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  1. Hello TA-7C from HB with Eduard PE,resin from QB, marking from Xtradecals
  2. to Sernak:riveting is my work.And for airbrushing camo i have used Hansa airbrush. Next project???I dont know...maybe IAF AH 64
  3. Hello P40E from Academy OOTB with Rising decals.
  4. Hello Here is my finished F14A " Miss Molly "
  5. HB kits is very easy to build. No salt,i have used AK Interactive Worn efect
  6. Hello Thanks for your comments and some answer -marking are OOTB with excelent Cartograf declas -riveting are made with rivet wheel " Rosie the riveter" -for wash i have used Mig productions Neutral wash -bombs and MER are from Hasegawa set
  7. Hello Here is my A4B from Airfix with Pavla models ejection seat
  8. Hello Here is my 1/48 A1J Skyraider from Tamiya OOTB
  9. Hi Here is my F16 from Tamiya with Eduard colored PE and QB seat.
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