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  1. Would it be too cheeky if I had a go in this GB at the Yontan Tony you’ve referenced earlier? Fantastic mottling by the way.
  2. A nothing happening kind of update. I was going to say that I didn’t think this would make the gallery but the GB extension has changed that prognosis. For a number of reasons I’ve not had any modelling time recently, the most important being that my son and girlfriend have been billeted in the attic room for a while and that’s where I’d normally working. Anyhow I should be back at the bench at the end of next week.
  3. And the current Queen would be Friederike Thyra Marion Wilhelmine Dorothea von der Osten
  4. IModelKit gives Munsell values for all the BS381c colours. I have no idea how they’re derived but here are a few of the popular ones: BS104 Azure Blue 0.7PB 3.6/4.6 BS110 Roundel Blue 4.9PB 3.3/4.6 BS210 Sky 2.7GY 7.1/2.3 BS241 Dark Green 1.4GY 3.6/1.5 BS362 Middle Stone 8.9YR 5.7/6.8 BS450 Dark Earth 0.9Y 4/2.9 BS637 Medium Sea Grey 6.7G 6/0.9 BS629 Ocean Grey 4.2BG 5.1/0.9 (listed as Dark camouflage grey) BS537 Signal Red 7.8R 4.4/11.6
  5. Thanks JD. Port decals on, which went so well I even got the stencils involved. Starboard tomorrow, underside Wednesday, wing walk lines Thursday, coat of gloss Friday - something like that anyway. Hopefully in the gallery for the first week of July.
  6. I hate the ruddy stuff, gets everywhere. Corrected now and we’re all glossed up ready for the decals. With a bit of luck I’ll be done by the end of the month then I can, belatedly, join in the Journey’s End GB.
  7. I’ve had one of those irritating days when everything goes back a step. I knocked a bit of strip out of a wheel well when removing the masking, I decided to CA the strip back in and..... ...strong words were spoken.
  8. Outstanding. As ever I want to pick up a paintbrush again after seeing one of your completed builds.
  9. I’ve gone for very thin ID markings on the wings, a bit of touch up required but I think I can live with it.
  10. My main influences are the Bargains thread on here, the group builds and a certain amount of nostalgia. So I can blame the stash mainly on you lot.
  11. I find myself in much the same position, perhaps EBMA could consider a Ced Special Tool station for those of us inclined to rash tool purchases.
  12. A quick update to show that there’s still some progress. Vallejo Metal Colours, Chrome for the wheel rim and spokes, Dull Aluminium for the other metal parts. The tyres will eventually get Tyre/Rubber Black of some description, Vallejo Gloss Black will so pretty much everything else.
  13. Thanks for that @Hewy, very useful. I’ll do the main cables, if anything gets too fiddly I’ll leave it. The petrol pipe is included as a kit part I think so I shouldn’t have to worry about that. Cheers @stevej60, the link is very informative and also corrects the scale - Scalemates also suggest 1:11 is probably closer.
  14. @alt-92 thanks for the information on the ID and the MSG. Vallejo’s MSG is indeed a bit dark, as we shall see. A multi update to follow as I’ve been a bit slack in recording progress of late. First up, on with the Ocean Grey (the undersides having already been painted MSG). The Ocean Grey is a custom mix of Vallejo paints 70.870 (Medium Sea Grey), 71.273 (Ocean Grey), 71.108 (UK Azure Blue) at a ratio of 8:7:1. Then on with the masking tape, white tac and Panzer Putty before a coat of custom mixed Dark Green. The mix for the green was all Vallejo again: 70.897 (Bronze Green), 71.137 (US Light Green), 71.307 (Medium Sea Grey), 70.872 (Chocolate Brown) at a ratio of 5:4:3:1. And the money shot, I’d have preferred the camo to be a bit more wiggly in places but I think it will do. Also, the contrast between the greys is a little limited, I should have listened to the advice of @alt-92 regarding the darkness of Vallejo’s MSG - you live and learn. The Sky band could have been a little further forward as well now I look at it. Another crack at the yellow may be next once I’ve built up an appropriate reservoir of nerve.
  15. Thanks, I think it’s going to be worth the effort Cheers, me too I wish I could afford all of them, the others tend to be quite pricey It’s not that bad considering the age of the kit, all parts need a reasonable amount of attention though. Before I move on some questions for those who understand stuff about engines and how motorbikes work as I genuinely know nothing. I’m going to add some cables as I have some Slaters Rod which will do nicely. I’ve identified what I think are the throttle cable and the spark plug cable (see picture) , I’m assuming the following: The throttle cable runs to the same point (carburettor?) either side of the engine block and to the throttle on the right hand of the handlebar. A clutch cable from the lever on the left hand of the handlebar runs to the clutch on the right hand side of the rear wheel. A front brake cable runs from the brake lever on the right hand side of the handlebar to the front wheel.
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