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  1. That looks Great Arjan. My S-38 and Vosper are slowly progressing. I'm considering RCing the Vosper as the running gear I got for the S-boot is a lot lighter than the earlier ones that I got for the S-boat. They are shorter too.
  2. I painted the top of the wheel house blue/grey the other day. Do you think the top surfaces of the bridge should be blue/grey? Thanks for the shield dimensions.
  3. Alun, would you give me the size of the shield? Overall width,, height and width of each panel. I have all the parts for a 20mm butno shield and I can't find a dimension drawing of it.
  4. Progress today is major sanding of the S-boot's kiel and screw covers. Something I haven't been looking forward too. This is the first time I have used my Dermal sanding fitting. It worked well on the screw covers and saved me a lot of time.
  5. That's a lot of batteries. I can see this model is going to look impressive on the pond.
  6. Well I painted the Vosper deck. Turned out my mix was too blue. Tomorrow I will try giving it a light mist coat of grey. That was the second mix batch I did. It is hard to mix without a paint chip.
  7. Thats one incredible seascape. You can really feel the energy in it. One of the advantages of our hobby is it does keep us going after retirement. You always need something to look forward too. Modelling gives me short-term goals which help me focus my days and gives me a sense of achievement everyday. Even larger projects can be broken up into smaller components which are less overwhelming. In these dangerous times it is good to have something to do that avoids too much physical interaction while we wait for normally to return.
  8. Excellent result even with the plastic railings. These old ships do look interesting.
  9. Great work all round. Did you scratch build the base? Maybe you could give us a few tips on how it was done. Your figure work is very good as well..
  10. That has come up very well. Very nice work on the torpedo tubes joints.
  11. Good luck with it Steve. Bit of a change from the Viking ship.
  12. That's fine Alun. I will work something out. However, having your build to reference is going to be a big help.
  13. Good progress. This will make a good target for my S-boot.
  14. Just for interest here is a size comparison between the S-38 and Vosper.
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