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  1. Has anyone used the Aerokits detail set on the Airfix kit?
  2. Excellent news, and a Buccaneer S.1 would be great, and a Scimitar and...... Cheers, Dave
  3. Alan, is that a Spey Phantom in 1/144 scale in the foreground? And the Buccaneer, is that also 1/144? Tasty! Dave
  4. HMS Trafalgar was one of the 1942 class of Battles, and as such was fitted with quaduple torpedo tubes. HMS Matapan, that I'm building, was one of the 1943 class, and was fitted with pentad torpedo tubes, as was Alamein, shown in my earlier link. Information gleaned from "British Destroyers" by Edgar J. Marsh.
  5. Thanks for that tip Mike. The British set has them. Haven't checked the German set. Cheers, Dave
  6. Thanks Aeronut, now I have the dimensions, I can scratch them. Dave
  7. Hi, does anyone produce stretchers, as used in British Casevac operations. I'm fitting out the interior of my Hallam Vac Twin Pioneer as a Casevac aircraft, Failing that, does anyone have any pictures of the stretchers used? Thanks, Dave
  8. davepb

    Comet C4

    Voyager is 41cm wingspan!
  9. davepb

    Comet C4

    Even in that scale, the Voyager is pretty big! The 26 Decals conversion for the Comet is pretty straightforward. Dave
  10. Sounds a very sensible suggestion, but a few wxtra seats for fitting out the Amodel Dove/Devon would be very welcome!
  11. Hi, I've sent a PM to you, as I don't want to encourage a bidding war! I've found the instructions and the decals, but the white metal parts, including flap-tracks,are missing. No clear parts, but they were pretty basic. Much better to glaze the cockpit with clear acetate. Dave
  12. Back home and have found the Airways BAC 1-11. Unstarted apart from black lines around each part. No decals or instructions (though they must be somewhere in my room!) I do have a copy of the Aviation News drawings. Dave
  13. I´d be very pleased to get hold of a set of those castings. Superb work! When will you decide to start production. Dave
  14. Try going to this link to see what can be achieved> And even better is this Well worth reading through!!!
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