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  1. The Camels are currently clearing Customs at the port of entry into the EU. My Distributor expects to have taken delivery by next week. Hang tight Folks, they are getting closer. Duncan B
  2. Just had a quick update from my Distributor. The shipment is currently clearing Customs and they expect to have them by next week. I hope they clear a little sooner but we'll have to wait and see. Duncan B
  3. Do not fear, I will simply box them up in a Mothercare box, job done! Duncan B
  4. The WnW Camels by now should be at the Distributor's warehouse. I imagine they have quite a bit of inventory taking to do before packing up all the orders for the respective Retailers but I am hoping to get notification any time now that they have been boxed up and are on their way to me. I will post another update once I know they are on their way to me. Thanks for your patience folks Duncan B
  5. They are somewhere between Customs and the Distributor's warehouse I'm guessing. I might get an update today. Once I know they have been packed and are on their way to me I'll (possibly explode with excitement) let you all know. Duncan B
  6. 'Graphic User Interface', and that is about the sum total of what I can contribute to the conversation! Nice footage though. Duncan B
  7. BlackMike Models will be making our first appearance at the Show and we're excited already (or is that panic?). Duncan B
  8. V.I.Poo sold like hot (I still think that product is just an early April Fool's wind up)
  9. What a beauty. Duncan B
  10. Depends what you mean by "They"? As I said in the post on Friday morning the rest of the current 2017 Catalogue has arrived (and they are Wingnut Wings kits so that constitutes "arrival" in my book), I'm just waiting on the Camels to catch up. 4/10 for Interpretation Colin, go to the back of the class Duncan B
  11. or The (Bristol) Bulldog Breed staring Norman Sinnerboy featuring Beardie as Mr Grimsdale! Duncan B
  12. That's the one I would use or Mr Paint which is also very nice. Duncan B
  13. That's the one. Duncan B
  14. The Camels are well on their way through the English Channel, currently between Eastbourne on their left and Dieppe on their right. Not long to wait now. Duncan B
  15. Draw a line from Eastbourne to Dieppe and our Camels are there heading NE. Not long to go now so Vice President Packaging is resting in a darkened room waiting for the madness, the parcel tape is cooling in the fridge and I'm wondering what to buy next! Duncan B