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  1. @billn53, Amazing! Somebody who knows what photographs to take for modeling! Amazing detail photos- thanks so much for sharing them. I have saved these puppies for future reference. Wonder what the deal is on those rust-colored walls on the nose wheel bay? Composite material or titanium? Just curious, I guess! Mike
  2. That is a very nice model! Can't beat the classic AA colors and markings, either. Don't have very many civil kits in my stash, but what you have done with this one has sorely tempted me to get the kit and the Arctic decals. Well done! Mike
  3. Moa, Are those branches at the ends of the exhaust pipes for supplying hot air for cabin heating? Like the ones on DC-3/C-47's? The interior is coming along nicely. Mike Might that be considered an example of "endangered feces"? ( I will now deposit myself in the corner and quietly take notes as Moa's build progresses.) Mike
  4. Yeah, I realized my mistake regarding the publication date, but not until after I posted my comments. Amend the post to read Aerosphere or Janes All the World's Aircraft, 1936. I couldn't find any references for Aircraft Lavatory Monthly! Mike
  5. Wow! Nice model! The nose and stabilizers remind me of the maroon plastic Aurora used on their old Bf-109 kit! (What were they thinking?) Mike
  6. So, where is the magazine rack with copies of Air Enthuisiast, Planespotter, and a very shopworn copy of Janes All the World's Aircraft, 1945? Mike
  7. CC, That is one awesome Spad! Love it, love it, love it! I would love to have been there and seen the look on Charlie's face when he saw that crapper whistling down on his position...you know what they say, "S--- happens!" Mike
  8. Yep- meant CMR- thanks for the correction. I was wondering why I wasn't seeing anything new on the website or catalog- now I know why, Blast! Mike
  9. Me three! I have always wanted to do one of the SB's captured by the Finns! Will be watching and taking notes, as I have both the ICM and the old Frog kit! Mike
  10. Another 1/72 scratchbuilt loo from Moa- I am "flush" with anticipation! Mike
  11. Yowzah! Looking good so far! What a beautiful airplane! Can't wait to see the finished product; after you finish doing the flap wells and flaps, you need to knock back mass quantities of your favorite alcoholic beverage! Mike
  12. Hot damn! Made it on page 1! I will be following your efforts with great interest, especially where the YF-12A and SR71 are concerned! Next to the Vulcan, the Blackbird was without a doubt the noisiest jet I have ever heard. Got to see an SR-71 beat the place up at one of our Randolph AB air shows back in the day. Slightly off-topic, but a few observations on that event: The aircraft came direct to San Antonio, TX from Beale AB in California in less than 45 minutes (Distance being 1,700 miles between the two bases!)- they piped the pilot's radio transmissions into the air show sound system from the time he left Beale until arrival. As soon as it shut down, there were big cooling fans placed in front of the tires on the main gear; the aircraft was roped off until the skin had cooled enough for people to touch; when it was cooled, fuel was dripping like crazy from the underside wing skin joints (The SR-71 gave new meaning to the term "wet wing!") When the aircraft was fired up for departure, two big air start units powered by 455 cubic-inch Buick V-8's were used! When the airplane departed on Sunday after the air show, he really beat the place up- all of the flight line crews were lined up on the ramps to watch the festivities! An incredible aircraft! Sorry for the sideslip, but Ced's build reminded me of that day! Mike
  13. I seem to recall that CMK had announced several Harvard variants as 1/72 resin kits a few years back, but I don't think there has been any progress on them. They would be pretty decent kits, but pricey, methinks. Mike
  14. Maybe Airfix will re-release their Pup with new decals as part of their "vintage" series; I have yet to build the two I have, but it seems to be a very, very good little kit, from what I have read and the finished ones I have seen, especially considering when it was first released! Do a little cockpit scratchbuilding, substitute a better engine and your're practically there! Mike
  15. Funny you should mention the interior, Graham,as I had given some thought, especially after reading a couple of build articles and a lot of discussion regarding how awful the kit was in that regard, to using a contour gauge to get accurate measurements of just the bulkheads and wheel bay structures that would be visible, and making new , more accurate ones out of plasticard, or using as many sections of the kit bulkheads as possible. My thinking being it would be faster and easier to make new bulkheads and wheel bays from scratch that would fit from the get-go,, rather than dry fitting and trimming each bulkhead over and over until a good fit was achieved. A real shame, as the early 111's were so neat-looking, and the kit looked really good in the box....until the parts came off of the sprues! Maybe ICM will grace us with a new-tool state of the art kit, and with some very basic engineering, they could get several variants out of a basic set of sprues common to them. As we say in Spanish, that will happen "Cuando los puercos vuelan!" Mike
  16. I just now saw this discussion, and it is very interesting, indeed! I have always liked the looks of the P.7, P.11, and P.24, but this prototype is the bee's knees! Thank you all for your posts on a very interesting and little-known topic! A 1/72 kit would be so nice! Mike
  17. Italeri did both the radial-engined and diesel-engined versions of the Ju-86, and they are pretty decent kits- I have both kits and they look to be pretty accurate, but have simple interiors and no wheel bay structure or detailing, but that was the norm back then. Raised panel lines, but there are very few on the kits, so they would be a good first-time scribing project. Transparencies are good. IIRC Revell might have reboxed them at some point. I totally agree with the comments regarding the Roden 'Pedro!' Mine is still in the box, especially after reading a build article that listed all of the corrections needed as well as the horrible fit of almost every part, except the decals! Hoping, but not hopeful that ICM would do a new-tool of the early Luftwaffe and Condor Legion variants, as they look so different from the later versions. Mike
  18. If ICM keep working backwards through their Do-17/215 family, they would be crazy not to do a Do-17E/F/P, with all of the variations in colors and markings possible between all of those versions I have the RS and the old Airfix kit, and they are both pretty nice, with the RS kit having much better transparencies and detailing. IIRC Squadron and Falcon did vacform transparencies for the Airfix kit. I had started the Airfix kit years ago and was using props, cockpit parts, and detail parts from a Monogram Do-17Z, as well as the vertical and horizontal stabilizers from the Monogram kit, as they were much better and fit surprisingly well. I'm sure others who have built either kit can be of more help. Mike
  19. Good thing the dive angle was shallow, otherwise there would have been a great likelihood of the s---literally hitting the fan! ( I will get my coat and join @cngaero!) Mike
  20. Another nice salvage job, Tony! Sure looks good in the desert scheme, too. Mike
  21. I can't recall seeing a kit review article for the Hasegawa kit, but there are some build articles out there, I think. CMK did some detail sets for the Bronco, and there are some etched detail sets, but I can't vouch for their current availability. The Academy kits of the OV-10 seem to be regarded as the most accurate, and IIRC they have released two different variants. Mike
  22. Jim, This link might be helpful, in addition to the information posted by the others above. Hope you find this useful. Mike https://www.skytamer.com/North_American_Harvard_II.html
  23. Dric, A couple of things- firstly, your English is better than mine, and I've been speaking it all my life! Secondly, your Hurricane is outstanding, and outstanding modeling speaks for itself, no matter the language! Very, very nice build; the detailing is excellent, and the scheme you chose is not easy to do convincingly in THE scale, but you have managed it well! Now, you need an early flat-topped canopy Airfix Spitfire Mk 1 to go along with this little beauty! Welcome to Britmodeller! Mike P.S. Seeing as you are from Switzerland, I'm betting you speak French, German, and English fluently whereas I speak only English, a little Spanish, and a lot of vulgar!
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