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  1. Excellent build. I love the way it's weathered.
  2. Hi guys! After a couple of ww2 builds, now its time for the modern fighter. It's and old F-18C kit from Hasegawa.It is a proportionate kit but the fitting in some areas are terrible. Of course I built some Tamiya's old kits but i think they were not as bad as this. Anyway, after some careful filling and sanding procedure, the kit seemed near perfect. Satisfied with painting and weathering but the decals gave me much problem. They are stiff, hard and lacks adhesion. Although I use a lot of strong decal solutions, silvering still occurs. Built straight from the box. The only added extras are Fine Mold's Nano aviation series F-18 Seat belts and some US weapons as Hasegawa didn't provide any. Lots of mistakes and imperfections but I would say it's still presentable.
  3. Paints are Mr Color Lacquers. paint codes are precisely referred in the instructions.
  4. Hi Guys! A second RAF build in a row this time. The previous one was the Eduard's Spitfire with Brassin Engine which gave me much headache. So this time I decided to build this Tamiya's Mossie or Wooden Wonder I should call straight out of the box. Building a Tamiya kit is a pure pleasure and enjoyable though I encountered some minor imperfections due to the old age of the kit. In this case, decals have much to criticize as the adhesion was weak and the carrier film was thicker than it should be. A few scratch details like the seatbelts made from tin foil and masking tape, brake hoses and hydraulic hoses in the wheel well are added. I concluded the build by applying moderate weathering and sealed with Mr Hobby's Super Smooth Clear Flat(GX-114)60%+ Semi Gloss Super Clear(181)40%. Hope you guys enjoy this. What should I build next? Hmmm... Sorry. Not WW2 and I should go for cold war or modern jets. The following is the link to my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/myanmarairmodeller/
  5. So beautiful! Top class modelling! Nice photography too.
  6. Hello my modeling friends. 4th build this year and I think I wasted too much time on this one as I took nearly 4 months! Anyway, I was satisfied with the result although far from perfect. Got many experience handling the resin parts as they have to be cut and glued precisely. The fit and detail of the kit is excellent. Eduard's Brassin resin engine has the best details and enjoyed every moment assembling and painting it. The Variant of this Spit is Mk.VIII and the markings were the one flown by the Canadian pilot Paul Ostrander over Burmese skies. That's what pushed me to the finish line! Hope you like it. Enjoy and stay safe! TZW.
  7. Now that I understand what”perfection” means!
  8. Resin aftermarket parts have got excellent details. Go for it if you are so sensitive to details. As for me, I just used Photo etch parts for the landing gear wells.
  9. The kit is in 1/48 scale from Zvezda. Although surface details, are nice, the panel lines are a bit too shallow for me. Construction was easy and straight forward but the clear part need a bit of extra care. Especially when you choose for open canopy position, the overlapping front and rear canopies are moulded in one piece. So it was difficult for masking and painting but finally through patience, I managed to do so. Painted with Mr.Hobby lacquer paints and weathered using AK Products.
  10. So careless me!!!! Thank you so much for pointing this out. I will fix it right away!
  11. Not decals. Masked and painted. Numbers are spares from other kits.
  12. Fantastic build! It's beautiful! Love the weathering.
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