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  1. I too am very interested to see the results from this. I've considered getting one but am reluctant to splurge the cash until I understand a bit more about what they can, and can't, do in a practical sense.
  2. Hello Kalor, Welcome to BM. It's been a very long time since I did any paper modelling. I mostly concern myself with scratch building now, especially with the advent of home 3D resin printers. I seem to be hooked on 1:8 WW1 aircraft engines at the moment.
  3. The rounded ones were the Highball version which was developed in parallel with Upkeep for use against ships like the Tirpitz I thought. So it's not a complete deviation. They would've been testing them at the same time. They wouldn't have been fitted for the op obviously.
  4. To be honest, looking closely at the earlier pic in your post, it does look like the elevators might've been white at some point. Reds are more problematical (and blues) because of the sensitivities to IR wavelengths of film at the time.
  5. I think you will only ever get an order of magnitude type of answer to the question. There are just too many subcategories to consider and divide. People might say the Typhoon and Tempest are essentially the same design, the latter being a significant redesign only. However, what about the Lancaster and Lincoln? Kestrel and Harrier. There are also many, many aircraft designs that were viable and highly evolved, but never made it out of the design office. Then there are all the one offs and scaled versions: Avro 707 vs Vulcan EE P1 vs Lightning etc. There is even the category of those designed and built that never managed to take off. There were quite a few of those in the early days! Were they aircraft or not? I can't see how the final number won't be arbitrary in some way.
  6. Hello and welcome to Britmodeller.
  7. I'll give that a go. It'll make clean up much easier.
  8. Last year I produced a 3D model of a Le Rhone 9C engine, designed to be printed at 1:8 scale. It's part of a long term project to build a 1:8 Sopwith Pup to go with my Hasegawa Museum Series Sopwith Camel model. Over the last few days I've been trying to 3D print the cylinders on my Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K. I knew I was pushing my luck when I modelled the design, particularly with the cylinders. The cooling fins are only 0.35mm thick at the edges, and I knew they wouldn't be the easiest thing to print successfully. I started with auto-supports in Chitubox, plus additions of my own, but it quickly became obvious that something a little more bespoke was required. Hence, I resorted to my own support strategy designed in CAD. After 7 iterations I think I might be there. I just need to do the other 8 now... I'm still impressed with the detail of the printer. The grid is 1cm pitch.
  9. I worked at BAe Brough for a number of years where they were made. In fact my first ever job there was helping out with issuing the final test schedules on the FIN1063 update. I was working late one evening in the Avionic Systems office which was on the first floor. We'd just had a new site director appointed and a 12 Sqdn Buccaneer dropped in to say hello I suppose. The director's office was directly inline with the west end of the runway and quite close to it. This Buccaneer came in from the east/Humber Bridge end, and I just spotted him out of the side windows of the office as he dropped down for a low pass down the runway. He must've been aiming directly for the site director's office window because when he went past the end of our office all I could see was the top of the tail.
  10. A slight diversion but... I use a free Wordpress blog account. You can set a dummy front page, then upload photos to it without actually displaying them on the blog. If you edit the pic you can copy a link that will take people to it directly. Wordpress allow you 3Gb of storage.
  11. Nice build with a very crisp paint job. Out of interest I Googled the tail number only to find that this aircraft was eventually written off in a fatal accident at Valley in 1996. It was caused by an aileron control rod being left disconnected after maintenance. https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/55472
  12. I've not done panel lines per se, but when I wish to introduce a surface line I tend to slice the model where I want it, bevel the edges (0.3mm IIRC, but not certain) then rejoin afterwards. The lines in the horseshoe magnets on these 1:8 BTH magnetos were achieved like that.
  13. I've got a Sonic Mini 4k, and it has driven me to distraction at times, but once I homed in on the sweet spot it works quite well. I've never had any dimensional problems at all though. Lots of failed prints for one reason or another, but all dimensionally fine to within 10ths of a millimetre. 1:8 Hispano-Suiza 8Be block. The stubs to locate the cylinders are deliberately that shape to avoid undercuts which make subsequent casts difficult to remove from the mould. It's been mentioned before, but the only thing that comes to mind is the dimensions set in your slicer for the printer. These are the ones I use.
  14. I've just fitted this to my machine, but I haven't tried it out yet. However, the installation process was quite simple once I'd tracked down a 'how to' video.
  15. Shapeways is another site. It's an interesting business model as people upload their 3D designs and Shapeways print and sell them, with a royalty going to the designer (who retains all the IPR). They have their main printing bureaux in the US and Netherlands I think. I have used Go Print 3d in the past, and they were quite good, but they've become AdditiveX now and I can't see any reference to bureau printing on their website. There are quite a few sites around, and many of them will give you an instant quote once you have uploaded your design and chosen your material.
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