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  1. Hi, Since I tend to model WW2 aircraft based in Malta, I would like to find bare chested figures or shorts clad figures. Any recommendations where to look, and what brand to look out for please ? T.I.A.
  2. Well they are generally open all year round so no problems there, The Malta Aviation Museum in Ta Qali is an old hangar since the WW2 era when TaKali was still an airfield and it's a must see, then there is Fort Rinella with it's Armstrong 100 Gun and of course the Lascaris War Rooms underneath Valletta and the Malta at War Museum, The Maritime History Museum in Vittoriosa is also a nice place to visit. Of course if you want to go further back in the military history of the island, then you can visit the Armoury at the Grand Masters Palace in Valletta. The Malta Experience and Malta 5D are interactive shows also present in Valletta. Regards Chris
  3. Hi, Glad you did a lot of models regarding our small Island. Regarding visiting it depends on what you are after, but basically if you can't stick the heat or bad weather, then between April and June would be ideal....
  4. Hi, Here is my latest build, It is an Airfix 1/72 E7, with decals from Xtradecal, although the common decals that came with the box where used as well. This was supposed to be a mojo recharge build, yet had a lot of fitting issues that it was about to hit the wall more then 1 time or two. The mini dio represents Joachim Muncheberg, who was quite an ace, the moment captured in the dio is in Gela, Sicily on 28th. March 1941, when Herr Muncheberg was presented with a bay leaf wreath for completing his 200th. successful mission. I tried to capture the moment he is about to come down, hence the un-natural standing position and the aircrew holding out his hand. Hope you enjoy
  5. thank you all for the massive contribution. really appreciate the input
  6. Sure, in fact I am seriously considering doing the TFX as is and shelving the Warby project for now, yet many here have been very supportive and provided good info as to how convert it....so a bit of a dilemma right now whether to go for it or no...
  7. thank you very much for the information, appreciate it
  8. Thank you AWFK10, Dogsbody and Stevehnz, really appreciate the input given
  9. Thank you, appreciate it, very informative and should be useful.
  10. Hi, thank you very much for the information provided, really appreciate it . Yes the TFX is Airfix
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