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  1. I 'm going to build the Airfix CromwelMK.IV CS and I would like to know if there is any picture of the tank with scheme A. 1st Czech. Independent brigade with green and black camo. Thanks in advance
  2. The Curtiss 81 (P 40 B )of the AVG, did they carry Walkways on their wings? Normally they are represented without the walkways, but in a photograph of No. 77 I can see a worn one.( Tigers over China,. Eagle Files, page 78)
  3. Was the uniform of the Jagdpanther crew black, like those of panzer, or feldgrau, like those of self-propelled gunner guns? Thanks
  4. I always thought it was silver, and the black and white photos show reflections in the light areas. However, in the profiles of the May 2020 magazine of Scale Aircraft Modeling, it indicates that it is white. (?). Thanks for your clarifications
  5. The Gloster Gladiator MKII of the Swedish volunteers employed in the winter war, wore their camo in green and silver or, as I have read, recently in green and white? . Tanks
  6. Do you know if Airfix replaces spare parts? I have lost a transparent piece and I cannot make it Thanks
  7. In a well-known color photo of the Typhoon HH-N, two bombs appear with their front part painted white. Is this color due to any reason? Thanks
  8. Anyone have any photo or drawing of the back side of the entry hatch for the crew of the Dornier Do 17 Z ?
  9. The Russian page about Safonov has been very useful to me. Although the translation from Russian into Spanish with the Google translator is a bit difficult to understand, I have been able to reach several conclusions. 1 the plane with white No. 11 is not from Sofonov, but from Kovalenko, the confusion is due to Safonov being photographed next to that plane. 2 the airplane with number 11, had on the right side the text "for communism", although I do not think there are photos of that side, as described in a 1941 magazine
  10. Exist any picture of the right side of I-16 Type 24 by Boris Safanov? (no profiles)
  11. It really disappointed me. The book seems to have not been reviewed by the editor. On page 242 dedicated to the external colors of Soviet aircraft from 1937 to 1940 ... only three reference colors are printed. They have forgotten to print 11 colors. This unforgivable oblivion ruins the part of the book dedicated to the aircraft of the USSR. Possibly the one that interested me most for being the most unknown. In April I wrote an email to the editor and I received no response. These mistakes cannot be forgiven in a book that is not cheap
  12. There are many profiles that are inventions of the author, or free interpretations of photos. or new profiles inspired by old profiles Several years ago, a friend and I made a profile book and at the end of it we included a list of the photographs that had served of inspiration for each profile and where to find those photos so that the reader could draw their own conclusions. I have been trying to find photos of the Hawker Hurricane Mkii JX-E Night Reaper by Karel Kuttlewasher for years and I haven't found any pic .Profiles and decals, yes, but not a single photo that justifies them.
  13. When in doubt, I removed the paint from the plane. I do not just trust the profiles, which are sometimes fanciful interpretations (I have made profiles for various publications and it is necessary to have one or several photos of the plane in front to make a reliable profile, but that does not guarantee its reliability 100%) The one with the red tail is a typical error with the I-16 since the green ones applied on metal, cloth or wood gave in the photos different shades of gray ... and different brightness. There are beautiful profiles of I-16 during the Civil War with a red tail that are doubtful interpretations. In any case, since I can't find a reliable picture of I-16 "3 white" from Shestakow. I'll look for another plane
  14. Thanks . Your information has been very useful to me
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