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  1. @Corsairfoxfouruncle to be honest I don’t even know what the transmission cover is (or what the transmission is for that matter). @Mig Eater thanks for the pictures and the explanation. State of play with the model below, there’ll be a short hiatus in the build now as firstly, I have to crack on with my Less Than A Tenner offering and secondly, I’m back to full time work for the first time in three years at the start of August.
  2. Thank you kindly. Very nearly there with the paint, I think is definitely going to be it for the stowage and other scratched extras. A bit of a mish-mash and the straps for the fuel drum are way over scale but I’m fairly happy with it at the moment.
  3. Go on then, sign me up and I’ll have a crack at Yontan Tony if it gets through the bunfight.
  4. Wikimedia Commons photo of the real thing at the Technik Museum Sinsheim
  5. Allez. Day one, time to get cracking. Bit or work on the wheels and tidying up of the main hull. The plan is to try and blitz this to get it in the same state as my Less Than A Tenner entry then I can prime, paint and weather both tanks together. As always we’ll see how that works out. Note that the wheels are encased in magic marker, this stops them escaping from the bench overnight by magic.
  6. Many thanks JD and Steve, it’s been fun mucking about with what is, if I’m honest, fairly fictitious stowage. Very nearly there for primer, I’ve just got to adjust the starboard tarpaulin/bedroll. There’s also a sneak preview of another addition port side. Too hot in the attic this afternoon to fiddle with tiny parts but I might get finished off tomorrow morning.
  7. Closer to primer than I expected to be, all I had to do was fix the final part - the headlight. What possessed me to pick it up with tweezers? Obviously it pinged off into the ether somewhere and will not be seen again, time to scratch a new one. Rough state of play below (one or two bits have been added since the photo was taken)
  8. Bit drained after the football but life goes on, here’s the box contents… Plastic Decals One big sheet of instructions, only seven steps - loving it already
  9. I’ll be doing this one, Heller’s Free French Army Sherman. Sprue shots and other info to follow
  10. Three days…jeez, after three days I’m still drinking tea and pondering which parts to cut first. Lovely build.
  11. Thank you very much gentlemen. Inch by inch this is moving along. I’ve been trying out some other stowage options, I’d also like to add a fuel tank at the rear but I’ve not been able to scratch one successfully yet. The etch grille is not going to be used directly as it was an aftermarket purchase and goes against the spirit (and possibly the rules) of the GB. The plan is to use it indirectly either to spray through it to give the impression of a grille or to use it as a drill guide. This will almost certainly not work out well but you’ve got to give these things a go now and again. I reckon I’m about a fortnight away from primer, when do we finish again?
  12. I’m in, with this one… …and possibly this one I might be a couple of weeks late starting but I’ve got a good feeling about the Sherman.
  13. Certainly more cheerful now and my back’s a lot better these days thanks. Malt whisky is the poison of choice here and I’ve just been introduced to the wonders of tablet popcorn. Good evening Jeff, she’ll be a lot better looking when I remove the gluey fingerprint from the port side. Perth eh, Mrs Avereda is from Perth, Scotland and has always wanted to visit.
  14. It could be an excuse to resurrect this failure from four years ago. I haven’t really been anywhere near struts or rigging since (or short run Amodel kits for that matter)
  15. Pretty sure that is Caen Stone (I’m not being facetious). Battle Abbey is partly built of it and if memory serves, The Tower of London.
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