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  1. This is the new kit I will be doing in a few months. It will be part of my Rescue from Dunkirk project. This project will also have Alan Deere's Spitfire in it. The Dora Wings Miles M.9 Master Mk.1 is an excellent kit that contains all you need to build a first class model of the plane. I'm sure there are a few corrections that people will make, but it is good enough for me out of the box. I don't have the real codes for the plane used in the rescue, so I will use the closest one in the box.
  2. Very nice build all round. I also have this one in my future.
  3. Good choice Steve, but you are supposed to wait for the 23rd before flash kicks in. Just kidding looks like a good kit for you.
  4. It will also go well with my He 280. I also did some work on the main Me 163B yesterday. I plan to do the A's cockpit today and see if I can catch it up to the B.
  5. Yes it was sad it was lost after putting up such a fight. Still it is still down there on the bottom unlike the ones that survived the war. Same goes for Bismarck and Scharnhorst. I will be following your progress from now on. I built the 1/350 Tamiya Bismarck in the eighties and used it as a pattern for a 1/150 scratch built one which I got half built before I gave it away.
  6. I'm adding another build to this thread. I bought this at the same time as the main Me 163 kit and promised to build both. It is the first Komet. Me 163A This is a 1/48 short run Flashback kit. After dry fitting the main parts it looks an easy build. Simple RLM02 scheme.
  7. Thanks guys. It is going to be interesting to see if I can give it that worn look. I built this kit or one like it back in the eighties. It was a present from my brother inlaw. He sadly took his own life a few year later. He was a really nice guy, so this is decated to him as well.
  8. I haven't seen any at the moment, but it won't be long I'm sure. I'm also going crazy about Yorktown. The ship that gave it's life to save us down under. Talk about fighting ones self. I get these crazy passions that get hard to resist.
  9. I like your work on this. Takes a lot of work to get this far. I had the kit once with the pe and wood deck, but in the end sold it. I just noticed that Trumpeter has released Scharnhorst. Very tempted.
  10. That is a different bird to the Magpie in Australia and in New Zealand. Our one is bigger and more like a black and white crow. We used to have them on the farm. The driveway was 350m long and when I would walk down to get the post my cat Bindy would come with me. However she would stop at the 300m mark and not go any further. I noticed only the big Tom cats would cross this line. I wondered what the cause was until I realized the lower part of the drive was Magpie territory. I think the average size cat would have trouble tackling a big magpie because that beak is nasty.
  11. This is my starting image of the plane I'm doing. It most likely isn't one my uncle flew. It will have to do as I don't have any war time images of him as he spent most of his life in the RAF in England and the families weren't that close.
  12. Well cats are in my past now. After five and a half years of living on a farm with up to thirty farm cats I haven't seen one in weeks now. Painting is so much easier now I don't have to fight off the flying fur and cats trying to jump on the bench while I'm spraying. It was an interesting experience watching the family grow and interacting. They are very different to house cats. I saw three generations be born and die during my time there. By the time I left there where only two cats left that were there when I arrived.
  13. I have to wait a few days for the masks to turn up. They are a bit late.
  14. My one came to a halt today. I got to the point that I need the masks. Fortunately it should be here in a couple of days.
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