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  1. Mr Lemur.. many thanks for your interest. Your 1965 nomination has been happily accepted so you have slotted in at position #23. Cheers and thanks... Dave. ... just need 7 more now so can someone twist @nimrod54's arm a little so that we're all just that little bit closer to making this fun GB a reality!
  2. How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    Here, I’ll give you one!!
  3. This looks like another one to watch with lots of extra goodies to improve the base kit. Hunters always come out well, it just must be the aircrafts beautiful lines perhaps. Best to get this one out of the way before the new Airfix kit hits the selves, otherwise it'll end up as it is for a long time yet. Good luck 2nd time around.... Col and his Hawker gang will be watching. Cheers... Dave
  4. 1965 would be a wonderful year to celebrate, although it appears that we maybe talking about someone’s passing - so this should possibly read honouring. The rules (what rules?) are pretty open ended so as long as it happened in that year and you can model it (or model a direct association) I’m happy to include it. Cheers and thanks.. Dave
  5. That’s 100% correct, I believe we already have two for 1969 and another couple from another year, so I’d be honoured if you could join us and celebrate all the fun... and your not alone in the feeling old stakes either!! Anyway, I’m sure I jotted this clause down somewhere in the opening post. More than happy to take more offers from any age group whatsoever.. so sign your kids up as well? Cheers.. Dave
  6. Steve, adey’s done a tremendous job with these two Frog kits and no doubt you will achieve similar results. If it’s the ‘Frog’ nostalgia that your after than go for it, however it you want two ‘old tool’ kits that will be much less work I’d go for the Airfix B-26 (to be re-released this March) and find yourself an Italeri B-25G box which was re-released a few years ago and comes with both glass nose and gunship nose options. The interior of both kits is far superior, the B-26 also has a neat Bomb Bay as well. Cheers.. Dave
  7. Wellington XIV

    Ley, Just did a quick google search and found the No. 458 Squadron Association page which has this photograph listed. She looks a little battered, however the light / dark colour split on the horizontal stab would guide me down the camouflaged uppersurface route rather than one colour. I hope this helps.. Cheers.. Dave
  8. How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    Happiness is - starting a new model, finishing said model (although the ratio is a paulty 5:1) at the moment!) and quietly consuming the images in the photo below... and NO, I don’t eat my magazines either!! Cheers.. Dave (oh I better mention the family shouldn’t I, there not a bad bunch either!!)
  9. Hawker Siddeley AV-8A Matador

    Do we need to twist your arm Ray? You know I get discounted flights and Canberra’s only an hour an a bit away... might take me a few more hours to negotiate all those roundabouts though!! Cheers.. Dave
  10. Tornado wing hinge box fairings - flush with fuselage?

    Easily done care of our good friends at the boxart den website - Aeroguide #4 Aeroguide 21 Aeroguide #24 Hope this helps.. Cheers.. Dave
  11. RFI - Airfix SAR Sea King - 1/72nd Scale

    Love the Sea King, but the photo looks nothing like Prince Wills!! Cheers and beautifully presented (yet again)... Dave
  12. Hurricanes to the fore!

    Atta Boy.. Troy!!! (Now elevated to Constable).. Cheers.. Dave
  13. H builds the Blackburn Buccaneer 🤫

    Thats a Hugh question H?? and one that really needs to be decided up front. If your gonna use plenty of aftermarket stuff then it probably warrants a good rescribe however I wouldn’t go overboard, just pick out the main (read easy) bits. It’s amazing what a few sharp and nicely defined scribe lines can bring out on an old kit and contrary to that, bad or crooked lines will do the opposite. The final paint job (overall one colour or wrap around camo) choice can also conceal or embellish this decision. Good luck whichever way you go? Cheers.. Dave.
  14. Wot!!! no mention of an email address or twitter #taggy thingy?? You expect Pat to neatly use a ball point pen here Adey? I'm just outraged! Cheers.. Dave
  15. Hurricanes to the fore!

    “I was just trying to be nice Officer - Honest”.... Seriously Troy, this GB would really benifit from a Hurricane build from yourself to highlight many corrections that can be made in WIP form (any kit will do, just start gluing away)... care to join us?? Cheers.. Dave (Convict #K5083).