't Airwaves produce some white metal figures? Dave The Swordfish figures are Hecker & Goros, listed by Parabellum.
  3. davepb

    BAC 1-11 479 ETPS Colour question

    Thanks Dave, that explains why decal manufacturers are fighting shy of producing it. I'll just have to pretend that it has weathered!
  4. davepb

    BAC 1-11 479 ETPS Colour question

    Thanks guys, to me it looks like a mustard yellow with a grey dropped shadow - but I stand to be corrected!
  5. davepb

    BAC 1-11 479 ETPS Colour question

    Hi, BAC 1-11-479 (ZE432) was repainted with the ETPS logo in large letters on the forward fuselage. Does anyone have any ideas of the two colours used? It looks Gold ,with a grey shadow, but I'm certain someone must know the true colours Dave
  6. davepb

    1/144 BAC One-Eleven by Eastern Express

    Any of the Royal Aircraft Establishment, especially ZE432 ETPS scheme!
  7. davepb

    FOURtitude - Now a Major Film

    and then dragon hunt
  8. davepb

    FOURtitude - Now a Major Film

    longship emergency food rations
  9. June 1944 - I'm certain something happened then! I know my father nearly got sacked for trying to join up (Reserved occupation - he was working on extracting magnesium from sea water at Hartlepool) He always said that my birth was the reason Germany gave up! Royal Marine Kayakers attaching demolition charges to beach obstacles. PS - isn't everyone very young?
  10. davepb

    RAF A330 Voyager MRRT

    Hi, what would be a recommended colour for these aircraft?
  11. davepb

    looking for fairey gannet scale plans

    What model, AS,AEW or T. I think the Warpaint No. 23 will provide all you need. Drawings are to 1/72, so rescaling on a printer/scanner should be no problem. Dave
  12. davepb

    John Piper collection HMS Grey Goose

    I'd be quite happy to remove the worry!
  13. davepb

    !/48 Swift FR5

    The Falcon kit eventually repays the effort. Plenty of excellent examples on the web.
  14. davepb

    1/48 Canberra PR9 or TT Mk.18

    TT.18 in FRADU markings.