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  1. Avereda

    Revell 1/72 Sea Hurricane Mk.IIC

    Second coat on and I’m reasonably happy. Unfortunately it’s not going to advance any further than this before the gallery closing date, a mixture of work, conferences and holiday means I’ll have no further bench time until mid-July - I’ll try and complete after then though. As minor compensation for another failure, this is what happens when you leave a pot of Copydex in a drawer too long.
  2. I really like that, I’d considered it for this GB - glad somebody else did it now
  3. Avereda

    English Musketeer 1642

    Gammy left hip, which is going to need some work (much like myself) and needs helping upright (much like....) but starting to take shape. I’ll have a play around with the fleshy parts before the next update.
  4. Avereda

    Swedish Gladiator Mk.1

    And thank you Chris. I asked Mrs Ave about this and was told to keep my hands off her ‘good needles’ so I’ll have to buy my own at the weekend.
  5. You might have just blown you’re cover old boy
  6. Avereda

    Swedish Gladiator Mk.1

    @Ventora3300 @Black Knight - thank you very much gentlemen. Hopefully I’ll have time to have a crack at one or both of these methods this week. I’d really like to get on top of this rigging lark so I’m most grateful for the advice.
  7. Avereda

    Swedish Gladiator Mk.1

    By the way I used thin CA which sort of got everywhere - would a thicker grade of CA have been more sensible?
  8. Avereda

    Swedish Gladiator Mk.1

    First attempt at rigging, not entirely successful. I can get the Uschi thread through the holes ok but fixing them is another matter. I tried dribbling CA on but ended up dribbling it everywhere. I’ll sand down and have a rethink.
  9. Avereda


    Finally some colour, even if it is only grey. Some light grey on the underside, the preshade doesn’t show through quiet so clearly to the naked eye - you never know I might even finish before Floatplanes II
  10. Avereda

    Out of the Box Models 1/72 Yak-9T (Crowdfunding)

    Right, I’m in
  11. Avereda

    English Musketeer 1642

    Around Aberdeen way I would have thought that made you a man of substance, under the same circumstances I would have simply answered “yes”
  12. Avereda

    English Musketeer 1642

    Indeed, makes me wonder why I don’t concentrate on them more given that I’ve got a greater interest in history than military machines. I might have to settle for the 1979 understanding of an ECW Musketeer, we’ll see... I accidentally found myself looking into these possibilities...I really must try and stick to Plan A though. Thanks, I may adopt nothing better than the “build it slow, slap some paint on attitude” though. Anyhow, the sprues below - I’ll have a little scrape at the flash tonight
  13. Avereda

    Bedding decals in Klear/ Future or equivalent.

    Here’s a comparison. The port decals were applied yesterday with Mr Mark Softer/Setter. The starboard ones* were applied this morning with diluted Klear as per Steve’s instructions. There’s not a lot in it but the starboard ones have definitely conformed better, for me this is a definite win for Steve - thanks for posting. *ignore the damage to the number 10 on the starboard side - that was me with an X-Acto blade whilst cutting the decal out.
  14. Avereda

    Revell 1/72 Sea Hurricane Mk.IIC

    First coat of Sky (Colourcoats) on this morning. I used the low pressure, up close, needle barely retracted method which may not have been such a good idea in this instance. I think doing it this way may cancel out the variations of the preshading - though I may change my mind after the second coat.
  15. Avereda

    Bedding decals in Klear/ Future or equivalent.

    Interesting stuff, for those of a non-scientific bent like me is the dilution 30% Klear or 30% water? I might try this out later and see how it compares to yesterday’s attempt with Mr Mark Softer/Setter.