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  1. Excellent build. Lots of attention to the weathering. Well done. I building four of these in 1/48 scale at the moment.
  2. Really nice. Excellent paint work for this scale. I've been tempted to get the 1/48 scale kit and do it in what if polish markings. I made one of these for CFS3 years ago. Done it in Greek, Turkish and Polish what if markings.
  3. Great build and the diorama really sets it off. Interesting about the landing gear. The old Testors kit had the same problem. I have the ICM kit, so will watch out for that issue
  4. Excellent build. The weathering is spot on. Strange seeing the German kill markings on a Pacific plane. I take it the pilot flew in the desert.
  5. That is a first rate build. Nice to see all the details.
  6. Looking very good. Thanks for the rundown on the Tak issues. That is helpful. I'm still waiting for Daves decals to finish my Aussie one.
  7. Thanks Dave. That name will have to be left off. Pity I removed the one on the plane.
  8. I can see a lot of work going into this one. It will be interesting.
  9. Thanks for the tip on the collector ring. I will do that on my TF.X.
  10. Thanks Dave. At least I have three other Beau's to keep me going. It was a shame because I quite liked the look and was keen to get it finished next week. Fortunately Dave is sending the same markings, so P-SK will live again.
  11. Sadly the decals were 1/72. Thanks to Dave for pointing it out. I thought they looked a bit odd. Anyway I have ripped them off. Fortunately I hadn't sealed them in. This build will go on hold for a couple of weeks while I get new decals.
  12. This is my latest update on the Australian Beaufighter Mk21. I have done the decals. Unfortunately it is going to be wet for a few days which will holdup sealing them. You will notice the wingtips only have the navigation lights. This is normal for the Australian made planes. The top glass is just dry fitted. As I don't want to risk breaking the gun canopy I have only chosen not to paint the framework. The Australian Beau's didn't have frames in this canopy. I still have weathering and work to do on the Cowellings front rings. The plane is darker than shown here.
  13. Steve, I'm pleased you have found it useful.
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