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  1. The original proposal seemed solid enough to me so I happy to go along with it in any form.
  2. This one’s run out of gas I’m afraid. I started fiddling around with PE, resin and Milliput sandbags and it all sort of ground to halt. Back in the box to be revived another day.
  3. Plenty of time to change my mind before kickoff but I’m planning to have a go at this one.
  4. I’m planning on doing the T34, not sure it will add any merriment but you never know.
  5. Thanks, I’ve done a little more over the last couple of nights. There’s no way this will make the gallery (along with the Sherman in the Heller GB), so I’ve decided to go the full interior. I’ve started to rough things out inside the cockpit, plenty more to do yet.
  6. I have to admit to a fondness for Slough. I spent a quite pleasing six months there, at the time I was sharing a flat with a former Foreign Legionnaire so life always tilted towards the interesting.
  7. A rather long hiatus on this one but I had a bit of time yesterday to have a play around with it. Photo shows where it’s at, I’ve gone for floats rather than wheels or skis and I’ll have a bash at some sort of clear acetate solution for the canopy. A load of Milliput will be required for the underside of the fuselage which is a mass of misalignment and odd angles.
  8. Yes, you just vote in the same manner as you did initially. The old votes are replaced by the new ones. There’s no compulsion to do it, this year might actually be the first year I don’t recast.
  9. Just cast my vote(s), I’ll quite probably recast before the final whistle though.
  10. I might even have finished the Hurricane I started for the tenth by then.
  11. Hello Sophie, I’m a former archaeologist (MoLAS, amongst others), welcome to the forum I think you’ll enjoy it.
  12. There’s not been much movement on this one I’m afraid. I’m struggling to find much time for modelling at the moment. I had a bash earlier today and ended up knocking a bottle of CA over a decent pair of trousers and a jumper which led to some dark rumblings. I manage to gather enough equilibrium to get this far though…
  13. Welcome from a Mancunian ex-pat.
  14. A Procopius thread with a resistance back story. A man could want no more. I’m in for the long haul on this one.
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