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  1. Martin B-10. 1/72 Williams Brothers.

    Now there's a thought.. you could also down a couple of these whilst putting this kit together! Cheers (Big Ears!!).. Dave
  2. 1/72 Airfix Skytrain assembly difficulties

    I'm with Max on this one. I tend to build as much as possible and apply paint later. I realise that this may not be convenient for all occasions, however it certainly helps when assembling these new Airfix kits. I've got one of these in the stash, so will take a keen interest on your progress. Persist with it Vinnie. Remember Its how you recover in this hobby that pays dividends in the end. Cheers and good luck.. Dave
  3. Martin B-10. 1/72 Williams Brothers.

    Nice choice. I've always wanted to see one of these built and join Tony on a NEIAF version (so that's my choice!) Thanks for adding a photo of the decal sheet for this new boxing. There's plenty of choices to be had. Looking forward to the next WIP post and wish you best of luck with this build. Cheers.. Dave
  4. Italeri "new" (reissue, repop, rebox etc.) in 2017

    Cant see why not PC, along with the F-111A, most of their other projected releases for 2017 are making an appearance. It could be a later release for this year. Cheers.. Dave
  5. Mark, No, I'm afraid it's no Airfix kit - I cheated. It's a readily made 1/76 diecast model from Oxford. Here's one from Hattons - http://www.hattons.co.uk/173835/Oxford_Diecast_76LAN188021_Land_Rover_Series_1_88_Hard_Back_RAF/StockDetail.aspx Cheers.. Dave
  6. Perhaps! I did buy four as soon as they came out and have finished two already. I must say, although I thought that this Vampire was a great build, the Airfix JP is one of those kits that falls together very nicely. There's enough colourful schemes to fill a whole cabinet shelf. Regarding the helmets, I agree Sabre jockeys were prone to leave their bone domes either on the windshield or placed on the wing leading edge. I'm no armour modeller, however does anyone know if there is a set of 1/72 helmets that may pass as post war pilot helmets? Hollowing out the kit pilot heads is not exactly a fun task. Cheers.. Dave
  7. Deal - I'll wait for you at the Brisbane docks... it could take a while to get here though!!
  8. I'll happily take either a DH Hornet or a Venom for 2018? I've got this wild idea to kit 'most' of 45 Squadrons aircraft (though cannot see myself rigging a Vimy or Vernon!!) I'm afraid. I've looked at the SH Hornet and although I could probably knock it out to look something like a Hornet, I'm not a great fan of resin or PE bits as yet. Cheers and fingers and toes crossed... Dave
  9. Good luck with your Aeroclub Venom. I've never had the pleasure to own one, although if your going to source parts from a donor Vampire kit, then it does not sound like it wont be an easy build. I'm trying to figure out (besides the undercarriage) what else could you use? Cheers.. Dave
  10. Thanks Tbolt. Although my initial desire was to finish this kit without a clear coat, in the end there was too much difference in sheen between the paint and the Airfix stencil decals. As the Xtradecals sheet had a nice semi gloss finish to them, they seemed to look ok, but in the end those large red traiiing edge no walk decals looked really dull in comparison to the rest of the kit. Here's a photo half way through the decal stage and with no clear coat. In the end I applied a number of coats of 'Pledge' and used what I would describe as a jewellers cloth to rub and buff the surface back to a nice sheen. I knew it was never going to look the same as the photo above, however I settled for the end result of a levelled finish. I believe that AK Interactive make a clear product that is purpose built to cover metallic finishes without dulling it, but have yet to buy and try it as yet. Anyway - thanks for the great feedback... Cheers.. Dave
  11. Thanks for pointing this out. I recall watching a few scenes from the 1957 film "High Flight" which has some great Vampire T.11 footage about half way through the movie. The Helmets on my kit were a late after thought and for some reason I'd always pictured these as white (for training purposes perhaps?). anyway - I'll pay more attention to the next one, should I decide to go this way. Come to think of it, I also recall seeing some nice old photo's of RNZAF Venoms with a kiwi emblem painted on their helmets, however cannot seem to find these images on the net. Cheers... Dave.
  12. Thanks for the great comments guys. Cngareo, the decanted AS12 does take a few coats to ensure a nice coverage however persist with it as it really does go on nicely. I thin it with Gunze Mr.Color Levelling thinner and I think I was happy after the 4th thin coat. On the other hand you could just spray this stuff straight out of the can as it seems to behave itself quite well. Cheers and thanks once again.. Dave
  13. OK - Here's my next piece of bashed plastic that I'll expose to you all - please excuse the mirror dust and remind me to ask my wife to do a better job when dusting! This is the excellent Mojo reviving Airfix 1/72 Vampire T.11, built once again practically OOB with the help of some lovely 45 Squadron decals supplied by Xtradecals. The two white blobs on top of the windscreen are supposed to represent pilot helmets. In keeping within the true spirit of OOB, these are fashioned from the actual kit's pilots, chopped and hollowed to allow them to sit snug. I'll admit I 'borrowed' this helmet idea after viewing a beautiful Classic Airframes kit built by one of Australia's premier modellers - Ryan Hamilton. Base paint used is decanted Tamiya AS12 Airframe Silver and Mr.Color 329 Yellow (with a small drop of Fluoro Orange) to bring out a little richness. My phone camera has seemed to have slightly distorted the wingtip ADF Antennas!! I'll admit there not perfect, however I'm sure they don't look as bad as this (mmm.. perhaps I need my eyes tested?) The third last photo in the series shows the actual XH359 parked besides 45 Squadrons DH Venoms at Butterworth, Malaya on 12 June 1957. This is quite an evocative scene that I have always wanted to replicate in kit form.... hence the final photos, which are just a cheap plea in the hope that some kind modelling manufacturer can put me out of my misery. Cheers, happy modelling and all comments welcomed.... Dave
  14. Effects of using Tamiya spray?

    Harry, Tamiya sprays are Lacquer based, which can be quite harmful and potent. I've reverted to Mr. Color lacquers of late and will admit to you (but don't tell me Missus) that I had similar, although milder symptoms. I now always use a respirator and spray in a well ventilated room with windows wide open. Can't say for sure if it's the paint or just your genetic make-up, however a good respirator will ensure that you're taking additional safety precautions, no matter what base paint you decide to use. Cheers.. Dave

    Prior to the Silver tanks (with dayglo strips I believe), an overall Red Dayglo finish was applied to the whole airframe. This is confirmed in the following youtube video that I must have watched at least 100 times ! From what I have discovered, this is the 1963 scheme, before slight changes to the tip tanks took effect for the 1964 scheme. The Jet Provost scheme from the famous Red Pelicans / Yellowjacks 1964 display did have the Silver / Dayglo strip tanks by then. + 1 for Bar Sides Dominie and white base theory above. This is what I use as well to enable a clean and vibrant finish. Cheers... Dave.