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  1. Troy and Parabat, many thanks for taking the time to reply. Really appreciate it.
  2. Just getting back into modelling after 30 years and also about to tackle my first model - Airfix 1-72 Wellington - it will also be my first use of an airbrush. I've bought an Iwata paired with a Sparmax 610 compressor so I've a lot of learning and understanding to take onboard but I won't rush anything. My main question is when and what do you use to seal coats of airbrushed paint? I'm planning on using Vallejo airbrush paint. Is it after every spray coat? And what should I use? Gloss, satin, flat? or something else? When applying decals what is considered the best process and what products are recommended? I'm sorry to ask such inane questions but there is so much information - almost too much information about conflicting branded products affecting finishes and paints. I'd be grateful for any help and suggestions. Many thanks
  3. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post. Very informative and interesting. Many thanks Paul
  4. I'm returning to aircraft modelling after a 30 year break. Everything has moved on and basically I realise I need to start over with everything! Obviously, I need tools for plastic modelling but can someone advise me what the best option is to begin a tool kit collection? What tools do I really need, which tools should I have in my locker and basically is there a good tool kit which I could purchase to begin the task of putting a decent collection together? Any advice or pointers gratefully received. Many thanks
  5. Hello, I'm dipping my toe back into aircraft modelling after a 30 year break. I look at this website and the outstanding quality of models presented for viewing and its almost intimidating! I'm literally having to learn everything all over again, I need to know about tools, techniques and learn skills that at 58 may be hard to achieve. I'd like to begin using an airbrush with a quiet compressor and listen to advice about adhesives, paints and finishes that have moved along so far from the 80s and 90s. I will be asking loads of questions about tools to use, what items are needed as a starting point and any advice offered will be gratefully accepted. Many thanks and I'm looking forward to joining in...
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