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  1. Jonathan Ross the Modeller

    Jools does indeed but it extends to other types of models too. He once bought a great big R/C boat, to build while on holiday, from a friend of mine's (now defunct) model shop in Nairn. Rod Stewart has commented on his modelling many times. It's the building of the actual rolling stock and scenery he's into more than the actual running of his layouts so he is a serious modeller and not just a collector of ready built train sets. Duncan B
  2. Bf 110E

    I like that. I wasn't sure about the green colour when I made mine so did it in the standard black all over but you have absolutely nailed the hastily painted green top colour. Duncan B
  3. The tracks are the one thing I've been fretting (only slightly) about. The link and length ones could be painted before being built up which makes things a little easier. I've only got to get the bottom and sides right anyway I guess with the top being hidden. Duncan B
  4. The dark side is certainly a lot of fun. Modelcollect seems to vary what comes with which kit but this one has both sets of tracks, a metal lower hull but no Photo-etch or turned metal barrel unlike the Syrian war T-72 kit. I'm getting closer to the painting all the time now and have the 3 main sections completed (well 90% anyway). I set the lower hull on it's wheels to get an idea how it's going to look, they aren't glued yet just sitting there. My thoughts are turning to the paint colours now. I do have some AK Interactive Modern Russian AFV paint sets in stock so could use them but I also have some Mission Models colours that might do too. Does anyone have any recommendations for paint? As mentioned above Modelcollect have supplied both the vinyl tracks and a set of plastic tracks. How well does paint adhere to the vinyl tracks? I'm thinking of using them as they should be easier than the plastic or am I wrong? Duncan B
  5. RLM Alternatives

    Mission Models acrylic paints also have good matches for the RLM colours if you don't want to go with enamels. As well as discounted price on the paints I am also offering free P&P on Mission Models paint at the moment, just saying https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/products/mission-models-mmp-051-rlm76-lichtblau-ww2-luftwaffe-acrylic-paint-1oz-30ml https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/products/mission-models-mmp-054-rlm83-dunkelgrun-ww2-luftwaffe-acrylic-paint-1oz-30ml Duncan B
  6. I'm just cleaning up the parts that are provided and doing a quick dry fit before gluing, the praise goes to Modelcollect. Duncan B
  7. Upper hull completed including fiddly cages over the headlights. I know some of the other Modelcollect kits have PE parts which would be equally fiddly but would look better. I am now onto the wheels and will be starting the lower hull later. Duncan B
  8. Socially awkward

    Yes, probably! I'm not keen on being in amongst large crowds (which is one reason why I don't do a lot of model shows and when I do I'm not on my own). I prefer my own company and have a very small group of people who I would call friends (and even they would say I'm a hermit!). Duncan B
  9. Now with free postage for standard, non metallic colours within the UK. Excludes thinners, primers, poly mix, metallic colours and clear coats. I will review this pricing in a few weeks time. If folk continue to just buy one colour at a time I'll probably have to bring in a minimum number to qualify. Duncan B
  10. That explains why I couldn’t find it. Anyhow some more Modelcollect kits are inbound. Duncan B
  11. Thanks for letting me know it arrived safely, I look forward to seeing what you will do with it (I note your one has a turned metal barrel whereas mine has a metal lower hull). Gun envy! I will be doing a restock of the Modelcollect kits soon as i have sold out of quite a few of them now so i will see if any T-62s are available. Duncan B
  12. Blame it on Black Mike...

    Don't blame me!! Glacis, Sponson and Mantlet, lesser know contemporaries of the Marx brothers I assume? Despite the lack of photographic evidence of this comedic trio's assistance I am impressed with your progress. You have me wondering if this was the last tank kit I built all those years ago (it was certainly a 1/72 Abrams at any rate)? Wonderland, not the Edinburgh one but a general store in Leuchars did stock a good selection of Esci kits that I used to raid regularly so it could be. Duncan B
  13. You should, it’s great fun. Oddly enough the last Tank I made all those years ago was, in fact, a 1/72 ABRAMS. Don’t quote me but I think it was a Hasegawa kit? Duncan B
  14. Ok, I have to admit the inner child in me couldn’t resist popping the turret on to see what it looked like and to lob a few imaginary shells across the modelling room! Duncan B