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  1. Matchbox GB II - Build List ** 100 builds & counting **

    Sincere apologies for the overnight. I have amended the first post and will do a full update when I get back to normal internet civilisation when I return home from holidays in a day or two. Cheers.. (Jag's looking good by the way).. Dave
  2. Matchbox GB II - Build List ** 100 builds & counting **

    Thanks for “pinning this post” V-P. I’m currently on family holiday so have not been able to keep this as up to date as I’d like. I’ll be in normal surroundings this Friday so will be able to adjust it more frequently then. Im still amazed at how many Matchbox kits are being built here - it’s so good to see. Cheers.. Dave
  3. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Thanks for re-posting Chris’ reply. I’d certainly go with what he recommends for all things Typhoon/ Tempest. Truly appreciate the offer for postage price decals. PM inbound. Cheers.. Dave
  4. I believe that the corrected intakes were also included with the F.3 kit and looking at those sprue photos these (as well as the longer FB.9 intake) are also included with this version. To me, this looks like a great box of bits and will hopefully grab one soon after release. Cheers. Dave
  5. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Patrice, hard to say to be honest. I recall reading something about these codes being paiinted in flight colours so perhaps they were both red as well as blue. I believe there is something written in Chris Thomas’ latest Osprey book “Tempest Squadrons of the RAF” but I’m away on holiday at present so won’t be able to re-read this chapter until Friday. Black and White photos should be a little easier to decipher if comparing the codes to the fuselage roundel. Cheers.. Dave Edit - how much do you want for the ‘Dooleybird’ decals??
  6. 1/48th Airfix Meteor Fmk8 - due 24th March

    Right - I’ve fed all that ‘code’ into my Rabbit Leader modelliing deciphering machine and it comes back with - (OK, imagine voice of Lost in Space Robot) “Airfix researchers have measured Steve’s Sea Venom” Lets just hope it’s right - I don’t care what scale. Cheers.. Dave
  7. PK-23 Tempest built as the Tempest II prototype

    It’s surprisingly not as hot as you’d expect for this time of year, perhaps the daily afternoon storms which are always quite spectacular have kept the temps down a smidge. Now I make this five Tempests being built in this GB!! That’s quite a feat I’d say. We have the prototype, a couple of IAF Mk.II’s and two F.6’s.. should be a grand line up once complete. Now as I was denied the privilege to pack the Airbrush, Compressor and smelly liquids in the family car, I was forced to leave the Tempest at home for a while.... however it would have been a sin not to bring a box of goodies on this trip. So with limited modelling tools I’ve now started my next build for this GB. Currently the ‘Blue Diamonds’ Hunter is getting a good dose of glue, sandpaper and the odd bit of plastic card improvements thrown in. I’ll post photos and progress in a few days time, however it’s coming along quite rapidly which (for me) I am most unaccustomed too. Anyway - agolgies for the thread creep and looking forward to seeing this Tempest get a good lick of paint. Cheers.. Dave
  8. Airfix 2018

    I would 2nd that and would happily spin Airfix a few bob to get at least six kits myself. I did see that Revell plan to reissue an old mould with new decals next year so perhaps they’re just trying to cash in before (hopefully) a new tool Airfix kit arrives? Cheers.. Dave
  9. Airfix 2018

    I like it. I’ll admit I would always treat the Airfix end of year announcement as kind of an early Christmas present, however now I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks longer. Let’s just hope there’s something there for all of us! Now let’s all sing along - “All I want for Christmas is a 1/72 new tool Venom... a new tool Venom... a new tool Venom” ... and repeat! Cheers.. Dave
  10. PK-23 Tempest built as the Tempest II prototype

    Wow - progress is swift on the Stevehnz workbench! I’ve never tried the tippex / whiteout technique so will be interested to see how it ends up looking under paint. I like the work you’ve done to the fin, looks like you’ve captured the shape spot on. Apologies for the late reply and lack of update of the Matchbox GB build list. I’m (sort of) holidaying with the family on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and the free wifi at the appartment that we’re staying at is awfully slow. I suppose it doesn’t help when you share a room with two of the biggest internet suckers known to man (my two kids)!!. Anyway - good to see this kit make it on here Steve and nice work on the cockpit Cheers.. Dave
  11. 1/48th Airfix Meteor Fmk8 - due 24th March

    Now you will supply us with the odd helpful hint should those nice Airfix researchers happen to measure up one of your Sea Venoms - won’t you?? Yep - credit where credit’s due. Well played Steve. Cheers.. Dave
  12. Canadian Norseman

    Great choice Tony, I too have one of these kits and plan to build it as a RCAF ski bird one of these days. It’ll be a somewhat bizarre way of paying tribute to our family Canadian ski holiday we had this time last year. It’s a pity you don’t see too many Norseman photos of the aircraft sitting on their rear end as this would be more akin to how I spent the majority of my holiday!! Thanks for the usual array of reference photographs which accompany each of your builds, I always look forward to the mini history lesson usually attached. Cheers.. Dave
  13. Gunze Mr. Hobby Aqueous

    Sounds interesting - so how does the Whisky act as a Gunze / Tamiya Thinner?? Cheers and Merry Chrimbo! .. Dave
  14. Italeri "new" (reissue, repop, rebox etc.) in 2017

    It's close, however needs to be modified a little in order to truly resemble an A-6A. Please excuse my wording, however this kit has the more beefier lower wing inboard leading edge sections (above the intake) that a more common on the A-6E Intruder. These parts need to be thinned down to match the rest of the wing profile. In the second sprue photograph above, the 2nd part at top left is a flat rectangular panel that sits beneath the under fuse refuelling housing. The A-6A (and E) should have a small domed area instead of this flat piece. A search for Italeri A-6E sprues will help explain this better. The lack of weapons has been mentioned above. So an A-6A is certainly do-able and other BM members may be able to supply further input. Overall though, the Italeri series of A-6 kits are really nice and this version gets a great boost with its new vibrant decal sheet. Cheers.. Dave
  15. Which type of Spitfire flew during the Darwin attacks in 1942?

    Dalea is correct, these Spit Vc’s as mentioned above were formed after the initial Japanese attacks on Darwin - 19 Feb 1942. The main fighter defence during this period would have been provided by the Kittyhawk (P-40E) equipped US 49th Fighter group and a motley collection of RAAF Wirraways. Once again Anthony Cooper’s book is an excellent read and is highly recommended. 452, 457 and 54 Squadrons were all UK based at the time of the initial 1942 Darwin attacks however were certainly fully engaged in the fight by about Feb 1943. Anyway. I hope this helps .. Cheers.. Dave