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  1. This is the latest progress. The decals were generally good. However, the white in the wing markings seems a bit transparent and you can see the band through it. Also the band behind the cockpit doesn't take into account the shape of the fuselage. As a result I got a bit of creasing in it. I will need to weather that a bit to hide the crease. There is still some small decals to go on tomorrow.
  2. Planes had two coats of clear coat so it is decals today all going well. I've got my fingers crossed that the white will be dense enough.
  3. Good to see some progress. I have a set of those masks for the Heinkel. The interior masks were good to use, but I don't think I will use the markings mask.with my shaky hands I would never get them to line up. I find they stretch out of shape far to easily for me to position accurately. I've got most of my masking done on the Heinkel. I will go into town tomorrow and get the polishing cream and see if I can get that glue mark out. Then I can put the fuselage together and really make some progress. I'm looking forward to see this one painted. Are you going to do the winter scheme or the summer one? Personally I prefer the summer one. Mainly because I think of the plane during the Battle of Britain rescue period or the PQ17 torpedo operations.
  4. You had me going there for a minute. I was thinking invasion strips on a MkII. That can't be right. Then I read your notes and it all made sense. Excellent paint work and you can say you can paint invasion strips.
  5. This will be an interesting build Moa. I will keep an eye on it.
  6. If you mean the door issue. Keep at it. It would look a bit wrong without it. I have to wonder why it is not going on. Did you build the turret out of order?
  7. Thanks Greg. I'm not looking forward to those long decal. By the way, the plane isn't as dark in reality. Clear coated now.
  8. I'm still putting on the window masks. It is generally going well although I have made one mistake which will need sorting. Also I seem to have a little bit of glue seep up onto one of the windows. I tried to use the quick drying glue when I fixed the part to the fuselage, but it didn't glue it, so I had to resort to using the normal one which caused the problem. What is the best way to fix it? My idea is to sand it then get some Tamiya polishing cream to work it out. Does that work on clear parts? Other than that all is good.
  9. Well worth the effort. Looks great. It must be rather big at that scale.
  10. Well done model. The engine looks excellent.
  11. Nice clean build. I agree with on the background. They should have a set that can be extended by joining two together. It is a good idea they just need to go that little bit further to make it work well.
  12. You have made a brilliant job of this build. These kits are not easy that's for sure. The effort was well worth while.
  13. Here is an update image. As you can see I have used a dark olive green mix. This is because the RNZAF was repainted like this. At least my interpretation of it. I expect it to lighten up with a matt coat. You will note the uneven finish. This was created by the mottle coat I did earlier. Next is the clear coat.
  14. Sorry to hear this. However I do understand. Sounds like you had the same problems I did. The only thing that kept me going was that the kit was a birthday present from my daughter. It sits at the back of cabinet, so looks ok as long as you don't look to closely.
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