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  1. Thanks Guys. I do have another project part built that I might add later. It is a 1/48 He 177A-5. Only the cockpit of built. However I will see how I go with this one first.
  2. Hi guys. I would like to complete my 1/48 Me 410A-1 in this GB. The front cockpit and wings are mostly built. I think the build is a tad over 25% but not much over. Let me know if that is OK. I've been away from modeling since the my Beaufighter project. To much glue and paint effected my breathing which is a concern in this pandemic., as a result I have had a break. Now I'm ready to slowly get back to the bench. I'm also doing a Bf 108 which doesn't fit here.
  3. Nice build. It’s great to see an old Matchbox well built.
  4. I envy the simplicity of your kit. I'm looking forward to see how it turns out.
  5. Well done Gary. Looks very well built. The photos are excellent as usual.
  6. Very nice. I'm building a 1/48 version of the bomber type. I hope it turns out as well as yours.
  7. I've added finished images on my Do 17z thread. They aren.t great I'm afraid. The light was good that day. Same today.
  8. Sorry for the delay. The photo isn't great, but for what it's worth here is the completed plane.
  9. Yes that's the one I have. It is the Do 17p
  10. Unfortunately you have my vote. I might even do 1/72 model which is rare for me in the form of a Do 17p.
  11. Nice work. You were wise to used the closed canopy. The open one is a pain to paint.
  12. Don't worry Craig I've had this kit part built for a few years and have been too chicken to complete it. At least you gave it ago. The Hs 123 from Italeri was just as bad. We need Gaspatch to do a Hs 126. They did a great job of their Hs 123.
  13. Keep at it Craig. These high wing installations are always very hard. It took me a few goes to get the trainer's wing close to right.
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