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  1. Frankly Adrian I rather like your Demon. Nothing to worry about there. My shelf of doom is taking a lot longer to clear out. However I'm slowly getting there. My next one will be a Bf109 E-1 Followed by a He111-H4
  2. Thanks. The engines are on now. I should have the fuselage together tomorrow. Fixing the wings will be a problem I think. Reini said his father's one had a tight fit. Mine is rather loose. This is an issue because the wings are not straight. They are slightly cranked like a Stuka. This will make it hard to get right. Still I will see tomorrow as we have a long weekend here.
  3. Here is my progess so far. The cockpit needs a little touch up still.
  4. Looking Good Steve. I made one of these in the Eighties as well. I still have it. I now have both 1/48 Gaspatch kits to do. These will get done. I made the Italeri one which was a nightmare because of the central struts not being the right size. So I know what you mean by that issue.
  5. Reini How did your dad setup the wings? The fit is looking very sloppy and hard to get correct. I'm well into my Ju 188A1 at the moment so will be adding the wings most likely over the weekend. I was just wondering if he used a jig.
  6. Alistair Anymore progress with this one. As you might of seen I got the Do 215E-4 finished. At the moment I'm working on the He 111 and a Ju 188A1 for the Journeys end GB.
  7. I've been having a break from the cockpit today. Instead I have been putting the wings and engines together. Lots of glue. I have to open the window or I would get high. The parts went together well. It makes a change from the ICM kits where you have to put together detailed engines. This is so much easier. Tomorrow it will be back to the cockpit. Might get some images up tomorrow.
  8. Yes the FW 200-C3 Was a nicer looking plane. I think I saw a 1/72 kit of one recently. It might have been Trumpeter. I have a 1/48 FW 200-C4 on top of my cabinet, but I didn't build it. I got it made in China just before I took up the hobby again. Now if they released a 1/48 FW 200C-3 I would build that.
  9. I think you better get this project finished quick Dave. It's getting swampy around here.
  10. Good progress with this one. At least you don't have to paint that complex como.
  11. Brad What are you doing for nose weight? These need a fair bit to sit on the nose wheel.
  12. Second time around is a winner. Very nice result.
  13. I have been working on the cockpit PE today. Rather fiddly to say the least. I think it will take two days to get it done and I'm not doing all of it. It gets far to small to handle. Images will be posted when it's done.
  14. Rodger You will most likely find that the 1/72 version of this kit is to same as the 1/48. I know the Do17z is. Have a look at my WIP thread where I point out a few issues. Some you most likely won't have such as the locating holes in the fuselage for the left support beam that is in the cockpit was missing which really caused me a lot of issues. Also the location of the pilots platform is not shown correctly in the instructions. I had to find another build before I realized the problem. Be very careful how you build the engines. Not all parts are necessary if you close them up. Also don't use Tamiya extra thin on the support arms. It can melt and deform them.
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