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  1. Very nice result. I particularly like the exhaust stains.
  2. Now you got me all enthusiastic about getting back to mine. Still it will have to wait a bit. Nice job you made of it. Steve I think I read that book as a teenager. It sounds familiar. I seem to remember liking it at the time. I can't remember how the Ju 188 fits in it. One of the reasons I am interested in it is reading a book about the nightfighter aces shooting them down over England. The same reason I made the Do 217E.
  3. Well done getting it over the line.
  4. Well I went ahead and painted the wells and bomb bay RLM02 last night. I think it looks a bit more correct.
  5. Personally I like the top right one. I think it is a bit different yet belongs to the period.
  6. While I'm here. I don't suppose anyone has the Do 335 night fighter conversion kit in some dusty dark corner? I would really like to do one.
  7. Thanks Paul. I have them. This is what I mainly use at the moment. I wonder if I can lighten it up a bit. The He111 has a real sandy look to it. It was most likely bleached in the sun.
  8. Mike, I'm looking forward to see what you do with this. Lets hope this thread doesn't became like the Italian bomber thread where you have to wade through a swamp before to get to see the odd progress image.... You never know what you will catch over there.
  9. My one has a bomb. So I thought I would use it.
  10. This is my Me 262 I will be doing on this thread as well. It comes from the Specialist group build. This is the second attempt at this kit. The first on went really wrong and became a paint test model. This one still required a lot more work than the Anteater. They are at the same point of construction. The tread is here.
  11. Dick thanks for your help with this. You are right about the size. It makes the Me 262 look small.
  12. I think you are dreaming. I will check. The 1/32 kit has one.
  13. You are right about the the bomb bay. I just like the idea of having it open. I think I will respray it RLM02.
  14. I have moved the Anteater to the Work in progress area. I will also complete the bomber Me 262 in that thread with it because it really doesn't belong here.
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