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  1. I think the paint work looks just right to me for a well used Corsair. Salt air would have had an effect on those planes.
  2. Greg Law

    Nakajima Ki 43_I Hayabusa (Oscar) 1/48

    Just letting you know I doult I will get this done in time. I keep distracting myself on to old projects and dreams of new ones. However, this has it's place on the list of projects to finish so will get done soon. I just don't feel like the pressure now it is getting warmer here. It is so much easier to work in winter and as my painting is done in the garage and the mossies have arrived which means the paint sessions need to be short as possible. I'm terribly allergic to mossies bits. I had to give up fishing because I would end up in pain for three days. Last time I tried fishing I covered myself head to toe and with a face net as well yet they still got me. I gave up after that. This was on the Gold Coast in Australia. So that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it... I enjoyed doing the Zero here. Thanks to everyone for your support it was a big help along the way.
  3. Greg Law

    1/72 Bristol Superfreighter

    I remember our short nose Airforce Bristol freighter in a camo scheme. That was when we had an Airforce.
  4. Greg Law

    Swiss Bücker 181 Bestmann

    Great little model. However, you should put this in the Ready for inspection threads. That is where finished models go.
  5. Greg Law

    Frog Blenheim Mk-1

    Well I'm back on the little Frog Blenheim. I have done the brown and green camo. The problem is the plane will always suffer from me trying to learn scribing on it's very hard plastic. It really is bad and should be binned. However, seen as it is a very early model from me I will see it through to completion. Most likely take a week from here. I won't show it till it is done, but I will show it wort's and all.
  6. Greg Law

    Airfix 1/48th Blenheim I

    Decals are on the way. All I need is the model, PE and masks. Does it ever stop,..........
  7. Greg Law

    1/72 Fine Molds Messerschmitt Me-410 B1

    Excellent work all round. Particularly as it is 1/72.
  8. Greg Law

    1/72 Sea Fury T20

    Nice build. Is this a new kit by SH?
  9. Greg Law

    1:48 Blackburn Skua (Pre-war)

    Totally agree with the above comment. An odd ball design, but it has something that makes it appealing.
  10. Very nice build all round. I am looking at getting one for my Japanese collection.
  11. Greg Law

    Airfix 1/48th Blenheim I

    Beautiful model. I wish I could get one, but they don't seem to have got down under yet. I think I will follow your lead with the scheme. What is the blue paint you used? I need to get some for my current models.
  12. Cabinet space is a problem for sure. I'm thinking my Do 217 will have to be an out door plane with regular dusting breaking off parts. I dragged out the little Frog Blenheim yesterday with thoughts of finishing it. My scribing is far worse than I remembered. Still I think I will get it finished. At least it will fit in the back of my cabinet.
  13. Good progress on the guns. I sympathize with your work issue. My main client sold his business a few weeks ago and retired. I guess we are getting to that age when a lot of people we rely on are giving it away. It will be an interesting year ahead. I'm expecting more modeling time.
  14. Greg Law

    Eduard Tempest Mk.V I.serie 1/48

    Like I said at the WIP thread. Great build. It finished very nicely.
  15. Splendid effort on a difficult model. This is one of my major want to does. It is in my cupboard ready to do. I have most of the improvement addon kits and PE for it. It is just time a bit more experience first.