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Greg Law

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  1. Greg Law

    Airfix 1/48Sea Fury

    Very nice Steve. Looks just like my RC one I had. I also like it's partner. They look great together.
  2. Great find. Even got a free dirt wash as well.
  3. I think you have done a good job of the painting. Black can't be easy to brush paint. What I think would help is some exhaust stains on the fuselage to break up the black area a bit. Just a thought. Mine you I can't talk, as you will see from my frog Blenheim I am very close to finishing.
  4. That's a little buet. You will have to put a strobe light on it so it doesn't get lost in the cabinet.
  5. Nice build particularly as it is your first. Photos will always bring out issues that you can't see when you look at the model, so really they are not an issue at all. Some of my models look great in the cabinet, but when photoed look really terrible.
  6. Another excellent model from your Dad Reini. How well did the AK paints spray? I'm thinking of having a go with them when I get a chance.
  7. Greg Law

    Fly/Hasegawa 1:72 Hawker Hurricane

    That's a different scheme. It must have been hard to get that yellow square masked over the corrugated surface.
  8. Very nice build. I like the photo of the real on in the back.
  9. Greg Law

    Spitfire 21 and 18 in 1/72

    Excellent builds. They look good in the cabinet.
  10. Greg Law

    Avro Lancaster B.Mk.I/III

    Nice build. Unusual to see a Lancaster on a stand. Looks good .
  11. I would say you won that battle. Looks very good . Pity about the glass not being clear as it is a big part of the kit and something the builder can't fix. Still you have done the usual fantastic job of it.
  12. Greg Law

    Heinkel 219 A-7

    You have made a really good job of the camo. Can't be easy to do at that scale.
  13. Excellent job on this one. I find it is always hard to get close ups clear and I bet you don't see that dust in reality. Close ups bring out every speck of dust. Anyway well done.
  14. Very nice build. Have you tried panel liner on the engine. It really helps the look of engines. Your black looks very black. These days I like to use tire black because it seems to have a more scale look. Just a couple of thoughts.
  15. I've already got the float Swordfish's torpedo set aside for the Albacore. The Mk1 Swordfish keeps it's a own torpedo. I'm thinking maybe depth charges. Still any build will be next year I would say. This years torpedo plane will be the promised Ju 188A. However, I will get the kit while it is there in a few days.