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  1. I am waiting on the RAF service records of my Uncle and when I gently asked how long it might take I got the following - "Unfortunately the result of 3 national lockdowns, us being in a Tier 4 area prior to the current lockdown and a 21% increase in the number of applications received, has meant that our despatch times (which are normally 20 working days) have slipped to 6 months and will continue to increase until we are able to return to office". I think we might be waiting awhile for them!
  2. If you do find an easy way of doing the lettering then please post! I want to do the "Royal Eltham and New Eltham" Spitfire in 1/48 and can't find it anywhere in decal form. Ta.
  3. Hi! I would like to model one of the first RAF plane that my late Uncle flew in whilst training for being in Liberators. His logbook says this was a Percival Proctor (Mk III?) DX218. I have searched online and can find little in the way of photos for the Proctor flying in Radio Schools but think they are likely to be Dark Earth / Dark Green with yellow undersides. Does anyone have links of any photos of them to give me a better idea of demarcation lines / yellow bands etc? Some training planes seemed to have loads of yellow but I think those in the UK will me much plainer. If
  4. That's great info. Thank you. I mentioned Korea because he had been called up again from the reserves after serving in WW2 and his recollection was that they believed they were being sent there. However, perhaps that's what they were being told then and we now have the documentation available to show what was actually happening? Graham, can you let me know where you got that information about the squadrons so I can research further? Thanks for all the help. Bob.
  5. Hi, my good old late Dad was on board HMS Indomitable in 1953 at the time of its explosion when it was in the Med off to Korea. I quite fancy modelling one of the FAA aircraft he would have seen on a daily basis and as I believe that they were in training their air wing would have been on board? Does anyone have any info on what squadrons these would have been and what they were flying? I have tried Google etc but have met with no success. I am assuming they were probably Sea Furys and Fireflys? Thanks for any help you might be able to give. Bob.
  6. Liberator FL972 'E' by bbrbob, on Flickr Thanks! Are those REALLY whitewall tyres though? American???
  7. Graham, thanks for that. I've been doing some Googling and another person was looking for the same A/C about a year ago. They posted this picture - https://www.flickr.com/photos/53460050@N03/40152731440/in/dateposted-public/ This shows more of the fuselage and identifies it as a 59 Squadron Liberator "E". I have checked my Uncle's logbook and he flew in this plane for his 3rd Op on 27/09/44. It is recorded as serial number FL792. Now does anyone have any advice on how to cobble together some decals for this plane and how to scan and print the kicking don
  8. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me? My Uncle flew with 59 Squadron on Liberators from 1944-46. I have a picture of him with a Liberator with nose-art that I want to model. It is a Liberator V with a kicking donkey on the left side nose. I have bought the Eduard Overtrees and believe that it's either the first Liberator he flew with 59 - FL944 'G' - or the one he flew on his first operational sortie - BZ712 'D'. I could be wrong though and it's just one that was parked up and they wanted a picture! Pictures of 59 Squadron Libs seem really rare (Even on Lorenzo's great
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