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  1. Interesting choice of newspaper article and sub-headings. Good job on the kit, I was another Aldi purchaser so I’m pleased to see this.
  2. Avereda

    Year of Doom - The Aircraft

    Resurrection complete. The undercarriage and canopy are awful but I’m fairly happy with the rest. Remarkably my plan seems to be working so next up will be the Swiss Mustang that came to grief in the Dedicated Kit GB
  3. Avereda

    Year of Doom - The Aircraft

    Rest of the decals on but then got slightly ahead of myself and added the matt varnish before a bit of light weathering. I’ll try and address this error during the week.
  4. Avereda

    Grumman Gallery

    Airfix 1/72 Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat (Starter set), mainly painted with Hataka’s late US Navy paint set, weathered with gouache and Tamiya Smoke. Everything else straight out of the box.
  5. Avereda

    Airfix 1/72 Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat

    And finished, first one for over a year.
  6. Avereda

    Year of Doom - The Aircraft

    Thanks Clive, nice to have you aboard The money will go towards removals to Orkney, no really Thanks Nikolai, hopefully it’ll work out Ced, Stuart - The Dinah failed to make the finishing line in the Pacific at War GB, additionally I messed up the decals relating to its time in the Pacific theatre so I’ve had to use the ones for its later incarnation back in the US.
  7. Avereda

    Year of Doom - The Aircraft

    Let’s get cracking then. First up the Dinah, the colour call outs on the decal sheet suggest either blue, red or grey for the rudder and elevators. I’ve gone for red for no other reason than it’ll brighten things up a bit. Hopefully I can push on towards weathering at the weekend
  8. Avereda

    Airfix 1/72 Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat

    Thanks, good job you mentioned the prop - I was very close to posting the following as finished.
  9. Avereda

    Year of Doom - The Aircraft

    @Ventora3300 @Marklo You may, understandably, have detected a slightly melancholy tone in my original post but it shouldn’t give you cause for concern. Trust me, I do enjoy the hobby but this year I’d really like to finish some ongoing projects and it suits my purpose to present them all in a single thread. Ideally I’d like to complete all my models within the limitations of forum group builds as I enjoy the participation but if I carry on with this approach I’m going to end up with a cupboard full of partly-finished kits. Anyhow, thanks for comments and the implicit support - I’m off now to do battle with the Dinah again.
  10. Avereda

    TAIC captured Dinah

    This all went bad at the decaling stage so I’ll now have to try and finish it as the later non-Pacific version. Slated to die another day on this thread
  11. Taking my cue from other multiple build threads, those curated by Beard, stevej60, 06/24 and azureglo spring to mind, I thought I’d impose one of mine upon you all. The seed was sown for this approach about half way through 2018 while I was having a disastrous run of GB entries, as I watched the drawer of doom steadily fill I began to think that some form of self-control was required. The answer to my laxity was to steel myself for a year of self admonishment and thus this year will be the year of doom (fear not fellow travellers, this has nothing to do with Brexit, Trump, climate change etc but an opportunity to put right the modelling wrongs of the previous year). The stash of failures currently cluttering the bench are as follows: Amodel DH60 Gypsy Moth, this one did a Devon Loch just before the finish line of the Prototypes GB; Airfix Gladiator in Swedish markings, a bad experience with Mr Hobby Aqueous and Decalfix caused this one to fail in the Britmodeller 10 GB; Revell Sea Hurricane, got off to a decent start then fizzled out in the Carriers Ahoy GB; Hasegawa Hurricane Mk I, never really got going in the BM 10 GB; Airfix Mustang in Swiss markings, (Single Kit GB) went together nicely then stopped when I hit the scratch-building point; Airfix Musketeer, lost the plot when it came to the belts and bags; Airfix Dinah as a captured plane in TAIC livery, the most recent failure and another decal disaster - this will probably be the first in line as it’s technically still on the bench but will have to pulled from the Pacific GB due to a change of markings; HobbyBoss Wildcatfish, I’ll save this for the Floatplanes II GB, simply ran out of time first time round - a first foray into airbrushing enamels may also have been a contributory factor. Revell Halifax, intended as a winter build a couple of winters ago this has languished for far too long and has caused the greatest amount of guilt. Matchbox Beaufighter, I ended up with two kits but still couldn’t cobble something together, I’m blaming the Airwaves PE for the failure. I also failed with a Valentine in the GB GB, but let’s not talk about that.
  12. Avereda

    1/72 Tiger Moth

    Best example of a Tiger Moth I’ve seen on here I think
  13. Avereda

    Airfix 1/72 Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat

    Thank you very much Steve. I’ve ploughed on over the last couple of days with some extreme, for me, weathering and some matt varnish. I might even have this done by the end of the weekend which would please me greatly, it’s over a year since I finished anything.
  14. You betcha, can’t wait for this
  15. Avereda

    The first HK Lancaster WIP?

    Strangely enough that’s how I got started on the bass guitar