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  1. Same as the Whitley I suppose - which I was expecting. The He111 in series 6/7 is a good comparison, however raising kits to the next series has been going on at Airfix for a while now - remember the reissued Fouga Magister in Series 3? It's a rather annoying trend (money grab) which unfortunatley is gaining momentum. Cheers.. Dave
  2. Still looking forward to the B-25, however if this is the only 2018 announcement (which I'm sure it's not) - I'd still be a happy modeller. These are the core subjects that we want - please keep these classics coming.. Cheers.. Dave
  3. How much do I owe you Stu?? Oooo... Wimpy - very well played Airfix! Cheers.. Dave
  4. Nice post Giorgio. I've always had a soft spot for some of the nicer Esci kits (F-5 family, F-100) and have always wanted to see what this Mirage F.1 actually looked like. I think the A-7 Corsair with it's inconsistent panel lines may also fall into the same boat as this kit, however I look forward to see how this one ends up. Good luck with the build. Cheers.. Dave
  5. What gives you that impression? - I hope your right Stu, however I think it's a bit early for 2018 announcements. So if we were both betting men, I'd be happy to take your money!! Cheers.. Dave
  6. mmm... Not married and not knowing one end of an aeroplane from the other... well (besides the married bit) we have many things in common!! As for that nasty Brother - in - law, how typical to ask to see ones stash first? Cheers and I honestly hope she enjoys her stay in this great part of the world. I take it she was going for Qld in the origin last night!! Dave.
  7. This Avro 707B doesn't look too shabby in Humbrol 109? - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/54369-avro-707s-colours/ Cheers.. Dave
  8. Is she married? Imagine what gifts she would buy for a prospective husband??? Cheers... Dave (.. good thing my wife doesn't read my BM posts!!).
  9. So that equates to a Bee's dick in 1/72 scale!! Cheers.. Dave (sorry - bad attempt at hunour!!)
  10. Thanks Tony, Good thing I've got about four Fujimi Scooters in my stash - at least two ought to be RAN I would think? The hard part will be deciding which two to model. Cheers Dave (who cannot wait for these..)
  11. All done - check your home email address. Cheers... Dave
  12. New Theme

    Yeh - I tend to agree with Ed regarding the font size. Now I use an Optimizer for 1/72 scale modelling, surely you don't want me to wear it whilst reading Britmodeller as well! Otherwise - I'm a fan. Cheers.. Dave.
  13. Thanks Tony, I'm keen to purchase a set of these, however your links above do not seem to work. Cheers.. Dave.
  14. Rob, That wingtip launcher measurement information is most helpful - and you've also converted this into 1/72 scale to help silly fools like myself. I am most greatful. Cheers... Dave.
  15. For those wanting to model every aircraft in the RAAF's second series range (A1 to A100) - A14 has now been filled. Cheers.. Dave.