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  1. OK, now I'm impressed! Don't know about the 1/2A RC model, but the Ukie looks like a Jr. Shoestring Stunter or a Baby Jumping Bean! Those were the days- a 1 1/2v dry cell, a couple of spare glow plugs and a quart of Cox racing fuel and you were good to go! I went from a Cox PT-19 to a .35 Ringmaster and never looked back! Incredible Baby Bee .049, Moa! Mike
  2. 72modeler

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    Just got back on the website after solving some internet access issues...this might be just a guess, but it appears to me the roundels on both wings are the same diameter, but from a quick measurement of the photo, it appears to me that the roundel on the port wing has been painted further inboard than the one on the starboard wing; due to the greater chord at that point, it gives the appearance that the roundel is smaller in diameter than the one on the starboard wing. . On the camouflage pattern, I do agree that the difference is not due to being in the shadow of the fuselage, for the same reason/s submitted by Graham. I'm just spitballin' here, as we say in Texas! BTW, BS_w, thanks for the great factory photos and diagrams! (I will now sit quietly and catch up on everything that has transpired during the week I couldn't login!) Mike
  3. OK, now you're just showing off, Moa! I will be more impressed when you do the spring starter! Can't wait to see a 1/72 glow plug! Mike
  4. Incredible workmanship, Moa! Mike
  5. 72modeler

    My Sabre builds...

    Stuart, They are all outstanding builds, but I really like the SAAF F-86E version! (Slightly off-topic- did you get my comments on the SH F-86H fuselage length? Mike
  6. Me, too! I kept looking for the leadouts and a 1/72 .049! Mike
  7. 72modeler

    F-111 in Vietnam

    You are correct, sir! Mike
  8. 72modeler

    Another Sabre question - paint colours

    Uh, oh...another Fujimi Sabre kit gets pulled from the shelves... Mike
  9. Ah, yes- those were the days! Half tube of cement and a tube of filler per model! Mike
  10. OMG! Magnificent Thuds! Loved the F-105D, and you did a wonderful job backdating the kit! If Martin liked them, then that's high praise, indeed! I am jealous of your Thuds! Thanks for sharing them with the rest of us! Am awesome performer- rock steady at speed and down in the weeds, almost impossible to catch! Like all Republic fighters, she was beloved by pilots and ground crews alike! Mike
  11. 72modeler

    Spitfire Mk. IXc, Eduard 1/72

    Very nice Spit! Especially liked the effect you achieved on the overpainted roundels! Mike
  12. Robert, Very, very nice early Scooter! I don't have the new Airfix kit, but it looks pretty good, so guess I will have to snag one, as I really like the looks and the colorful markings of the early A-4's. I also agree that the scribing on your model doesn't look as wide as in sprue shot photos I have seen. Did you fill them with anything? You even got the characteristic fuel/oil stains peculiar to the Scooter- bonus points! Mike
  13. 72modeler

    1/72 Airfix Wellington IC

    I don't see a reason to be disappointed with the paint- she looks great to me! Maybe, maybe a little exhaust staining would possibly kick it up a level, but what you have portrayed is a Wimpy with not a lot of hours on her; nothing to be ashamed of at all; I only hope mine will look as good as yours! Well done! Mike
  14. 72modeler

    Douglas F4D Skyray, Tamiya 1/48

    Best F-4D build I have seen in the scale- very appropriate finish and weathering, as well. Sure was a pretty jet that was let down by a substandard powerplant. Well done! Mike
  15. 72modeler

    Best P-38 in 1/72?

    To make a J from an L, you would need to remove the compressibility flaps under the outer wings; remove the gun camera housing that is attached to the front of the LH drop tank/bomb pylon; fill the landing light in the leading edge of the LH wing and drill an opening under the same wing for a landing light, which was located outboard of the pitot tube; you will also need to remove the four blister fairings for the submerged fuel pumps fitted to the L but not the J. I don't have the Hobbyboss kit, so I don't know if these L features are on the kit. I have attached a link to a build/conversion of the 1/48 Monogram P-38L, but if you look at the build photos plus the photos of an actual P-38L, you will see the structures I am talking about. As conversions go, it's very simple, and the Hobbyboss kit might not even have the features unique to the L. Hope this helps! Mike https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=925