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  1. Just to finish this off. I ordered 0,35 nozzle cap and it works..... Thank you all again, you were very helpful!
  2. Examined the setup again. It could be the nozzle cap. Both of them are completely the same. Same size, openings and all. Maybe by chance both are for the 0.5. When I screw it on over the 0.5 nozzle it protrudes through the cap a bit, but over the 0.35 it's almost in level with the nozzle. So maybe that's the problem. I usually use a metal cup, not the bottle, so guess that's not the problem. Thanks again for the help guys. Paul, do you have the nozzle cap I need?
  3. Thank you all for your answers... No dumb questions of course, we can all oversee some things. But, in this case it's not that, needle screw is tightened, and when checked from the front the needle travels back and opens the nozzle when the trigger is pulled back. Paul, they are grouped correctly, double check it every time. That is why this a mystery to me.....
  4. Hi everyone, I have had the Eclipse BCS for some time now with a 0.5 nozzle for some time now and it works great. Couple of years ago I have got a 0.35 nozzle and needle and have been using it couple of times and it worked completely ok. In the meantime I have moved and in the moving process misplaced the 0,35 set somewhere. So I bought a new set. That is when the problem started. It just doesn't spray with the 0.35 nozzle any more. Air comes out when I press the trigger, but when pulled back it doesn't suck the paint out. Tried with only thinner, only water, but nothing seems to work. The 0,5 still works perfectly. Puzzled.... Any hints?? Best regards Jovan
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