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  1. As the WWII approached, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia tried to modernize the army, including the aviation. It did not have a modern plane for various purposes (transport of post, couriers, officers, wounded, reconnaissance), they decided to buy Fi 156C-1. During the winter of 1939/40, a total of 20 planes arrived (some sources state 22) Ev. No. 801 - 820. Allegedly, a license for the production of 50 copies was also purchased. However, that was at the beginning of 1941, so there was nothing of it. Those 20 that they managed to procure served in the Army Air Force, as part of the air reconn
  2. Like the contrast between the faded paintwork and the new painted tiger scheme!
  3. It looks much better than a beaten up machine!
  4. Be sure to use the kits part for the open canopy. It sits rather nice and flush. It was glued and held in place with Gator glue. Held it with tape til the glue dried.
  5. Hi Pete, Unfortunately, no Mk.IX survived as museum exhibits, but there is a beautiful example of a Mk.Vc in markings of the 342Sq RAF (Yugoslav). I agree, this simple scheme brings out the lines of all the airplanes, not just the Spitfire. A lot of planes used this scheme in YAF, but I trie to avoid it when I can. Having a lot of kits on the shelf in blue and grey can be rather boring :)))
  6. I love it! Great build. Have to get one myself.....
  7. Gaspatch kit. Great fit and details right out of the box. There is really no need for anything, maybe just a IP from Yahu.
  8. Here are some links where you can get some insight on use of the spitfires in Yugoslavia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No._352_Squadron_RAF https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1st_Fighter_Regiment_(Yugoslavia) https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/yugoslav-airmen-and-their-aircraft-in-world-war-2.20232/
  9. The fit of the gun inserts needs some fitting and putty. Also the fit of the wings and fuselage on the underside is a bit troublesome, but nothing extremely hard to fix. if you got the impression there is something really bad from my writing, sorry, it must be my english
  10. Great kit...nothing more to add. HGW and Eaglecals decals. MRP paints. Could have been a bit more dirty on the undersides but for now I leave it as it is.
  11. Spitfire Mk IXc, in Yugoslav Air force, one of 3 that was in use until the early 50's. After the war, they have been overhauled and painted in Yugoslav colors that were similar in tone to Russian AMT-7 and AMT-11. The kit is Eduards Weekend edition, Lift Here Decals (Serbian manufacturer of decals), paint MRP Paints.
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