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  1. Cockpit assembled and glued to the starboard fuselage, some of the clear parts of the sprue and tidied. Good news for ski fans, these have parted nicely from the blocks.
  2. Cheers, I think I’ve got a rough idea of what is being said. Anyhow, the ball is now rolling. Sprues, two in a mustardy colour, one nicely clear sprue, nothing too alarming. Somewhat aged instructions
  3. @Christer A, many thanks for that link - most interesting. With the help of Google Translate I have the following: “The Navy* used Östergötland's weapon as a navy emblem on aircraft J28 and J29. The Division badge began to be used on S17BL where the 2nd Division in 1943 had a yellow bloodhound on its aircraft. In some versions, the dog had a camera around his neck. The 3rd Division used a black eagle that carried a white scroll with yellow ribbons in the claws and during the standby period, the 5th Division used a Red Indian scout in red and white. The S14 that the Navy* had stationed in the mountains in 1944 and 1945 carried the so-called "Lapp old man" - a camera equipped Sami hanging in a parachute. In 1950, the 3rd Division began using a yellow C around a yellow statue of Folke Filbyter and in 1951 probably made the 1st and 2nd divisions the same in red and blue respectively. During the J29 period, a special emblem for the Target Flight Division was introduced, which was accompanied by the division during F13M and F 16M until decommissioning 1/7 1997.” *should this be flight wing or Air Force?
  4. We’ll see if the skis survive being prised from their blocks first
  5. Aftermarket, the skis look like they’ll be a wheeze. Sprues to follow.
  6. Wise words as always Chris. However this is KUTA World where completion trumps verity. Not only will there be rockets and and a torpedo but there will also be wheels up and no pilot.
  7. I’ll be in with this one, Kora decals and resin skis will be added to make a ‘Swedish Service’ version
  8. Some of the smaller bits added now
  9. Well, that was a fine old Sunday late afternoon
  10. Thanks JR and a great new year to you. The fuselage has been reattached it itself and then everything has been slathered in Mr Surfacer 1200 while I ponder the next move. I’m probably going to put down the airbrush and hand paint for a change but I’m not totally decided as yet.
  11. Pensions - done all the paperwork, corrected all their (Civil Service) paperwork, corrected all their paperwork again. I wait with bated breath for Feb 1st to see what actually happens. Models - that canopy’s looking good.
  12. I signed up first time round so you may as well count me in again. Any excuse to spray Vallejo Metal Color.
  13. All a bit dizzying isn’t it, especially on top of the Christmas excess. I need to retire just to catch up.
  14. State of the model shown below, the state of my back (not pictured) is preventing any progress at the moment. However, I can now put my socks and shoes on unaided so things are improving, they may be hope yet that this one gets done.
  15. Thanks, a bad back meant I had to pull up stumps on this years output a little earlier than planned. I’ve enjoyed trying to breathe life into these failures. Anyhow, what’s on the agenda for next year? Well fellow modellers, next year will be a Year of Nostalgia which hopefully will see (amongst others)a BMW R69, an Endeavour and Oliver Cromwell come to fruition as I take a deep dive into my past.
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