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  1. Hello Sophie, I’m a former archaeologist (MoLAS, amongst others), welcome to the forum I think you’ll enjoy it.
  2. There’s not been much movement on this one I’m afraid. I’m struggling to find much time for modelling at the moment. I had a bash earlier today and ended up knocking a bottle of CA over a decent pair of trousers and a jumper which led to some dark rumblings. I manage to gather enough equilibrium to get this far though…
  3. Welcome from a Mancunian ex-pat.
  4. A Procopius thread with a resistance back story. A man could want no more. I’m in for the long haul on this one.
  5. The first option was the one I used to use on my iPad until an Apple update seemed to stop it working. I had to switch to option two whereby you’re starting with the Flickr app and haven’t had a problem since. The key (for me) is to start from the Flickr app - I’m not sure if that was clear in my previous post.
  6. Are you uploading from the Photos app on the iPhone as in the first picture here or importing directly from the Flickr app as in the second picture? 1. Upload from Photos to Flickr 2. Import to Flickr from Photos
  7. Some splendid information on the very good IPMS Stockholm site: Douglas Skyraider in detail
  8. The aftermarket has arrived. A bunch of Dan Taylor Modelworks goodies.
  9. Thanks for all the goodwill people, that’s a lot of interest for what has so far amounted to a polished prop. Pat, it will be a journey of some sort for sure. I’m not sure I’ll be imparting any knowledge but what I pick up along the way I’ll be sharing with you. You’re not the first person to say this at the start of one of my thread. Ignorance is definitely bliss for me when it comes to picking a GB build. Steady, it will be the usual bash it and see approach. Polishing white metal is tedious rather than hard, I actually quite like doing it. I’ve not done any more cleaning, sawing or sanding yet but these arrived today..
  10. That’s an absolute cracker, I hadn’t spotted this thread in the GB before tonight.
  11. Should be back on it at the weekend. The tracks are on now, I’ve just got to decide what in the way of extras are going to be included - I’m not sure I’m up for scratching the tools on this one.
  12. Cheers, I might try and finish another Magna Models one off while I’m at it. A Miles Master from the Trainers GB.
  13. The contents; a sandwich bag full of resin, white metal, vacform canopies plus Magna Models lovely instructions. All the parts will require some work, especially the white metal… …roughly one hour later
  14. Well, a couple of glasses of red, a large whisky and some furtling in the stash and I’ve had a change of heart. The Norseman has gone back in the box and out has popped a Skyraider.
  15. Toying with the idea of something civil, probably Swedish but may look at other options.
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