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  1. Very nice build of what I have read is a so-so kit. Loved the natural metal finish and choice of markings. Hard to believe the P-35 and P-47 came from the same designer, but if you squint real hard, you can see the family resemblance! Mike
  2. Ced, Just now saw this thread- wow, what an awesome YF-12! Best one I have seen so far and the paintwork is especially realistic. Have this kit, but have never been inspired to take it down and start it...until now! Re displaying it- perhaps a base with two angled rods that extend into the tailpipes in such a way as to simulate a steep climb might be a good way to display all that wonderful paintwork? Might even put a Skunk Works logo on the base?Just a suggestion. Beautiful result, especially with all the work you put in on it. Mike
  3. Hard to believe somebody built a full scale replica of a Vimy and that they fly it! BIG brass ones, if you ask me! Check out these videos. What an amazing amount of time and money. I must say I was surprised to see that BAC was the builder, and not Moa! Very, very nice model, and I can't imagine how you got all those bits aligned and cemented together. I am impressed! Mike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PFH6e6sArE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEqcxuh3iHw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3o8Je-Bgkkk
  4. Real SBD's didn't have folding wings, but the Monogram kit had retractable undercart, operating dive brakes, the bomb could be swing on the crutch, and the prop and rear gun were moveable. Couldn't afford the $1.49 retail price on my allowance, but they were 90 cents at the BX! Monogram pretty much switched from box scale kits to 1/48 and didn't begin doing 1/72 kits until the late sixties, IIRC. Back in the day when I was in high school, every cent I made mowing lawns and bagging groceries at the base commissary went for plastic and control line models....those were the days! Mike
  5. Wow- just now discovered your RFI- can't top but agree with the comments made by all the others! Mike
  6. Yowzah! A beautiful One Oh Wonder! Figured @RidgeRunner would like this one, even without dayglo all over it! You have showcased what the Hasegawa kit can be made into with some skill, which is apparent you have. Well done! (I also have four kits in the box waiting for their turn!) Mike
  7. If it looks like a Duck, quacks like a Duck...seriously, that is a beautiful model! As the others have said, you have nailed the colors and finish on this one! Looks like something Accurate Miniatures or Monogram would have done! Wish we had one as nice in 1/72 scale. (Going to do a pre-war Kingfisher to go with this one?) Mike
  8. The memories, the memories! Built all of these back in the day- didn't know what filler was, but were all finished in flat colors with a brush. If you built these when they were first released, Gary, it looks like you were ahead of the curve, modeling-wise! Monogram had the corner on the 1/48 market back in the day. I pretty much built whatever kit was out there of the airplanes I wanted to do back then, as I didn't settle on God's Own Scale until the seventies. I'm a much better modeler now, but my build rate is nowhere near what it was then ; always had one kit in the research stage, one under construction, and one being painted and decalled each month. I am amazed you have managed to keep all of these beautiful models intact- I am jealous. Mike
  9. This RFI and discussion reminded me that a couple of years ago I had contacted the group at CMK asking about the possibility of their re-releasing their 1/72 XVIII kit, but in the new format with decals and etched parts, and I got a very nice reply stating that since the Sword and AZ kits had been released, with the Sword kit being easily made into an XVIII, and the errors in both kits being within the ability of most modelers, that they didn't like releasing kits of airplanes that were already out there, but did concede that the XVIII was so popular that a new-tool one was a strong contender for re-tooling...one can only hope somebody will give us one! I can see TP280 sitting on my shelf! Mike https://www.planesalesusa.com/details/Listing/Warbirds-Classics/5427/1945-Supermarine-Spitfire-MkXVIII
  10. IIRC, CMK had announced quite a long time ago that they were going to issue a revised resin M1C with etched parts and decals to replace their original OOP kit, but sadly there's been little indication of any progress along that front. It's such a handsome kite, I think I need to get the Avis kit and cut my losses. Thanks for posting the sprue shots. Mike
  11. Stevej60, You are a steely-eyed model builder, sir, to get this kind of result from the Novo boxing of the original Frog kit. While Frog missed the correct contours of the cowlings and cockpit canopy, they did get the upper fuselage contour correct, which more modern kit makers have missed! Hard to believe this was brush-painted, and flat black is not the easiest color to get a smooth uniform result out of a hairy stick. Something looked amiss, though, and then after some thought, it hit me that the red walkway areas were missing...,made the Spider Lady look naked! Good job! (There almost needs to be a contest category for kits older than 40 years, to showcase good old-fashioned modeling skills, with no etched or resin parts allowed...plasticard and putty, just like the old days when we were all just starting out and spent a lot less time doing research (What few references there were back before the internet!) and more time building.) Mike
  12. Stephen, Not my scale, but I know great modeling when I see it. Outstanding FR18 from the new-tool Airfix XIV. In my biased opinion, the FR18 is the nastiest-looking of the Griffon Spits, being surpassed only by the much beloved XII! I'm sure I'm not the only one holding out hope that Airfix will do a new-tool XIV/XVIII in 1/72 scale. Well done, sir, and the colors are spot-on- BTW, what paint did you use? Mike
  13. 72modeler

    Fiat CR 42

    Looking at the photos posted by stevehnz and the ones I have linked to below, it appears to me that the tropical air filter fitted to the CR42 AS was a rectangular box with a flapper operated by a rod that closed off the front opening when ground running, with the intake then getting its air from the aft-facing louvers seen on both side of the intake housing; at least that's what it looks like to me! Maybe the Ali D'Italia or AJ Press CR42 monographs might have better photos/drawings. Best I could do from my limited Italian references- I'm sure no @Giorgio N! Hope this helps! Mike https://acesflyinghigh.wordpress.com/2017/12/23/the-survivors-fiat-cr-42-falco-maneuverable-but-outgunned/
  14. Eivind, From looking at the NASM cockpit photo you posted, they should have put Future on those instrument panel dial faces! That original interior sure looks like FS34151, interior green to me, or possibly Bell's version of interior green. The wheel bays and gear struts were also finished with the same color, and it appears that some structures in the bays and the inner surfaces of the gear doors were finished with untinted zinc chromate primer. The attached link was all I had regarding the interior of the wheel bays and undercart of the real airplane as well as a model build- hope this helps you!. The nosewheel looks like a P-39/P-63 wheel! Mike http://www.partworkmodels.co.uk/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=8678
  15. What a clever idea- that tarp really looks good....and to think I've been wasting time, plastic, and photoetch doing cockpits all these many years when I could have just covered everything in 1/72 canvas! You are a wizard! Seriously, a very nice Stringbag. Mike
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