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  1. The inevitable Spitfire Mkix.

    Hey, I remember those sprues..... whoops, I've just qualified myself as OLD!!! Cheers... Dave
  2. PK409 Dornier Do-18G-1 update 20-10-2017

    Nice start Arnold. In one way it's a shame to apply paint over all this lovely coloured plastic, however she'll look great once its all built. This Dornier is not quite on my shopping list.........................yet!! Another classic Matchbox kit build I've got my eye on. Cheers.. Dave
  3. Hornet F.1 Help

    I don't know how legal this is, however here goes nothing! Here's a nice profile of Hornet F.1 PX232 from 65 Squadron. Cheers... Dave
  4. Hornet F.1 Help

    Bruce, Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, however you may struggle to find a camouflaged Hornet F.1 scheme - I think. There are a few examples of Medium Sea grey (Upper) over PRU Blue (Lower) examples, however AFAIK the traditional camouflage may have been introduced when the F.3 was more prominent. These grey / blue Hornets still look quite nice and will get you out of the 'all silver' look that you don't like. HTH... Cheers.. Dave
  5. I thought I read somewhere that this GB was planned for sometime in Feb 18? Like most things, I could be wrong, however this date seems to stick in my head for some reason. No drama, just thought I'd enquire to (once again) prove myself wrong! Cheers.. Dave
  6. Revbox Canberra PR9

    You certainly don’t muck around Stu!! She looks great and an obvious candidate for a quick build. If I recall, you said that you’ll be painting this Canberra Silver? Do yourself a favour a buy a can of Tamiya AS-12 Airffame Silver. I normally decant mine, however this stuff behaves itself really well straight out of the rattle can. Once you’ve used it, you’ll never brush paint silver again. Cheers.. Dave.
  7. PK-82 T-34

    These Armour kits look as if they take shape very quickly and would appear to be a great Mojo reviver to any modeller ftom any modelling genre. I’m liking what I’m seeing. It’ll be a shame to cover up those blue wheels, however at least you’ve captured these pictorially for future prosperities sake!! Cheers and it appears they’ll be another tank in the gallery not before long - c’mon you other aircraft modellers, time to crack on a bit.... Dave
  8. The inevitable Spitfire Mkix.

    Nice one Steve. This is a great kit to add to the GB. I reckon we’ve all had a crack at this kit in a past life so seeing this build up will be a great throwback for many of us. Well played.. Cheers.. Dave
  9. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Glad to hear that you’ve gotten through safe, however that’s pretty awful news about the fatalities. Let’s hope that this figures does not rise anymore. Your 125 is coming along wonderfully well and the effort to improve this kit will be rewarded in the end, Cheers and stay safe.. Dave.
  10. Tamiya releasing new paint range

    It'll be nice if they can bottle their good old Rattle can colour - AS12 Airframe Silver. I tend to use a fair bit of this stuff and am getting a little sick of having to decant it all the time. Mind you, it's a lovely paint and always seems to behave itself. Does anyone know Japanese and can decipher those paint names? Cheers.. Dave
  11. Vickers Wellington B X

    Don’t be too hard on yourself there Dave. The main thing is that you're in this GB and made a start. I’ll bet you 2 x Purple Range kits that you’ll be finished before I even get to slap paint on my Tempest!! This GB has certainly stirred my interest and love of Matchbox kits. I keep getting flashbacks of visiting my childhood LHS and spending hours looking at the box art, reading the small printed captions on the bottom and then flipping over to the back and viewing the suggested paint schemes - Those where the days! Cheers .. Dave
  12. Vickers Wellington B X

    Great to see another Matchbox Wimpy being built (is that 3 now?). I too agree that the fabric covered surfaces of this and the Wellesley were highlights of these two classic kits and stand up to the very latest being offered today. Looking forward to seeing this one assembled and displayed in the gallery. Cheers.. Dave
  13. 1/72 Matchbox Lancaster... with Extras

    This Lanc is looking great. Excellent Scribing work there and even though it's a painful process will really yield fantastic results in the end. By the time you've finished, you'll hardly know it was ever a Matchbox kit! (now that's a horrible thing to say in this GB). Cheers... Dave.
  14. Supermarine Spitfire Mk22/24.

    Coming along very quickly and very nicely there Steve. The 1/72 Spit IX will button up in a blink of an eye so you'll have plenty of time to takle more Matchbox classics before 07 Feb arrives. Cheers.. Dave
  15. Wellington Mk.X/XIV

    Good to see you Tony, One thing that we can be sure of - this Welly will be built well, with a high level of accuracy, attention to detail and by most standards - bloody fast!! Looking forward to seeing this one take shape. It's a kit I have on my ever growing Matchbox wishlist. Cheers Dave.