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  1. I'm with you. I hate snakes. Killed my fair share in the past. I think whoever put that on a side of a Stuka must have been mad. It's shouting shot me down.
  2. That is an interesting find. The one on the left gives a good idea for chipping
  3. Yes I'm not surprised. I've had this in my stash for years. The canopy was so old it went yellow. Special hobby replaced it for me, but took a lot of time to get it.
  4. I will see what it looks like when it arrives. The current seat in the kit is totally wrong I'm sure and the gunners seat is really bad.
  5. Great build and paint work. I agree it was a shame to loose all that effort you put into the interior. Almost needs a second build to display the interior beside the first model.
  6. Very nice paint work.
  7. John Looking at your parts you are lucky you seem to have more than my 1/48 scale. I have to scratch build that frame behind the seat. Also it looks like they copied the parts from the Hasegawa's Ju 87G. I watched someone building one earlier and the side wall parts look a lot like my resin parts. Also the seats are completely wrong, so I have ordered new resin ones today. Yours look correct.
  8. I have updated the images with the final fixes done. Now it is as I want it.
  9. Well is is the work on the cockpit so far I will be replacing the seat.
  10. The seat looks good. The one in my kit is just as bad. I think I will replace it with one out of the Airfix kit or use the quick boost one. Also the gunners seat doesn't look right. That may have to go as well. Good call on the wings gear. I did the same thing on my old Stuka.
  11. What is the 5.J/88 stand for? I'm just interested.
  12. I am going to try it on a canopy, so I will let you know. I only ordered it tonight, it will be about a week before I get it. Watch this thread and I will report but here.
  13. I've been detail painting the cockpit to day. All went well. I also cut the block of resin out that was under the pilot seat without breaking it. I'm going to try the new UV glue system on this build. Has anyone used it?
  14. I like to be correct Steve. It wasn't a straight forward job and this last session was a nightmare. My tremor almost killed the plane today, even when I was photographing it. I have fixed the top Aerial now and will take some more photos in the morning to replace these. It has a aerial from a Bf 109 kit on it now and looks much better.
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