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  1. Alistair I would like to join you, but honestly I can't see myself getting it done in time. I know it has a few issues to over come and I am still struggling with my Beaufort, plus I have a Me 262 to do for the Film GB. This is why I feel it would overload me. However, I will be following your build very intently as I will be doing this in the future.God willing. I'm now getting to an age where time and energy is an issue. ☹
  2. Nice job of this one. Paint scheme looks interesting. I never new if flew. I always thought it was a Paper plane.
  3. That's great Alistair. I had thoughts of doing this one, but decided it might be too big of a project to get done in time. You how slow I am. I will be following your build.
  4. I missed this one. Excellent build to say the least. Very good paint work On the front of the coweling looks perfect. A fine example for anyone that wants to do one.
  5. Personally I don't mind the green colour. As far as the uneven edges are concerned it looks like the sausages were too uneven. This is why you have fussy sections and sharper sections. If you compare the sausage photo with the end result it is clear how this has happened. I think this is an interesting exercise and I have learnt something from it. Still, I think the result is ok.
  6. Great result. Much more interesting in the Greek scheme.
  7. Good news. The gun has arrived safe. Thanks to Scott for sending me the parts. I will be able to continue tomorrow. Now I'm in the city I have a much better modeling setup once I get everything packed away.
  8. Excellent build. Pity they don't do a good one of these in 1/48
  9. That is an excellent collection. Far more than I plan. They all look really well built.. Interesting to see the Me 262 with the propeller. I was just looking at that in my new Part one of the Me 262 book series I managed to get. I doubt I will be able to find the Italian one in 1/48. If I could that would be added. I wonder if anyone has been able to correct the Vampire with the flipped wings. There must be a way of doing it and get a good result.
  10. Nice looking build. I was wondering why it was looking different to the norm. You have built as a clean build straight off the factory floor with no exhaust etc. Well done.
  11. Excellent build. I have always liked the F-111. Partially the Australian ones.
  12. Thanks guys. The next one for the project is a Gloster E.28/39 'Whittle. Followed by the He 178 V1. Most likely followed by a Meteor F.1 V.1 or a Airacomet. I would like to do a Me 262 tail dragger. It will mean moving the main gear forward which will be a big job. I would like to do a first Vampire as well. The one available has it's wings moulded up side down I believe. How on earth could they do that. I think it is by Hobbycraft. Also the Trumpeter ones are just too wrong all round. Other jets planned are the Ar 234, Me 163, Meteor F.3, He 162 and the F-80 Shooting star. As you can see this is a big project which will fit around other on going builds. At the moment I have all , but the Me 163 in kit form in 1/48 scale. I'm hoping I will have the Me 163 shortly. I also have the German flying wing in 1/72 scale. So that's the plan wish me luck. It will be interesting to see how far I get.
  13. At first I thought that's a bit rough for a jet. This is until I read it is a retired stored plane and it all makes sense. You made a really good job of ageing it and making it look like a sad forgotten plane.
  14. Nice model very good painting and well thought out weathering. Well done.
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