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  1. Thanks for the kind sentiments @tonyot. I’m back on the modelling bench now so that’s a good sign that I’m close to normal. The DK decals have arrived and it might be hard to just stop at two of these 452 Sqd Spits! Might even pick up their 453 and 457 Sqd sheets while there still available. Cheers.. Dave
  2. 1/72 Frog Sea Fury X

    Number 1 is looking really good Mike and it would appear that you've caught the Sea Fury bug and stared Number 2! I quite like building in pairs / multiples and believe it helps when all you've got is Sea Fury (insert your chosen kit type) reference gunk crammed inside your brain. Now that snow covered aircraft in that great photo can't be too hard to replicate. Just add a little too much matting agent to your clear product and I'm sure you'll get the desired effect. Some other (nameless) Matt Clears may also provide this finish even when applied straight out of the bottle!! Cheers.. Dave.
  3. Special dedicated kit build with sponsor 2018

    For the same reasons as I’ve outlined above how about the new Airfix 1/48 Hunter? If that doesn’t gather interest, nothing will! Cheers.. Dave
  4. Special dedicated kit build with sponsor 2018

    For me, the trigger point to participate in this GB would be if I could get a decent kit that I’d be happy to build purely OOB, then wollow in the fact that I bought it for less than retail price. That’s why I’m going to re-nominate the new Airfix Wellington. We are bound to get caught up in all the hype when this kit hits the LHS shelves, so why not take advantage of it (at a discount price) instead of paying full retail for it? I’m afraid all the smaller mentioned kits won’t be worth it when you factor in international postage, however a new Welly would tick plenty of boxes for me at least as I’ll be buying one either way. Do we have any idea what % off normal retail price Jadlam are likely to offer? Airfix are quoting the Wellington at a pre-order cost of GBP30.99, would people reconsider this kit if Jadlam sold it to you for somewhere between 18-20 pounds (my estimate only)?? Just a thought.. Cheers.. Dave (who still has one foot in this GB, however the waters getting colder).
  5. 1/72 DH Hornet F3

    I like what you're doing here Thomas and thanks for providing detailed photos and suggesting many ideas for rectification. I say that canopy is no great fit. It's a shame it's not supplied in two parts, which would probably hide the gap and extra work now required. I don't suppose there is a vac-form replacement available? You could 'carefully' crack the kits canopy open, however what do you do if something goes wrong? Your doing a grand job with this kit, so just sending through my encouragement to help you keep going. Cheers.. Dave.
  6. Tamiya Spitfire Vb Jan Zumbach.

    100% attendance record for eight years!! My god Steve, thats something I’ll never hear anyone say Down Under. Do you get an attendance bonus? Cheers (oh, by the way - the two models look great!).. Dave.
  7. Spitfire Vb 457 Sqn 1/48

    Except crack open a cold one and marvel at its brilliance!! Might even join you in a typically Australian kinda way. Cheers.. Dave
  8. She’ll be right Steve. My missus can smell cat wee from two kilometres away but somehow doesn’t mind the modelling fumes too much. The Airfix IX should be the perfect dinner table build if that’s what you think you could get away with. You could always send the missus on a holiday... the weathers still warm where I’m at!! Cheers.. Dave
  9. Then I’d better do these kits justice then Steve. Actually it would be nice if you could join us with an aircraft to represent one of the NZ squadrons. Am I correct in thinking that you had a 487 Squadron Ventura in mind at some stage? Almost 100% now Robert so thanks for the GB welcome and well wishes. There’s no surprise that the Tamiya kit has the superior surface detail however I’m not a fan of the seperate wing tips. I understand why they (and countless others) have chosen this method of part breakdown but it’s not the easiet of joins to get right. I’ve read this kit has some shape issues, but I won’t be dwelling on correcting any of these - looks ok to my eye. The Airfix Spitfire dates back to about 2011 (I think) and is probably one of their earliest moulds to come out of this ‘revived’ era. The Panel lines are very sharp but also quite deep. I’ve seen plenty of built examples and they can look good if built properly. It’ll be interesting to see them lined up together, so let’s just hope I get there. Cheers. Dave.
  10. I'm finally joining in on this GB after a few personal issues that had stalled my modelling productivity for the last two months. Background In addition to the many thousands of service men and woman that served in the Pacific region during WW2, there was also an equally large contingent of Australians on active service in Europe and the Middle East. As well as No's. 3 and 10 (RAAF) Squadrons who were already serving away from home, seventeen additional units were formed within the 450-467 Squadron number plate range. These new units went on to operate a wide variety of allied aircraft in all manner of combat roles. No. 452 Squadron was the first of these Australian 'away based' fighter units to form in the UK. As part of 11 Group, it was initially equipped with Spitfire Mk.IIa's until re-equipped with the cannon armed Mk.Vb a short time later. Now, as it's very possible that I'll quote some historical notes incorrectly, I'll direct you to this link which will hopefully provide more squadron information for those of you who may be interested. GB WIP One of 452's most famous pilots at the time was Keith William "Bluey" Truscott. Between April 1941 to May 1942, Truscott was credited with 16 confirmed air-air victories and awarded a DFC and Bar. In true Aussie fashion, Truscott was also a handy sportsman and not only Captained his Melbourne High School Cricket team but also mentored a young student by the name of Keith Miller. Post War, Miller would represent his country at Test level and is regarded as one of Australia's finest all-round cricketers. Truscott was also handy with that odd shaped Aussie Rules football and played 44 games (kicking 31 goals) as a Half Forward Flanker for the Melbourne 'Demons' Football club. He was a member of their 1939 and 1940 Premiership sides and also played a few games on his return from the UK before heading off the Pacific theater to continue the fight against the Japanese Imperial forces. So for me - a Cricket loving, AFL following ex-Melbourne aircraft modeller, honoring one of Truscott's 452 Squadron Spitfire's in plastic kit form surely ticks all the right boxes. The photo's below show the mandatory kit sprues. I have one 1/72 Tamiya Vb and two 1/72 Airfix Mk.1/IIa's so although I'll just build two 452 machines for this GB, I'll push a third kit along until it also gets finished or runs out of steam. Using the superb DK decals 452 (RAAF) Squadron sheet - which will hopefully arrive today, I'll probably model Truscott's Spitfire IIa (UD:N) and do the Vb as either one flown by one of the other famous 452 pilots - Finucane, Chisholm or Thorold-Smith?. I'm still quite undecided at this precise moment. Anyway - I've made just the smallest of starts and will hopefully update my ham-fisted progress at regular intervals. Cheers.. Dave
  11. Special dedicated kit build with sponsor 2018

    On behalf of Jadlam's International clientele can I ask if overseas modellers are permitted to join in? I realise that postage will ultimately be more expensive however this may be a trade off if the VAT is reduced as well. I too agree that a newer tooled kit (such as the Welly) would generate more interest, however don’t really know what ‘smaller and cheaper’ type kits are due to be released this year that would harbour better sales potential. When should we expect Special Hobby’s range of NF Meteors and is this something that Jadlam can get their hands on? Sounds interesting but I’d have to know a little more first before I commit to this one. Cheers.. Dave
  12. Tamiya Spitfire Vb Jan Zumbach.

    That masking tape harness sure looks like some AM product there Steve. That’s come out just great. Tamiya’s Spits are just lovely. I’ve started their 1/72 Vb which is a lot like their 1/48 kit. If there’s one annoying trait, I really don’t like those optional wing tips, however Tamiya are not the only ones that mould their Spits this way. I’ve never had much luck with getting a perfect fit and this latest build has not been any different. Look forward to more quick progress and wishing you a quick recovery.. Dave.
  13. The Royal Air Force Centenary GB Chat

    Thanks Robert. Hard to think that there’s already 62 builds already! I decided to swap my initially proposed Beaufighter as the scheme I had in mine had been recently displayed on BM. Now I see there’s already nine Spits being built within this GB, so my two 1/72 Spitfire kits will hardly be unique now will they? But, I suppose as the saying goes - you can never have too many Spits. I’m sure if you polled 100 people to name just one British aircraft 99% would say Spitfire - the other odd ball 1% might mention a ‘Balloli’?? My GB build thread will be posted tomorrow once I can get onto my work desk top computer. (The home computer decided to literally fry itself on Sunday night!!). Cheers.. Dave
  14. 1/72 Frog Sea Fury X

    Agree, she’s looking the part there Mike. She scrubs up quite OK for a fairly ancient bit of plastic. Looking forward to seeing her past the finishing line. Cheers.. Davd
  15. The Royal Air Force Centenary GB Chat

    Did someone offer to start and keep up to date a ‘Build thread’ for this important GB? I recall reading something where each build was going to be batched in say 10 year blocks or something similar. I would offer, however the home computer has just fused itself overnight. My son has kindly donated his less techno savvy parents use of a self assembled wiz-bang box of binary bits until we get ourselves sorted, but this may take a while yet. IMO - a build thread would sure make this GB easier to follow and may also inspire a few more builds to take place to commemorate what has been a wonderful 100 years of British history. Cheers. Dave