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  1. Check out Academy 12515 1:72 - F-4J Phantom II Showtime 100 #Academy https://t.co/lWWIC8Ggon via @eBay

  2. Brough Phantom

    Look at the angle of those outer wing panels, gulp!! Well done those men for getting that back on the ground in one piece. You had a great view out of your Office Dennis, thanks for sharing the photo of the 57th FIS F-4E (always was a favourite of mine). Duncan B
  3. I am now expecting to be dispatching these kits to customers in the first week of December. Half of my original order has sold out on pre-orders already so I've had to order more, looks like it's going to be a popular kit. As an aside the F-4J has now sold out at Zoukei-Mura so I won't be getting any more of those in stock and I have currently sold out of the F-4S but can still get them. Duncan B
  4. Brough Phantom

    Yes, the paint used to scrape off so we had to reapply it with a hairy stick from time to time too. I wonder if the aircrew stuck with that F-4E or decided to get a taxi home instead? I can't imagine what it would be like to try to turn that thing around in that configuration never mind trying to descend at a reasonable rate. Duncan B
  5. IPMS Gloucester Show 2018

    I'll bring my own!!
  6. IPMS Gloucester Show 2018

    Thanks, I'll do that. Duncan B
  7. Brough Phantom

    You can see the coloured 'Traffic lights' with the red light lit (indicating hook down?), the FGR2 didn't have them, only white landing lights. Yes that's the locking pin indicator, usually painted a fetching dayglo sort of red. Duncan B
  8. Brough Phantom

    Hi Dennis This would have been 1982-85ish but I have a strong memory of myself and John Porcelli taking turns at winding the wings up with a speed brace and a lot of swearing while others looked on an laughed (as they do). If it was in the Hanger for something minor I suppose I wouldn't necessarily have noticed it was an FGR2 or more likely remember. That would certainly explain it. Duncan B
  9. Brough Phantom

    Coincidentally I only ever worked on FG1's but have a distinct memory of manually folding wings on at least one Phantom. It could be that it was during my Q course at Coningsby but my memory tells me that one of the prototypes did eventually make it into service and it was this one that had manual wing fold, can anyone confirm this or is my memory playing tricks on me. All the Phantoms had indicator pins for the wing locks, all our Phantoms had red painted areas inside the moveable sections (to stop the Sooties getting stuck in bits during ground runs ). All the squadrons would fold the wings when putting the aircraft to bed to save room in the hangers. Duncan B
  10. Brough Phantom

    Exactly what I was going to say. drooped ailerons with flaps down would be a unique visual clue to an FG1 as the (production) FGR2 did not have drooping ailerons. The definition of the photo isn't great so it is difficult to tell if the extension scissor link is hiding there between the nose wheels or not but the lights on the nose gear door would also indicate an FG1. It is possible the prototype FGR2 had more in common with the FG1 though. Duncan B
  11. Check out Avantgarde Model Kits 1/48 88003-8 Die Cast Landing Gear and Pitot set #AMK https://t.co/5Wu26BwVeV via @eBay

  12. I have some new arrivals in stock including the new 1/48 scale Airfix Mustang and the Eduard Ltd Ed Pe-2. You can find them at the usual place or follow the link below. https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/collections/new-arrivals Duncan B
  13. P-51D Mustang 1/72 Hasegawa

    I would pay good money to look in that display cabinet! Duncan B
  14. Great to see another Meng Mustang built, they are great kits and yours shows off the kit detail nicely. Your conversion work has created something a little different from the 'normal' Mustangs folk tend to build and is obviously part of a very nice theme you have going. With regards to the fit of the Meng kit I have been told that if you intend to use glue it helps to cut some of the locating pins off. Duncan B
  15. 1/72 ICM Tupolew Tu-2 "Moskwa"

    Not something we see a model of every day. You have done a very nice job of it. Duncan B