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  1. I’m tempted to follow your lead and dig mine out of the stash. In the meantime- CAMPEONES, CAMPEONES, OLE, OLE, OLE (and repeat)
  2. Thanks Col. It’s starting to take shape now, much grappling with putty and vac-formed transparencies to come.
  3. The decals look like being troublesome, the insignia are out of register and the code is a bit damaged. I fear this is going to be a bit of a crawl to the finish line.
  4. Thanks Cliff, just sandpaper and skinny sanding sticks (Albion Alloys) for the buffing. Now you come to mention it I have got a Black and Decker ‘Dremel’ style tool which I might dig out. I’m currently waiting for Alclad Primer and Microfiller to arrive from Wonderland but there’s a bit of a delay - are there any alternatives for priming resin?
  5. Cockpit repairs undertaken and repainting has commenced, a remarkably easy fix as it happens. Also had a first bash with metal parts, the prop looks like it’s going to buff up ok.
  6. Now standing on its own three wheels. A bit of touch up here and there and it’s on with the gloss coat and decals at which point the finish line will be in sight. Full of mistakes but I think I can live it, probably better if I leave the scratch building to those who know how in the future.
  7. Some haphazard progress to report. I’ve got bored of waiting for the Alclad primer to arrive so I’ve taken the plunge and primed the internals with thinned Mr Surfacer 1500. Then sprayed with Vallejo Grey-Green, then some detail, then dropped on the floor and run over with the office chair. When the swearing stops I’ll attempt repairs.
  8. I’ve a feeling that the previous one was just coming to an end when I joined and it sort of stuck in my mind. All that aside it’s a good idea and probably time for another one.
  9. I’ll be interested to see how you get on with the masking pens. I’ve had another go and found removing the mask with a mechanical pencil rubber worked a little better - that still leaves plenty of variables to check though
  10. I believe this would be Starter Set III, though I may have missed one https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/558-starter-set-group-build-ii/
  11. Some testing of the masking pens on a mule might be in order. From the Poole show today, Mr Dissolved Putty, Mr Base White, 8th Army Multipose figures, the very nice Arma Hobby Hurricane Mk 1 and a Dragon Sd.Kfz. 184 Elefant. The Dragon kit was bought mainly for the spare track. A fine show as usual followed by a couple of pints and a late lunch in Wimborne Minster - excellent day out.
  12. Had a bash at attaching the lights to one wing, the outer one is quite secure - not so sure about the other one. Some bad seam action as well but we won’t speak of that. Things have been even slower than normal due to a trapped nerve in my shoulder/neck but that seems to be sorted now. In other news and especially for @BIG X - this arrived today
  13. Still waiting for the primer. In the meantime I’ve had a go at adding some support for the wings. Looks like it might work.
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