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  1. Only watched the highlights four times so far. Good to see you back, I must crack on myself with the motorbike.
  2. I have a back up plan for the track build as the kit comes with a spare set of vinyl tracks. The same tracks did for this build a few years back. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235017046-sdkfz181-panzerkampfwagen-vi-p-dragon-172/
  3. A little further down the line, some chrome stuff has gone on, a lot of touch up required - handles, footrests etc need the rubber parts painted.
  4. Cheers, looks like you’ll be waiting a while for the end result though. I’m finally back at the bench (was it really September when I last updated this thread?) and primer has been sprayed.
  5. Hmmm, I think I will actually be able to resist the Lysander. An old Airfix Harrier or a Smer Piper Cub look more likely candidates now.
  6. I’m not a helicopter man but I’ll make an exception here. I’m in.
  7. All good knowledge, cheers. You’ll be pleased to know that the front wheel is only acting as a prop for the forks at the moment so all should be good.
  8. Starting to look like something. A fair bit of dry-fitting in the photo but you should get the idea.
  9. A bit more assembly, starting to get quite fiddly now but seems to be going ok. Not quite sure how I’m going to fit the battery though, the instructions say “locate and cement between rear mainframe crossbar and lug on the rear of the engine” -easier said than done. A little touch up on the seat piping might be required as well.
  10. I reckon 1/72 would make the original the size of a modern jet fighter. I’ve done a bit more assembling, when you’re used to fiddling about with 1/72 propellor aircraft this is a whole new ball game - clamps and pliers required for the rear wheel.
  11. Time to kickstart this again. Problems with the glossy black and airbrush have been holding me up so I’ve decided to finish it mainly with a paintbrush. Photo shows progress and a bit of dry fitting before the rear wheel is assembled. If one the mods can shift this to an appropriate forum then I’d be very grateful.
  12. Time to refloat this one, if a mod can shift it somewhere more appropriate then I’d be very grateful. I fancied a bit of brush painting to help get a couple of stalled builds from previous GBs, so it’s out with the paintbrush and in with the primer.
  13. Beginning to look like an Elefant, I’m enjoying the speed this is coming together - the link and length tracks will no doubt pop that particular bubble.
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