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  1. I picked this set up https://www.expotools.com/acatalog/AB603-Expo-Airbrush-Deal-AB605.html from the Salisbury Model Centre a couple of years ago and everything still works fine. My experience with it has been absolutely fine but I’m not a top-end model maker. Obviously it’s from the cheap end of the market and I’d recommend speaking to Declan in the Salisbury Model Centre first before committing to anything.
  2. A mass of masking, not massively interesting but I discovered podcasts while doing it. It took approximately 2 hours of English Civil War podcasting, specifically this set on the Revolutions podcast site https://www.revolutionspodcast.com/2013/09/001-the-kingdoms-of-charles-stuart.html, to get me through the masking. Highly recommended as a way of maintaining masking mojo.
  3. I’ve gone for a self mixed light blue for the undersides using iModelKit for the mix ratios. The photo makes it look a bit darker than in the flesh but I think it could still have been a touch lighter. The mix could probably have been thinned a touch more as well, all part of the learning process I suppose. The mix numbers for anyone who’s interested
  4. Some sound advice on the use of Montex masks can be found here
  5. And now with the missing parts that everyone had been too polite to mention. Once these have been painted I’ll get the decals on.
  6. I use one of Mrs Avereda’s old white t-shirts. Being Scottish she has imparted just the right amount of natural abrasion to the cloth, it smooths matt surfaces beautifully.
  7. Not a lot to report but I’ve added a bit of weathering on the seats and the wheel arches. Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade have been sloshed around the interior and Wilder Light Dust weathering oil in the crevices.
  8. You’re not wrong, I’m planning to move there next year. Been lucky with the ferry crossings when I’ve been. The only iffy trip was flying - coming into Aberdeen airport, before the connection to Kirkwall, was a bit more interesting than I was used to on domestic flights.
  9. You’re quite correct, the batsmen have to cross before the ball is released for the run to count. However as to whether or not it would have changed the result, we’ll never know, Ben Stokes would have been looking for three rather than two and may have changed shot accordingly.
  10. There’s an awful lot of stuff to admire on this forum but Peter’s threads are the only ones that make me swear out loud. Amazing, as always.
  11. Now you come to mention it, I’ve got about 30-40 pots that I could clean out myself. Winning on the raffle went to my head a bit. I could bore you in equal measures about how great the Alembic Spoiler I had was...
  12. Quite extraordinary finish, I had to bash a whisky down during the Super Over it’s a long, long time since I’ve had to have a ‘calming’ drink.
  13. Also from the Romsey show today. A bunch of tools, jars and stuff from Squires, a Biggin Hill loco, a Hasegawa Tony and to my immense shock a 1/32 Hobbycraft Spad won in the raffle (I only bought two tickets).
  14. A fine show, very busy when I got there at 11. The Squires trading stand had me transfixed for quite a while - mainly while I pondered how much @CedB would have spent there.
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