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  1. Don't worry Craig I've had this kit part built for a few years and have been too chicken to complete it. At least you gave it ago. The Hs 123 from Italeri was just as bad. We need Gaspatch to do a Hs 126. They did a great job of their Hs 123.
  2. Keep at it Craig. These high wing installations are always very hard. It took me a few goes to get the trainer's wing close to right.
  3. Thanks Guys for your likes and comments. This was a hugely intensive project for me. Particularly the Revell kits. Frankly I was surprised I got them done. My current project is based on the later period of the night war over Britain. It consists of three builds two of which I have shown in a post in WIP. The third is a particularly difficult build, as a result I am creating a diary of the build and will put it up when I'm sure it will get finished.
  4. Strangely enough my favorite is the Australian Mk.21. The Decals were given to me by Dave (Rabbit Leader)
  5. A few weeks ago I completed a Beaufighter project for the Bristol Group build. I built four 1/48 Beaufighters ranging from an early IF Nightfighter too one of the last Mk.X torpedo bombers in WW2. The other two were and Australian Mk.21 and a Malta based Mk.VI. On the Malta one I used the box scheme. The IF. Nightfighter and the Mk.X are the Revell kit. The Mk IV and Mk21 are the Tamiya kit. The Tamiya kit was much easier to build than the Revell kit which is rather complex. I haven't add the aerial on all of them because I will be moving some of them around. This is the IF Nightfighter. It was John Cunningham's plane This model has home made codes. This is the Malta Mk.VI This is the Australian Mk.21 This is the Mk.X Unfortunately the rear gun got knocked when I was taking the photos.
  6. Looking good Craig. You seen to have a good technique going for you. Mine will be a BOB plane so I won't have to worry about coming up to your standard. In the meantime I'm working on a big German beast which will have a complex Camo.
  7. Brilliant work. I like the way you did the scuff marks on the walking area of the wing. Looks very realistic .
  8. This really did come up well. The conversion is faultless. How did you do the black? Is it a mixed colour?
  9. I've made a start on the Me 410 by black basing cockpit parts.when I get some of the cockpit built up I will put up an image. Should be in a couple of days.
  10. Well done getting it over the line. The rigging looks very tidy, not easy to do.
  11. Well Done Jack. That should have the majority of the Beaufighter types covered now. It looks really excellent.
  12. Yes a full on program. First finish off my Ju 87A-1 basically it is already up to painting stage. While I'm doing that I will start the Me 410. Once the the Ju87 is finished I will start the Mosquito. When that project is done both the PZL-24 kits will have arrived and that project will start. Once that is done I'm seriously thinking it is time to do my He 177 to go with the Me 410 and Ju 188A1. You might see a theme running through this program other than the PZL-24s. It is the mid to late war night bombing campaign over Britain. Doing both the attackers and defenders. I already have a Do 215E-4 in the cabinet. By the way. All in 1/48. I can do this now as I'm pretty well forced into retirement now by the pandemic. As I live on my own the hobby is keeping me sane at the moment. I haven't talked to anyone face to face for six weeks because of the lockdown. Have a look at my Do 17z which I finished today. It is in the WIP forum.
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