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  1. Unfortunately I won't be able to start anything in this group, due to time constraints on work. I was hoping to build the new EDUARD P-51B which I ordered, but just don't have time. But it is satisfying to see that the group is going very strong. Really nice builds so far!
  2. SEA camo definitelly looks good on whatever plane!
  3. @Dennis_C already pointed to the forum with a lot info on F-84 in Yugoslav service. They did carry a variety of loads, I will be hanging 2 bombs under mine. Just hate doing the ordnance, so it comes at a later stage. And thanks to everybody supporting this build with likes. It was fun as always.
  4. This one is done for me. I like it despite some mess ups.
  5. Hah! Didn't notice it until you pointed out. Thanks! ☺️
  6. Corrected the green patern yesterday. And one shot of the underside.
  7. Painting was supposed to be done and then I discovered that I ignored the photo I attached in my first post. I was misguided by the profile which shows the standard patern. Usually the YAF in that period would follow the painting paterns strictly, but there were discrepencies sometimes. Like here. So now I need to correct the patern of the green paint. And it looks as if a square was masked (colors seem darker) where the tiger is and rest of the plane was repainted. Or the other way around? The green is a bit more olive in reality then it shows on the photo. I have used Hatakas PRU blue (orange range), the grey is MRP FS36270 and the green is MRP FS34102.
  8. The project is already in the painting stage now. I forgot to take some photos of the finished assembly. Will post painting done later.
  9. Yes, there has been some more work done, but just didn't get to post the updates. Work in cockpit:
  10. I have them. Several options here. Numbers can be combined from Wolf Heritage Decals. The tiger head there is ok if you remove the black outline around badge. The plane on the photo doesn't have it. The right numbers can also be found and I will use the tiger head from Lifthere decals/Flightdecals FLD-48-01. It's OOP but can be found on ebay sometimes. Lifthere just issued a new set 457-LH, with just that badges. I haven't got it yet, but I am guessing it will have the tiger head both with and without the black outline, like on the 72nd scale. Problem with Lifthere is that there are no stencils. Let me know if you cant fix the decals, maybe I could help. It is Tamiya 1/48.
  11. Late start, have been busy with some work stuff. This will be mostly OOB build, I will just use the Quickboost seat and aftermarket decals (Wolf Heritage Decals). If you are wondering why the sprues are so cut up, practical reasons, more kits can fit in one box. Have not yet firmly decided which plane I will build, but leaning towards a camouflaged one, ser,nr. 10550. (photo taken from Paluba.info) I have my own photo standing in front of this plane, which I cant find right now. This is the only I have seen so far wearing a squadron badge and number on the nose at the same time.
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