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  1. Wow, just saw this thread. What a fantastic build. Just stunning. Please come back, Tim!
  2. Excellent! Looking forward to seeing more. Cheers! Steve Larsen
  3. Superb! Happy to hear this project is on the go again! Cheers! Steve
  4. Accurately sized and fully riveted 3D-printed funnels for HMS Hood are now available in 1/200 and 1/350 scales. These are intended to replace the mis-matched and under-scale fore-to-aft Trumpeter kits' funnels. They are also appropriate for your Ark Model, Hachette and Halinski 1/200 scale Hood models. Funnels in 1/700 will be up by late tomorrow. Hood funnels printed in 1/400, 1/600 and 1/720 scales are possible. The 3D-printed designs' dimensions match John Robert's drawings based on official Admiralty plans in the possession of the National Maritime Museum at Gree
  5. Great question and I am afraid I cannot answer it. My best references of the island only go up to 1959 so made the deck as per her Korean War fit. The one 1959 photo of the port side of the island does show PriFly as I have designed it. If you have good photos of her in 1960, please send. I am happy to adjust the design for you. CV-21 island in 1959, port side. Although the flag bridge looks the same, her navigating bridge window configuration for 1964 (photo you have above) is a bit different than the 1953 design. I'm working on that now. Hopefully, we'll get a b
  6. Mike, Your 3D-printed USS Boxer CV-21 enclosed bridges are all ready. Cheers! Link: 1/350 scale USS Boxer enclosed bridge decks for Trumpeter Ticonderoga and Hancock Link: Model Monkey catalog
  7. Brilliant! The paintwork is very crisp and clean. Great tip about Akan paints and I must say that the Jakarflex looks like a VERY good tool for camouflage patterns. Have to get one of those!
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