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  1. I have been known (in the dim and distant past) to have been found inside the back end of a Phantom. That doesn't sound quite right but it was all in a good cause (Auto-Stab bellows if I remember correctly). Now then, about you and this red horse...? DB
  2. I have quite a few new arrivals, too many to talk about here, but I thought the USAF Fans might be interested in some of them. The Hobby Boss 1/48 scale GD F-111D/E 'Aardvark' is an impressive looking kit (the pictures don't do it justice). 19 sprues of parts plus top and bottom fuselage parts totalling 541 parts. Markings for 2 aircraft based in the UK during the early 1990's and measuring nearly 49cm long with a wingspan of 20 - 40 cm depending on wing sweep, optional position flaps this really is an eye turner. The Recommended Retail Price is £49.99, BlackMike Models price £43.95. Another Hobby Boss 1/48 scale kit newly arrived is the Vought A-7D Corsair II consisting of 285 parts and includes various weapons options, 2 colour schemes (1x SEA Camouflage and 1x blue/grey wrap around camouflage). The kit measures over 29 cm long with a wingspan of over 24cm. (Also in stock are the A-7A US Navy version and A-7K twin seat version) From a generation earlier comes the F-84F, here in 1/48 scale and again from Hobby Boss. This kit comes on 7 sprues including a photo-etched fret and measures in at 25cm long and with a wingspan of over 19cm. It includes a decal option for an aircraft of the 81st TFW based at RAF Bentwaters in 1958. These are just a sample of some of the new arrivals on the BlackMike Models website, for more information visit the "New Arrivals" section here: Duncan B
  3. You may joke however for several good customers I have done the old "set aside" and 'Installments" deals. It's not something I'd do on a regular basis but if they are a well ken'd face then why not? Duncan B
  4. Buy one from me and I'll include the black 2 decals for you Duncan B
  5. I don't know! (chrish has already seen my thread about this subject) Duncan B
  6. I am very pleased to announce that BlackMike Models will be an official stockist of Wingnut Wings models with first deliveries arriving very soon. Watch the BlackMike Models website for their arrival (I'll be adding the information over the next day or two as time permits so bare with me). For orders or more information e-mail me at Duncan B
  7. That'll be February to March then. Duncan B
  8. I understand that the Camels will be in Europe in February or possibly early March. Duncan B
  9. I could also have sent him those but when I read the post carefully I saw that Andy has lost the complete tailplanes. (And that I am a pillock because that set obviously has the complete tailplanes but I didn't notice that, doh!) Duncan B
  10. hilarious four word stories
  11. sorry, what was that?
  12. Glad to have been able to help. Remember to give the resin parts a wash in some soapy (but not hot) water before you paint them. I look forward to the photos. Duncan B
  13. on yonder hill Taffy
  14. an elephant open contest